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    That's rich, coming from you. No, you googled til you found an example of a Canadian to prove that we are exactly the same as Pakistan, to apologize for Islam, to minimize what Muslim countries are doing. Except your example doesn't do any of that. You're an apologist for Islam, who doesn't want what goes on in Islamic countries discussed because you feel that if even one Canadian does something that Muslim countries do, then we don't have any right to call them out on their barbarism. You want everyone to shut up about Islam? If we did that, people would still believe the earth was flat, witches would still be burned at the stake, black people would still be slaves, Jews would still be burned in ovens, women would have no equal rights and gays would not be winning their own equality. (Actually that sounds like most Muslim-ruled countries) Should I continue? Or just shut up now and let you continue to be an apologist?
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    What's that you say? You were not one of the lucky 500,000 Canadians picked by the government who will access your personal banking information without your permission. Don't worry, your turn could come next year...or the year after....or later. https://globalnews.ca/news/4608105/trudeau-defends-statistics-canada-move-to-collect-banking-info-of-500000-canadians/ How will knowing how much you paid Visa or your bank balance help develop federal programs? Trudeau isn't saying, except to criticize the previous Conservative government. I guess he's ignoring the fact that the Liberals are at the helm and he needs to step up with answers for concerned Canadians. Canadians should be leery of this government intrusion into their financial affairs. It's also just one other central source of information to be hacked into by criminals and those playing around for their amusement. In addition, I do not believe that 100% of Stats Can employees are above selling said information. Trudeau and his government, at your service.
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    Interesting....reported: every Democrat senator who was up for re-election AND voted against Justice Kavanaugh lost....the one who voted to confirm...won.
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    Antisemitism is strong in Russia, with very little freedom of speech there. It was strong in the Soviet Union and its satellite countries in eastern Europe with NO freedom of speech. It is WEAKEST in the United States and Canada, which have pretty much the MOST freedom of speech.
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    No, she'll instead marshal her array of colourful, large fonts and emojis to properly convey her contempt for those who suggest logic or common sense.
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    The case of Asia Bibi is shocking, but sadly all too common in the country of Pakistan. I've been following it for some time now and it's actually unfolding in pretty familiar terms. Her familly has appealed for asylum in Canada, among other western countries, but we don't hear anything about them Yet our government is quick with the old Twitter when it comes to an activist in SA. If the Trudeau government is as humanitarian as they claim, truly cares about the persecuted, then they shouldn't hesitate to get her and her familly out of there. Or is she below their notice, since she's a Christian? As a side note, Pakistan is a true cess pool. We consider them to be allies but the truth is that they're anything but that. The Liberals should act on this without hesitation. To do anything else would just be wrong. The joy over the acquittal of Asia Bibi lasted barely 24 hours. The Christian mother of five from Pakistan was forced to spend eight years in prison, much of the time on death row, ostensibly for "blasphemy," before the Supreme Court cleared her of any offense. "I can't believe what I am hearing, will I go out now? Will they let me out, really?", Asia Bibi said by phone after the historic sentence, according to AFP news agency. Unfortunately, massive street protests by extremist Muslims immediately erupted to pressure the government to delay her release. The phone network in some areas was suspended for reasons of "security". Rioting caused schools in Islamabad, Punjab and Kashmir to close. Roads were blocked, paralyzing parts of Islamabad, Lahore and other cities. Christian schools warned parents to come and get their children for fear of violence. Churches were put on high alert. Protesters hold placards that read: "Hang Asia Bibi". https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/13250/asia-bibi-pakistan-betrayal
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    They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn; At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, We will remember them.
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    My country has plenty of violence and poverty....but I don't think I have the right to flee to another nation.
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    Well, if you use this as an assessment of Trump you have to compare it to how previous presidents fared in mid-terms, e.g. Obama, for example did much worse so in that context, Trump's split of losing the House but winning the Senate is not a repudiation of his presidency by voters. Let the games begin !
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    Looking more like historical midterm election norms....Trump can relax a bit. Nothing like the pasting that Obama/Democrats took in 2010 for the House (lost 63 seats).
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    It is about Canada in that you challenged what I said earlier about hate mongering against Jews coming primarily from the left in Canada and the US. Its a fact that Republicans and PCs neither support nor condone anti-Semitism and it’s a fact that Libs/Dems are in tight with people and groups who are openly anti-Semitic. The whole genesis of this thread was the blatant hypocrisy of lefties accusing Trump and Republicans of anti-Semitism. They hang out with anti-semites, they refuse to condemn vicious anti-Semitism, and then when there’s an attack on Jews all of a sudden they’re branding people as haters who did nothing hateful just to score points. They had their chance to stand up against actual anti-Semitism. They did nothing. They literally need to be the ones answering for their actions over the past few years.
