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  2. Also interesting: in January, a strain of the virus arrived in Washington State, from Wuhan, and within weeks travelled to several other States, Canada, Australia, Iceland, the UK, Mexico, Uraguay and the Grand Princess cruiseship. According to scientists, that strain accounts for 25% of cases in the US.
  3. I didn't say that mob mentality is a leftist phenomenon, I just said that this rioting looting and arson was a leftist phenomenon. Do you think any Republicans/Conservatives are happy about cop-killing, looting and arson? Only leftists are cheering for the riots. Only CNN and the Dems are talking about defunding police like the subject has merit. https://www.straitstimes.com/world/united-states/obama-voices-support-for-young-us-protesters Obama and CNN constantly praise protests and protestors and they outright refuse to speak critically of the BLM & Antifa, they ignore rioting and looting, the arson... It's all good to them. I hardly ever heard about Obama for the last 3 years. As soon as the rioting happened he was all over the place pumping his fist. I think that piece of crap actually likes the fact that America is just the way he left it again. If he didn't like America burning, he didn't show it. I saw right-wing protests, most notable in Michigan. They weren't pretty, they were actually scary because of the number of guns involved, but there was no rioting or looting.
  4. In British Columbia, most of the viruses sequenced back to Eastern Canada, Europe and the States. The virus that hit New York originated in Europe. Closing borders might help, but you have to close borders to all visitors not just one region. People travelling from China to Europe brought the virus with them, and then Europeans brought it to the States and Canada.
  5. You guys are something else. Marxist indoctrination....my ass..its the exact same indoctrination you all went through and are showing on this forum. Your conditioning to get you to the head space you are now at is as totalitarian and problematic as anything you think you see in others. Marxist? People haven't read a book...any book in years. What you see is herd mentality the same thing you have when you need to come on forums and agree with one another. Herd mentality. Its what we humans do. Whether its a thought virus or a physical one its spread the same way. Its spread by people who want to share the same anger at the same object of anger in this case leftists, blacks, whatever your hate of the day object is. This behaviour is in all of us. Everyone of us can turn into one of these angry violent protesters. It does not excuse it. It does though mean simply reacting to it like its only Marxist indoctrinated students who do it is bullshit. I can guarantee every last one of you has engaged in it. Marxist? Oh bull shit. The cell phone and internet has turned us all into sheep abandoning any attempt at critical analysis and choosing instead to engage in pat, simplistic, black and white stereotyping of others. Turn off your damn cell phones. Next time you line up for a Tim Horton's or cheer a hockey team or other sports team welcome. You think you are so different? Good friggin Gawd. Commies! Let me tell you something if it was actual commies they would be far more organized and deadly. Go ask Indeed or someone who survived them. Commies don't run around on streets. They goose step in unison and come in nice little black cars late at night or track you on the streets invisibly watching for you to so much as sneeze from your right nostril. Commies my ass. Westerners. Westerners like us no different than you or I brought up on the doctrine of consumer materialism the doctrine of measuring human value based on the amount of property it can accumulate that it can then sell to make money. Its people who are angry they feel they do not have enough money. Pure, simple and it aint got sweet phack all to do with Marxism, it has to do with people wanting to be rich like other people they see and not being able to. Its about self loathing because of years of being told their value is low or non existent. Its about others just like them who to try compensate and increase their value, try put down the value of others. Its about fat men telling other fat men they are fat.
  6. The phenomena you discuss is not leftist or for that matter rightist political ideology its called contagion theory or crowd frenzy or mob or herd mentality. You are choosing to use it now in political context to suggest its a leftist belief. Of course its not its no more a leftist belief than it is a rightist belief. Any humans in a mob can act this way. Contagion theory would explain that a larger a group becomes the more it has a "hypnotic influence" on those in the group. Chemicals in the brain are activated lowering inhibition. The effect of a crowd on your brain is similar to alcohol. It releases drugs that paralyze the frontal lobe lowering your inhibitions. Another phenomena that probably also mixes with it is called convergence theory. This is where like-minded individuals already had their anger in them before they came together then the contagion phenomena causes the like-minded anger to trigger itself like a small spark of fire to a tank of gas. Bottom line is mob frenzy is identically exhibited by rightist and leftist and all humans. Wes and those who have an agenda to turn it into a leftist phenomena do so because of their agenda. We could easily have leftists on this board saying the exact same things providing examples of rightists doing the same. It misses the point of human behaviour and tries to project the biases of the anti leftist to change the actual phenomena's root causes to shared political beliefs. Most people who riot have no specific identical ideology. What they have is anger. What you see in the States is a combination of people physically contained for a long period backlashing against physical restraint from Covid 19 plus a common sense of anger over police brutality that never ends in their minds as shown to them in the media. Interestingly those quick to call it leftist use the exact same anger reaction phenomena they look for each other and form common pools or gangs of thought to rationalization the expression of their anger. Having worn a uniform and been spit on and having had to be part of work requiring we go into angry crowds to arrest people or arrest someone I can assure you the spit from either direction in a riot is no different.
