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    Very satisfying to watch the Liberals getting their ass handed to them after comparing Doug Ford to Donald Trump. Ford nation !
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    In my view, you've won the award for most reflexively reactionary comment of the day. And it's pretty uninformed as well. We know of course that slinging the "R" word has become a common form of ideological bullying, but my bigger concern here is your apparent lack of awareness of the progressive argument against uncontrolled migration. In particular, it undermines the legitimacy of the legal immigration system. A backlash will no doubt negatively impact prospective immigrants who've complied with the legal process and in many cases have waited in line for years. Secondly, uncontrolled "irregular" migration will cost treasuries billions of dollars that might otherwise be spent on supporting social programs like health care and child care. There's only so much tax money to go around and supporting self-selected migrants for years is a very expensive venture. The British economist and Oxford professor Sir Paul Collier has noted that the net economic benefits of large-scale immigration are marginal and that the benefits that do accrue are largely enjoyed by the wealthy, by increasing aggregate domestic demand and undermining wages, while those lower on the economic ladder, including other recent immigrants, pay the price in terms of increased competition for jobs, housing and social services. Canada now features a relatively declining second-tier derivative economy. According to Stats Can, we lose a significant percentage of the highly-trained, highly-skilled and motivated immigrants who do arrive, presumably because many of them see better economic prospects elsewhere. We need to examine and adjust our immigration policies in the context of acknowledging and adapting to some very inconvenient realities.
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    Several members who emphasized drama, personal attacks, and profanity (as baiting) to express themselves have moved on, and if this is because of moderation, then that is a good thing.
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    I'm a bit confused about this, given it directly followed your quoted material which was. Deco, they said, was well run under Doug Ford. But after the 2010 election, when he stepped away from day-to-day management, it descended into something between managerial gridlock and absolute chaos under the leadership of Randy Ford, Doug and Rob’s brother. It sounds like Doug was actually a good manager, but when his brother took over things went to hell. So this would seem to reflect badly on his brother, not Doug.
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    Justin Trudeau the Bold, effectively silenced- Trudeau Suggests It’s Not His Place To Condemn Trump’s Migrant Child Policy When asked in the HOC what he was going to do about it, he said "From the very beginning I have been very clear on the role that Canadians expect of me — to stand up firmly and unequivocally for our values, for our interests, to protect Canadians and to make sure that we're doing well, as well as having a constructive relationship with the United States," Trudeau said. "That's what we're going to remain focused on. What we will not do, is play politics with this." In other words "I was told to shut my mouth, and that's what I'ma gonna do."
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    Done. Bye bye lefties. LOL. CTV news has already declared a majority win for the Conservatives. Good job Ontario folks.
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    There, there. Would you like a soother?
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    Liberals crushed, as they fully deserved to be.
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    It's fun to play and try to predict an outcome but it still means nothing at all. The only poll that is going to count is the one on election day. I predict and hope that Ford will win. LOL.
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    Timing? At best it appears to be blackmail - pay up or we'll go public. At worst, it's some sort of manipulation by the anti-Ford camp to take advantage of Renata's questionable mental state. Either way, there's a bad smell emanating from it.
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    Justin Trudeau will be posing for the cameras to appease his base and appeal to domestic audiences. There will no doubt be cute photo-ops and virtue-signalling sound bites intended to light up smiles among Liberal-friendly "progressives" (presumably minus some environmentalists, who've ditched him) but cause a lot of other Canadians to cringe. He is a marginal figure in world affairs and has rendered Canada's role more meaningless as time passes. Trump, if he's forced to be within reasonable proximity of Trudeau, will put on his best quizzical grin and promptly move on to more important leaders and matters.
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    No, my suggestions is to stay calm and patient, and attempt to negotiate with Mr. Trump. Do not go on the attack. Trudeau should have figured out a way to get into that meeting, rather than storm off. He has no experience, thus no idea how to negotiate. And why would he... like a high school boy got to be the PM.
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    Every one of us is here because of men, I can understand your enthusiasm for the value women bring to society. However, focusing on the idea that one sex is superior is dangerous. Yes men and women can be vastly different.Yet, through a combination of those differences, that we as a collective, have been able to create ideas, complex social systems, economies and extend human life.
