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    From the article above: “If your political party has been caught obstructing justice — as the political party led by Justin Trudeau assuredly was, in the SNC-Lavalin scandal — what’s the one thing you need to avoid, at all costs? Getting caught obstructing justice again, of course. And that’s what the Trudeau regime’s prosecution of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman would have exposed: Senior Trudeau government officials, implicated in a scheme to use the criminal justice system to punish an alleged whistleblower. In this case, the second-highest-ranking officer in the Canadian Forces.” The Liberals are pure scum, top to bottom. It’s bad enough that they need to move shipbuilding contracts to their SNC-type buddies, but they were actively destroying a man’s life to punish him for exposing their corruption and greed. Lmao at all the SJW types who think of the Liberals as knights in shining armor for everyday Canadians. Nothing could be further from the truth.
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    Well, you're entitled to your opinion, no matter how wrong it is. Given the alternative, another four years of Trudeau, Scheer stands head and shoulders above him. Then again, a radish would make a better PM than Trudeau.
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    I think there are some aspects of the job that he absolutely loves,like being in front of adoring fans, the chance to show off his "acting" skills, taking softball questions from the paparazzi . It's obvious that he's very weak on actual policy and he relies largely on those that helped run Ontario into the ground for advice. He should still be considered the favourite to win the next election but I think he will lose a few seats overall. Trudeau will get largely positive coverage from his median minions since most of them will soon be supported by our tax dollars.
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    No, he's too arrogant, too self-centred, too stupid to see the writing on the wall.
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    This is our Prime Minister......without the script!
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    Conservatives aren't bigots. Stop watching CNN. Real bigotry is dividing people into groups like the Libs and Dems do. Yes there are a lot of christian fundamentalists who favour the Republican party, and some of them have an anti-lgbtq stance, but that's a minority within that voting block. The majority of conservatives don't care about homosexuality. It's just a naturally occurring thing. The strongest consensus that you'll find within the ranks of modern conservatives is a more sensible stance on abortion. It went from within 3 months, to 6 months, to 1 second before the head pops out, to post-natal "I don't like it, kill it." It's insane. "Denying science"? LMAO! Global warming is a hoax and people like Beto O'Rourke who say that "100% of climate scientists agree" it's a thing are straight-up lying to you. You should be ashamed if you believe that, because it means that you have your head in the sand, just getting all your info from one source. I bet that you eat up all the nonsense about how bad the oil sands are too lol. You just watch left-wing media and you memorize, regurgitate, memorize, regurgitate and you don't question anything.
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    Canadians are not satisfied with the way immigrants are assimilating. It's been showing up in the polls more often of late. Environics just did a large poll which showed two thirds of Canadians are unhappy at the rate immigrants are assimilating. And lest you immediately start screaming racism - the unhappiness about assimilation did not change markedly between those who have been here for multiple generations, and those who are first generation Canadians. Notably, this sentiment held true across both first generation Canadians and third plus generation Canadians, with the 63% of the former and 68% of the latter agreeing that immigrants were not doing enough to adopt Canadian values. This is somewhat similar to another poll, by EKOS, announced a couple of weeks ago which said 40% of Canadians felt too many non-white immigrants were coming into Canada. In that poll, visible minorities were more likely than white Canadians to feel too many visible minorities were coming to Canada. It seems newcomers are growing alarmed that the place they came to is changing to the kind of places they left, and don't like it. So how do we force more assimilation? In places like Switzerland and France, immigrants are required to demonstrate how they have assimilated or they can't get citizenship. They need to show how they've blended into their communities, how they have improved their language skills, gotten local friends, joined local clubs, etc. In one case in Switzerland, a family was denied citizenship because their daughters refused to swim with boys at the school's swimming lessons. Another family was denied because their sons would not shake hands with their female teachers. Their few is if you want to become Swiss, you need to BECOME Swiss. I agree with them.
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    Trudeau is a case of herpes. Just when you think its cleared up, pow its back again. Canadians should have never got into bed with him. The best thing we can do now is use a contraceptive. Sheer is an appropriate name for a prophylactic.
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    No, the only thing that remains to be done is political annihilation of the left. There is no recovery, and no chance for redemption. Much too late. So-called progressives have taken the left to an extreme end. The pendulum has reached its limit, and liberalism is caving in upon itself. Across this great land, Canada, we can see the collapse already taking place. Like the calving of once mighty glaciers... beautiful, magnificent destruction. And in Ottawa, you can hear the sound from a distance.