  7. The Dems/leftists do like a good homeless crisis, don't they? Can't have no affordable housing here, nuh-uh.
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  9. Sad. Last I heard 15 people have been killed, I guess these lives don't matter. https://dailycaller.com/2020/06/05/15-people-died-protests-riots-george-floyd-death/
  10. Science is a systematic search for knowledge. Errors are part of this process. When mistakes are made, as they certainly will be in a situation like this where better means of diagnosis and treatment are being frantically sought, they are disclosed.
  11. Trump banned travellers from entering the US who had been to China within 14 days on Jan 31. 42 days later, on March 13th, Trudeau re-stated his criticism of Trump's travel ban. 3 days later, on March 16th, Trudeau did an about-face and announced his travel ban. Japan banned travellers from China's Hubeii province earlier than March 15th: https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2020/01/15025cbcccfc-breaking-news-new-coronavirus-carriers-to-be-barred-entry-to-japan-abe.html Jan 31 they announced it. Why was banning travel from Hubeii good enough for Japan? Because the Chinese gov't had a ban on travel within the country for people from Hubeii. Canada didn't though. Neither the Chinese gov't nor the Cdn gov't stopped flights from Hubeii province (where Wuhan is) from coming to Canada. That's not cool. The Japanese gov't also handed out masks to their citizens. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2020/05/28/national/science-health/masks-helped-fight-coronavirus/#.XtwTzy8ZNQI My opinion doesn't lack facts, at all. Stopping pandemics at the source isn't a novel idea, and masks work for reasons which aren't specific to the DNA strands of novel viruses.
  12. Have you ever apologized for invading Canada?
  13. Even Maclean's magazine gives trump some credit, all while dumping on Canada's response to the covid 19....there is lots of evidence out there to back up any statement that Justin blew it, But hey I get it Justin has his own group of groupies where shit don't stick to anything.. .https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/how-canada-has-bungled-the-covid-19-endgame/ar-BB14QLjz?ocid=spartanntp
  14. The leftist rioters in Minneapolis burned down a 190 unit affordable housing complex that was almost completed. Brilliant.... http://tcbmag.com/news/articles/2020/may/protest-violence-destroys-30m-affordable-housing-project
  15. I wonder how many living in a New Brunswick trailer park would consider themselves Privileged, for being white, you make it sound like they have an advantage over the same black people living in the same trailer park, all living off the same government check... Or I wonder how much white privilege one would have living in the South Africa when they seized their farms without compensation...being white does have it's benefits when your in a mostly white nation....as being black in a mostly black country would have it's benefits... My point is not every one has access to white privilege.. Atleast not in NB anyway with the lack of big cities, with separated neighborhoods... with exception of the reserves...
  16. Trump has not done better than Trudeau, just because he stopped flights from China a few days earlier. Japan closed its borders on March 15 to Chinese passport holders. They added most other countries on April 1st. United States issued its travel ban to China, Iran and some European countries on March 11th. Canada issued its travel ban on March 18th. Not much difference between the 3 countries. So you're holding on a view/opinion that lacks proper facts. --- One thing that seems to be lost on Dr. Tam’s harshest critics is the fact that this is a novel virus. We have literally never encountered this virus before. That means that public health officials are responding to new information in real time and making policy decisions dependent on the data that is in front of them. When I asked Isaac Bogoch, an infectious diseases specialist at the University of Toronto and Toronto General Hospital, about some of the reaction to Dr. Tam’s policy, he told me: “Nobody should be free from scrutiny, and we should always hold our politicians and other officials to account, but we’ve had reasonable policy throughout this. The federal policy evolved with the evolving epidemic.” Link
  17. My dad was an alcoholic and died just before he turned 65 from general organ failure. He wasn't violent though, I had a good enough childhood. I lived in a house without running water from gr 8 until I left home, but it wasn't poverty or anything. I always had decent food to eat. FWIW I totally support giving underprivileged children a break in life. I just don't go for the total equality of opportunity thing. I think that de-motivates people. Life is tough, and if we don't work hard as a society we will not have a nice country to live in.
  18. Still doesn't change Trudeau's self inflicted wounds for blackface. "Back in Black" is probably Trudeau's favourite AC/DC song. In 1986, a nuclear power station in Chernobyl, Ukraine exploded, but I won't hold that against anybody here.
  19. I appreciate you sharing that. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you probably were not born into a family where your parents were absent, or with a parent who was an addict, with another in prison? Unfortunately, there is a high rate of children who start life in that setting.
  20. This is the thing about the woke. They're not being honest when they consign all whites to the role of oppressors with the guilt of their ancestors. They don't take into account the dirt-poor white man barely surviving, and they don't take account of the rich black man. You are guilty of having original sin, of having white privilege simply because you are born. Anyone with more than half a brain can see that any privilege is derived from the economic success of ones parents, and that many white parents have none. Go back a hundred years and the vast majority of white people were fighting for their lives trying to feed themselves and their kids and living in miserable hovels. Go back two hundred, five hundred, a thousand years and it was no different for 98% of the white population of Europe. Right up until probably the 1950s most whites worked their asses off to try and survive and provide for their families. My mother grew up in near poverty (what we would call poverty today). Eight kids and a wife looking to my elevator operator grandfather for their support. And yet the woke crowd refers to this as a history of white privilege.
