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    This wouldn't be as big an issue if Trudeau wasn't such a virtue signalling hypocrite, not only that he lied saying there were only 2 incidents, we now know there are 3 (that we know of). It's also about the Liberal tactic of digging up past Conservative transgressions which is coming back to bite them. Trudeau is a pathological liar. Live by the sword, die by the sword
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    Large groups of culturally homogeneous people, by definition called "nations" (like Quebec, a "nation within a nation"), naturally yearn for self-determination. They have their owns wants and desires, and to live how they want to live and enjoy and maintain their culture without government interference. When 2 or more large groups of cultures live within the same country and one of those cultures feels they lack this self-determination and feel they are being controlled by another powerful group, this group becomes disenfranchised and this often causes political/social conflict within countries and has caused many civil wars or threats of wars or separation, here are only some examples: - Quebec vs rest of Canada, aboriginals vs rest of Canada, Scottish and Irish vs Britain, the Balkans, Israelis vs Palestinians, Hindu Indians vs Muslim Pakistanis vs Muslim Bangladeshi's vs Sikh Punjabi's, Tutsis vs Hutus in Rwanda, Shia vs Sunni Muslims across the ME, US north vs US south (in 1800's), the Nazi holocaust, Muslim minorities in China, war in Darfur in Sudan, Coptic Christians in Egypt, Christians vs Muslims in Lebanon etc. People wanting to change our entire international system of sovereign nation-states, and have well-meaning but naive utopian dreams of a borderless world fail to understand these cultural power dynamics. Sovereignty and national self-determination is the entire legal basis of the international system of nation-states that was created with the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648, it's the fundamental basis for our international system. So much so that it's enshrined in the UN Charter. All countries are nation-states. Trudeau thinks Canada is first "post-national state", and is somehow be immune to internal cultural conflict (Quebec & aboriginals & Western alienation says otherwise). He dreams of a world & a country where all diverse peoples can get along and live peacefully with one another. It's an honourable dream, but given history and the different conflicts around the world & in Canada it is naive to think this way. That's why the integration of different cultures and migrants within Canada must be done VERY carefully, which it's not. A post-national state is a road straight towards the gathering of competing sub-national political groups (like Quebec), very dangerous for social cohesion. We all need to feel like we are all "Canadian", we all need to feel like we're part of the same "in-group" even if we have some differences, and we all need self-determination.
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    The anti-immigrant sentiment has always been there through many waves of newcomers, but it is more viral and more virulent and does seem more manufactured now. I'm not really sure whose purposes it serves ... but I think it's very sad that some people spend their lives trying to make up reasons to hate other human beings. Hark! Here's one now. Lol
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    It's because the left has levels. They support gay rights, women's rights, personal freedoms, etc, except where such comes into conflict with Islam, and might offend such. It's actually quite weird. They don't so much lose support, as lose any inclination to discuss such support. If you were to say you had nothing but loathing and contempt for conservative right wing religious nutters, most lefties would invite you in, until you told them you were talking about Muslims, in which case you would be given short shrift pretty quickly.
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    The irony of all this is that if the Mufti & crew had accepted the 1947 UN Partition Plan, they'd own Tel Aviv right now. But, no...the Mufti & friends were having none of that sharing with the Jews jazz. The pie was to be all theirs. They wanted Jordan too...but that's another tale. War was the answer. It's STILL their answer. These two terrorist supporters have no interest in sharing with the Jews, either. The "grandmother thing" pretty much proves Israel's point.
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    Ralph Goodale is a stupid man . . . whines because Britain outmaneuvered him and his dimwit leader.
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    Perhaps the question should be, Can Canada exercise it's given right to it's sovereignty by allowing whom ever they want into the country ? We already have standards in place that each immigrant has to live up to, Not sure why most people are opposed to adding more standards like moral and values testing.
