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    Why doesn't AOC go to Mexico and complain to them about not accepting the Guatemalans, the Hondurans and other Central-Americans?
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    You just proved in two sentences your total stupidity. When did the Republicans advocated for no taxation at all? When did the poor start killing each other for no reason? Are you that debilitated? Bin Laden was a billionaire. It's all about indoctrination, islamic indoctrination to be accurate.
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    Fake Melania mystery from earlier may be example of Turkish face-swap technology in use! Prototype Fake Melania was quickly spotted by sharp-eyed patriotic Americans. More advanced version of face-swap technology may not be so easy to detect! Why would Turkey replace Melania with Fake Melania? What happened to real Melania during swap?? My sources tell me this could be project to build cyborg super-soldiers, similar to on Six Million Dollar Man TV program. Call him the Six Hundred Million Euro Man! Turkish cyborg super-soldier will be able to run very fast, jump over fences, and bend steel bars as well as other things. Project could work with Turkish 2400MHz microwave weapon, imagine a super soldier who can cook falafel with his bare hands. -k
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    This is a column detailing the rabid left's attempt at silencing those who disagree with them. It speaks about the succesful efforts on the part of leftist activists to influence the major online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google and Apple to deny a platform to the far right (the far left is okay though). It points out the dangers this poses for freedom of speech, which is ultimately the freedom all other freedoms rest upon. And it points out that those who want restrictions on 'hate speech' have a long, long list of other speech they want to eliminate. They'll never settle for just banning Nazis and white supremacists. Anyone who offends in any way, even by speaking a wrong word or sentence needs to be de platformed and shunned. That's simply the value system these people have. Witness this. Richard Spencer hates me. But in order to muzzle him, I’d have to grant censorious power to people who hate him, but who also hate me. And they won’t stop at the groups I’ve mentioned. They’ll go after mainstream conservatives, and they’ll go after center-Right people like New York Times columnists Bari Weiss, David Brooks, and Bret Stephens. They’ll cancel Joe Biden. They’ll deny a platform to everyone to the right of Chapo Trap House, because, like Richard Spencer, they do not believe in free speech and they do not value the rights of people who disagree with them. Their cause is righteous, everyone who stands against them is a villain, and their creed doesn’t permit tolerance of dissent. https://quillette.com/2019/06/23/how-free-speech-dies-online/
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    Yes, but it is a common social and political dynamic in the U.S. because the Democratic party is very dependent on the so called "black vote", and anything that reduces turnout and votes in "urban" cities and counties hurts their election chances. This is why we see prominent "people of colour" with conservative views on Fox News and social media channels. Other African American groups have openly challenged the Democrats to earn their vote instead of presuming they have no other choices or ideas. As in 2016, there is no Obama to save the Democrats in 2020. Trump did better with Black and Hispanic voters than many want to admit, especially males.
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    You'll have to ask him, but I suspect he resents any independently thinking (and empowered) non-white person who would dare challenge his righteous ("moral"), progressive ideology. "Black folk" are supposed to be beholden and indebted to leftist causes. How dare they "support" Trump ! Racism is their go-to weapon of choice, except when the tables are turned. But it is losing its impact, having been diluted and co-opted from its original impact and power so much over the past decade or so.
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    The rise ? Perhaps you are clueless too...."racism" has always been part of America (and Canada)....and still is. Pretending otherwise is very naive. I don't need white liberals to explain things to me....from another country.
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    I've got a great idea: call them deplorables and make sure everybody knows your superiority over half the population of the USA. A proven election strategy.
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    The USA and Canada have very fond memories of Somalia. No wonder Omar wouldn't want to go back. The "Squad" is a gift to Trump's re-election....let them rage !
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    No because it happened once and isn't a cultural thing in Québec to shoot people in the streets or in the mosques, churches. It's a cultural thing where Omar comes from.
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    The race baiting from those 4 is getting intolerable - even by the left, it's becoming clear who is dividing the country. Trumps approval rating went up 4 points, that's a pretty good payoff. And, it's just another take on the old "love it or leave it" cliche. AOC used to look like the "hot chick" who was a little crazy, now that we're used to her, she's just a crazy bitch.
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    The democrats make racist comments every day and never get called out.
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    You have to remember how progressives think. For example. Brown country executes gays Some parts of white country disapproves of gay marriage They're the same! They're equally evil! Women in Muslim country must wear burka, can't go outside without husband's permission, can be legally beaten and raped by husband with impunity. Women are sometimes sexually assaulted in white country. The SAME! They're EXACTLY THE SAME! This is the way progressives 'think'.
