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  2. Torture of political prisoners in Iran while the first vice president expressed unawareness. https://en.radiofarda.com/a/iran-first-vice-president-says-unaware-of-environmentalist-s-torture-allegations/30444079.html The environmentalist scientist was sentenced to 10 years in jail on false accusations and now subjected to torture and threatened with rape is islamic republic.
  3. Why did they elect them? Are you actually in favour of hereditary rulers for people who have elected leaders to speak for them?
  4. He's not my friend. I just know him. I think he knows more than you though. If I have to choose, you know how it is.
  5. Well you seem to get that much at least..seem being the operative word here. And it was actually the BC government that tried to step in, under the feds and over the hereditary chiefs. That's why it went to hell. BC no more talks for Canada than the elected chiefs do for Wet'suwet'en. I highly doubt your friend knows any more than you do.
  6. I have no idea. They seem to want their sovereignty from hereditary rule. I certainly agree with that. They seem to have had the sovereignty to make agreements with the builders of the pipeline. I actually know someone who is quite involved in FN issues, and he says that at one point, all the FN bands along the route had agreements. Then the feds stepped in and sent it all to hell. Apparently they don't want the FN to have that kind of sovereignty. Heaven forbid!
  7. Basic misunderstanding here not to mention priorities. The FN in BC want their sovereignty. I wonder how much FN consent for the pipeline would dry up if they were asked to trade away their sovereignty for it? UNDRIP trumps Canada's sovereignty, especially on unceded territory and especially in BC. Unless you appreciate the issue we'll never be able to communicate let alone agree on anything.
  8. Your friendly racist here. It was liberalism and socialism that have put the fear in parents that playing outdoors would be too dangerous for them. They could get hurt on some playground swing or climbing some small tree or throwing snow balls. Lieberals would say, wrap your children up in plastic bubbles so they won't get hurt. Keep them indoors for their safety. Liberals have always been the people who keep trying to push their silly ass leftist liberal programs and agenda policies like such things as fake global warming and nonsense racism. Of course racism is always in liberals minds. It's everywhere, don't you know? That taxme guy s a racist. Of course, Mowich and taxme are really not allowed to have a conservative opinion. They are not as woke as we liberals are. Although we should have all learned by now as to who the real so called woke bigots and intolerant ones are. Can anyone say liberals. I am happy to say that we are both "woke" conservatives. We are well aware and do know all about the liberal game that they are trying to play on us all. Happy to say that it's just not working on this woke conservative anymore.
  9. Excuse me but you know full well BC has far less control over our salmon that AB, Sask and Man have over their fossil fuels. But don't get me wrong I'm all for a rewrite that puts us on par with these three.
  10. Basic disagreement here. The FN in BC want the pipeline. You don't want them to have the pipeline. We both have ulterior motives for wanting or not wanting the pipeline, along with our views of the FN side of the issue, but elected natives representing their bands want the pipeline, and they have reached many agreements in order to reap the benefits. You obviously can get your head around that. I wonder why you disagree with them. Unless you think birthright trumps democracy? If you do, then we'll never agree on the issue. The Chinese probably didn't bother to do anything to justify their actions. Like I said, they are barbaric bastards. At least we can agree on that, eh? (not all of them, of course)
  11. The lawmakers in China probably did what you just did too - pretend you're reacting to something else. Native sovereign independence is the issue here not economic. You people just cannot get your heads around that at all can you?
  12. Anyone who participates in acts of civil disobedience must be prepared to face the consequences. Some are braver than others. Some causes are less stupid than others. The Chinese are barbaric bastards. We all know that. If you think that the arrest of someone trying to deny FN bands some economic independence is equivalent feel free to call the Canadians barbaric bastards too.
  13. i'm against it at any age quite honestly :p
  14. Yeah well go tell it to past human rights activists and others who are responsible for the sense that civil disobedience is the correct way to change the course of intransigent governments who refuse to change with the times. Let me guess you don't have the slightest clue what I meant by that do you? Anyways I'm pretty certain the lawmakers who sent troops storming thru Tiananmen Square felt exactly as you do. So whose side were you on when that happened anyway and more to the point why?
  15. Actually it was Brian Mulroney who started it. Everything else you said sound like Fox News talking points.
  16. That is a dam good question? Where the hell are they? It is their lives also that is being impacted by these native Indian radicals. They need to speak up and go tell them to smarten up, and get out of the way of jobs and progress. These so called radical hereditary chiefs are causing a lot of problems for themselves, other Indian bands, and for the rest of the people of Canada. We are constantly hearing plenty of voices coming from our dear leader politicians but those voices seem to have a problem with trying to settle this dispute. It is for sure that those radical native Indians are not listening to them. I think that it is high time to treat fire with fire. There needs to be the will to stop them from coming on our non-Indian land for a change until they stop with this radical terrorism, and the need to also start kicking the butts of those radical eco-terrorists who are not helping the problem at all. They are just trying to make things worse. The law of the land is being ignored. It would appear that the new law of the land is anarchy and tyranny, and that is all we seem to be getting now.
