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  2. Race riots of the Floyd variety aren't about racism. They're about race-baiting and race-baiting is done with lies. Chief among those lies is the idea that blacks are victimized by a special and unequal sort of systematic persecution. That's a lie. It needs to be defeated. Facts are the first line of defence. Blacks are responsible for vastly more crime than any other race in America. It's reasonable to expect them to get a proportional police reaction to their increased criminal activity. More than double the amount of whites are killed by police than Blacks. That's not proportional to blacks 12% demographic but because blacks are responsible for vastly more crime and therefore seeing more police the stat more than evens out. Blacks aren't being inordinately or unreasonably persecuted by police as a race. And I'll keep stating that fact no matter how much it bothers some white guy who thinks it's clever to call me "Whitey."
  3. Sorry but Whitey saying it's not about racism is irrelevant. If POC feel they're unfairly targeted by the police, it's not helpful to tell them they're wrong. Don't worry that you just got pulled you over because you drive a nice car in a white neighbourhood, wasn't racist, he was just really shitty at his job. And even it it wasn't about race, protesting police abuses is a noble venture, because it happens all the time.
  4. Third degree, a year later. Liberals were screeching in fury because the cop in this case wasn't charged for several days. Yes, and the problem is not racism. There is no indication racism even played a role in this incident. The problem is police training, which almost no one is even talking about. Giving police more sensitivity and cultural awareness training is not going to help a bloody thing.
  5. That is not the narrative anyone should be having. It takes more than twice as much training to be a hairdresser than to be a cop. That is what people should be talking about. They should be talking about the kind of training police have, training which lacks de-escalation, which tells them to use their firearm as their primary solution to any peceived threat, and to always, always be aware that threats are everywhere. Their own training tells them to push someone down onto the ground on their chest and kneel on them to get them under control. And it often doesn't stress enough the dangers of positional asphyxiation. And even if it does a lack of regular retraining causes them to forget or loose sight of the danger, especially during high stress moments. And I think the attitude of Black people when they encounter police these days is driven by a sense of anger, which in turn is driven by media and activist narratives that police are racist and hate black people. Neither was outright murder. Both were accidents and the result of poor police training. The police were not even shooting at Taylor. https://www.dallasnews.com/news/investigations/2019/07/31/you-re-gonna-kill-me-dallas-police-body-cam-footage-reveals-the-final-minutes-of-tony-timpa-s-life/ https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2017/12/08/graphic-video-shows-daniel-shaver-sobbing-and-begging-officer-for-his-life-before-2016-shooting/ How long do you expect mature people to be outraged? A day? A week? A month? It was a pathetic example of poor policing, but certainly no worse than that of Daniel Shaver or Tony Timpa or Justine Damond or Andrew Finch. All completely innocent white people killed by incompetent police. Maybe I should turn the question around and ask why liberals are outraged to the point of frothing at the mouth over the death of a black man but shrugged off the similar or worse killings of white people.
  6. That's why they have Darwin awards.
  7. Close but the story's real utility in this case lies in demonstrating how right-wing conservative cuckoos insert their hubris and false premises into their worldview and by extension the national policy issues they like to advance. Trump's proclamation of having banned travellers is no different than the Emperor strutting about in clothes that only exist in his and his sycophants imagination.
  8. I sometimes get the impression that some don't know what I mean by media "race-baiting." Might as well offer up an example: https://www.lifenews.com/2020/06/02/cbs-news-claims-white-americans-have-contempt-for-black-life/
  9. I've been calling for better police training for years. That is the core of the problem with police killing people they shouldn't be. Oversensitive should not equal rioting, looting and arson.
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  11. Just as long as you remember CNN and MSNBC are also cable news.
  12. An analogy that explains Canada's interest in US politics is: imagine you are driving a Honda Civic on a busy freeway, hemmed in front and rear by other cars. Beside you is a tractor trailer truck. Now imagine that truck is being driven by someone with no experience , no training and not particularly concerned about the vehicles around him. The chances are, everyone will manage to reach our destination but you will still be watching his every move like a hawk. Does that help you understand why we seem to be obsessed by current US Presidential politics. I know some will be afraid, if they change drivers, the next guy might fall asleep at the wheel.
  13. TBH, I don't see why the Dems would be propping him up like Uncle Bernie for any other reason. They must know by now that he's losing it. There's a video of him saying "I will beat Joe Biden in the next election!!!" lol. He didn't even catch himself saying it. He didn't double back, he just didn't even notice. Trump spends dozens of hours in front of cameras every week and he doesn't do anything like that. Biden is on TV for a couple of hours max, and he spits porridge on himself twice a week. When you start to need a bib, you're not fit to be elected anymore imo.
  14. It's been brought to light that the D Chauvin had 18 previous complains against him. So his aggressiveness was known for a long time. I do not know of any other job where you can have multiple complaints and absolutely nothing done about it until that cop kills a person. Most jobs, you mess up 3 times and you are OUT. What rules are the police playing by?
  15. Let's use a Danish fairly tale to determine national policy issues... Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo
  16. Sounds like a possible set up. That would be shady as hell.
  17. Where is the money spent? Notice how equipped the Police are,, while the front line medical workers get broken PPE from China. You'd think it would be the other way around.
