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  2. Here's the full show of Tucker destroying Maxine Waters with the truth. Don't know how long YouTube will allow it to stay up though:
  3. She says as she's typing on her Chinese commie made keyboard, which they make in factories sans any safety regulations, so the duped leftist enviros can pay only 29.99 for a piece of crap. And feel smug about it, no less. Carry on...
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  5. I don't have time to go over your crazy math. Again if you dont like it you;l have to talk to authorititties. Not my words this is Hinshaw, I'm sure she knows what she's talking about. You are spreading information thats counter to our governments advisory. It is an offence to spread lies about Covid-19 on the internet, so you should stop.
  6. Misinformation. Predictions made in the early 1900s about the effect of greenhouse gasses have come true. Predictions made in the 1990s about change in weather patterns are happening now. Predictions about the melting of ice caps didn't go far enough. Yes, these are conversations that must be had, sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, Capitalists don't want to have those conversations because then they'd have to think about changing their business practices; it suits them fine if time is wasted on denying our role in climate change.
  7. Hinshaw either misspoke or there's some other context in which that figure makes sense. Canada has had 1.13 million cases of Covid diagnosed, with 23,667 deaths. Thats a mortality rate of 2%. The States has had 31.8 million cases, and 567,000 deaths, a mortality rate of 1.7%. Brazil has had 367,00 deaths and 13.9 million infections, for a mortality rate of 2.7%. France, 1.01 million deaths and 141 million cases, death rate of 2%. You can visit this site and find out the mortality rate of any country. Maybe you'll be thankful to live in a country in which mortality is only around
  8. Would like to know how the imbeciles who vote these people in feel now. Are they satisfied? I say yes. It's not knew for her to be this level of bombast. Was she not recently re-elected? Yes she was. So it begs the question, who the hell. Really. Either that or somebody's getting loads of payola. Cause it ain't her talent or her looks that's getting her in, I tell you.
  9. I like their use of the phrase, "In a stark comparison...". Yes, 0.005 / 0.000004 equates to 1250 times the risk. Yes quite,, stark. Cept for one little old problem, you've got no magnitude worth a coon shit.
  10. Here is the official quote. This is from the lady who's doing Alberta. Alberta confirms country’s second blood clot after AstraZeneca vaccine dose Shooting you people down is just too easy. Just like taking candy from a baby.
  11. Worldometer? What's that. Sorry, you'll have to take up your issue with the Canadian authorititties.
  12. Well the budget also provides some outlook through 2025/2026 and there don't appear to be any major tax increases or cuts to government department but gradually and wisely to address pandemic related huge deficit without hardships to Canadians.
  13. They're putting a 10% tax on cars over $100k. A bit weird that boats are so much higher threshhold at over 250k. Motorhomes are except because they don't want to make retired seniors PO'd.
  14. You'll get another chance to watch Tucker's show tonight, you can PVR it in the late evening. She was inciting more violence at the riots in Minnesota which were already violent the other night and was excoriated by the judge in the Chauvin case for demanding a guilty verdict (1st degree lol). Tucker pointed out that Maxine Waters defended the black men who pulled a guy out of his truck and beat him almost to death with bricks. I don't wanna put words in Tucker's mouth, if you have an interest in US politics you should watch him rip Maximum Stooge Waters to shreds.
  15. d: I don't mean to tax the asset value, just the capital gain - at 99% day one, 95% first year, and so on down to nominal tax rate. The vast majority of big money comes from speculative gain - and it not only creates no wealth - it removes investment capital from the reach of Main Street. So, to summarize: you and everyone else should pay capital gain tax on you primary real estate as well as non-residential. Do that and you remove the incentive to inflate real estate values. You can ASK for whatever you want, but tax the gain and the practice will go away. Needed to be done a long t
  16. OK, you're clearly deviating away from the topic of science now and into propaganda. FYI your iPhone analogy is unrelated idiocy. I didn't say that iPhones don't work, I said that climate predictions have all been bogus and you didn't bother to debate that FACT. I said that the polar ice caps are going against the predictions and you ran from that fact too. I mentioned that the planet's climate has constantly changed over the last billion years and........ you ran away. All that you want to do is harp on what CNN and CTV told you. Sorry but IDGAF what any of the MSM told you. The climate
  17. I'm expecting a tax increase regardless of who is elected, just as soon as the pandemic is over and done. I already pay taxes on my real estate, albeit not to the Feds. And if I had a rental property, or a vacation property, and sold it, I'd have to pay capital gains on that. So seems to me that's already taken care of. If there was a similar tax on the sales of primary residences, I think it'd just drive up the price of housing. After all, if I've got $XXX.XX worth of equity, and the government brings in a tax on any sale, then I'm going to want to ask enough to cover the tax ab
  18. 1) Whether he shot the gun, or he was with the guy that shot the gun, is something that can only be known after the fact. At the time the cop was chasing him, he was one of two people who was there when the gun was shot, and the gun was in his hand. What do you think the cop suspected at that time? That someone was dumb enough to take the gun that was just fired? Of course he was suspected of shooting. 2) He ran along the fence to where there was a gap in the fence on his right side, and the gun was clearly visible in his right hand at that point. Right when he got to the spot where the
  19. Hours after Maxine Waters’ comments inciting violence, 2 officers were shot at in drive by shooting.

    1. BubberMiley


      Not only that, a car was broken into on my street. Damn you, Waters!

  20. This is an election budget. They will figure a way to trigger an election late this spring or early summer, and this budget is designed to buy votes. The big tax increases will come AFTER they get a majority.
  21. Not until it was over. Before that he told them to go "fight like hell." Leading up to it, Junior even called for "total war". Do you know what total war means? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/11/06/donald-trump-jr-calls-total-war-republican-rifts-open-election/
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  23. https://www.thestar.com/business/2021/04/19/federal-budget-2021-ottawa-proposes-luxury-tax-on-pricey-cars-boats-planes.html As usual, the Libs waste no opportunity to stick it to successful Canadians, but play politics with the cutoff limits and exemptions. WTF is with allowing 250k baseline for boats (that start at a few thousand) but put $100k on a new airplane - NONE of which can sell anywhere near that price. Similarly, why are motorhomes exempt??????? The NDP comment in this article is a bit closer to common sense - but they want to tax assets instead of income. The rea
  24. As usual, the LPC would gladly bury a Canadian over lose a vote.
  25. Cop killed by fire extinguisher was another complete and utter lie perpetrated by serial liars, that have peddled lies for the last 4 years.

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    2. BubberMiley


      Rabidly defending murderers seems a little over the edge to me.

    3. Shady


      Pointing out bullshit artists like you, isn’t defending anyone.

    4. BubberMiley


      Nobody said it wasn't true that Putin (to whom you are fiercely loyal) put a bounty on the soldiers. So you're the one bullshitting...again.

  26. Worldometer: 2% of Canadians who caught Covid, died.
  27. Judge scolds Democrat Maxine Waters for abhorrent comments, says she may have given Chauvin an argument for an appeal.

  28. I actually have to agree with you, and Andrew Coyne of course, on this one. All forms of deficit spending -- whether based on liberal left economic theory (Keynsianism rebranded as MMT over the past 10 years or so) or the rightwing varieties like supply side economics -- cut taxes (especially business, investment and estate taxes) so low that governments can't pay for essential services (except military procurements of course) and in both the left and right sides of standard economic theory, future economic growth is supposed to take care of everything, and shrink those deficits! In reali
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