  17. I've worked in both union and non union shops, and both the best and the worst were non-union. It depends on how good the employer is, and what it is you do. At this point in my life I would much prefer non-union. There was a time I was very happy to have one, or wished I had one.
  18. It seems that way with some lefties. Civil disobedence is a damn fine thing, and must be tolerated until those on the wrong side of the law get their own way, as long as the issue is one I agree with. I wonder how long they would want the RCMP to wait for dialogue to take effect if those doing the disobeying were Catholics blockading an abortion clinic, or even ordinary concerned citizens blocking traffic in support of their idea of a good immigration policy. I say some lefties, because I would treat them all the same way. Give them fifteen minutes to make their point then arrest them. Unfortunately that means people one agrees with, too.
  19. Beautifully said. But I doubt very much that what you said will sink into his hard mixed up liberal lefty head. It is liberalism and socialism that is causing all of our problems these days. They both believe in live and let live, and if that includes anarchy and tyranny, and interfering with and getting in the way of other people's lives or trespass on private property, and do so against those they especially despise, well so be it. When was the last time we saw any conservative groups of people cause chaos and havoc like we see these activist lefty liberals keep doing all the time? They truly have become the ANTIFA kind of thug radicals living among us. It will be their way or dam it there will be no way. They have truly shown us all that they are the real bigots and intolerant ones in Canada. Calling them a bunch of hypocrites is putting it mildly.
  20. In a sham undemocratic election for which the lowest turnout in the history of hated islamic republic reported even by the lying deceitful regime hardliners took control of a sinking regime. https://www.arabnews.com/node/1632021 Iran is experiencing a tumultuous plunge in living standards, combined with soaring prices for basic goods. During 2019 alone, the economy contracted by 9.5 percent, while inflation was estimated at 40 percent. This regime prefers to see citizens starve before even considering meaningful cuts to its bankrolling of overseas terrorism and paramilitary operations, which amount to several billion dollars every year. Indeed, financial data quoted in the currently circulating draft budget is widely assessed to be wholly disconnected from the unremittingly dire state of the regime’s finances. Widespread public disillusionment with the corrupt, incompetent leadership was recently compounded by the regime’s botched attempt to cover up the shooting down of a civilian plane packed with its own citizens. The regime has also clumsily sought to cover up a major outbreak of coronavirus, which is already causing multiple deaths, with Iran rapidly becoming the most critical vector for the epidemic outside of China. The ruthless suppression of continuous bouts of uprisings has already cost hundreds of lives. For Iranians themselves, this farcical vote abandoned all pretenses of democracy and accountability. With domestic disenchantment worsening by the day, perhaps the radicalizing consequences of these elections represent a moment of divorce between the regime and its citizenry, which are moving in fundamentally different directions. Islamic Republic is a sinking ship. Those collaborating with this murderous regime or supporting it in any way will be sinking with it and drawn in the sea of anger by Iran nation.
  21. My question in this whole thing is where in the blue chesses is the First nations groups that want all these projects ? where is their voice?
  22. Spoken like your typical real and true Canadian pacifist. Why can't we all just get along and keep talking. Those dam real and true nationalist conservative racists is the problem. Imagine some conservatives demanding that this illegal terrorism be brought to an end by having their illegal Indian blockade butts kicked off some company's property. Maybe we racist conservative white folk should put up blockades ourselves to stop the native Indians from coming on our Canadian land. Give them a bit of a taste of their own blockade medicine. We conservatives do not need them, but they sure as hell need us. The lawlessness and anarchy that has been allowed to continue on for over three weeks now will only create more problems for the law abiding Canadians if these illegal blockades do not soon get nipped in the bud soon. Our economy is going in the tank because of this. Enough of this liberal and socialist bs talking, it is now time for some real action. We either want peace and stability or we want anarchy and tyranny. Some members here appear to feel that anarchy and tyranny should be a part of our tradition and solution and encouraged to most or all of other people's so called concerns about whatever their concerned about. Citizen's of Canada must be allowed to not be interfered with and be able to go about their own business. To stop them from doing so is anarchy and tyranny. But to say so means that one has to be a racist, right?
  23. Riiight. More like dozens, or at most hundreds. I'm not worried. We saw just what kind of courage progressives had in Longueuil when the police showed up, or in Alberta when challenged by two rednecks in a truck. And calling for the police to arrest lawbreakers is not violent. It wasn't violent when the RCMP arrested lawbreakers in BC to clear the way for the pipeline, and it need not be violent in Ontario. I think you're simply assuming the natives there are violent savages and that the instant the police try to move them they'll grab their guns and go on the warpath. The planet is fine. It'll still be fine in a century. Stop crying. As for poor quarterly reports and the stock market, it's going to be the coronavirus which hits them, not the native blockade.
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