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  2. Endorsing, supporting, or celebrating pride does not include Christians, followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Endorsing, supporting, or celebrating pride does not respect the teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ referred to pride as being an evil thing, as recorded in Mark 7:20-23. "And he said, That which cometh out of the man, that defileth the man. For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness: All these evil things come from within, and defile the man." (Mark 7:20-23 (KJV))
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  4. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, like all his predecessors in this post, has repeatedly expressed his country's position on the southern Kuril Islands. This position is that the islands are allegedly the original territory of Japan and that the Japanese sovereignty extends to the southern Kuril Islands. Moreover, Abe intends to sign a peace treaty with Russia during his staying in power, resolving a territorial problem, i.e. returning the Kuril Islands to Japan. The Prime Minister of Japan notes that the discussion of the issue is based on all the documents and agreements that have been reached so far. At the same time, he noted that the Japanese-Soviet Declaration of 1956 is the only document ratified by the parliaments of the two countries, and it remains valid. However, Moscow does not want to give Tokyo the islands, since they are of great strategic importance for Russia. With the hypothetical transfer of Kunashir and Iturup Islands, Russia will no longer be able to control the entrance to the Sea of Okhotsk. The transfer of the islands under the jurisdiction of Japan will take from Russia control of Katherine's Strait between Kunashir and Iturup Islands, which does not freeze at all and allows the fleet to go to the open sea. Furthermore, Russia is undoubtedly worried about the increased military cooperation between Japan and the United States, and as a result, it is assumed that as soon as the islands are transferred to Japan, American military bases will appear there. It is worth recalling that, according to the 1960 Treaty on Mutual Cooperation and Security Guarantees between the USA and Japan, Washington has the right to "create and use military bases throughout Japan, and also deploy any amount of weapons on them". However, as the Japanese authorities specify, the Americans cannot increase their presence without the special permission of official Tokyo. And yet, the fact that, in the event of the transfer of the Kuril Islands to Japan, American bases sooner or later appear on them, is undoubted. According to international experts, this will definitely happen - the United States will be able to deploy bases there at any time. From a financial point of view, there will be no problems at all: when it comes to geopolitics, Washington takes the matter very seriously and understands all the importance. Americans are able to deploy bases there very quickly and they can create it within a month. Moreover, it is known that Shinzo Abe made it clear to the President of the United States that the Japanese administration would be able to provide territory for the deployment of the American missile defense system on Iturup Island, which is best suited to bring down intercontinental ballistic missiles that are directed towards the US. It is known that the American air defense system "Aegis Ashore" is planned to be deployed in the prefectures of Yamaguchi (which is located on the island of Honshu) and Akita (which is located in the northern part of the country), but from these two points it will be difficult to perform such actions. Iturup Island is the best one for this. According to the Abe Cabinet, these actions will also contribute to the protection of Japan from ballistic missiles. At the same time, the deployment of air defense systems on Iturup Island will give the American authorities the opportunity to block the base of the Pacific Fleet, which is located in Vladivostok city and will make it possible to quickly track the launches of Russian missiles from the Sea of Okhotsk. Thus, the Southern Kuril Islands, the transfer of which the government of Japan requires, will become a perfect location for American missiles. According to the US military, the location of air defense systems on Iturup Island will allow the United States and Japan to be protected from North Korean ballistic missiles. It is alleged that the weapons placed on Iturup Island will be able to strike the missile at an early stage of its launch - even before the separation of the warheads, which will increase the chances of it being shot down. Undoubtedly, Tokyo will meet its American allies and as soon as the islands come under the jurisdiction of Japan, construction and deployment of American military bases will begin there.