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    If Christians around the world were bombing and stabbing and driving vans into crowds of Muslims and screaming "Jesus is the greatest!" while they do it, you can't tell me that you and Dia and MH wouldn't be "assuming" a religious motive.
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    That's just a cop out to avoid the truth. You both probably think the death penalty for blasphemy (among other things) is just as inhuman as I do, but for some reason it should not be pointed out.
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    Another post where you re-write what is said, giving it your own special warped slant and quibbling about words, all while ignoring and refusing to address the actual point made in the posts. I'm not responding to your insults and warped re-wordings anymore. Go cry to Charles again, while you consistently insult and name-call others.
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    I really like how Donald Trump makes certain people crazy.
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    Listening to what AOC will say, how utterly dense she is, how confident she is in her beliefs and the amount of people either in love with her or in fear of her, I gotta admit, I think she is the the most dangerous person in the USA right now.
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    It remains the law in Canada for school-aged children to attend school, as it should. If students live very far from a school, funding is provided for students to live near schools. That’s really what residential schools are. A century ago many schools were run by government or religious institutions. Now when Indigenous students attend schools far from home, they are Indigenous run. It isn’t all wine and roses, as many students still suffer depression and face challenges of substance abuse. I will tell you that child welfare agencies don’t enforce attendance, and now child welfare is going to be Indigenous run on reserves, though still publicly funded. Will it result in more children being removed from families? Will more or less removals be better or worse for children and communities? The verdict isn’t in because the process is getting underway. The costs are high. Hopefully the results are better.
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    Socialism is alive in well in the USA. Ask the banks how much they got back in 2008. And endless cash flow for wars benefiting the Military Industrial Complex contractors. Don't ever tell me there is NO socialism in the USA.
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    Doesn't matter...this is not about hiding behind a bigger brother. Trudeau scored big political points by standing up to Trump's tariffs, but for some reason is very afraid of China. Canada has to stand for something all by itself, otherwise it is just a vassal state.
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    An inane question and a morally and intellectually bankrupt statement side by side. Congratulations. Taking the position that all nations have human rights issues and so we cannot criticize is to equate the likes of Saudi Arabia and North Korea to Canada, and that is imbecilic beyond even the usual idiocy of the Left. The Left vastly exaggerates the 'human rights issues' of western countries like Canada because it can't bring itself to criticize 'brown' countries, and despises western capitalist nations. It's absurdly dishonest, but then, the Left lies to itself so I suppose it shouldn't have a problem lying to everyone else.
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    No my point is that unless Indigenous contribute part of their income to the services and infrastructure on their reserves, they will not be taken seriously as self-governing nations. It’s not healthy for any society to depend so heavily on support outside the community. Collecting rent on the development work of private companies tax-free doesn’t necessarily demonstrate any contribution toward the common good of the reserve community at all. Ownership also means owning the costs of management. Sure some infrastructure must remain federal because it’s too big for a small community to build. I’m not even proposing a clawback of federal funding. I’m simply stating the truth that a society must be self-sustaining to be healthy. Sure you can argue that money is owed to people for doing nothing on land that is worth very little because of centuries old injustices that were the way of the world at that time. Some reserves are thriving and they should be self-sustaining because they are self-sustaining. Everyone agrees that development on Indigenous land requires agreements for payments to the reserve, but how is that money used to support the reserve? Is it simply kept by individuals like a profit share with no form of taxation to support the reserve? If you want to really dig into the specifics and problem solve, there has to be honest conversation about what self-government means. This is the heart of the matter. The broken reserve system and Indian Act are embraced by too many Indigenous decision makers. What hard choices are people willing to make to really improve life for the vast majority of Indigenous? You want to escape poverty and developing country conditions, function with the accountability and sophistication of healthier societies. Courts can figure out disputes over pieces of land, which will have their resources and title. The question is, after the settlement, what do you do with what you have? When will the conversation change from getting more from outside to creating and contributing? Some are already there. Federal money should go where it’s needed most. Certain items will probably remain freebies, such as land without property taxes and income taxes going to Revenue Canada. That’s a sweet deal. There’s also taxpayer money flowing into reserves from the government of Canada. Nice. What are Indigenous giving back to their own Indigenous communities?
