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  2. No conspiracy, just my observations as I go through life, one by one, when it comes to work productivity and merit being replaced by other variables. Different standards for different groups. I understand some of you do struggle with racism and your making it up for it by lecturing of the danger of racism. Is called reverse psychology. For me I judge people individually and by the value of their character and as a result of that I am comfortable around everyone as long as is mutual respect. When it comes to universities we have factories of diplomas for social workers, psychologists and activists yet when it comes to a major discovery in physics, it dates back in 1970's. Or maybe talk to the Asian students that were discriminated against when they tried to apply Harvard. Again my point exactly, Harvard an institution based on true racism applies reverse psychology for their own issues. And lastly family, like I told my sister that lectures me weekly: a master degree did not teach you the what a university should teach you which is critical thinking. Is actually shocking, cult like mentality and this is someone with a master degree. Just imagine the frame of thinking of individuals that just finished high school. These are all my points of view. You have yours and don't think you are more superior because you are less alarmist. The explanation might be that you are not affected by this just yet but the way this is going you might change your mind when it comes close to your financial security.
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  4. People are now getting used to this handout! Who's willing to work in lieu of freebie? To be well-provided for is quite intoxicating. Are we being groomed and conditioned for downright socialism? I fear the claw-back. Nothing is for free. Maybe......we'd eventually have to give up our properties? Everyone will be "equal?"
  5. Under President Trump - it didn't take long for the USA to make a ROARING economic come-back! Donald Trump Cheers US Economy After June Jobs Surge Despite Covid-19 https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/donald-trump-cheers-us-economy-after-june-jobs-surge-despite-covid-19-2256156
  6. More federal judges! He's appointed many but I think he'll really redouble his effort being this would be his last term. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_federal_judges_appointed_by_Donald_Trump There's growing speculation that there could be two vacancies in the Supreme Court: Ginsburg and Thomas.
  7. And.....the spending might not be over yet. I'm wondering why PBO was costing the basic income for all Canadians (for 6 months)? That might be on the horizon - we're really getting into socialism on the back of Covid-19.
  8. https://climate.nasa.gov/news/2943/study-confirms-climate-models-are-getting-future-warming-projections-right/ There is a recent assessment of temperature models posted by NASA Now a new evaluation of global climate models used to project Earth’s future global average surface temperatures over the past half-century answers that question: most of the models have been quite accurate.
  9. I don't see you even mentioning the pandemic and unfavorable economic conditions in the past couple of years. What do you expect Trudeau to do; or you thought Scheer was going to do better ......for the imaginary country or its diverse citizens? Every country is going through the same thing, increasing their national debt, which begs the question who the debt is to. My guess? The Marsians. What is 343 billion? I can tell you exactly how much that is: 6,305 tons of gold. And the gold is in the ground like it never existed. Not a big deal. Get it out of the ground and pay the f* Marsians. This should somehow illustrate to you the pointlessness of your national debt worries.
  10. See...you really don't understand deficits, debt, or economic growth...regardless of political ideology. Then stop bragging about GDP to debt ratios that you do not even understand.
  11. What I understand is that conservatives are obsessed with not creating more debt unless it comes to bailing out banksters or waging useless endless wars on fill-in-the blanks-here. So what, the entire global economy was starting to come apart at the seams. If you're suggesting we have to destroy the economy to save it fine. Human beings weren't meant to suffer a slow motion Apocalypse, it was supposed to go out with a bang.
  12. What are you talking about. I was talking how the science doesn't know what's coming. They have guesses. You told us it didn't matter what the science knows or doesn't know about what's coming because you just knew. Apparently you know because you know. I mocked that as ridiculous. Wanna know why? Because it is. And noticing it is dead on the subject of your claim.
  13. Sure, and pigs could suddenly sprout wings. I'm not though. Remember that little talk we had about BS filters? You don't put much effort or time into researching what it is you blather on about do you? It really shows. It's actually more important for you to realize it if you ever expect to be taken seriously. That's right there's always hope.
  14. So what? Is there a Martian invasion fleet orbiting overhead demanding repayment or else? Who and where are all these fucking idiots that keep lending us all this money anyway? How and where did they get so much they can afford to lend us so much? Why don't we just tax them instead? But we can shut it down anyway if we really need or want too, you're actually allowing that we still have choices and we don't need to destroy the economy to save it? That's a relief.