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    Yes, I was reading an article a while back by a Muslim reformer (I think Fateh, but I'm not sure....) who said we need to pay attention to weasel-y words like "As a Norwegian Muslim, I obey the laws of our country" or "As a Canadian Muslim, I don't agree with executing gays" because what they are saying is that as soon as Norway or Canada caves into Islam - they will be fully Muslim and our laws will not mean anything to them.
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    The English Canadian media, politicians and academics ARE a monolithic block on virtually every subject. Certainly they are on the subjects of immigration, multiculturalism and diversity (there can NEVER be too much of any of these). But polls consistently show this is wildly out of touch with most Canadians. Two thirds of Canadians tell pollsters immigrants aren't integrating fast enough. You'll not find a single English Canadian politician, federal, provincial or municipal who will agree. Likewise 61% of Canadians want immigration lowered, but there are NO politicians, not even one, who agrees. They get away with this (the politicians) because while most Canadians want less immigration and multiculturalism those are not anywhere near their primary motivations in voting. And because the media is ferociously hostile to any voice which even suggests it and continually spews soothing streams of feel-good stories about immigration, refugees and diversity.
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    Sense of humour? How come no one in that room laughed? It was more like shock and horror. If Trump spent $600M US to buy American media the CBC would launch a crusade. They spent more time talking about Trump's "grab 'em by the pussy" comment than Trudeau's admission that he's using taxpayer money to buy off the mainstream media. Seems like we need some Canadian media.
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    You continue to try and find some evil group responsible for making Canadians unhappy with immigration, and all you demonstrate is how out of touch with reality you are. Corporate Canada is and has always been enthusiastic supporters of wide open immigration. They're the ones who benefit from it, after all.
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    No, it's just the same old prejudice, in particular anti-Muslim prejudice now, and business leaders stirring up those prejudices among people who are fearful for their jobs. Keeps them subservient so they don't ask for raises, and if they lose their job, they'll blame 'the immigrants' instead of their bosses. Lol
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    I just want to review the bizarre illogic used by these authors: 1) Immigrants (5.7m 1985 to present) earn less, on average, than other Canadians, so they pay $4,900 less income tax on average ($13,100) than other Canadians ($18,000), referred to as a "shortfall" of $4,900 pp. (Calculated @2009 rates) 2) According to the authors, immigrants thus cause a (5.7m x $4,900 ~$28b) ~ "$30b shortfall" per year in income tax revenues for Canada. ???!!! Actually, no. Those 5.7m immigrants since 1985 actually add (5.7m x $13,100) + $75b per year to Canada's income tax revenues. See the faulty logic? If those 5.7m immigrants were not here, they would be contributing 0 to Canada's income tax revenues. Instead, we get $75b per year. In the final paragraph, the authors essentially suggest that immigration should stop, because it causes overcrowding (homes, schools, roads), and a revenue "shortfall" ... which is ridiculous nonsense: Adding $75b/year to Canada's revenues is in no way a "shortfall". I can't imagine what the Financial Post is thinking, publishing crappy xenophobic propaganda like this.
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    What are Trump's 'wages' for being President ?
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    Trump isn't fear-mongering anyone because he's telling the truth. Those two are what they are, he's just calling them on their actual anti-Semitism when they make anti-Semitic comments. Don't forget that the whole Dem party and the MSM all accused Trump of anti-Semitism the minute after the synagogue shooting, even though they knew it was false. They just wanted to capitalize on a tragedy, as usual. That was fear-mongering.
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    The British are supposed to be our friends but they just unloaded a person on us who has far closer links to their country than ours for a bit of cheap publicity. We shouldn't have to deal with him and the Kurds certainly should not.
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    Quietest hurricane season since 1982.
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    I’m sure Iranians are disappointed and outraged. Why should you be.
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    "It is a good deal to save all of humanity in the next five years," Well, that's that then! I can't imagine anyone voting for anyone else in the upcoming election. I mean, who wouldn't want humanity saved in the next five years?
