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  2. That nuclear deal is a dumb deal anyway. Trump thinks Middle East is not an USA business, but he finds out Middle East matters will affect US dollar value.
  3. Quebec on one level of course pedophilia is an evil. There are many levels of evil if we use that word as a descriptor for depraved behaviour. Its particularly evil in the sense it exploits vulnerability and robs innocence.I get that I think we all do and agree with you on that. Of course. I used to put such people away and had to interview and cross examine them and saw many walk back on to the streets. It does a number on you knowing that byut nothing compared to what it does to victims or the loved ones of victims. That said, I think here is the point. What we now know about pedophiles is there is no "cure". If you actually castrate them, we have examples of castrated pedophiles still with a drive of some sort who have got their hands on testosterone to get erections. What we do know is a particular area of the brain lights up with pedophiles that does not light up with others. The only thing that seems to contain pedophilia is placing a very tiny electric transmitter in the brain that zaps this sight when it lights up. Its like zapping a dog that bites or barks. It causes pain at the same time as arousal over-riding the arousal but it will never stop the arousal. As well pedophiles have a pathology where they will argue what they do is normal and does not harm children and many believe this. Most pedophiles are attracted to children because they lack sexual characteristics and can be controlled. Those are the 2 basic inherent features they are feeding on. Pedophiles are predators by nature. They stalk. They look for opportunity and access and they groom their targets and the parents of the targets. They often place themselves in positions where they can have access to children. They should not be confused with hebephiles who are adults attracted to early adolescent children who begin to have sexual characteristics but still remain pretty much androgynous in feature, i.e., no pronounced sexual features, i.e., hair, large breasts, hip shape difference. Both philes are best described as overwhelming urges but unlike say a heroin addict who will get sick if they go cold turkey and then can be given a medication to control opiate urges, you can't do that. Its like you can give a certain medication to an alcoholic to make them vomit if they drink but you can't stop the craving. With a pedeophole or hebephile all a medication can do is dull the arousal period or delay it but can't stop it. Pedophiles or hebephiles that tell you they control themselves are liars and they deny no different than gamblers or alcoholics or drug addicts deny. They do not have control ever and in fact can't trust themselves which is why some choose suicide knowing they can't control their constant urges. That said romanticizing a pehophile or hebephile as victims in need of your compassion is never the point. There is nothing to pity or feel bad about and compassion or any other emotion is a waste of energy. Its important to remain clinically detached from this illness. Using moral judgements to define it will not properly contain such people. The person in charge of such people must feel nothing-any feeling could interfere with properly treating such people. Anger is the worst thing that can happen to a person in charge of such people. It can cloud judgement needed. They key with pedophiles and hebephiles is to keep them away from children and teens and in cities and rural areas as well that may not be possible and because of our Charter of Rights permanently isolating such people to colonies or places without children or placing electric implants in their heads is not possible. However I am of the believe such people must be given electronic monitoring devices and placed in centres where they must channel their sex urges into physical work and where they are required to also engage in taking medication and when they come out be required to permanently wear a monitoring device and take medication or go back into these centres and they must work to pay off the expenses of these centres. I do not think the Charter should be used to provide their rights once they are convicted. I believe at that point, their rights subordinate to the greater rights of the victims they hurt and the need to protect all of society from them when applying the charter. I do not advocate killing or torture but I do advocate mandatory/compulsory work and medication programs or total forfeiture of any other rights or release. I also believe after release, permanent tracking or back to the centres. I would advocate tracking devices that can not be cut out or off. Some pedophiles have taken a knife and cut though their arms to remove voluntary implants placed in them. Other routinely cut off electric foot devices.
  4. Hong Kong less keen on the Worker's Paradise that initially believed...

  5. For example? I see a lot of America-bashing but not much about Canada.
  6. I think teaching this to children that young is wrong. You have to teach children about sexuality gradually, according to their age and level of understanding. At this age, it would have better to teach that certain characteristics are not exclusive to boys to girls. ie: boys can like playing with dolls, girls can like sports for example. Teach them to respect and get along with everyone. 6 is too young to be presenting this concept to children. IMO.
  7. Sounds like you're one of those people who doesn't actually do the right things in life, so you get your dopamine rush from talking about other people and virtue signalling. Riiiight. They can't completely avoid the topics of SNC or Adm Norman or paid trips to private islands that belong to foreign leaders, so they give them the absolute minimum coverage possible and quickly draw attention away to less important topics. "Duffygate", over $90K, made headline news for 3 years. Trudeau has only been PM for a bit more than 3 years and all of his scandals are already long-forgotten by CBC. If you can't see the massive difference then that's why you're a liberal sycophant.
  8. You project your self on to tigers. https://www.indiawilds.com/diary/tiger-intelligence/ Hug a porcupine. You'll get the point.
