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    No it is not normal, not for government funded housing which should be open to every one.
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    Was Canada so concerned about "increased tensions" caused by other Iran inspired events in the region ? Were Canadian nationals advised not to travel in the area ? Did Canada refuse to deploy 500 troops in the region because it might "increase tensions" with Iran ? Nope. News flash to Canada....President Donald Trump was elected to "increase tensions" with Iran.
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    It's staggering just how many people are here siding with Iran....Iran! I know you people hate Trump, but c'mon.
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    The average American soldier knows who this guy is, with all the military grade tech and supplies he has been bringing into Iraq and Afghanistan, they know...like detailed plans and supplies on how to make copper lined shaped charges, that blew holes in both sides of thick armored plating and suck everything out of the veh from the other side... A regular humanitarian he was.
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    Complete and utter nonsense. How come producing IEDs to kill American soldiers wasn’t escalating tensions? How come seizing American ships in the straight of Hormuz wasn’t escalating tensions? How come attacking Saudi oil fields wasn’t escalating tensions? How come attacking American embassies wasn’t escalating tensions? Give me a f**king break.
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    1. We have less fortunate people in Canada. They should come first. Why should it be my concern over how people live in countries thousands of miles away from me and their problems? They have poverty or hunger issues, well, bloody well fix them. Stop taking my tax dollars and given them away to total strangers? Foreign aid must stop now. I am not my brothers world keeper. Just remember that all of that money that Canada gives away to other countries is all borrowed from the globalist banksters who make plenty of interest of that borrowed money while you have to pay that money back in taxes. What a great deal, eh? 2. Canada does not need 400,000 new immigrants or legal or illegal so called refugees immigrating or sneaking into Canada. Our politicians are trying to flood Canada with the rest of the world. That is insane. There are approx. 5 million Canadians unemployed in this country. Now those Canadians will have to compete with those unwanted or unneeded immigrants for jobs. Canada only needs to replace the amount of people that die every year. No more than that. More immigration just means more services and infrastructure, and not to forget the damage that is being done to the environment. Sadly, for most Canadians, all of that mentioned above will never sink into their small brains,and will never ring a bell for them. 3. Any unnecessary ministries is a major waste of taxpayer's tax dollars. Part of the reason is that there is too much federal government involvement in provincial affairs and politics. Hand most of those ministries back over to the provinces instead and let them do what needs to be done. 4. Yes, Canada does have many different cultures in it's population, but that is no reason to have a minister for multiculturalism or diversity. What for? If people want to hang on to their past, well do so at home, and stop trying to spread their cultures on the rest of the host Canadian people. At onetime, Christmas was a big thing in Canada. Today, thanks to the promotion of multiculturalism, it has become just another ho-hum event day for many which probably amounts to about 40% of the population who could probably care less about our Canadian Christmas tradition. Today, Canada now pays for and helps promote and support other foreign cultures while our politicians try to delete our Canadian culture one tradition at a time. 5. There are plenty of Canadian websites that will show you as to just how much Canada has blown on all of those multicult programs and agendas I have mentioned above. It has run into the trillions of tax dollars. Tax dollars well wasted. Disgusting indeed. 6. IMHO, the electorate have become totally clueless and useless when it comes to politics and how their tax dollars are being blown. Just look who they voted in the last election. That should tell us all as to just how dumb most Canadians have become in this gawd awful political messed up forsaken country today. Enough ranting on this topic. It's time for a coffee. See you.
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    You might want to save the above response for the extremist Muslim fundamentalists you support in Iran and elsewhere. Ironic. The West is a culture right now gripped by the political correctness of apology. guilt and self interest. On the other hand we have Eastern Islamic extremism produces hysterical bearded baboons chanting and screaming and blowing things up in fits of penis size anxiety to match those of Putin and Trump. The kind of inspiration I talk about you have no clue about. It comes from every day people as well as people like Martin Luther King Jr., Robert Kennedy, Churchill, Eisenhower, Truman, Eleanor Roosevelt, Konrad Adenhauer, Sadat, Rabin, Sir Arthur Currie, Maj. Gen. Bert Hofmeister, no one you would know.