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    I pointed out that unemployment rates are not unicorns and rainbows in all provinces...in fact in 3 provinces the unemployment rates have increased...Where harpers record comes in is in the interest rates, check the source, there is lots of them out there, interest has almost doubled, in Justins days, the how and why is mout, the fact is the have increased...by almost double GDP numbers have not been over 3.7 since jul 2017 check out the little chart.......last years GDP growth was 3.7 %, 2019 growth is only clocked at 1.6....here is an interest fact the Average growth rate is 3.14...if thats average what is 3.7....booming, don't think so....once again the numbers don't lie....they are not liberals. Under Harper GDP growth was 2.6 in 2014....under Justin in 2015 GDP falls to .9, 2016 1.5 and it has been climbing ever since, but those were different times hard to compare apples to apples.... everything taken into account nothing supports your position of a booming economy....better than average at most maybe.
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    Not the entire planet. And this was all caused by global politics with the US playing a big role in the background. Why would a nation keep an army to protect itself from foreign invaders when those same invaders can come in in the form of refugees and take over the country?? I support those European nations that built walls along their borders and denied the refugees access to their land; despite the EU's stupid wining.
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    When I grew up in Quebec, I did find that most french people that I worked with were quite lazy and wanted to get paid for doing nothing. All they did enjoy and want to do was to go drink and party. You just proved that. It was the Anglophones that built up Quebec. Now, all their hard work in the building up of Quebec has been taken away from them and they are now being treated as second class citizen's in their own built up Anglo province. Quebec today would be nothing without the rest of Canada propping Quebec up. Quebec is bull shit.
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    What about Switzerland? Multi-national states can sustain if and only if a mutual agreement can be reach with one another. A balance can be reach. But I think it's a little bit off topic. Argus rather talk about diversity and massive immigration. While you are rather talking about countries having within its border, nations that have been conquered and where their original national identity still prevail.
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    You’re either grossly misinformed or lying. The biggest emitters, India, China, have until 2030 to start reducing emissions. That’s hardly taking them on. Furthermore, there are absolutely no repercussions if they don’t.
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    An America of their very own, land of the free, home of the brave.
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    Dutch Reagan was a great President, equating Trump with the Gipper is the highest possible compliment Trump could receive.
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    They're both Nixonian, the difference is that Justin Nixon has been caught red handed with the smoking gun which brought Dick Nixon down In the case of Donald Nixon, they can't find the smoking gun, they are searching furiously of course, but unlike with Trudeau they don't got the smoking gun for Trump. This however comes back to monarchy v. republic. The Prime Minister is the Queen's Executive So within the rule of the British Crown here in Canada, his office is much more powerful than the Office of the Presidency is in America. Trump is only the Commander-in-Chief of the military, but in Canada, the Prime Minister can make himself the Commander-in-Chief of Parliament. So long as his cronies don't abandon him. That brought Nixon down because in America the smoking gun is enough. In Canada however, Nixon would not have had to resign, he could have invoked the power of the Queen to stave off impeachment.
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    I was intrigued by this until I clicked through: "CANADA DENIES ARAB MEDIA REPORT IT WILL TAKE IN 100,000 PALESTINIANS" And the US is involved ? If it were the Clinton era and some kind of massive Peace Deal packaged with a plan to migrate people out of occupied territories had happened, and it was a known source then... well ok. But none of those things are in play. Trump is doing zero on Israel.
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    That must piss you off to no end Bubber, to be so passionate about climate change and then have all the main party leaders come up with shit for plans....and on top of it all it was the Liberals that declared a climate emergency, and their plan.... is just to tax the hell of fossil fuels , and after studying the problem, consulting experts they lied to us all on national media, by telling us this tax will bring us to our climate agreement the Paris accords....Now we find out they only costed it 1/2 way.....they knew well before they come up with this plan of action that the carbon tax would have to double to be some what effective.....Not only do they not care about climate emergency by coming up with this loopy plan but they bold faced lied to everyone about the cost of the plan and what it was going to do for climate change not a f888ing thing..... thats got to burn right....