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    So, it would appear as though Trump has once again got the democrats hurt feelings set ablaze again to the point where he has now been called a racist(democrats favorite word by the way)because Trump hurt their sensitive women of color(as they are called)feelings. I listened to what Trump said and I did not find anything in his words said where he was being racist towards any of those four congresswomen? But as usual with the democrats and their back up gang in the leftist liberal fake media they have decided that what Trump said was racist and that he now must be impeached. Are these democrats insane. Impeach a sitting President for some words he said that may have appeared racist but were really not meant to be racist. Just a little tell it like it is words that if these four members of congress did not like to hear well too bad for them. It's not like Trump used the "N" word on any of them. These democratic losers and their lame duck media just will never give up trying to get Trump on something. These demos are a bunch of crazy leftist whackos. It's funny how the democrats and their lap dog leftist liberal media saw no problem with democrat Nancy Pelosi saying that all Trump is trying to do is to keep America "white" as not saying something racist? What a dumb women she is by saying that. Or when the black congress member said that if other black or brown Americans do not want to stand with us, but against us, and support Trump then they are pretty much deplorable people is saying something close to saying something racist. It's funny how the democrats can be racist and the media ignores them, but when a conservative like Trump says something that may even appear to be racist, they go ballistic and want his impeachment which some democrats are now calling for. They won't get it but nice try, fools. Any comments?
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    You are not a troll a for stating facts. You are a troll for insulting the intelligence of the moderator who deserves people defending him for protecting the integrity of this board from spambots. I appreciate his vigilance and you are wasting his time. Changing your name will not change a damn thing. https://www.dw.com/en/the-rise-of-political-bots-on-social-media/a-19450562 http://www.digitaljournal.com/internet/op-ed-your-online-political-heroes-are-bots-not-people/article/506645
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    Actually, you are racist already. No one cares they are white, black, brown, yellow, red. The point here is that the four horsewomen of democalypseare are reverse-racists. Here are my points. Which one is racist? You said to john oliver: " you shall go back to england, you are not white enough" You said to denzel washington: "you curse Abraham Lincoln becasue his views on slavery. you are modern slavery supporter; you shall go back to where you came from, "
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    No crime , maybe you should check again....all major city centers have crime, the entire country has a low unemployment rate, you have Hydroelectricity because you stole it from most of it from NFLD, everyone has oil....you think that Quebec is going to define their own borders, then there's the splitting Canada in to Two pieces not going to happen sorry.......you also own a portion of Canada's dept, plus what of all the federal infra structure there do you think thats all going to be free. Not to mention what of the 9 bil dollar s Quebec receives every year form the rest of the nation.... I think those that are for separation have not thought it out fully...Canada would take a major hit to it's economy, not to mention Quebec's or Alberta's … our dollar would be worth shit....and Quebec's or Alberta's would be worth even less....it would forever change everything in Canada....other nations have tried the same thing and a lot of them have not ended well, things like civil war, or major conflict in some cases....Nothing good is going to happen from separation, the grass is always greener on the other side until you cross the fence only to find things are not so rosy Canada is only strong when we are whole....
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    Representative Harris' pedigree is irrelevant just as the allegation that the President's grand father ran a whorehouse in the Yukon. A person's actions are the only basis for assessment, not who their parents were.
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    The blocking of public streets happens too often in Europe. According to this, France banned it https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/2435/france-bans-muslim-street-prayers
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    It's a physical act to show dominance over all others by literally overpowering you with the call to prayer. Sort of like me blaring Iron Maiden at top volume in a quiet residential neighbourhood...it's a big FU to many folks trying to sleep-in...except Iron Maiden fans...they quite like it.
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    Yes, it's an interesting choice of hero. He's a radical Islamist. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-48132710
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    You are free to believe what you will. Hamas is a terrorist organization whose sole intent is to destroy Israel and exterminate the Jews.
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    Really Rue? Do you remember the list of promises that he made before he was elected and how many of those things he has already done? Whether he's just a figurehead or he has actual power, the things that he told the American people he would do are getting done somehow. I don't doubt that there are people behind the scenes, whose names we don't know, who have far more power than they should, but Trump's agenda is moving fwd.
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    It never ceases to amaze me how competent those astronauts were and how calm they managed to sound as they faced numerous glitches and the distinct possibility of death.
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    If that`s what he totally said, it would be out of line, but he really is messing with the left`s reading comprehension. There`s a post a few back that gives the whole thing, of the second part. Too bad the media et al don`t report the whole thing in context. He actually said, “Go back to your countries, fix the problems there — and then come back, and show us how you did it!” How many racists say “leave,” but come back and tell us how well you did... or how successful you where.
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    That's about as brainless a reply as I've seen in a while. Most western Christian countries treat men and women equally under the law, and most treat unbelievers and Christians equally. That's the general rule in almost all Christian countries, in fact. Can you name me those who don't?
