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    "Like as if I have to be apologetic or feel shamed in any way for being what I am." You go Girl.
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    I really do think it boils down to just an element of human biology. No real need to make a big deal of it anymore. It's all genetics - and it should be taught as such - in the proportion that it deserves. To the kids: "you've seen people with red hair.....these people comprise 2% of the population. People with blue eyes? 8% of the population. There are also Gay people who are - through their genetic make-up - attracted to their own sex. Our best estimate is about 5% - or one out of 20. Whether it's red hair - or blue eyes - or being Gay - it's all part of how we are put together. Keep it simple - kids will figure it out.
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    Where was Rachael Maddow when Obama did... and where are they when Trudeau did it http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/canada-immigration-detention-children-1.3995461
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    But it's OK when Obama did the same thing (e.g. Keystone XL, DRIC, NATO, "Buy American", etc.) ??? So I guess it just depends on who is doing the "screwing", eh ?
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    Trump in a press conference with Theresa May won't take questions from CNN, calls it fake news. And he's not afraid of saying I think I'm doing a great job. He cracks me up.
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    US Supreme Court upholds Trump travel ban, rejects SJWs...winning ! https://apnews.com/3a20abe305bd4c989116f82bf535393b/Court-upholds-Trump-travel-ban,-rejects-discrimination-claim
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    Let's be clear - there is no immigration crisis in Canada. We can handle the planned immigration of people who genuinely WANT to come to Canada and duly follow the application process. We have a developing crisis in bogus refugees, queue jumpers, economic migrants and those who would just try and sneak into the country. Anyone who is found to have entered Canada through any point other than an official crossing should be immediately turned back. It's lawyers and the refugee industry that has "championed" the extended appeal process that is given to people who should be given no more than one kick at the can. If not - no matter what the hand-wringers say - the true refugees being housed in camps are the ones that get shunted down the list - if not off it completely.
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    I think we need to look at the future implications of mass migration. The more a society struggles to cope with uncontrolled migration, the more benefits will have to be curtailed for the broader population. As the Nobel prize winning economist Milton Friedman noted: "It's just obvious you can't have free immigration and a welfare state." And others, including the British economist Sir Paul Collier, have noted that one of the significant impacts of open large-scale migration is to undermine social cohesion, whereby established taxpaying citizens tend to lose interest in paying for expensive programs that disproportionately benefit those in the population who haven't paid into these programs. So, accepting mass migration as either desirable or inevitable brings with it a whole host of other implications that many might be very hesitant to accept, including likely declining support for universal health care and pension programs. We may have to move to the American system, where those who are eligible to receive these benefits are mainly those who've paid into them for decades. Those progressives who think we can have open migration within a welfare state based on anything close to universal access are burying their heads in the sand.
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    This shit is way out of hand! People shouldn't be accosted when they're eating dinner or refused service for their political beliefs. The left is getting closer and closer to a violent confrontation - or worse. I hate to use the word "unhinged" because it has been used to often, but wow, all this Nazi talk and resist movement is just getting too much. I blame the media and people like DeNiro....Donnie Deutch - WTF. You see people making excuses and even encouraging this behaviour. Meryl Streep said (in reference to Trump) that language like that gives permission. She was right, but she should be addressing the radical leftists. The democrats and media are freaking out and manipulating unhinged people - this is not a good situation at all. Usually talking politics is fun, but I can't help to be worried at the rate in which the Trump Derangement Syndrone has/is ramping up.
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    I knew someone who accidentally robbed a bank once. Got ten years. She should consider herself lucky.
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    Agreed. No way should the taxpayer be on the hook for, uh.. hooks.
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    Exactly, it's to score political points which is why the Dems won't help pass legislation. It's my understanding that the GOP doesn't have enough votes. without the Dems.
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    Justin Trudeau the Bold, effectively silenced- Trudeau Suggests It’s Not His Place To Condemn Trump’s Migrant Child Policy When asked in the HOC what he was going to do about it, he said "From the very beginning I have been very clear on the role that Canadians expect of me — to stand up firmly and unequivocally for our values, for our interests, to protect Canadians and to make sure that we're doing well, as well as having a constructive relationship with the United States," Trudeau said. "That's what we're going to remain focused on. What we will not do, is play politics with this." In other words "I was told to shut my mouth, and that's what I'ma gonna do."
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    It is not "unpatriotic" to criticize Justin Trudeau, regardless of Trump's antics. Justin Trudeau is a putz...there...I said it. Trudeau was failing badly even in Canadian media long before Trump's remarks/tariffs.
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    What does my question have to do with Trump? It's a very straight forward question. Have you been drinking, or are you simply refining the art of stupid to new levels? If you are questioning my patriotism then I suggest you shut up, get off your ass and march on down to the nearest recruiting center. There you can sign up and devote two decades or more of your life to your country. When you do that I'll listen to anything you have to say about patriotism. Until then all you're doing is spouting off so much hot air.
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    She lives in a country which defines illegal speech as anything which is unflattering towards the government or towards Islam. And fully supports those restrictions. And that is the problem with allowing governments to define 'hate speech' too broadly as there is a tendency among the autocratic to ban anything which might point out their own inadequacies or corruption.
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    Agreed....no matter what happens, Trump has been wildly successful just by getting this far, and his political enemies have been frustrated by his unconventional methods. Republican or Democrat, fighting Trump is like boxing with smoke. So they vigorously attack Trump's surrogates and supporters (like Sanders) , because attacking Trump has little effect.
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    I bet she was forced to resign. Local businesses are affected by this. Yes, in this video it describes what Wilkinson did after Sanders left the building. She organized a group and harrassed Sanders' group at the other restaurant. The incident was confirmed by the owner (?) of the other restaurant. It makes my blood boil. Sanders did nothing wrong! The Red Hen was supposed to open today, but will now re-open on July 6. Hah! Should be longer. As in permanently!
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    Back to Sarah and the Red Hen: Just saw on the news that people are protesting outside but only one arrest... the owner who actually followed Sarah to another restaurant with a group of people to continue harassing her, has resigned a position she held and the place will stay closed for a while longer. Meanwhile the House could expel Waters for encouraging mob violence against Trump supporters, but that won't happen, she'll just play the race card.
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    You should leave the forum.
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    Jimmmmmm......... if you shut off the power grid then we'll do what we always done, burn more fossil fuel... you wouldn't want that!
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    Time magazine corrects its big media lie...child was not separated. https://ca.news.yahoo.com/white-house-accuses-democrats-media-exploiting-toddler-photo-175002249.html
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    Seems our "announcement" came a little late:
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    Iranian women in Sport stadium. Asian champion, Iran soccer team may have narrowly lost to 2010 world champion Spain in a tight match however, Iranian women appears to have fought hard and won a long standing struggle to enter sport stadiums. Believe it or not in this 21 century some backward ruling clergy in Iran have banned Iranian women from entering sports stadiums. (the daughters of those who were granted freedom and equality by progressive Pahlavi dynasty who ruled Iran for 50 golden years). https://edition.cnn.com/2018/06/20/football/iran-spain-world-cup-russia-2018-spt-intl/index.html Struggle for total equality for women in all aspects of life will continue and all rights including the right to choose what to wear, who to marry, equal heritage, right to travel without permission, right to divorce, equal division of assets after divorce and equal right to child custody, etc. are just around the corner. Struggle will continue by all Iranians until democracy is achieved in Iran. The thread title says Iran needs some democracy. But Iran nation would settle for nothing short of total democracy and equality for all which would ONLY be achieved by complete and total removal of Islamic regime.
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    Goallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll !!!! Excellent post.