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    The 'turnaround on coastal Douglas fir is about 45 years. On large logging claims like on Vancouver Island, you can log most of the year and never run out of wood.
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    Nationalism does not imply racism. Wanting to protect your country's culture, values and beliefs is not racist. Nor is there any evidence that countries which do so suffer from any sort of condemnation.
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    Pointing out that our points system prioritizes economic advantages for Canada, also. Side note: you have done a great job of backing up your points. People who claim that there's not enough dialogue on immigration pretty much always side with low-information emotive arguments. And then they claim that people 'shut down' the arguments. Well, make one then.
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    Again, the F-35 is the best option for countries which need tactical air forces, Canada, like New Zealand, could decide to jettison that capability altogether, but if Canada is going to have a tactical air force, anything other than F-35 would be a huge mistake. F-35 will also be the cheapest to operate in the long run, military hardware costs are all about economies of scale, the bigger the fleet, the better the economy. Canada often chooses what are called Orphaned Fleets, like the SSK-876 Victoria class submarines for example, this is classic Canadian penny wise pound foolishness, which wastes money by the billions, The opposition to F-35 is just more knee jerk Canadian Anti-Americanism and pandering to the Canadian left, who don't want a military at all, hence why they've spent the last fifty years trying to dismantle it. Here by the way, is the Americans operating F-35 from remote austere forward operating location, the F-35 is the choice of the Norwegians in the remote Nordic regions, the Marine Corps for Expeditionary Warfare, but USAF can do it too.
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    If Canada wants to be part of the battlespace network, it will have to have an aircraft capable of integrating into that network and contributing sensor data. No more waiting for the Americans to collect, process, and dole out the target packages for Canada's 10,000 human rights lawyers to review and approve. The A2AD environment moves too fast for that.
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    Right back atchas, you can take or leave it, sunshine, it's no skin off my teeth. /shrugs
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    OH, the sweet irony! No wonder fake news flourish! People just rely on headlines! .........and, when they do read - looks like they just go through the motion of it!
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    It's like Yzermandias, he's Eyetalian, he's arguably more British than me, I'm Anglo-Saxon, we're the Germans.
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    There are pluses and minuses to everything, including immigration. I don't trust politicians that refuse to even acknowledge that fact.
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    Flooding the country with immigrants is all part of controlling the population which is already here. There is no real economic growth, it's all a central bank incited debt financed bubble. The name of the game is deflationary pressure to keep the debt bubble from popping. To include suppressing prices by suppressing wages, by making work scarce. Work is bullshit, jobs are jails, mass immigration is a lever of control.
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    Relatively minor operation by the IDF, they are striking the Iran to Hezzbollah lines of communications all the time /shrugs I would say stop worrying about the Zionists and pay attention to your own national security as the corrupt Canadian elites sell you down the river to Beijing.
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    I can only lead a leftist partisan hack to water, I cannot make him drink. /shrugs
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    Anyone who thinks Bernie is a socialist should try and get a refund on their education. Same goes for anyone who thinks a socialist and a fascist or remotely similar concepts. It seems even here Trumpism has managed to dumb down the discourse. You're one step away from making your arguments using fart noises.
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    You tell me where your imagination takes you when you hear someone refer to a group of people as "goat herders moving to our country".
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    You’re a pyromaniac in a field of strawmen. It’s obvious that you’re not interested in any real discussion.
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    You can't be serious. So let's not touch the Oilsands, and make a place with a horrible record of Human Rights abuses like Saudi Arabia pick up the slack.
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    I don't support digging up the Tar Sands or selling anything to China that might help make its dictatorship stronger. I'd support the development of nuclear power but only on the condition that the in-camera lobbying of public officials is outlawed.


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