  5. As it is known, the tension in trade relations between the United States and China in May 2019 reached a new level. Raising tariffs on Chinese goods and the actual ousting of «Huawei» from the US market was a powerful blow to the basis on which modern China developed. Restrictions or a total ban on the supply of rare earth elements to the United States may be one of the responses from the Chinese side. It should be noted that China is a monopolist in the export of rare earth elements today. Beijing, threatening to open a new front in a trade war with the United States, believes that these measures will give China a powerful means to repel American aggression. However, the opening of a new front and the cessation of the supply of rare earth elements in the United States threatens China’s monopolism and may undermine its credibility as a partner. A sharp impetus to the demand for rare-earth elements was given by the development of «green» energy and electric vehicles. For example, «Toyota» annually produces more than 1 million of «Prius» cars, each of which contains 4 kg of rare-earth elements (2.5 kg of lanthanum in the battery and 1.5 kg of neodymium in the motor). Each «iPhone» uses a quarter of a gram of rare earth elements. Moreover, these rare-earth elements are used in every type of modern US weapons, for example, for the production of a «Virginia» class submarine, more than 4 tons are needed, for an F-35, about 417 kg. Thus, according to analysts, the cessation of supply of rare earth elements to the USA will indeed be a significant blow to the government of President D. Trump, who actually started these trade wars. Also, in the disagreements between the United States and China, there is no benefit for the Japanese, who have long-standing territorial disputes with Beijing over the ownership of the Senkaku archipelago (Diaoyu). Despite the Security Treaty, under which the United States pledges to protect Japan from third-party threats, Washington may remain indifferent to the territorial issue, because if Washington does not have the resources for its industrial activities, the Americans will not have an incentive to help their Japanese counterparts continue to maintain neutrality, giving China the opportunity to dominate the archipelago. And the Japanese government, of course, because of its weak character, will not take bold measures against Washington, in fear of losing its favour.
  6. The peaceful side of Islam rears it`s ugly head again https://womenintheworld.com/2019/03/11/iranian-lawyer-who-defended-womens-right-to-remove-hijab-gets-38-years-148-lashes/?fbclid=IwAR2GRpxPVhPZRwiMfb6IdgOJr4uVwWzmB90MLyq5DGl9bk6QIuvx9UhpXy8 ¸
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  8. No my point is that unless Indigenous contribute part of their income to the services and infrastructure on their reserves, they will not be taken seriously as self-governing nations. It’s not healthy for any society to depend so heavily on support outside the community. Collecting rent on the development work of private companies tax-free doesn’t necessarily demonstrate any contribution toward the common good of the reserve community at all. Ownership also means owning the costs of management. Sure some infrastructure must remain federal because it’s too big for a small community to build. I’m not even proposing a clawback of federal funding. I’m simply stating the truth that a society must be self-sustaining to be healthy. Sure you can argue that money is owed to people for doing nothing on land that is worth very little because of centuries old injustices that were the way of the world at that time. Some reserves are thriving and they should be self-sustaining because they are self-sustaining. Everyone agrees that development on Indigenous land requires agreements for payments to the reserve, but how is that money used to support the reserve? Is it simply kept by individuals like a profit share with no form of taxation to support the reserve? If you want to really dig into the specifics and problem solve, there has to be honest conversation about what self-government means. This is the heart of the matter. The broken reserve system and Indian Act are embraced by too many Indigenous decision makers. What hard choices are people willing to make to really improve life for the vast majority of Indigenous? You want to escape poverty and developing country conditions, function with the accountability and sophistication of healthier societies. Courts can figure out disputes over pieces of land, which will have their resources and title. The question is, after the settlement, what do you do with what you have? When will the conversation change from getting more from outside to creating and contributing? Some are already there. Federal money should go where it’s needed most. Certain items will probably remain freebies, such as land without property taxes and income taxes going to Revenue Canada. That’s a sweet deal. There’s also taxpayer money flowing into reserves from the government of Canada. Nice. What are Indigenous giving back to their own Indigenous communities?
