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    Tomorrow is the Remembrance Day in Canada. Lets remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives all over the world in Europe, Africa, Afghanistan etc. so the we live in democracy. Lets not take our Western democratic system and freedom for granted. Many lost their lives so that we have what we have. Lets not jeopardize our democratic system either by going extreme and hence undermine sacrifices made or populate our land of freedom with those with do not believe in freedom and democratic values. God bless all those who made those sacrifices. May then rest in heaven and peace.
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    Not so fast. The following countries have state churches and call themselves "Christian" states because they either call themselves that or have state churches: Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Denmark, Greenland, England, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Greece, Iceland, Liechenstein, Malta, Monaco, Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, and Zambia not of course mentioning the Vatican City because you mentioned it when you technically said canon law. I think though its safe to say all the above states have sufficiently evolved to separate the church far more than many Sharia law states but in all such countries church organizations still have much influence in the institutions of these nations, including hospitals and schools with government funding and for that matter the Catholic Church still has strong influence on the educational and health institutions in many provinces. I agree with you or anyone who says for a democracy to be able to properly function it must be neutral and therefore separate itself from specific values that would cause it to treat some less favourably than others. As a Jew my issue is not with Christian institutions or even having people say Christianity played a pivotal part of and remains a pivotal part of Canadian culture. I think myself it is stupid to deny Christmas or the role of Christianity in Canada or the fact the majority of Canadians are Christian, specifically Catholic. While my ancestors are linked to massacres committed by people in the name of the Catholic Church this does not mean I should not respect the religion and its values and traditions. The only part of Christian values I remain silent on is the concept of saviour. I believe the term as taught by Jesus meant we were all born to be saviours of the world depending on our actions. I see him as teaching a lesson we are ALL children of a greater essence sent to either heal or wound. Its a minor argument. I know some blow that out of the water to say if I do not believe Jesus is the ONLY Messiah, I go to hell, but I believe most Christians get what I say, understand my beliefs do NOT contradict or attempt to contradict their views and we agree on all the same values which were and remain the same in all religions which is to treat people as we want to be treated and through our actions either create positive or negative effects that move on and impact on may others n a good or bad way. I disagree with those shutting down Christian celebrations in the name of political propriety at Christmas. No Christian ever told me not to celebrate a Jewish holiday why would I tell them not to?. I am happy they do. Genuinely. Since when is being Christian offensive or improper? If it is a time people can reflect on higher values and makes them grateful to have family and realize material value is not the only thing in life, why would I want to censor that or act upset about it? Our Canadian history talks about a lot of bad things Christian institutions did particularly with aboriginal peoples which I do not downplay. However for years government off loaded education, health and any social service on the Catholic church who took it on and taught, fed and sheltered people which was a good thing. The fact that some perverted the intent and service of good Christians does not make me throw out all the good with the bad. That said I do defer to Christians who feel betrayed by their own churches but that is their spiritual struggle I must respect as between them and their churches. I just don't want any of them to feel if they were hurt I do not care. I care but in a way that respects them and innocent people who still believe in Christianity. That is all. I am just saying people who have been hurt have a right to hold the people who hurt them accountable. I hope the Catholic and other churches and for that matter all organized religions reform themselves and clean their acts up. All organized religions are corrupted by secrecy and layers of power. Hopefully Islam will evolve as Christianity did and Judaism before that. Y'all ask me we all have a far ways to evolve before we stop killing each other in the same of our Gods, saviours, prophets.
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    Die in a fire, Post National State. Don Cherry will live forever.
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    Cherry called out all Torontonians, not just immigrants. I'm more disgusted by Ron McLeans tail between the legs apology. What a spineless weasel.
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    I find your utter glee over violent death really disturbing for a "16 year old girl".
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    That's a fine political speech, but just a farce of an actual, concise commentary of what happened. Oil is still being extracted at 100% production all over the world, everywhere but in Alberta and Sask. All over the world oil still sells for "the price of oil". Alberta oil sells at roughly 50% of what it's worth, sometimes less. Trudeau did do this to Alberta and you're the only one denying it. WTH are you even talking about? Only one of us is guilty of supporting violent groups like BLM and Antifa. So out to lunch.
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    If no one wants to listen then why does the extremist-left turn out in huge crowds to scream and shout and try to physically attack their speakers?