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    The harm is in lower wages for all workers, stolen social security numbers, identity theft, higher education costs, lack of driver's licenses and auto insurance, etc., etc. What part of "illegal" is so hard to understand ?
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    Costs are a factor and not just health care in California. People don`t `hate`migrants, many do dislike and reject illegal migrants and a system that encourages that while not looking after it`s own. https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/11829/illegal-immigration-cost https://www.fairus.org/issue/publications-resources/fiscal-burden-illegal-immigration-united-states-taxpayers
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    You're full of crap. The inhumanity reported AOC was already debunked. She has no qualms about just lying her face off. CNN will never fact check her. America's response hasn't been "inhumane". You're just playing this crap up to keep up with all of the other vacuous virtue signallers.
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    I had my septic tank pumped out on Canada Day. Considering the sad state of our nation, getting rid of some shit seemed like a fitting thing to do. I'll celebrate the day again when this country gets back on track, boots the current government down the road and once again represents something to be proud of as right now it doesn't.
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    Pffffffffft. The fack outta here - to say these were white people pretending to be Muslims attacking this girl......WTF. Give your head a shake.
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    As long as only one half of prostitution is legal in Canada, the supply side, it will remain underground and women will be vulnerable, because Johns don’t want to get caught. Stop trying to assign the responsibility for the murders of women and girls to police, the country, and other actors with no direct causal link to such crime. Yes there is a colonial legacy, but the residential schools are gone, as well as the restrictions on voting and legal representation. It will take time to heal. Seven students died at the Indigenous-run high school in Thunder Bay. The students came from remote communities that are far too small to have high schools. The children left their families for an education much as they did to attend church-run residential schools. It’s true that in the past there were restrictions on using aboriginal languages and other cultural traits at such schools. It was wrong, but the intention was to help people adapt to mainstream society. Generally when people know better, they do better. People know better and residential schools are gone. The situation has changed, yet depression, substance abuse, and suicide persist. It’s tragic and most people want these problems fixed Your stats reinforce what we already know, that dysfunctional families and communities, as well as places with little economic opportunity or hope, put women and girls in vulnerable situations. In cases of CAS removing children from families, have there been situations where the children became more vulnerable in their new foster homes than they were prior to having this care? Yes, and it probably did happen with more frequency in the 60’s scoop, but I can say for certain that the decision today to remove a child from a family isn’t taken without good reasons. In some cases these kids never really had a recognizable home to begin with and rescue by the agency was a matter of survival. Why are children removed from homes? How much of it has to do with racism versus abuse and neglect? Most of the case workers I dealt with were from minority groups, were caring, thoughtful people, and hardly the picture of colonialism that you paint. I can think of situations when I thought children should have been removed due to neglect but CAS persisted in working with the families. Granted, these were non-Indigenous families. There have been problems with racism in policing. That’s why recruiting and training well is so important. The RCMP has had to be completely realigned and major leadership and policy changes have taken place, especially around sexism and racism. Continue to target that area. What about the men in these vulnerable women’s lives? What are they like? What kinds of attitudes are being cultivated and accepted? Who and where are they? What kinds of counseling and community pushes are there to change behaviour? Target that. When you slam mainstream Ontario as being out of touch with these problems, I’d agree and say that these problems lay outside the norm of mainstream Canadian society. We’re back to the problem of the unsustainable, unhealthy remote community that is propped up by Indian Status tax incentives and local pressure to stay on the reserve. I don’t know anyone who thinks this is a good or sustainable system, including governments. Some reserves do thrive, but others have become self-guarded prisons where the pressure to stay on the res and marry Indigenous comes from vested interests who benefit from this system. It isn’t government, because the costs of maintaining such places with a low tax base is enormous. Voters will only turn over so much income, especially if they know that the fix will only be temporary because the community has little economic self-sustainability. I do understand the importance of keeping families and communities together, but many communities from every culture have resettled elsewhere for a better life. Why is this harder for struggling Indigenous communities? Might it be the reserve system? Nevertheless, governments won’t take away the reserve system, Indian status, or funding because they would wear the fallout. The decisions about how to fix this broken system must come from Indigenous with at least existing government funding levels. I hope that the measures taken are realistic and clearly relate to the problems that need to be fixed. On abuse of women and girls in the North: https://globalnews.ca/news/5459763/violence-against-women-and-girls-north-triple/ On the impact of residential schools on neglect and children in care: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/study-links-trauma-from-residential-schools-to-overrepresentation-of-indigenous-youth-in-care-1.5199421
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    Happy 4th America!