  9. Oh I agree, but our governments seem to think they are different. Which is really doing us no good.
  10. What kind of an idiot calls Saudi Arabia moderate? Or Iran? Neither is even in the same galaxy as moderation.
  11. If we can consider Saudi Arabia as moderate, we can call Iran moderate as well.
  12. Jordan Peterson points out the insanity of this transgender 'movement', and how little sense or science is behind it. The continually expanded plethora of “identities” recently constructed and provided with legal status thus consist of empty terms which (1) do not provide those who claim them with any real social role or direction; (2) confuse all who must deal with the narcissism of the claimant, as the only rule that can exist in the absence of painstakingly, voluntarily and mutually negotiated social role is “it’s morally wrong to say or do anything that hurts my feelings”; (3) risks generating psychological chaos among the vast majority of individuals exposed to the doctrines that insist that identity is essentially fluid and self-generating (and here I’m primarily concerned about children and adolescents whose standard or normative identity has now merely become one personal choice among a near-infinite array of ideologically and legally defined modes of being), and (4) poses a further and unacceptably dangerous threat to the stability of the nuclear family, which consists, at minimum, of a dyad, male and female, coming together primarily for the purposes of raising children in what appears to be the minimal viable social unit (given the vast and incontrovertible body of evidence that fatherlessness, in particular, is associated with heightened risk for criminality, substance abuse, and poorly regulated sexual behaviour among children, adolescents and the adults that they eventually become). https://nationalpost.com/opinion/jordan-peterson-gender-politics-has-no-place-in-the-classroom
  13. Your theory was that bombing, presumably ours, was behind their growing extremism. I pointed out none of the 'moderate' nations becoming more extreme has ever been bombed.
  14. Or Saudi Arabia. Malaysia and Indonesia are tech hubs and a lot of our technology comes from these two nations. A war there would mean a huge disruption in many IT areas. So since our nations depend on them for that, there is no bombing, no matter the internal strife in those nation. We apparently don't need anything from Iran, so we can sanction the shit out of them until the nation dies. And bomb them if it does not work.
  15. When was the last time Turkey was bombed? Or Egypt? Or Malaysia or Indonesia?
  16. If the white people all left Canada and returned after one year the mess left for us to clean up would be immense. There maybe well be many dead people to have to bury. Ottawa would be taken over by non western looking people and what a mess that would be for Canada. No doubt there will be more unemployment, more poverty, more hunger, and many created tribal conflicts going on and many fighting for turf. We have seen some of the many countries that many of these third world people have come from and those countries are in one hell of a shit hole mess. If the Native Indians are complaining now, they will have a lot more to complain about if old whitey takes off for a year. I am pretty sure that they will be welcoming old whitey back with open arms. They will tell us that the federal government has not done a thing for us and they did not give us any money. Just saying. Just my opinion, of course.
  17. The "Kalergi Plan" has been in effect in Canada for decades now and has been around for decades in Canada and indeed there is a plan to try and make white people become a minority in their own white homelands or even make them go extinct if they can. Canada imports approx. 85% of it's new immigrants from non western countries and this has been going on for decades now. If that is not a recipe for white genocide well what is? So far thanks to Trudeau and his Somali immigration minister and with the blessing of G. Soros the plan is working quite well for now in Canada. Only real and true white patriotic Nationalist proud boy and girl Canadians can eliminate that plan and save their people. The plan cannot be denied.
  18. It's time for the native Indians to start looking in their own back yard and try to solve their own problems as to what has and still is happening to their Indian women. They need to stop looking for an excuse to blame white people for their so called genocide. The native Indians are their own worse enemy, not the white people. We need to stop wasting hundreds of millions of our Canadian tax dollars on useless leftist commissions like this one. My gawd people how much longer are you going to sit back and let your dear leader fools keep wasting your tax dollars where nothing ever really gets solved in the end. The tax dollars blown on so many useless commissions we could have got rid of the GST by now. Hello out there. Time to wake up and smell the burning of your tax dollars if that is possible for many of you? My opinion.
  19. Commissions are only there for show. They never solve much of anything. Commissions are just a work project given to people who kiss ass the present day government who apparently creates a commission just for fun and created to try and make the present day government look like they are trying to do something. The only thing that commissions do is cost the taxpayer's more tax dollars with not much solved in the end. Canadians are such fools and have and always will be taken for fools because most of them are fools. That is most likely due to the fact that they enjoy following the fools that are running and are ruining this once great country. Only fools run Canada today. Just saying.