  21. These hiring practices where put in place to try and level the playing field, and if you cancel these practices , just how do you solve the problem ?
  22. At the very best she's an idiot. I don't know how you can be smart enough to get through med school and still be as dumb as Dr Tam.
  23. I completely understand disadvantage and privilege. That's why I worked hard, saved money, and bought a condo before I had a kid. I was in the military and worked in a sawmill. I didn't get $1 to buy my place. My kid will have advantages because of the years of hard work that I put into getting my life in order and that's the way it should be. That's the way it would be in a tribal society, before there was ever such a thing as money. That's life. Will Smith's kids will have more advantages and opportunities than my kid will too. WS earned it. He chose a tough path, with a very low percentage chance of success, he worked like a mofo, and it paid off. Good for him. Should my kid get all kinds of private tutoring and nice cars, just like his? Nope. I didn't earn that. That's on me. You can't have a society of "guaranteed equal outcomes" and still have a creative, individual-friendly environment. Communism doesn't work that way.
  24. None of this is relevant in Canada except with regard to natives. All the rest of our visible minorities are immigrants and their kids. So if there's poverty among the visible minority population that's due to our immigration industry bringing in so many people without the requisite skillsets to thrive and prosper here. Native impoverishment is due to an archaic Indian Act which was born an era where no one on either side could even imagine natives living together with whites, and has never been removed because no one can agree on what to replace it with. Getting the agreement of 600 'nations' and now agreement between the hereditary and band chiefs is practically impossible except where they demand more money and more power and less oversight from Ottawa. Nevertheless, all natives are free to 'emigrate' to Canada, just like millions of others have done. They even have the benefit of speaking the same language and not having to apply. And yet African immigrants do better in American than blacks who are born there. Because they tend to marry, raise children together, value education, and not break the law. By the way, weren't Jews kind of traumatized just a little bit a generation or two back? Or is that just fiction?
  25. You think I have credibility issues because you don't understand what I'm talking about, with regards to Trudeau/Trump/covid. CTV, CBC and Global are Canadian. They're supposed to hold OUR politicians accountable. When our politicians are making idiotic mistakes that get people killed our MSM is supposed to notice, and they're supposed to care. They should step up and be a voice for Canadians. What did they do when Dr Tam said masks are bad? They toed the line and said "MASKS ARE BAD!" They didn't think about it from a neutral POV and examine the topic. They didn't wonder why Drs and nurses have worn masks for over a century. They just tried to propagate that narrative. What did they do when Trump closed off travel from China? (@ eyeball - yes he allowed Americans to come home so it wasn't really a travel ban lol) They followed Trudeau's lead and piled on Trump for "racism". They even quoted sources that said "it might violate international law". They didn't care that Japan and Taiwan also did it. They didn't even mention it at the time, because it was contrary to their narrative of racism as a primary motive. Our MSM was busy trashing Trump instead of thinking. Instead of following conventional wisdom. Age-old wisdom. Common sense. They didn't have our backs, they backed the turd. Now our MSM is busy trying to mop up Trudeau's mess. Trying to make it like "We did way better than the US!!!! Look at these stats!!!!" The stats are that if we had America's population, we'd have 67,800 covid deaths, and that's if our population density was still somehow only 1/8th of what America's is. We don't have a NYC subway station with 4.3M riders daily, in a city with the UN headquarters. We didn't have a superbowl during covid. Our airports are 1/10th the size of US airports. The simple fact is, that if you went back in time and put Canada's covid strategy in place in the US, the'd have far more than just 110,000 deaths. Our covid laws were STUPID, top to bottom, back to front, just extremely stupid in every way imaginable. We had travellers from covid hotspots flying in just 1 week before we were banned from hiking on remote trails in our own country. FYI my position has always been that Donald Trump didn't "get it right". Shinzo Abe got it right. Trump just did better than Trudeau, and our media wasn't only wrong about that, they vilified Trump for doing the right thing. They even vilified him for blocking funding to the WHO, pending an investigation. The WHO had one job - to give the world the right advice during a pandemic. The WHO got outsmarted by Donald Trump. You of all people should think that's reason for an investigation, based on your opinion of Trump.
  26. This kneeling business has a strong religious element to it. As people like Jonathan Haidt, Douglas Murray and David Starkey have all observed. As Chesterton said you don't replace a belief in religion with nothing. You replace it with a belief in anything. And the new woke religion is composed of angry zealots who are the new Dominican inquisition, always seeking out heretics and blasphemers to burn. The cowardly go along with them lest they be targeted, kneel and parrot whatever they're told to parrot.
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