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    Fight other battles. You’re stuck with Canada. It’s got many problems yet remains one of the freest, best places in which to live and work. What you criticize is highly valued by many. I’m glad Canada invests so much in her people and does so without drowning in debt. It could go the other way and almost has. Stop trying to compare the power of a country one tenth the size of the US with a superpower. Canada doesn’t control the major canals or dominate the western world, nor does it try to. That doesn’t in any way diminish the value of Canada, so stop beating up on her. It’s boring. Focus on improving it instead of seeking to destabilize it, because you don’t want to see where that leads. The Transmountain will get built and Alberta will continue to make money off her dirty oil. Quebec will continue to demonstrate exceptionalism, including troublesome policies like Bill 21, but Canada will persist because the society is healthy and there’s a lot to like about the country. Love it or leave it.
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    It's called virtue. Have any idea what the word means? Here's a clue, it's not a pejorative.
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    Trump says he'll consider testifying. If he does, that may be the most watched thing on Television ever.
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    What percentage of our exports do you think come from oil, what % come from subsidized industries like automobiles, and what % come from highly-subsidized industries like aviation? Aside from oil & related products, Alberta and Saskatchewan also ship out a big percentage of the coal, wheat, canola oil, pork, beef, etc that come from this country. Look around your home and in your fridge and your garage and see what percentage of the electronics you buy, the produce that you eat, and the cars that you and the other people around you drive come from other countries. How do you intend to convince other countries to send those things to Canada for our Canadian dollars when we get rid of such a large percentage of our exports? You don't have a plan cougar. You have bitterness. It's not a formula for success.
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    You aint alone Inner and its not unique to us Jews by any means. All people struggle with the stuff like you do in their own unique ways as well. I think we chose to be born to learn lessons and the struggle is you finding answers. The harder it is to find the more meaningful it is when you find it.
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    So true - leaving family/country behind is not easy. It requires a certain personality, which values change and new experiences - something that conservatives, by and large, do not have. This is why its so ludicrous to believe that very conservatives types are going to be moving to Canada in droves and 'taking over' or some such. Most conservatives types are going to want to remain close to what's familiar and traditional, not go hieing off to a foreign land that is unfamiliar and lacks the tradition and history that conservatives value. By default, we get the people who are the most liberal, open-minded and willing to change coming into our country, even if they fall into the 'more conservative' range by Western standards.
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    Which is why I also shrugged at the Dixie Chicks. Many of these 'artists' are actually cultural furniture. And nobody wants a sass-talking couch moralizing you... they prefer a nice quiet LaZy boy...
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    We don't want it. But y'all come down and join us anytime you feel ready, hear?
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    Ben Shapiro has a good point. So he's claiming to be 22, and he asks what the problem is with him not identifying as 60?. "Age is significantly less important than gender". If it's impossible for him to identify as 60, than it should be impossible for him to identify as a girl. You can't magically change your sex. You can't magically change your age.
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    Trump just got hung this morning... you can practically see him swinging from a tree. the Rs got roasted on every count.
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    You're a racist and you support violent extremists, so it makes perfect sense that you discriminate against people because of their age.
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    I don’t think that he should’ve been fired, but I don’t think he should sue either. There’s probably codes of conduct in his contract with a lot of latitude given to his employer. I don’t think he’d have any grounds for legal action.
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    ...Trudeau apologized after being exposed...20 years later. Slow clap......
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    They take thread drift way to seriously. What fun is always staying on topic? If no one can be themselves, no one wants to be here. If they want more members to join, then let people have their own conversations. It's the middle of the night and I don't see anyone else joining this chat.
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    This was back in the day. Cold War. In Spain it was all about the 80's maan.
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    The guy is 85. He should have been given the boot years ago.
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    He's eighty five years old, at that age, all the chickenshit starts to fall away, I simply offer him the highest compliment I can to a civilian, and that is that we troops always considered him to be one of the boys.
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    Of course, I have nothing against the religious beliefs of people who adhere to their religion, however, for me personally, marrying of an adult man to a girl is immoral and I can not react indifferently to this topic. Early marriage and early onset of sexual activity have long-term consequences for women's health. Also, in poor countries, a young mother, being forced to quit her education and begin to do household work, is deprived of the opportunity to get a profession and is economically or completely dependent on her husband.
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    Premier Kenny is dealing with several problems. Firstly is the inconcieved "Wexit" movement that ignores the fact that separation means a hermetically sealed state, cut off from the west coast by BC and a violent backlash from Canadians who won't take the destruction of Canada lying down. Kenny is no doubt trying to defuse that problem. His second problem is the question of his legitamacy from the allegations of cheating in the leadership race.
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    i see what you guys are saying... its like when people get upset about crooked cops. how should we expect all cops not to be crooked?! no need to complain or demand that cop be fired! we can't afford to keep looking for honest cops! same with those damn fireman, judges etc etc.. whats a little corruption! whats a little killing foreign children! get over it! that's the job!