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    I am a practicing psychiatrist working with adolescents at our local general hospital. In speaking with physicians from the US, I am convinced our Canadian system is head and shoulders ahead of the US system. I can provide support to teenagers of all financial backgrounds that are admitted to our hospital with suicide attempts or major mental health presentations and hospitalize them for the amount of time necessary for them to stabilize without overwhelming the families with financial burden. This would simply not be possible in the US. Only those with adequate insurance would receive the treatment necessary and those without would not. In fact those with adequate insurance often receive more interventions than necessary which is often counterproductive. The primary concern with the medical system continue to be the over reliance on Big Pharma in funding research and promoting interventions. This is far bigger than a local Canadian issue. Canada certainly does a better if still inadequate job of curtailing the expenses and negotiating with Big Pharma to reduce our health care costs. Can we do better, certainly and we should.... And yes we look good compared to the US... but we should look to other models of health care that have worked out efficiencies that strike a better balance.
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    We've become a country of snowflakes . . . emphasis on 'flakes'. Everyone is some kind of 'victim' nowadays . . . . . A real leader wouldn't be prancing around showing off his socks, dressing up in insulting ethnic costumes, begging our neighbor for help releasing Canadian hostages, pissing on the provinces that bankroll the rest of this f'kd up country . . .
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    Because you can't legally kick out Canadian citizens who were born here. Yes there are a lot of Canadian-born riff-raff in Canada. With immigration, we have the ability to pick and choose who can come here or not. Bring the best. Go into the worst parts of any major city in Canada and you will find it dominated by impoverished, poorly educated, unskilled immigrants. Go for a drive right now and tell me what you find. The only exception might be in the prairies where you may find aboriginals there too, unfortunately. It's not about race or ethnicity, it's about education & poverty. If you come to this country, even seeking refuge, and you have no hope of securing a decent income and are going to help turn major parts of our cities into run-down crime infested third-world crap-holes, you should be shipped off to a third-world country where you'll fit in just fine. If you can pull your weight, you can stay.
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    I'm an older female and I am attracted to younger men, of which I have no small number trying to date me. Cannot imagine dating a 19 year old -- he needs to be able to carry on a conversation and know something of life and the world, and frankly, though a great body is lovely, I do think there is something lacking in you if that alone will satisfy you. Yes, they mostly want me for sex but quite a few want more and try hard to convince me they're worthy. So are older women attractive? By my experience, many, many men say yes.
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    In the case of Trump I view him as a productive bastard, he's hired to do the job, not be Mr. Nice Guy. If you have concerns about his job performance, that is the best material to attack him with, not his personality. If all your problems with him are personality based, then you have no good argument against Trump whatsoever. The thing about most Trump Haters is, they get caught up on personality concerns and never have good criticisms of his actions, while his supporters often have way better criticisms of him, despite not hating him.
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    I don't know if you caught it if you perused those videos, but one has to turn a safety key before the missile(s) will fire. Hmmmmm...looking more intentional by the minute, frankly.
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    America's vision of the world is by far the greatest vision of the world among the big powers, stop pretending that because Trump got elected this is no longer the case, that's completely ridiculous. America doesn't have to be perfect, she just has to be better than everyone else, and that is the case. Every country on earth has flaws, constantly having a knee-jerk reaction to point out the flaws in America if anyone ever says anything positive about it, while neglecting to mention that other nations don't have far bigger flaws is just silly. No country is a monolith, and no one pretended they were, just because they said some positive things about America. Pointing out some of America's positives is not a claim of perfection. So stop strawmanning everyone who doesn't shit on America in every post as someone pretending it's perfect and filled with no citizens who aren't saints. Pointing out that ever nation has flaws including America, is not an insightful point, everyone already knows that, you aren't smart because you pointed it out, you're captain obvious pretending to add a relevant point to the discussion when you said something that doesn't even need to be said.