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    Ah, but you apparently fail to understand the "progressive" catch-all mentality that castigates as racist and bigoted any/all criticism of our open-ended immigration and refugee policies. Rational economically-justified criticism isn't permitted. The progressive assumption reverts to the notion that the motivation of the critics is always grounded in horrible, awful and deplorable intent. You can't argue with these self-styled progressives as their arguments and positions are grounded in emotion rather than logic.
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    https://globalnews.ca/news/4610259/statcan-canadian-personal-credit-bureau-data/ In thinking about the issues raised in the OP and in the media, it occurs to me that this data mining by the government and the bureaucracy is an opportunity for them to obtain a picture of how much money Canadians have in their savings and investments. Then, tax increases can be planned accordingly. And another matter, Trudeau and StatsCan claim the data is made anonymous so nothing to worry about. But, the identity of the Canadians spied upon is not protected during the transfer from the financial institutions to StatsCan where presumably it is "anonymized". As said by critics, this amounts to surveillance on unsuspecting Canadians. How soon will information on some Canadians come to Canada Revenue's attention and then flagged for audit. I don't believe that agencies and departments don't share private info, as required by the Privacy Act. We are well past the era where we can expect 100% integrity from them. It's fitting we should discuss this on Halloween cause this should scare the hell out of concerned Canadians.
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    How about some links, or even one. Without any reference you're just spouting hot air. For instance I know for a fact that he's not rolling back a single penny of wages, but you go ahead and show where he's cutting wages. I'll wait for you to post proof of these wage cuts that you claim.
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    I don't think this thread is dangerous, because Canadians consume so much American media and culture, even their anti-American rhetoric comes from the....United States.
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    Tday seen the New Brusnwick liberal party throne speech go up in flames with a non confidence vote....and the people party will be stepping up or the people will be going back to the polls.... The revolution has begun.....the Maritimes once a liberal strong hold is coming unglued ...Now the anything but Justin Campaign is in full swing....
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    I suspect this is exactly what Trump wanted. He did nothing to help the GOP retain the House. He needs an enemy to justify his absolute lack of movement on anything legislatively except a tax cut for billionaires. BUT now we get to see the House ask for things they didn't under the GOP and that may prove to be embarrassing. Revenge for Bengazi.
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    While in my own personal world, I would like to have seen the Democrats completely wiped out, reality is as has been mentioned in this thread that they are merely following pattern and gaining in the House. In reality, this is politics as the framers of the Constitution intended - there is some balance. Sadly, the massive shift to partisanship on both sides of the Uniparty means more likely deadlock than compromise. We just have to wait and see.
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    Why not just leave it at that: ridiculous and despicable? Because you must "defend" Islam by trying to equate an entire country wanting to execute someone for making fun of Mohammed with a one-off situation that neither the country, nor the mainstream churches in the country would ever go along with. That's how you constantly "defend" Islam - by trying to make it seem like what Islamic countries are doing, is exactly like what is done in Canada. It's not. By trying to make it seem like what's happening there is Normal behaviour for an entire country. It's not. Just leave it at ridiculous and despicable.
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    Pretty simple. The government could give us examples of three programs where the specific data that they are accessing would be helpful - and why. It's called communicating.
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    Proving Goddess correct once again. Defender of the Faith.
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    How so? It's plainly obvious that this whole thing was done just to get a ton of media attention. There's now something like a dozen bombs sent out, none of them detonating. Furthermore, the ones sent to CNN were tested, the material within them was proven to be completely harmless. Bomb experts have also commented on the the way the bombs were constructed. They were not meant to explode, they were meant to look bad, that's all.
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    Either the bomb maker is incompetent or the bombs were never meant to detonate in the first place..
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    Problem is this type of so-called journalism is spreading to almost all the outlets, be they on the left or right. The hyperbole attracts more viewership, as the news descends to what used to be call tabloid trash. The Enquirer. Even lower than that today has the mainstream become, where it has the potential to incite incivility. Portraying the police as villains, for example. During the Ford-Kavanaugh debacle, which incidentally is over now fellas... our Canadian media outlets, the CBC, CTV, many more, were practically broadcasting information about the sexual assault allegations non-stop, 24-7. I was disgusted by our Canadian media for force-feeding us this shit, and calling themselves the news. As a result I have lost a lot of respect, and trust, in the media.