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    A little civil disobedience is not a bad thing, imo, particularly when it comes to important issues like climate change - the protesters call themselves "Extinction Rebellion" for a reason you know.
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    Some people will believe anything they read on the Internet (e.g. rainbow poppy story). They will never learn and are cartoonish in their simplistic gullibility. Hilarious.
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    Conservatives aren't going to win elections, when our schools teach Algebra and Calculus, instead of explaining how the economy really works. If we want to save conservationism, we have to go after our educational institutions, and force them to provide real-world education.
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    I've never encountered anybody doing this, if I did, and I felt like I had to say something, I would fall back on my training. CF doctrine is to take the professional approach and all members can speak from their experience So I would conduct myself with a military bearing, show my military (ret.) ID, identify myself and speak to them calmly and professionally I would explain that it is wrong and why its wrong, then I would politely ask them to knock it off
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    A pure party is a small party. If you’re only going to welcome true, bible-thumping believers to your shindig then you are looking at less than 20% of voters.
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    Yes. Such a move away from church laws began a couple of hundred years ago in the Christian world. Again, my point is that never happened in the Muslim world. None of the mainstream Christian churches call for criminalizing homosexuality today, including the Catholics. All the mainstream Muslim clerics, however, agree that homosexuality should be criminalized, and many believe it should draw the death penalty.
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    They're not. They're attacked for being prostitutes or by other psychologically damaged people they're having sex with. Additionally, the survey confirmed the astronomical rates of HIV infection: five times the general population (1.4 percent vs. 0.3 percent). It lists 3.4 percent of transgender men (men living as if they were women) having HIV, and an incredible 19 percent of black men living as women — nearly one in five — having the life-threatening precursor to AIDS. Twelve percent of transgender respondents report prostituting themselves (the NCTE calls prostitution "sex work in exchange for income"). More than three-quarters (77 percent) have experienced partner violence. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/transgender-survey-reveals-high-rates-of-sexual-assault-suicide-hiv-prostit
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    I'm fairly certain if a mob of conservatives showed up when a transgender type was giving a talk and started screaming abuse at people you'd be enraged. The fact is the transgender narrative is mocked and ridiculed by the vast majority of the population. The only people who actually believe this crap are progressives, and they're a small group which seeks to get its way by bullying, threatening, and committing violence.
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    Millions of deaths come from weapons grade highly enriched materials. Nuclear reactors dont use such high grades. Higher standards prevent things like Chernobyl and three mile island. Armed guards prevent terrorist attacks. Darlington plant is less than one hour away from me and I feel fine.
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    Yep. Beyond doubt these would have scared the shit of a conservative.
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    Quebec values test: Trudeau Liberals went nutso when Kellie Leitch proposed this for the feds during the Conservative leadership race. Can't wait for Trudeau et al to call Islamophobic.
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    You don't think there are any crowds of leftists that try to shout down opinions they don't like? You think that's just a joke and that has never happened?
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    There is no political will to do so. The U.D. dollar is the world's strongest reserve currency, and the debt will just be monetized as before. There is no going back....
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    Study finds conservative content de-radicalizes people, contrary to leftist dogma. https://tnc.news/2019/10/28/conservative-youtube-content-prevents-racism-study-reveals/
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    I believe myself looking after refugees in refugee camps makes more sense so they are closer to their homes when sanity comes back and they can move back. I think we set many up for failure by bringing them to Canada. However in the case of privately sponsored refugees they are not a burden on the state. Also the stats on refugees on welfare is not 100% accurate its a snap shot of a certain time period that does not provide an accurate analysis of how long it takes for refugees to assimilate and/or whether their next generation or the one after has the effect of paying back any money they "cost" Canada. Also refugees facing genocide, imminent death or torture, we do have a moral role to protect..to what extent is of course subject to debate but the moral obligation is there it doesn't disappear simpy based on snap shot financial analysis. ..back to the thread, the party Bernier created like himself was completely rejected. Its also interesting to see why. People do not understand Quebecois. Just as Jameet Singh wears a turban and a beard and says he can be what ever he wants in Canada, so do Quebecois. They wear their nationality as Singh does his ethnic and religious identity and Singh never grasped that and never will. In Singh's mind he is a minority who can be a visible minority and expect immediate acceptance of his visible minority