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    The Shah was already the monarchy and the King in Iran. He fled the country with Empress Farah in 1953 for dust to settle down. As much as I disagree with an assassination of a political figure, the emergence of Khomeini coming back from the shadows after living many years in exile is no coincidence. It was orchestrated by the West seeing through that his plane arrives safe at Iran and we witness the rules of Ayatollahs that took the upper hand on Tudeh party supporters who were essentially communists... But going back to your point regarding the scenario if the plane carrying Shah in 1953 was shot down one can argue if the coup did not take against Dr Mossadegh by the Brits and US there was no need for Shah to leave the country temporarily. I think the absence of democracy flourishing in Iran in 1953 created a vaccum in the Iran’s socio-politics, which inevitably led played to 1979 revolution. Things may have been may have been much different in 1978 and the revolution. Shah in his interviews always warned two forces existent in Iran. Reds representing communism and Blacks representing Islamists....
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    Yes, lots of countries around the world have been interfered with. But they don’t act in a similar fashion. See central and South America as well as most African countries. Regardless, if you keep going back in history, you’ll see that Iran has interred in the same manner many times throughout the region. Guess what? History doesn’t start at 1953, or even 1900! It actually goes back hundreds and thousands of years. Stop giving Iran a pass on killing 63 innocent people. If you go back far enough everyone has a reason to act like an a**hole.
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    Marocc: 1-you are the only poster I know who has the intellectual honesty and integrity to not hide they are Muslim or their true views-I respect that; 2-I respect you have not been rude to me in responses and you probably have wanted to be but I do note you have not been and I respect that; 3-I disagree with your views but I defend your right to have them-I will challenge any that advocate extremism or violence but with respect as well you have never said anything at this time that condones terrorism or violence; 4-many of us disagree with your comments, it doesn't make you a liar; 5-Citizen is many things but not a liar-Citizen expresses heartfelt beliefs as you do I again defend Citizen as someone who can't stand some of my opinions and has shown courtesy to me and others in debates- I respect Citizen very much.
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    No, August 1953 and there's nothing arbitrary about why.
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    Lol. The electorate is like a kid staring at his parent's credit card, thinking that it's the key to the universe.
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    It's not that simple. This is not a fight with Iran and US. You are ignoring everyone and everything else.
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    David Frum on Power Panel today attributed this latest geopolitical crisis to a tweet/instagram flame war between Trump and the Ayatollah that got out of control. The world needs a moderator, not a leader.
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    A friend of mine from Iraq has kept up with the news in Iraq that the world was ignoring. Protests have been going on by students to get the President to be removed. The Iranians have been present in Iraq due to the lack of supports of the West. The protestors didn't want the involvement of Iran but they were the only ones getting involved. The Iraqis wanted the U.S. (and the West, in general) to help by OVERLOOKING the changes the protestors were demanding, NOT sending troops to simply fight for Iran. The only thing that got attention (not by these protestors against the Iraqi govenment) was the attack on the U.S. Embassy. So the Iraqis are only still being screwed given they want to shape their own country on their own terms democratically (and secularly so) but cannot where the problems escalate into another war unwelcomed there. The Iranians were there ONLY due to a vaccuum created in them being unable to fight ISIS alone. The above video is only its second appeal to the English world. I saw the first and commented that I was confuse about their set up. If it is for an English audience I wanted to alert them to fix HOW the program was staged or risk some assuming the site as a potential recruitment. This guy is a comedian in the style of our own late night talkshow entertainers who present news issues in comedy. So maybe this might help some get some background on what was missed while too many other issues were at stake around the world. As to the reason the U.S. (and the West in general) were not noticing, this was due to the reasonable fear that Trump may intend to utilize war measures to save his upcoming election in light of the recent impeachment. I tried to console my friend in his own concern why Iraq news was being overlooked. The recent events with Trump's announcement to counterthreaten Iran is why. There seems to be a problem being able to ask for help by anyone when it always has to require an American dying to get it. And this only TEACHES the terrorists this is what works. So pay attention to the Iraqis guys. They are the ones going to suffer more here and only attract more terrorists.