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    Women invented beer. - Even in history it is not know that one individual has invented beer, the nearest historical evidence is the collective of Göbekli Tepe And COBOL- COBOL was invented by a multitude of individuals and university assistance, FLOW-MATIC was invented by Grace Hopper and Remington Rand. A group of people working together. And windshield wipers- Mary Anderson hired a designer to invent the windshield wiper and it was manufactured using a local company. Again a group of people working together. And stem cell isolation.- There is no one individual recognized for stem cell isolation, but a collective of individuals who worked together through a university. A collective group of people working towards achieving a goal. And wireless technology.- Extremely broad statement, to what in particular are you referring to in this statement? Such as radio, light, magnetic,electric fields or the use of sound type of wireless technology? And dishwashers,- Invented by Josephine Cochrane together with mechanic George Butters, again another group of two people working together to achieve a goal. Refrigerators- Jacob Perkins, invented the first working vapor-compression refrigeration system along with colleges. The first refrigerator to see widespread use was produced by General Electric, a collective of employees working towards a goal. Ice cream makers.- Yes this is probably the only example given that could be considered an individual Nancy M. (Donaldson) Johnson to invent the ice cream maker, who happens to be a woman. It is extremely rare that any one individual with no outside influence or assistance invents a new technology valued to society. Instead the most common method of inventing something, is a group of like minded people collaborating together to achieve a collective goal. This idea of focusing whether a man invented Y or a woman invented X is damaging to our current successful structure. It is a collaboration of people from the past and the present that has brought about the technology and ideologies of today. What separates us from being just another pile of monkeys grazing in the forest, is the idea that we as a species work together as a collective to achieve global functioning economies and societies.
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    I have no problem with honest and hard working foreigner (and in my view once a foreigner gets her or his citizenship that person is no longer a foreigner). I have issues with those who do not realize that citizenship comes with responsibilities. Those responsibilities are RESPECT for the existing culture of the land they CHOSE to join and become a member. And to integrate and contribute in a positive manner to the society which has given them refuge and has welcomed them to their arms like paying taxes, sharing their rich culture, enjoy diversity, and etc. as most of immigrants do.
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    Interesting info about our feminist PM, who was accused of "groping" a young female reporter on assignment in August 2000. "Like father, like son" reads the editorial. If this were a conservative the media would have been all over it.
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    And looks like 4 years of you name calling against Doug Ford.
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    My understanding is Doug looks after robs family very generously and robs wife has known addictions,that she would probably blow all the money in a very quick time. He is protecting her from herself.That has already been out in the media.
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    Jake Tapper on CNN just referred to Justin as Pierre Trudeau. Cant' get rid of that ghost.
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    In terms of whether the Liberals will be negatively impacted in the polls over the nationalization of the pipeline I say not at all. In fact, the opposite might be true. "Oh look, Justin and the Liberals are so concerned about protecting Canadian natural resources they bought an oil pipeline." And the sentiment might be even stronger in some parts of the country since Kinder Morgan is an American company. "Way to stick it to the Yanks." From an economic viewpoint it is not a good decision because had the Liberals made sure the rule of law was respected on the ground, not one penny of taxpayers' money would have been needed to build the Trans Mountain extension. Bottom line the Liberals did not have the balls to stand up to the BC government and protesters who now see the feds as wimps and easy to beat down. Opposition and protests against the project will therefore increase and it is doubtful the extension will ever be built. Billions will be paid by the Canadian taxpayers, never to be recouped. Then, there is the impact on Canada's reputation as a place to invest. A country that nationalizes companies, businesses or national resources sends out the signal that it is not guaranteed that private enterprise will flourish in such a climate. Best to invest your money elsewhere. Of course, I hope I'm wrong on all counts and that all will end well and we will have dodged a bullet. Yet, looking at what has happened in Cuba and Venezuela following their tendency to nationalize everything in sight, I am left with a queasy feeling.
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    Men have not had to fight for their rights like women have. I wonder if you would be as willing to accomodate a religion that wanted to set men's rights back several hundred years? It's probably hard for you to imagine, as men have always had their rights and have rarely had to fight for them like women have.
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    Far too simple and leads to the polarization of views as perpetuated by the CBC and The Star - and often evident on this board. Socialist programs championed by the Left have to be paid for with Capitalist dollars earned on the Right - both are needed but they have to work in a symbiotic relationship - not an antagonistic one. Conservative and traditional Liberal parties have always managed to straddle the line without veering too far off center. It's why we have Blue Liberals and Red Tories - the fiscally responsible swing voters who move back and forth based on policy, leadership and their perceived needs of the province/country when they cast their vote. The Ontario NDP don't understand - or refuse to accept that symbiotic relationship at all. The Wynne Liberals have abandoned that traditional principle in their raw lust to cling to power.
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    For the same reason that male-only and whites-only pools and beaches went out of style in Canada.
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    1) Trump can't be worse than any of them yet...he hasn't done anything to equal their sins or blessings. Check the body count. 2) Bush was about far more than 9/11 (remember "torture")...Trump gets his turn at bat too. Trump cannot be worse...yet. 3) Entertainment comes in many forms. The afterglow from Nov 2016 election night still lingers.
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    Look will stop calling me a liberal. I'm a fascist get it straight.