status-when a Quebecois does the same thing in regards to their perceived visible minority status...he calls it racism. Thus he lost all his seats in Quebec and Trudeau who pandered to ethnics in large cities to get elected did the same in Quebec being such a whore he put " I stand up for Quebec" on his podium indicating what everyone should know....Trudeau panders to whoever he thinks will vote for him and in so doing has alienated Canada outside Toronto and Montreal repeating his father's same behavior which fanned separatism both in the West and in Quebec. Singh did not understand and never will that Quebecois like him put their ethnicity or perceived visible minority status as a hyphen before the name Canadian. Take it from this minority....if I choose which is my right to grow a long beard, wear a covering/hat, dress in black, and make myself a visible minority based on religious precepts...its a democratic choice but to pretend it will not alienate me from the rest of the cultural environment I live in is naïve and it shows I am now willing to adjust my identity to the values of the environment I am in to a certain extent-it shows a rigid, fundamentalist set of beliefs not flexible ones. Flexible ones are necessary in a democracy which requires people compromise. So you can choose to believe certain values are beyond compromise but you can NOT expect everyone to agree with your values. Singh wants everyone to accept him as he is, but when Quebecois roll out their collective identity as he did his, he called it unfair. Trudeau on the other hand simply panders to anyone he thinks is listening an simply trots out platitudes to get elected. The Trudeau election strategy of pandering to large population density ridings with ethnics and not worrying about what was outside the cities, is what got him elected. It was a deliberate strategy and it depended on ethics being made to feel afraid of non ethnic Canadians. It worked in Trudeau's case. In Bernier's case it was mentally retarded. Bernier is mentally retarded. His processing of cognitive thought is delayed. He could not figure out if he simply says what he did not like, which he did, he left nothing else to vote for. His platform other than he wanted to reduce immigration sounded imbecilic. It made no economic sense what-so-ever and it showed. Since he was playing the Trump card, the Block Quebecois already does that in Quebec in regards to the rest of Canada and believe it or not Singh did the same thing as his own community will tell you and explain why he has to run to BC to get elected since in his own riding he is so polarizing his own community won't elect him. Trudeau got elected simply because people did not like Sheer. End of story. Bernier was a non factor. His one trick pony mental retardation does not attract votes and never will. In this day and age people need you to enunciate something clear even if it is a set of non stop lying, denial and studdering like Trudeau or Sheer for that matter,
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    What if they're goat herders? You let in a bunch of rural third world types with no education or modern job skills and you set them up for a lifetime of poverty and welfare. And then you think you're being kind...
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    I'm putting this here because I can't swear in other groups. Now let me admit that at first, not knowing a helluva lot about the guy, I had some hopes here. I have a vast disrespect for professional politicians, especially in the US, because most of them are political whores. I thought, yeah, an outsider, a billionaire who didn't need to be beholden to special interests, who could bring a fresh attitude to things, that could be really good! I'm not politically correct. Most of what Trump said that pissed off the media and liberals didn't bother me. I like the idea of far stronger fencing along the Mexican border, if not an actual wall along the ENTIRE distance. I'm a conservative. I believe in securing borders. No problem with me. I think I first began to doubt the wisdom of Trump as president was when I started reading about how he conducted his business. Basically, he did his best to cheat everyone involved, from suppliers to partners to customers. And he was a guy who sued people all the time, and got sued a lot himself. He basically sued anyone who criticized him. The next thing I read was about how he went bankrupt with his casinos. Basically he got into the casino business and started building them without doing the slightest research. No businessman does that. You need to know what your expenses will be along with your likely revenue. Trump didn't bother. He went bananas furnishing his casinos with the most expensive stuff he could find, wanting to cater to the cream of the crop of gamblers. Problem is the cream of the crop has no interest in going to Atlantic city in the winter. So someone in the industry did a study based on publicly available information on how much he was spending, how much he would owe, how much he'd have to pay for staff, utilities, etc., and then fed in the normal intake expected for hotels and casinos (per foot revenue) in Atlantic city. What he said was that the casinos would start going into a deep hole once the fall hit. Trump found out and threatened to sue the company, forcing them to fire him. But the guy was 100% accurate in everything he wrote. Trump, the moron, had built two incredibly expensive casinos that you could fire a cannon through in the winter. His airline was the same thing. No research, no studies. He went on his 'gut'. Same with so many other of his enterprises that went under. How he treated his wives didn't go over well with me either. Things like calling a radio station and pretending to be his publicist to brag about his sexual prowess with his then mistress. Or seating his mistress (who everyone knew was his mistress) at the same table as his wife at a public event. He loved to humiliate his wife because he wanted to force her to divorce him. Basically, what I took from all the stuff I read was that Trump was both a shitty businessman and