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    I don't want war with Iran. But there's no way in Hell I'll support the murderous Mullahs. They don't use gas chambers...they'll just shoot you or torture you to death in their torture chambers. You're free to love them like family for all I care. We all draw our own lines in the sand.
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    Reading back your comments they are classic leftist lst or 2nd year university rhetoric. The Israel throw in makes that clear. York U to be exact. A decision to take someone out requires many people to agree and in particular the joint chief of staff of the armed forces who have underlings initiate and propose such options. Trump is the final say but did not initiate the strike and you and I do not know the intelligence reports gathered that precipitated this decision.
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    No, Trump is reversing Obama's huge mistake(s)....giving Iran billions to spend on arms and proxies.
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    ....said one the Yeoman to the other as they marched towards Agincourt.
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    The last U.S. troops departed Iraq in 2011 in accordance with status of forces agreements negotiated with Iraq under Bush and executed by Obama. The Iraqi government requested the return of U.S. and other foreign military personnel in 2014 to battle ISIS. Removal of the current 5,000 U.S. troops from Iraq would actually hand President Trump a domestic political victory.
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    They're a global superpower. They're a bunch of bastards, except when compared to any other great power in human history. Including the British Empire, France, Germany, Spain, Russia etc. The British Empire were ones that led the coup of Mossedegh btw. The British rightfully, to my knowledge, owned the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC), and Iran sought to nationalize those assets which the British owned. The problem was that Britain also thought they owned Iran's oil because they discovered and developed it. The other problem was that Mossedegh not only thought Iran owned Iranian oil, he thought Iran owned the British assets like the AIOC on Iranian soil. In a perfect world they should have brokered a deal where Iran could purchase certain infrastructure or corporate assets from UK. But Britain was still in empire mode and was broke from WWII, while Mossedegh was a bit greedy.
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    All they do here is fight. ---Alexander the Great
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    The U.S. was in the ME long before Trump....and long after.
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    So much for all that talk about keeping Murika out of foreign conflicts
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    I would be fine having an atheist or member of a different faith from my own as PM if his/her policies are good for the country and if he/she is a principled person. What I’ll never accept is giving a person absolute authority over people. That’s where notions like the human spirit come in, the idea that one may have physical/temporal authority over people, but there is something greater in a person that can’t be owned, bought or controlled by the state. Many people of faith and many people who may not be sure what they believe or if they believe in God still believe in this idea that the individual has some kind of deeper essence. My argument to an atheist who thinks that the spiritual should be removed from the constitution is that you may not like a state that sees people as nothing more than physical subjects, because it’s easier to manipulate and control that which can be measured and observed. Anyway there is plenty of historical proof to show what forms of oppression are possible by governments that think they can have total control of their subjects through social engineering.
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    Trump is a known sex offender who didn't advance the plot. Amazing how easy the snowflakes get triggered though.
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    I'm not lying about your agenda; your actions prove it daily. Also, I have no interest in proving Islam meritorious; it isn't. My interest is in calling out people who make the world a worse place by spreading misinformation, fear and hatred against Muslims - or anyone. Here, it just happens to be Muslims. Perhaps if i rewrote your posts, substituting Jews for Muslim, people would clue in.
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    No, they actually can't. There are no countries in the world as religiously oppressive as Muslim countries routinely are. There are no non-Muslim countries which ban other religions, which ban their temples or churches, which ban their religious celebrations. And while there are non-Muslim countries which are oppressive, ALL Muslim countries are oppressive. You'd think with 57 of them scattered about the globe at least a few would be enlightened but nope. And blaming it all on Muslim governments is nonsense. Repeated polls have shown that large majorities in most Muslim countries support harsh religious laws. As for the growth of anti-Muslim laws in other countries, that's virtually all inspired by violence from Muslims.
