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  2. Probably no less than most congressmen. Or sorry, congress persons. I did not mean to trigger nor offend
  3. I never thought I'd see trumpers throwing trump under the bus. Usually its the other way around.
  4. That is simply not true. Well, they may FEEL like they are progressing, but they are not. The only way for a person, company or country to "rise above their station" is by creating wealth. Just growing and inflating does not create any wealth, it just inflates the money supply and re-distributes it to those with the privilege of access - which is NOT Joe Lunchbucket in any way. You get ahead by being more productive, not just more populous. All that growth achieves is faster depletion of finite resources.
  5. What we need and what will happen is two very different subjects, unless the two party approach is both on the left, the right is not going to listen and the left is not going to entertain anything the right has to offer. So we are back to where we started. The issues that PIK bring up are not just some conspiracy theory, they are real threats, and sticking our heads in a hole is not going to solve the problem like the liberals are doing..
  6. I work on both sides of the 49th, but by choice live on this side of the border. While I do most of our business down there, I constantly try to find competitive opportunities on this side. It isn't easy, because the way we as a government and business environment deal with cross border transactions hobbles the ability to be in business at all, never mind competing with US or others. The US prohibition on interstate barriers to trade means that to purchase supplies, one freely seeks out the best deal and it arrives on your doorstep for "$xx" in a day or two. American manufacturers and dist
  7. Wanna bet? Powell and Co can look forward to being poor.
  8. You say that with the secure knowledge that you are probably much too insignificant to be sued for libeling a company with no evidence whatsoever.
  9. Your creating the same problem you are coping with already, restriction of movement, more government control, and then end your post with Can't make it work OH well. I think it is kind of hypocritical don't you think. Instead of shipping people off to the far north, why don't we just tweak our current immigration policies, and work the problem from new angles, like pay young Canadians to have more children, tens of billions are spent on immigration and refugees, every year. Increase family allowance until it is affordable for couples to have more children, Canadians will do anything for
  10. Bill Maher: Don’t confuse 5,000 rioters with 74 million voters

  11. This is my first post here on this site ever. So ask for patience as I slowly get my feet wet as they say…. I guess I am in the camp that says ‘Climate Change is real.’ But my concern/confusion about this issue comes from both a political and religious standpoint. In particular, I am concerned that this issue is being used as Trojan Horse by those with nefarious Intensions. What these intentions are….I am still trying to work out. Anyone else with these concerns?
  12. Today
  13. Hah, that "lawsuit" will never see a court, because if it does, all of their dirty deeds done will have to be heard by the courts involved. Witnesses from the US, Italy, Germany and South America will sink Dominion like an enraged Kraken. This is just Dominion trying to get some good press while they can.
  14. I've discussed these topics at length thousands of posts ago. Again, I don't really care how viable it is. The whole point is, find something to do that pays while freezing your ass off up north for 5 years, get your citizenship, then go where you like. Can't make it work? Oh well.
  15. Average Trump voter... She seems nice. I wonder how carefully she read the China Trade agreement ?
  16. Feel free to pick one yourself. Just make sure it falls under the specific topic of "America under Trump" so we don't get scolded for going "off topic".
  17. All you have to do is prove that one of their stories wasn't a huge lie. Just pick one, and I'll tell you how they lied about it.
  18. You sent me on a goose chase, listening to a 15 minute opinion piece with nothing but verifiable facts and commentary. No lies at all.
  19. It was blatantly idiotic disinformation, like I said many times before, and you only asked for one Buber so don't act like I didn't meet your quota. There are plenty more, and I gave you guys almost 15 stories to choose from so that you could pick your own example of when CNN didn't lie. This should be the easiest thing on earth, right? Just pick one of the 15 topics and act like CNN didn't just lie about it...
  20. Announcement from Ford today at the new hospital in York region which opens officially in two weeks.
  21. 1) Rioting, looting, arson, treason, sedition, attacking police, assassination-style murders of police, and murdering innocent civilians just went out of style on January 6th Boges. Didn't you get the memo? You're literally the only person on earth who didn't. Maybe you need to get a TV or the internet or something hey? You don't wanna be so completely in the dark, it's bizarre. 2) FYI, CNN is pretending to hate sedition now, but they just attempted to legitimize America's poster boy for sedition by acting like he's the kind of guy whose opinions and observations matter (they also go
  22. Your hate for Trudeau is clouding the issue of revisiting our overall strategy on China. Since Harper and Trudeau have made similar steps we need a 2-party approach here not Trudeau conspiracy theories. If you hate Trudeau, try to put your emotions in a box while we discuss this.
  23. China's brutality and totalitarianism gets worse as Xi's power over everyone's life grows. This is what is in store for all of us if China succeeds in exerting more and more influence over western countries. Already they have a law which says anyone who says anything bad about China anywhere in the world, citizen or not, can be extradited to China and prosecuted. I don't think even Stalin or Hitler ever had the balls to put such a law in place. I guess I better never go to China! Its Social Credit System monitors all WeChat and Weibo exchanges through algorithms that identify those disc
  24. I know people who have had Cancer procedures screening done and people who've had elective surgeries done during this second wave. I know, completely anecdotal, but this alarm around the inability of the Healthcare to function outside of COVID-19 treatment is a bit much. My family has had unobstructed access to Healthcare throughout the second half of 2020, into 2021. Now if you require emergency intervention, I suspect your experience would be different. As it should if a few thousand people are getting a deadly contagious disease every day. https://www.cp24.com/news/ontario
  25. If it were a never-ending lie, you would be able to come up with a better example of that than Don Lemon expressing his legitimate opinion.
  26. Just because some weren't looking to hurt police, many where. And even if many weren't looking to hurt Capitol police, I'm sure they were looking to cause harm to members of congress or Mike Pence if they were able to get their hands on them.
  27. But, then again, your perception is somewhat stunted. Carry on.
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