  9. Today
  10. I agree with you up to a point. Nothing good comes when humans encroach on any form of life including their own species but the creation of highways, commerce, transportation, pollution, etc., We have always as humans mistaken ourselves as being superior to and not obliged to follow the rules of the earth as you are aware. That is as you also know a spiritual disease. Trying to tell people entrenched in a world of material values that can be pointless because they probably do not want to feel or breath what you do. That bear is a trigger for me of many obscenities. Just the picture. I think if I smelled the blood it would be worse. God damn it but all we can do is perform our miracles in the smallest and quietest of ways when adjusting our lifestyle. Nothing ever comes when you expect it but change comes. Its happening as we speak its just there are so many negative distractions you can't see it. I know you saw that picture of the husband and wife kissing behind a dead lion. Its what unfortunately many of us are-oblivious to the miracle of independent life.
  11. I am not talking about owner operated homes. You have more control over that. Yes and until regulations are in, ban it. It is a problem even if I don't know it's there. More and more negative reports on incidents in AirBnBs are weekly/daily now.
  12. America is a place, not a race. Nationality and race are two different things. Some people have no idea what racism is, and just use it as a catch all term for opinions they are triggered by.
  13. Oh come on guys, Argus did not turn the term Caucasian from its geographic term to the white skinned reference as to how it was used and no pretending Pakistanis and Indians are Caucasian because of the Caucasian mountains is purile. Caucasian, negroid and mongoloid as we are all aware divided the world into 3 subjective constructs, white, black-brown and yellow. Argus was not alive when that was done. We are all aware of how the term Caucasian is used today in this thread. As for Marcus his playing that Pakistani or Indian only means related to a certain mountain region is as horse crap as the thread itself. Bottom line is what you look like, who you poke, your religion, your breast or penis size, your nose shape, your hair texture, your skin tone is only an issue for those with unresolved issues about their own identities. That said, who me tolerant? Bah. Canada is currently run by a bunch of castrated identity confused specimens prancing about pretending to be male and they sure as hell aint female either. No one can tell me Bill Morneau or Justin Trudeau are men or women. They hate both genders equally and walk like they got serious hemmeroids. As for the NDP leader he's campaigning now with a large enough to see knife slung around him to make sure everyone knows he's a Siehk not to mention his $2,500 Brooks brothers suit and $250 custom made and initialed shirt we all know he is a socialist. As for Mr. Rogers of the Conservative Party, the only thing missing is a wafer, a candle and some pervert ushering him into a dark corner after singing practice. There have I missed anyone? Oh yah the dummy from Quebec who left his national security confidential papers for his motor cycle girlfriend to read. There's a genius. No wonder syphilis is making a comeback. The only thing wrong with this nation is its obsession with being politically correct to the opposite extreme of Donald Trump's flatulence on the other extreme side.
  14. People are afraid to speak out, but at least one parent in Ontario was upset enough that they are taking the school to court over the indoctrination of their child. Young children are very easily influenced and it's time parents spoke out against the mass brainwashing of our kids. https://www.thepostmillennial.com/ontario-family-files-human-rights-complaint-after-six-year-old-girl-upset-by-gender-theory-in-school/
  15. So Mr. basilone_john, what are you doing about it? Are you Canadian? What is Canada doing about it?
  16. According to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, the US sanctions against Iran are terrorism. He also added that terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation of citizens to achieve political goals. The United States uses economic terrorism, which cannot be called sanctions, because they are not aimed at compliance with the law. https://twitter.com/JZarif/status/1153011818283053058
  17. Canada's values has declined long ago and it is growing on this site.
  18. Freedom of speech dies online when mods ban because they don't agree with you. Way back before, I never realized how important freedom of speech was. "I don't agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it." - some woman
  19. I am a new member here too and their is nothing insane about the things that I am about to say.
  20. Nothing! Muslims have the right to call Canada their home just like everybody else!
  21. Claims of Winnipeg being unable to support an NHL team were greatly exaggerated. Even with a low Canadian dollar, they are doing just fine, certainly far better than Atlanta ever did.
  22. The Japanese Foreign Ministry has become more cautious about Kuril Islands issue after Russia’s refusal to transfer its two islands to Tokyo. And, despite its unacceptable actions at the G-20 summit (in its presentation, Japan noted the Russian Kuril Islands as its territories), Prime Minister S. Abe now declares his desire to «make peace» with Russia before the end of his term (until 2021). However, the position of Tokyo for Moscow is the opposite. Why? Because Tokyo requires first to give the islands to Japan, and only after that a peace treaty between the two countries will be signed. This is ridiculous!
  23. There is no hostility. The Muslim ban was Obama's idea, but when Trump does it, only then is it racist. When Jimmy Carter did it, no accusations of racism, when Trump does it, he's a nazi.
  24. I know you don't treat Americans as human beings, except maybe for the colored folks down there but would you say that anti-Americanism is a form of racism?
  25. "Islam is not a race" is a terrible justification for hostility to, prejudice, or discrimination against groups with specific ethnic and religious background, which is what racism means in today's definition. Kind of like how anti-semitism is a definition for discrimination against Jews and not all "Semites", which include most Palestinians. Whatever you want to call it, hostility , prejudice, or discrimination against a group, solely based on their religious or ethnic background is bad. Stop trying to normalize hate, stereotyping and shitty behaviour.
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