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    Matt Shea, a GOP lawyer elected to caucus in Wahington Statestate had a vision ..." to create a 51st state called Liberty and distributed to his closest followers a “Biblical Basis for War” document that calls for the “surrender” of those who favor abortion rights, same-sex marriage, “idolatry” and communism. “If they do not yield — kill all males,” it said." It's easy to write him off as a crackpot, I suppose, but there are more than a few people in the States who believe as he does - that the Bible should be the basis of law in the States and that Christianity be imposed on everyone as the State religion. There is even a 116 page action plan currently being implemented called Project Blitz. If enough extremists like Matt Shea get together with less violent groups like that behind Project Blitz, would the result look much different than ISIS in the Middle East? In the West, our laws and institutions are strong enough to withstand these kinds of challenges, but would that be true if we we were de-stabilized in some way, perhaps through climate change? Christianity, given power, is no different than Islam, given power.
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    Israeli gov doesn't literally want to murder all Palestinians. Can't say the same for Palestinian govs.
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    This week in Islam another man was sentenced to death for blaspheme in Pakistan - one of Canada's main source countries for immigrants. Prosecuting lawyers handed out sweets to celebrate the joyous occasion. People wondering why Islam is still stuck in the dark ages should consider what happens to any Muslim who dares to express the slightest doubt in the wisdom of sixth century moral codes. Junaid Hafeez: Pakistani academic given death sentence for blasphemy Thirty-three-year-old Junaid Hafeez was accused of insulting the Prophet Muhammad on social media. He has been imprisoned without trial for six years, with much of that time spent in solitary confinement. "This is a vile and gross miscarriage of justice," Amnesty International's Rabia Mehmood wrote on Twitter. Asad Jamal, Hafeez's lawyer, told Reuters news agency that he would appeal against the ruling in a higher court. "There can't be a fair trial in blasphemy cases in Pakistan," Jamal said. "We have a spineless system. No one can stand up to a blasphemy charge." Government lawyer Azim Chaudhry hailed the decision, saying it was a "victory of truthfulness and righteousness." https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-50878432
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    Weak Trudeau still begging Trump for help with China. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-us-plea-doomed-to-fail-china-says-1.5404200
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    Atta girl, Tulsi. Way to be one of the only sane Democrats in the House.
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    It is another passage which simply explains the first. There is no Christian law. Anyone who thinks otherwise knows nothing about the Bible or Christianity. Sharia is a complete legal treaties on how one must behave, the moral laws one must follow, along with the punishments required for transgressors. Christianity has no comparison legal tests. There is nothing in Christianity which says if you blaspheme or leave the Christian faith you must be executed, nothing about how women must be killed for adultery. Frothing at the mouth again over past Catholic crimes, hmm? Sorry, I'm not cherry picking anything. Your hatred and religious bigotry simply blinds you to anything resembling context and judgement.
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    You don't think there are any crowds of leftists that try to shout down opinions they don't like? You think that's just a joke and that has never happened?
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    I worked for the ICAO -the UN building in Montréal-. The whole building is a waste of space and money. Nothing happens there. But we can "boast" about how much Canada and Montréal are connected to the world -by wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayers money every year-. I have confidentiality agreement and may not get into the juicy details in this thread. But there should be investigations on a broader scale as to how money is spent by the federal government.
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    Go away with that nonsense that the NDP are not savvy enough to be communists. The NDP are all for more big government, and not less. They hate freedom. They love their Human Rights Communist Commissions. Your leftist liberal ilk have done nothing to help make Canada great but bloody worse. There are two free enterprise party's in Canada now. Does Doug Ford and Jason Kenney ring a bell to you by chance? Both conservative minded politicians. They are both going to get rid of many socialist NDP and leftist liberal bullshit programs and agendas that have been destroying this once great WASP/European nation. The economy will sail along a lot better once the NDP communists and the leftist liberals buffoons have become extinct.
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    What's sexually attractive is fit, healthy, happy. Not young, not old.
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    You need to get rid of the idea that your religion means anything to anyone but yourself. It doesn't. So keep it totally to yourself and you'll be fine.


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