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    Islamic terrorism springs from the cruel, barbaric and widely held beliefs of Islam. Multiple polls have demonstrated that these beliefs are embraced by the majority of Muslims in the world. It is that foundation and willingness to embrace extreme violence against any and all who insult or deny Islam or violate its tenets which allows for the creation of terrorist groups. By pretending such beliefs aren't widespread you are dishonestly making excuses for what is, by western standards, a brutal, backward, barbaric and violent political ideology which seeks to rule the lives of everyone in the world, whose followers are taught it MUST rule over everyone in the world.
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    So by your own account, of solved crimes, most of the perpetrators were Indigenous. I’m not saying this to imply that Indigenous people are more murderous than non-Indigenous. In fact, I agree that there are additional stressors that make Indigenous women and girls more vulnerable. I don’t think that all of these problems can be laid at the feet of non-Indigenous people. We’ve talked a lot about the issues on some reserves, from substance abuse to poverty and substandard living conditions. We also know that some of those communities are extremely dependent on outside support for their survival, yet there is a kind of orthodoxy within some Indigenous circles to stay on the reserve, and in some cases to marry only Indigenous. The Indian Status and reserve tax breaks only incentivize this. As long as unsustainable communities exist and people rely primarily on outside support, they will be vulnerable. Indigenous interests are one of many interests for voters. For a slew of reasons, some difficult to parse out, many Indigenous have struggled to participate in and enjoy the fruits of the wider society. One would think that free land and not having to pay taxes would be advantages, but not if they tie you to a remote unsustainable community. Not having votes and other past injustices of the Indian Act put Indigenous people at a remove that will take time to mend. Yes the RCMP can do better and we need to end racism of all forms. Ultimately most of the solutions will have to come from Indigenous people. Only they can decide what they want. That’s what self-government is all about. I doubt there will be much more tax money flowing into reserves or Indigenous affairs because, again, voters have multiple concerns to address. Indigenous peoples are not babies to be taken care of. That idea is patronizing and racist. Indigenous people must address what they can for their own people and non-Indigenous should implement sensible recommendations from the inquiry that don’t remove personal responsibility from the perpetrators of rape, abuse, and murder. Canada has never permitted such behaviour and it doesn’t serve anyone to pretend that Canada is largely responsible for these tragedies.
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    Wise comment. I think most people, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, want to see good jobs on reserves and revenue from resource development flow back to the reserves, as well as careful management of those funds to meet local community needs. I think, though, that for true self-sustainability, the goal has to be self-funding through self-taxation, as is the case in every community. External taxpayer funding should act as a kind of top up to meet a standard. Some reserves that are flourishing would need little or no top-up. Others might require much more funding than they currently receive. A condition of any external funding is financial accountability. This should be a requirement for all IBA and other sources of revenue on reserves, so that it's transparent to the community how such money is used. If there is no plan among residents of a reserve to collect a portion of their non-taxed income for the purpose of building and maintaining infrastructure and services on the reserves, those residents will always be reliant on the help of people who have their own priorities and may not want to contribute much to people who don't pay land or income taxes. I'm not taking a right wing position on this, as I think current levels of funding with rises for inflation are what we signed up for. On the other hand, there is no hope for true self-government and self-empowerment without self-management, which means running reserves internally the way city/town councils run municipalities, including having the band collect a portion of income from residents to pay for services/infrastructure. This is what makes Nunavut successful. I realize that this would have to be transitioned incrementally. I also wouldn't try messing with the reserve system as it stands, with its lack of private title for residents that would allow for the sale of private property in the marketplace. That should be a local decision for bands.
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    Trump demonstrates he is the leader, and certainly the Commander in Chief. Despite intense pressure by some to attack Iran immediately, he showed restraint. He gave good reasons why he cancelled the military strike. Trump is also a master of PR theatre in his own special way. He made sure we all knew about it.
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    The Beer decisions are the correct ones. It should be sold in corner stores like in most of the rest of the world. The Beer Store sucks. And the Recycling program should be expanded to more than just the beer store. It's actually the only reason to ever go to a Beer Store. It's a shame that the crappy contract the Liberals signed is now being used as a weapon against the Conservatives. This is the 407 sell off in reverse. As for DoFos poll numbers. Dude is a putz and I'm not happy he's leading the PCs. I'm happy the Liberals are out, but a leader like Patrick Brown would have been much better, but he didn't appeal to the far right of the party. Conservatives in Canada have a similar problem to Liberals in the US. They occupy such a broad scope that it's tough to fit under the same tent.


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