  20. So says the lying and fake Canadian leftist libmedia that will protect Trudeau no matter what he says or does. When the alt left mainstream Canadian media says that it is all just a lie that is when I now believe that it was not a lie. The libmedia can never be trusted with anything they say anymore because they have been bought up by commie Trudeau. Trudeau owns the Canadian media now. Our Canadian media should now be called Pravada communist media. Just saying.
  21. You are probably supporting some of those wealthy liars out there in the leftist liberal lying and fake social media commie world who are behind trying to flood Canada with as many illegal criminal refugees as they possibly can, eh? You appear to be quite in favor of what Trudeau and his Somali immigration minister are trying to do to Canada. If you cared about Canada you would not be attacking patriotic people like me. But I do not see any patriotism coming from you. All I see is just more leftist liberal communist bs who cannot wait to see Canada become another third world country. Some of those G.Soros types must have lots of their money invested in more immigration into Canada. But hey.
  22. Very relevant. The liberals in Canada are doing the same thing that the democrats are doing in the USA about illegal immigration. NOTHING. Our politically correct G. Soros sucks that we call our Canadian political buffoons know that thousands of criminal illegals have been pouring into Canada for years now, and they do not care. Canada is open season for all of the 70 million refugees in the world looking for a place to run too. There will be millions of criminal illegals coming to Canada. Whether it be a million from one country or a million from several other third world countries is what it is all about. Trudeau and his Somali immigration minister have big dreams of flooding Canada with a million in the next two to three years if they get their way. The question here is who is going to pay for all of these criminal illegals entering Canada illegally? Well, anyone with half a brain knows who will be paying for it all? You and me and thee Canadians out there. Billions of our Canadian tax dollars will be blown and wasted on these illegals that could be better spent in Canada and Canadians to try and help make Canada great again. What is with some members here who thinks that this is just oh so wonderful a thing we are doing here are truly people who do not give a dam about Canada one bit. These leftist liberals/socialists/communists cannot be allowed to rule and run and ruin this country any longer.
  23. I don't agree. Clothing is personal and workplaces shouldn't have complete authority. Even then they didn't grandfather in these changes, so one year to retirement? Sorry bud...
  24. You are confusing personal income with federal transfers to Bands for public services. That's like confusing your own income with your City's budget: Just stupid. Personal earnings of Indigenous people are income tax free if working and living on reserves only. They are not subjects of the Crown, not subject to 'the King's tax' but allies of the Crown who allowed the land to be settled, for considerations of (not yet) equal public services for their communities, etc. Businesses on reserves often pay Federal taxes. On one reserve I know of, the amount of federal tax paid by businesses is at least twice the federal transfer funding for that Band/reserve. The federal government is making money, "double dipping", even. Courts are very aware of the evidence. Indigenous Peoples have won a string of two hundred or more court cases against governments in the last few decades, where governments made historical Treaties and agreements, used the land, but never paid for it or for its use, etc. Can include payment for, or substitution of land, loss of use and revenues, etc. I'm quite surprised that you 'claim' not to know that. And there are many more claims to be settled, through negotiations or through the courts. Let's see ... my city government budget, or yours, consists of about 25% federal transfers, 25% provincial transfers, as well as 50% 'own source' revenues. Accountability is via public Budget reports of revenues and expenses and audited Financial Statements, and elections. 'Own source' revenues are accounted for, but business agreements/contracts may remain private. First Nations Band Council governments consist of federal transfers (as Trustee of Indigenous Trust funds) for public services, some provincial transfers may add some to that for specific programs or services, and 'own source' revenues. Accountability is via public Budget reports of revenues and expenses and audited Financial Statements, and elections. 'Own source' revenues are accounted for, but business agreements/contracts may remain private. See any City or First Nation website for Budget reports and audited Financial Statements. Pretty similar ... so what is it exactly that you 'claim' not to understand?
  25. Speaking of Florida, check out the footage of the F-35 demonstration over Miami Beech, first view from an F-35 cockpit is flight.
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