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    Hey progessives. Just think of Alabama as a sanctuary state for unborn babies. You guys can still have yours for illegal immigrants n stuff.
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    Economically, this socialist utopia is doing a lot better than every single province in Canada. Does that make your partisan hack brain waves tickle your brain? Why can't you be happy for BC? Vancouver is a desirable place to live. It's a coastal city and it's small in land size. It has mountains, it has beaches, it's progressive, it has good public transportation, it is safe, it has a thriving tech sector and it rarely goes below 0 in temperature. It's an amazing city all around. This is why Vancouver is expensive like other desirable cities are. Cities like San Fran, New York, Sydney, Toronto, etc. It's foolish to blame housing prices on the NDP. In fact, prices have gone down in many places since the NDP came to power. This was due to the foreign buyers' tax and other policies put into place. That said, Vancouver does not represent BC. You can find affordable places to live in other locations in the province. Gas prices are higher than other provinces. Sure. They have always been. Under the previous government and now the NDP. Here are the reasons: Taxes Here's a list of all the taxes you pay on a litre of gas in B.C.: Provincial motor fuel tax (Metro Vancouver) — 1.75 cents Provincial motor fuel tax (everywhere else in B.C.) — 7.75 cents. B.C.'s carbon tax — 8.89 cents. The B.C. Transportation Finance Authority tax — 6.75 cents. TransLink tax (If you live in Metro Vancouver) — 17 cents, increasing to 18.5 cents on July 1. Transit tax (If you live in Victoria) — 5.5 cents. Federal excise tax — 10 cents. Finally, pay the five per cent Goods and Services Tax on top of the total price. When you add it all up, you're paying more than 60 cents a litre in tax if you live in Metro Vancouver. Limited supply B.C. only has two oil refineries - one in Prince George that produces about 12,000 barrels a day and one in Burnaby that has a capacity of about 55,000 barrels a day. The Burnaby refinery provides gas to Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island, but it can't come close to meeting the region's fuel demands. To make up the difference, B.C. brings in petroleum from Alberta through the Trans Mountain Pipeline or from other countries. B.C. has high fuel standards B.C.'s emission standards are some of the highest you'll find anywhere. All gas and diesel that is sold in B.C. must include renewable materials and meet the province's carbon targets.
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    I'm too old now for it to affect me, but I have given thought to whether I would ever have had an abortion and under what circumstances. It's a decision that is not taken lightly and I believe in my sisters that the vast majority do not take this difficult decision lightly, either. I am very grateful that I have the right to make my own decision, based on my own circumstances, based on my own life. And I would not want to take that right away from anyone else.
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    I am often surprised by what men say to each other that they'd never say to me. I imagine its the same with Hindu men, Sikh men, Italian men, Spanish men. I just don't happen to believe that Muslim men hold some special monopoly on misogyny.
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    The most embarrassing part of the video should be the fact that he said China twice instead of Japan but his "uhs" and stuttering are almost as bad. Still not as bad as India though, where he invited a terrorist to dinner and then blamed it on Pakistan. I mean Bangladesh. I mean Rome. Oh yeah, India.
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    As Liberal Warren Kinsella says: Warren Kinsella‏Verified account @kinsellawarren Warren Kinsella Retweeted National Post These bastards bankrupted this man, tried to destroy him, and now are abandoning their show trial - because they realized they are the ones who were going to get destroyed. They’re the scum of the Earth. #cdnpoli
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    When Trudeau realized this was going to trial during the writ period he called it off..after bankrupting Norman and ruining his life. disgusting
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    Once this is all over I hope he his properly compensated for all that has been done to him, much like the convicted terrorist Omar was, naa the Admiral was not a convicted terrorist, liberals only like terrorists........... plus I hope he takes legal action against some of those involved, starting with Justin and ending with the current CDS who did nothing but throw him under the bus.
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    He also said we have had 90 years of diplomatic relations with (China = Japan). So even during WWII? So there was no Japanese internment?
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    Being opposed to Islam is no more racist than being opposed to Communism. It's the political, moral and social philosophy which people oppose, regardless of the skin color or background of the followers.
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    U.S. economy keeps on rolling with President Trump. Numbers include impact of government shutdown. Better than the EU...and better than Canada.
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    Muslims must wonder what they have to do to convince these idiot liberals of their intentions.