  18. But for abject stupidity, there is no vaccine.
  19. So this is like CNN's New Clothes? Credibility is clothing? They don't have shoes on (they got caught lying about Russian collusion), they don't have a shirt on (they got caught lying about Ukrainian collusion), they don't have pants on (they got successfully sued by a high school kid for defamation of character) they don't have underwear on (they got caught lying about Kavanaugh), etc, etc. "There was no travel ban - Trump let Americans come home!!!!!!!" - CNN "Look at the Emperor's new story!!!! CNN has to be believed!" - eyeball
  20. Yes well recall it was a child in the Emperor's New Clothes who pointed out the moral of the story. Translated into over 100 languages and nearly 200 years later and millions upon millions of mature self-described intelligent people still refuse to get it.
  21. Did Japan have a travel ban, or did they not? Did Taiwan have a travel ban, or did they not? Are you saying that travel bans weren't an effective part of Japan's fight against Covid? Are you saying that it's not important to ban travel from a place that's known to have a dangerous viral outbreak starting? What's your great plan eyeball? Can you tell me how Japan got it wrong, and how you'd do it better? Right from the start of the pandemic you had all the wrong guesses, you put your faith in people who were saying and doing the exact wrong things, and now with the benefit of hindsight, you still don't understand what really happened or you're just refusing to admit the truth. I know that you need to portray Trump as a huge, heartless dictator who'd throw anyone under the bus to save his own skin, but this topic leaves your fantasy unsupported. Trump understands that every American has the inalienable right to come home, travel ban be damned. Even our own PM, whose love of Canadians is questionable, allowed Canadians to return after he banned travellers from other countries (except on business). All the mature, intelligent people have moved past this point eyeball. You're the only holdout.
  22. That's an article, that's not proof fo anything. What's worse is that Comey is cited as a source in there, and Comey is a completely discredited political figure, not an actual law enforcement officer. I don't doubt that sinister people of every stripe would love to infiltrate the police departments of America, but this Floyd incident is not an example of "cops killing black people for sport" or whatever it is that you're insinuating. He's correct that the killings started the protest, but people who want justice for Floyd aren't looting stores and vandalizing businesses. Those are just idiots. Also your assertion that it was a racially-motivated killing is unsupported by evidence. You're correct to say that racists will freak out every time a black person is killed by cops, and that they won't bat an eye when a white person is killed by cops, that's why I don't support this bullshit at all. It's just a bunch of idiots with their heads up their asses who are total losers in life and just need to validate their own excuse for sucking. When people say "I'm a loser because cops hate us" I say you're half right. If I can pull up a site on the internet that "proves" the earth is flat, will that stop you from going on a cruise? What you don't get is that people who invest, network. You won't find wealthy businessmen who don't network. You yourself can join an investment group no matter what race or religion you are. When you're in an investment group you'll get information like: "There's a university being built in this area. Property values will increase drastically over the next few years". Or, "The Target in this neighbourhood has been burned down twice by rioters." You can decide where you want to invest yourself, or where you want to loan money. Try to make sure that everywhere you invest, there is a perfectly harmonious balance of races though, ok TDot? If you can afford to lose some money and you want to invest in a high-risk area, then buy something in Ferguson. You can get it cheap, and if things go well then you might make a lot of money. Then again, you could lose everything. But the point is, you won't buy there unless it's dirt cheap, and you won't give a 2nd mortgage there unless it's on punitive terms. Not because you're racist, but because there are other areas where you can invest your money where you're guaranteed to make money. Tina and Tony are professors in Orange County, they want a 2nd mortgage. John and Cindy-Rae work in a slaughterhouse in Ferguson. They want a 2nd mortgage too. You only have enough money to give one couple a 2nd mortgage. Don't be a redliner TDot, just flip a coin, and give the exact same mortgage terms to whoever wins, ok? If one couple is black and one couple is white, does it change where you want to invest your money? If it does, you're racist. If it doesn't, you have a good chance to make a decent sum of money. Smart capitalists don't discriminate, but they do educate. If you want to get a big-screen TV, get a good credit rating and be a responsible, dedicated hard worker. Or wait for the next riot to get your TV. It's 'Murica.
  23. These opinions can also be dangerous which explains why governments are sometimes forced to make vaccines mandatory. The prevalence of so much stupidity in the world is like ozone layer depletion or something - where it'll require deliberate intervention along with international (read...globalist ) cooperation and coordination to address it. Maybe they can come up with a vaccine that can be aerosolized and delivered via chemtrail. 27% unlikely to be vaccinated against the coronavirus; Republicans, conservatives especially: POLL
  24. You'd especially expect inadequacy when the government's heart really isn't into handing out free stuff to people. Benefits seem adequate in Canada despite our large bureaucracy although there should be better support for small business' and people threatened by mortgage defaults. I don't see any reason to leave people behind. Front line workers who risked their health during the bleakest time should also be rewarded with a tax holiday and or bonus. History would indicate that opening early is the wrong thing to do. History also indicates countries that take a more cautionary approach save more lives and have better economic recoveries that remain apparent years later in terms of growth and GDP. I don't see much helping the US at all right at the moment. A straight up comparison seems to indicate that socialism is proving more effective at dealing with pandemics than capitalism. From here it looks like a government has to use just as much or more force to impose capitalism on a society as it does to impose socialism on people.
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