a scumbag. Then came the election, then came him as president. Holy fuck. I didn't expect much but I had no idea just how ignorant this guy was. I mean, how anyone can grow up rich in Manhattan and know nothing about virtually EVERYTHING is beyond me. Not only is he astonishingly ignorant but he's also, as many have testified "incurious', ie, he has no interest in learning. He reads nothing. He won't take briefings that are more than a few minutes long. He considers himself to be smarter than his generals and more knowledgeable than his intelligence people. He knows nothing about government, the military, or the world outside Manhattan real estate. If you pulled a bumpkin with a grade 3 education out of a corn patch in the most rural part of Iowa and put him in the oval office he'd still be more knowledgeable than Trump. And at least he'd be willing to take advise. Trump is, without question, the dumbest fuck ever to enter the Oval Office. And I don't just mean presidents. I mean no one in the history of America has even entered that room who was as pig-ignorant as Donald Fucking Trump. Even the cleaning staff are smarter! Add to this he's a mean spirited bully, narcissist, rapacious, money grubbing greedhead, whore-mongering serial adulterer, compulsive liar, braggart and coward and you've got a man with almost every character defect imaginable. I cannot think of a single positive character trait this man owns. Now saying this does not suggest I am blind to the defects of Hillary Clinton and the identity politics democrats. But I can at least find some good things to say about most of them. There's nothing honest anyone can say about Trump that's positive. He's scum. He's vermin. The world will be a cleaner place when he exits it. And they'll probably need a 24 hour guard on his grave to keep legions of people from using it as a toilet. This latest business in Syria where he got hundreds of people killed and basically gave Turkey what it's been demanding for years, and is now bragging about it like he's accomplished some mighty deed is a perfect example. He is a simplistic fuckwit that the world's strongmen have no difficulty twisting around their little fingers. It got people killed in Ukraine and it's gotten people killed in Syria. And this glutinous, brainless shit stain of a man, who works maybe an hour and a half a day, continues to stuff burgers down his fat throat, slurp coke, and jab his puffy little fingers onto his keypad to whine about how hard-done-by he is. And the fact he's managed to surround himself with a group of grifters, liars, cheats, kooks, and suckups, and that the entire Republican caucus kisses his ass, just goes to show how morally bankrupt that party has become.
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    The PPC was a vanity project by Maxime. How is the CPC selling out? If you go back and look at Mulroney's party and its policies, you'll see that they were actually closer to the centre than the current CPC party. They actually took steps to protect and conserve the environment. Mulroney led the way in the world with policies to heal the ozone layer, from damage caused by aerosol sprays and coolants. The fear being displayed by some conservatives right now has nothing to do with changes in the policies of the CPC, because their policies have not changed much. Those who are mad at the CPC are mad because the party refuses to pull a suicidal act, like Bernier did, to appease a loud minority, by denouncing immigration and immigrants.
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    What is the smallest geographic size of a riding in the Canadian election? I guess a couple of blocks in Toronto. Meanwhile in the north a riding consists of an area the size of France or even bigger. Canada seems to be very divided. The West looks like a one-party state as the conservatives polled 60-70% when as in the East they are not strong at all. Then, of course, there is Quebec.
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    There are a couple of people here who do not like Islam being criticized. You cannot point out poor behaviour or barbaric beliefs of Islam without being called a racist or an Islamophobe. You can speak about FGM - but only in regard to obscure Christian groups that practice it in Muslim majority countries. You cannot point out that it is mainly an Islamic practice. You can speak about misogyny in other religions, but not in Islam. You can speak about terrorism - but only white supremacist or antifa terrorism, not Islamic terrorism. You can speak about religious fundamentalism, but you cannot mention Islam as being extremist. Hasidic Jews, Christian fundamentalist groups, even the few bad Buddhists - you can talk about all that - but not extremism in Islam. And definitely do not say anything except positive comments about hijabs and burkas. They defend those things to the death.
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    Turkish army has revealed to me that they will soon be employing a version of the Trojan Horse against the Kurds. Turks will be placed in teams of two and no one will be allowed to eat falafels for 48 hours before the mission, for obvious reasons. (Even the Turks don't like being hot-boxed.) Turkish army will "appear" as an unassuming and innocent caravan of camels just on their way to the oasis, only to unleash their secret weapon - the Turkiye 3000 Ultra Fighter, which is a lethal combination of buckshot and spitballs. The Kurds won't know what hit 'em. Remember, you heard it here first.
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    I agree that the best way to beat Trudeau is just to not give him a chance to get his virtue-signalling machine fired up. Every facet of Trudeau's track record as PM is horribly sub-par, aside from his baseless accusation game. The crappy thing for Canadians is that Trudeau's baseless accusation game only works in domestic politics. You can't really use it on China and the US.
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    What warning signs? Voices telling you things again?


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