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  2. There is not much you could accuse Milquetoast of I wouldn't agree with the exception of racism and religious hatred.
  3. Then using your reasoning Trudeau is a bigot. Go find out who Omar Allghebra is.Also since Trudeau supports Lavalin who financed Ghaddafi and paid off Made well hey that puts him in good company. Speaking about who bedsits with did not Justin bring a terrorist to dinner in India and make a point of going to a mosque in Calgary full of extremist anti gay anti women anti semitic followers and pray with them? The world sure is a stage but you seem selective as to what scenes you notice.
  4. How President Obama dissed Canada's pipeline hopes after approving enough oil and gas pipelines to circle the earth: The Keystone XL pipeline is dead. Here's why Obama rejected it. Just another part of Obama's "legacy"...hope and change. So Trump changed it.
  5. I didn't even know about that. Crazy stuff. They probably just wanted to pile up some charges on him so that they could offer him a reduced sentence for making things up about Trump.
  6. The attempts to entrap Papadopulous (aka Mr Papageorgio) are blatant as hell. On one occasion they tried to lure him into saying something with a Honeypot Agent, on another they gave him $10K expecting him to bring it back to the US, which would have been a felony. Except their attempts were so obvious Mr. Papageorgio didn't fall for either, he had nothing to say that was criminal and he gave the cash to a Cyprus lawyer to hold until he found out what was going on. In the latter case, the FBI was waiting for him at the airport, expecting to find him with over $10k in cash. They held him, searched him and questioned him and got nothing.
  7. How can we take this guy seriously?
  8. Let's see here, I'm being told Trump is a Moron. Trump is a criminal, Trump colluded with Russia. Investigation found no chargeable evidence or Trump collusion or obstruction or criminal activity by Trump. What you are saying doesn't make any sense. You make him out to be stupid criminal. If he was a stupid criminal he's at least smarter than the full weight of the US DOJ and FBI. If the FBI and DOJ are competent, and Trump is a criminal then Trump is a fucking criminal master mind and outwitted all the FOJ/FBI. Logically you can't have it both ways. Your arguments don't stand up to logic.
  9. Thank you...because it works. Part of Obama's legacy was to tell Canada's Parliament just how much of a NATO deadbeat your county is....Trump did the same. But wait...there is hope for Canada after all....Trump approved the Keystone XL pipeline after Obama said hell no...his "legacy".
  10. Now you're just chucking stupid crap against the wall to see what sticks. That was really pathetic Argus. Canada is the country that's alienating other nations right now, in a big way. He pissed off Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, China, America, and the only people that he has improved our relationship with is terrorists. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-india-atwal-controversy-1.4546502 https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/lilley-trudeau-flirts-with-terrorist-supporters-angers-india-again We're publicly pandering to actual terrorists like no other country outside of Iran. And if you recall, it wasn't Trump that started off the spat with us, it was the other way around. Strength is hugely important, and being smart is 90% of it. Trump was brilliant in Syria. Brilliant. Trump came into a situation where the US was committed to deposing Assad and Islamic State was growing like a weed in Syria and Iraq. Trump made a huge concession, and made the USA look like the good guys, when he publicly dialled back America's intention to get rid of Assad. Assad took that for weakness, and gassed some folks. Trump made the USA look strong by bombing Syrian targets. So for the second time, Trump made the US look awesome. Russian and Syria piled on huge threats of disaster if the US did anything so stupid again. Syria gassed more people, Trump bombed them again. Russia and Syria did nothing to retaliate. They just sat there with egg all over their faces. Final score Trump 3 full points, Syria zero, Russia zeeee-roooo. Remember Trump was a noob politician who suddenly became POTUS going up against a well-seasoned Russian leader. Putin manipulated his way up through the ranks of the KGB to take over the country, and was then able to seize power in a very meaningful way. He took over Crimea and laughed at the world. Obama just kept navel-gazing the whole time. Then Putin came up against Trump and got pancaked. I know you wish that Trump was stupid enough to wrestle for control of Syria. Sun Tzu knew the cost of waging foreign campaigns a couple thousand years ago. Trump knows it now. He's not going to fight against Russia and Syria in Syria. With all the casualties and starving people there Trump isn't going to extend that war, Americans would never stomach it, they'd have a hard time winning, they'd look like monsters..... I know that you don't get it. Trump does. That's why he's POTUS and you're just Argus. Then there's also this: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/24/world/middleeast/american-commandos-russian-mercenaries-syria.html From a liberal rag no less. The world outside of the US went to shit under Obama, and the country was on fire internally for his last two years. Racial division was exploding. Now it's just the US economy that's on fire. Islamic State is no longer a land-owner. The US hasn't made any enemies abroad since 2016 (that's unique) and they're standing up to the Chinese economy. You have nothing to contribute to the anti-Trump argument but hollow insults. Now you know how CNN feels. You say that he's stupid, crazy, etc but you can't point to anything tangible that has gone wrong under Trump yet. He hasn't given an inch to NoKo. Russia. China. Iran. He hasn't made a mistake internationally.