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    It is. What I don't understand is why when a random sheikh or mufti says We need to do something about FGM in Islam, that's "good to hear" but if anyone else says We need to do something about FGM in Islam, it's denied that there is a problem, it's denied that Muslims practice it, and the labels Islamophobe, bigot, racist are thrown around. Screeching about how 15% of Canadians are prejudiced against Jews, while 100% and nearly 100% of Muslims in Islam majority countries admit prejudice against Jews, that's not a problem and you're an Islamophobe if you talk about it - No, the problem is Canadians with their 15% - ruining the world, not the Muslims at 100% and AlQud's is just a rally exactly like Christians have ALL the time.
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    An interesting read and I agree that community is an important part of human experience. Religion has been a primary driver of community throughout history, and still is in many parts of the world. It is also a primary driver of an "us vs. them" mentality (along with oppression of women and people who are not heterosexual.) In Western society, community is often found through associating with people with whom you have commonality, instead of through forced conformation to a set of imposed rules of behavior, aka religion. That means that my community can encompass the woman in a hijab or a bikini, as long they are both as equally willing to accept those who are "different". I think the writer fails to fully consider how other people may view community, and how their view may differ from his.
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    Outside of the clubs like this one you shouldn't call McKenna a fucking moron, even though she IS, of course, a fucking moron.
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    I was pointing out the idiocy of "no abortions under any circumstances". There will certainly be no consequences to men - like having to pay child support from the 6th week of pregnancy. And the pro-lifers don't seem to care about the millions of fertilized embryos that are thrown in the garbage from IVF treatments, which tells me they are not truly pro-life, just anti-woman.
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    I think they should just go all the way and make child support mandatory from the 6th week of pregnancy, since it's a human already. They should allow 6 week old fetuses to be insured and women should be able to collect if they miscarry. They should not be able to deport anyone pregnant, since it is a US citizen. Who is going to be charged with murder for all those fertilized embryos that get thrown in the garbage after IVF treatments? The couple? The doctor? The lab techs? If you're gonna do it, do it all the way, then.
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    It's difficult to defend a religion/political system that has more in common with the Third Reich and Nazis than anything we'd normally call "good". It requires much name calling and subterfuge. But as long as Allah comes out on top, all is well.
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    Whether they are violent now, at this moment, matters little. When extremist beliefs such as the subjugation of women, gays and infidels are held by the majority, it can only lead to violence. You would have celebrated the Shafia, Parvez, Khadr and Sidhu families as "peaceful" and "non-violent". And they were non-violent - until they weren't. Because they all had extremist beliefs that led all of them to kill their daughters for "honour" and teach their children to terrorize. After being in Canada for years. This is what you refuse to acknowledge - that the ones you tout and laud as "moderates" are really not moderate at all. You seem to understand the danger of extremist beliefs of white supremicists and how easily they lead to violence, but you deny this about Muslims. Anyone - even Muslims - who carry that kind of hatred around - it's like carrying a loaded gun - at some point, you're going to use it. Whether they are violent NOW or not, does not matter. It's what extremist beliefs they hold that count.
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    That's part of the point, there's no way it would be. Such violence is heresy in the mainstream christian belief. Can't say for sure if that's the case for Islam.
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    Under 2% growth and yet we're supposed to believe more jobs were created last month than in any other month since 1976.
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    How do we force immigrants to assimilate? Ignorantly and with a really fucked up perspective.
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    Your idiotic opinions are not 'evidence'. Nor are the idiotic opinions of your fellow fringe leftists.
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    They even wrote songs about it. Rolf Harris "There were two wild Kelowna boys and Bennett was their name..." Back to the topic, I get the sense that Trudeau is so convinced that anything he does is right and the ends justify the means. He also probably believes it is vital to the country that he remain Prime Minister as nobody else can do the job as well. Thus, ensuring the support of the SNC and Irving corporations is justified in the national (Prime Minister Trudeau's) interest. He's not a bad man. He is just arrogant and just not ready.
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    You don't know your bible do you? First off, your imaginary god is a murderous SOB who cheerfully slaughters children; https://ffrf.org/component/k2/item/25602-abortion-rights. Secondly there is nothing in your Book Of Lies regarding abortion. Thirdly, it is no one's business what a woman does with her body. Not yours, not mine, not government's and certainly not the purveyors of primitive superstitions.
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    Antifat. It's worth a try.