  15. You don't understand the difference between deficits, debt, or economic growth. Canada's economy had two months of negative economic growth because of factors completely unrelated to the pandemic.
  16. You're full of shit. Canada went into this pandemic with the best GDP to debt ratio in the G7. Notwithstanding the fact virtually the entire planet was wallowing in the mud wrestling pit known as the global economy going into this. It's part and parcel of that unpreparedness thingy that's compounded the pandemic and our response to it.
  17. FYI, it's possible for Charles Koch to get sucked in by some CNN idiocy. Millions of people do every day. You're leading the charge. If you're dumb enough to believe every single thing that CNN says, what makes it so hard for you to believe that Charles Koch would be fooled that one day? I get that it's really important for you to believe that I was wrong one day back in 2019, sorry but I just wasn't. There's still hope for the future. One day I'll be Joe Biden's age. It's bound to happen.
  18. Sure we do, we just place more importance on people than money is all. The vision actually was to allow for an 18 month period for the development of a vaccine. You're suggesting we abandon everything we've already invested in getting there and consigning who knows how many people to dying for the economy instead? Fuck that, besides which Canadians shouldn't be expecting a handout they should be demanding compensation. This was not their fault. Somebody as hip as you are to fiscal responsibility should be able to see that without even having to think about it.
  19. We just racked up $354B in debt this year. We're now approaching $1Trillion, and this year's budget was over 1/3 of that. We can't afford to shut down the country again unless the 2nd wave of covid is vastly stronger than the first.
  20. Not likely...Canada's economy was crashing even before the pandemic and crushing debt because of low commodity prices, rail protests, and capital flight.
  21. Why would you change the subject like that? If you think I'm wrong, why attempt a misdirection? You do think I'm wrong?
  22. So what? We'll be in the same fleet of lifeboats along with virtually every other nation on the planet, notwithstanding those who succumb to their fear about their debt and use it to browbeat their citizens into going over the wire in their war to save their economies. Those nations will be flailing around in the water for years trying to grow their way out of the mess they've panicked themselves into. Meanwhile we'll be ticking along and enjoying economic growth levels that are twice as good.
  23. Morneau's Money Show – Act 1 Trudeau's preamble was over dramatized with soothing voice, wide eyes and small smiles overdone with the usual drama class moves. He gushed how he had “helped Canada's most vulnerable” no fewer than 8 times; most seriously stated that the provinces had to spend Child Care $'s where he said and bragged about the money he had given to a credit card company to “help”. I've seen better High School performances. Morneau's snapshot of the economic update was referred to as an “Economic Selfie” from across the way. Best description I heard, had about the same depth and meaning. Unfortunate that the only numbers mentioned were ratings of 2 /10. The usual bobbing heads were choreographed in the background and nodded on cue, but lacked sincerity in their performance. As is normal, the Libs asked Libs loaded questions to allow the party to wax poetic and burn up time without actually saying anything useful. If they needed to add fluff to the show, they would be better to add real information to answer questions. Instead Patti Hadju stated seniors should remain in their homes for as long as possible without offering any real support for them to do so. Bill Blair and Bardish Chagger tried to lay the blame for their problems at the feet of Harper's government again. That ship of state sailed long ago, get with the times. The Liberals started with a balanced budget and stable economy. They now have Trillion dollar deficit in 5 years and a downgraded credit rating. Yep, that makes for a real snapshot of the budget. Definitely helps our most vulnerable Canadians a lot. 0 Stars for this performance. Can only hope this show has a very limited run.
  24. Really? And you're still standing by your assertion that Charles Koch is a CNN stooge.
  25. The point is that it would be the exception to the historical record if COVID-19 doesn't produce a 2nd wave. Therefore its very likely. Sure we should always be hopeful but not at the expense of tempering that with a conservative precautionary approach and be ready for it.
  26. Yes it is nonsense to declare or believe the world has been completely shut down. We're only 6 months into this meaning there's another 12 months left in the 18 month period most experts agree we should allow to develop a vaccine and or hopefully a treatment - I'm surprised you haven't snapped and already gone postal.
  27. Me? I don't know what the true climate sensitivity number is in a chaotic real world environment. I can't even find a real consensus of scientists claiming they know with any certainty. You, however said this: So tell us then, O great swami, what is the true climate sensitivity number per doubling of CO2 in a real world environment?
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