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  12. The Press does have a horrible track record on Trump. 1. Trump is only running to promote his TV show 2. Trump won't make it passed the first debate 3. Trump won't get to Iowa and New Hampshire primaries 4. Trump won't win the GPO 5. Trump will lose in a landslide to Hillary 6. A Trump election will destroy the markets 7. Trump colluded with Russia 8. Trump is guilty of obstruction 9. The walls are closing in on Trump 10. Trump will be removed from office 11. Trump will start a nuclear war with North Korea 12.Trump was not spied on by the Obama Admin That's a sampling It's getting clearer and clearer daily that the Obama Administration spied on Trump and politicized the DOJ and FBI. A helluva legacy for BHO.
  13. You mean a horrible track record of exposing his lies, cheating and corruption? I don't disagree that Germans have been whoring themselves to the Russians for gas while neglecting their military. That doesn't mean bullying, threatening and insulting EVERY democracy is a wise diplomatic move that will endear them to you, anymore than sucking up to every dictator will make them treat you more kindly. Uh, yeah, sure. So far Chinese exports to the US are way up and US exports to China are way down. Yay Trump.
  14. That always seems to be your fallback. "Yeah, we suck ass, but hey, we're not as bad as that country one tenth our size!" Grats, big boy.
  15. You're the one who brought antisemites into this not me. That was what made it so funny. What's going to be even funnier is watching you pretend you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
  16. It's sure weird how so many attempts were made by "the Russians" to get Trump to collude with them. And how US Intelligence just happens to have so much evidence of it. "Hey, Trrrumpy, come and see vut inforrmation ve have on HHHeelary."
  17. Still better than NATO deadbeat Canada, which doesn't even have a permanent ambassador in China and more citizens detained or sentenced to death because Trump has taken action against Chinese trade practices and perps like Meng. Chrystia Freeland begged Trump to protect the "post WW2 order" even while Canada grows weaker in leadership and capability for soft or hard power. Canada is more dependent on exports than China, and will always depend on the U.S. to do the heavy lifting, regardless of who the president is....Bush...Obama....Trump....whomever.
  18. They have a HORRIBLE track record when it comes to Trump. Absolutely horrendous at reporting facts and predicting the affects of Trump and Trump policy. The corporate media is a train wreck on Trump. Just fact. When the corporate media talks about Trump be skeptical. The Krauts are double dealing with the US and Russia. No loyalty to the US for 70 years of protection, rebuilding their industrial power and infrastructure. Fuck the Krauts. I'm happy Trump called them out for having energy deals with Russia, while begging the US for Defense help. You make an excellent case for Trump to get tough on China. I'm glad he's laying down the law with them too.
  19. Were you not paying attention to the recent Alberta election where Kenny's racist and religious hatred were widely reported? Kenny and Scheer sit side by side in the same pew.
  20. Pretty broad statements . . . . Where did your knowledge come from ? Links ? Will Trudeau resign . . . . . no, he's too 'full of himself' and has a somewhat disturbing messiah complex. This, combined with an IQ nudging double digits . . . . oh well !
  21. Guilty by association. Kenny is an acknowledged religious racist, has expressed support for same and has expressed hatred of the LGetc community.
  22. Any examples of his religious racistness ? or his base's ?
  23. So? The press is always wrong? Everyone makes deals behind the scenes. That's how international politics and relationships work. Bullshit is a requirement of the profession. The Chinese are full of it, and they're at every international meeting, smiling and offering money and trade deals and resource development and loans and bribes. Who gives a shit? Maybe when your companies try buying resources the Chinese have locked up for their companies you'll notice the difference. Maybe when your companies try exporting to companies controlled by the Chinese you'll notice the difference. A diplomat, I think Japanese or something, observed more than a year ago that at every international meeting and gathering there are dozens of Chinese diplomats there making deals and whispering in ears, along with maybe one or perhaps two American diplomats without the authority to actually commit to anything. The Chinese are eating your lunch. Dirty dealing? The Chinese offer bribes to government leaders who they're negotiating loans with - loans they know will not be paid back. And when the loans fail they demand alternative payment. They've already taken over several ports around the world, taking them away from the nations in which they reside, in lieu of payment on their loans. Now THAT'S dirty dealing.
  24. Just because you disagree doesn't make me wrong or you right. Scheer is a religious white racist as is most of his base. He is a US style Repugnican with all the warts and pus that carries with it. See how the Repugs have ruined the US and attacked human and civil rights and ask yourself if you want to open that door when you know what is behind it? PM Milquetoast is a national disaster to be certain. Scheer and he merry band of religious nutbars will be worse.
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