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    There are between 150-200 terrorist attacks per month globally. You can downplay the 170 islamic terrorist attacks and I'll downplay the other 5 or so that are committed by the entire rest of the world ok? Here I go: 5 terrorist attacks per month are bad, but it's only 1/34th as bad as 170. Your turn. Understanding liberal identity politics: some stupidity required. And by some, we mean a lot.
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    That's only going to happen if someone better can be out forth to go against Trudeau. I am going to vote Green again no matter what. A Green party minority government might be the best thing well see in a very long time, if ever. Looking through the crowd, I don't see anyone I want to lead other than May.
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    CNN ratings drop by 26%. Link I say it's a sign that their 24 hour all-anti-Trump news format has run its complete cycle. A sort of "Trump Bitching Fatigue" has set in. People no longer give a heck.
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    Yeah 90 years goes back before WWII. I doubt that we were good friends with Japan for all of 1929-1949.
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    Oh! My! GOD! They're slightly to moderately conservative in bias! Aaaaaghhh! Ban them! Burn them!
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    Ahhh, yes, the old "fake news" argument. OK, Dia. No Islamics are attacking churches anywhere in the world. It's the most peaceful religion in the world. There I agree with you. Perfect. You can move on now.
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    I never suggested all white guys are good and all Muslims are bad. All Muslims ascribe to the ideology of Islam, else they would not be Muslims. Why is this so impossible for you to understand? There are not two separate Islams - one the terrorists use, and the one used by everyone else. It is one ideological system. The doctrine terrorists use is perfectly valid in terms of gays, apostates, heretics, blasphemers and those deemed 'enemies of Islam" being beheaded. Anyone who disrespects Islam in ANY of the 50 odd Muslim states is punished. Period. Look at that Christian woman in Indonesia recently sent to prison simply for an offhand complaint about the loudness of the Muslim call to prayer coming from a nearby mosque. You also ignore the numbers game, as in: There are said to be 1.6 billion Muslims in the world […]. Let’s say only 10% of the 1.6 billion harbor feelings of grievance toward ‘the West’, or desire to expunge the infidel, or hope to re-establish the caliphate. That 10% is 160 million people. Let’s say of that group only 10% would be inclined toward jihad. That’s 16 million. Assume that of that group only 10% really means it – would really become jihadis or give them aid and sustenance. That’s 1.6 million. While only a minority openly admit to supporting terrorism, added together, that makes up hundreds of millions of people in the Muslim world. Which is why it's a hell of a lot more dangerous than a few wingnuts in robes. Numerous polls in the region show a remarkably high level of support for jihadis […]. With an estimated 355 million inhabitants in the Middle East and North Africa, the polls […] actually suggest that several million people in the region may be very supportive of ISIS and/or al-Qaida. […] That is, the level of popular support is so extensive that the local population in certain areas is willing to go to some length to aid, abet and even glorify “the mujahidin” hiding in their midst. Hence, far from being an isolated terrorist underground or an extremist fringe, hated and despised by the surrounding populations, the jihadi movement has managed to insert itself as an insurgent movement with a foothold among the masses. https://icct.nl/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/ICCT-Schmid-Muslim-Opinion-Polls-Jan2017-1.pdf
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    I thought he would complain about canola oil
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    To be fair, the Liberal party was much more open to pro-life people prior to Trudeau and much less intense about identity politics and political correctness.
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    You have confused a commitment to defend democracy and to uphold the law, which are among the fundamental tenets of conservatism, with mere partisanship. Confusion is not unusual among liberals. It is never too late when so many liberals are going the wrong way. Someone has to stand up and speak out against the BS. Otherwise, up we all go...
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    You think people who find Islam a disgusting and oppressive religion are okay with stuff like this don't you? That's about as likely as you being okay with Islamic terrorism. By all means post them here. Another thread might be better, as they will get a bit overwhelmed in here if there is really a tit for tat situation developing. Rolls eyes.
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    That's not how armies work. Armies have a rank system and order flow from the top down. It's cute that you want all the soldiers to have input, mind-you. Diverse input to-boot. Should we attack? Your vote counts!
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    Oh I think Scheer, along with Faith Goldy's help could go much lower.
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    We're Americans, we're not going to support no education for women. We don't support gross violation of human rights and dignity. We don't support the destruction of Israel. We don't support chopping heads off of people who disagree with you. What we do support is "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" MURICAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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