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    On Wednesday, Maryam Mirzakhani became the first woman in 78 years to be awarded the prestigious Fields Medal, considered the highest honor in mathematics. She was selected for "stunning advances in the theory of Riemann surfaces and their moduli spaces." The Fields Medal is awarded every four years by the International Mathematical Union to outstanding mathematicians under 40 who show promise of future achievement. With the announcement of Mirzakhani and this year's other awardees—Arthur Avila, Manjul Bhargava, and Martin Hairer—there now have been 54 male and 1 female medalists. http://www.motherjones.com/mixed-media/2014/08/maryam-mirzakhani-first-woman-fields-medal-mathematics Fantastic award! Well done to her!
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    I've heard such amazing things, and it's another bargain. I'm just wondering about general impressions.
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    That is my point. One should not be able to edit something they have written two years ago whether from a political or moral standpoint. That way you could ascertain how they have evolved.
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    How do you think Trump can be both considered deviant yet take a position where he must represent American norms?
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    Boeing should be sure to include contract provision for a yuuuuge cancellation fee because we know what Canada is famous for when it comes to military procurements.
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    Come on. What's a few billion if it gets them out of the uncomfortable position of having the aircraft they rejected selected during an open competition? It's only taxpayer money anyway.
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    I agree with Trump, the US government isn't innocence when it comes to killing people, but two wrongs don't make it right. Trump seems so fr to try and change and bring back respect to this country but I don't think Americans could handle the truth.
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    I'm fairly certain none of the usual crowd giving their opinions on this topic have bothered to watch the actual video the topic was started to discuss. So I'll print up one part I think is fairly relevant in the conversation between two very liberal commentators. When you ask Muslims in the UK why they want to live under Sharia law or whether the Danish cartoonists should be imprisoned, you don't get the tiny numbers you would hope to get. And that's a problem we have to speak honestly about. And as you said, you don't have to be a fascist or a racist or even a Trumpian, to not want to import people into your society who think cartoonists should be killed for drawing the prophet. That's a totally rational thing not to want. And the Left has been demonizing anyone who wants to talk about this.
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    Agreed....President Obama's own CBP commissioner (Alan Bersin) pointed at Canada as a greater security risk than Mexico.
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    When I become Shah of Canada, my first edict will be on appropriate beachware for larger persons.
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    But, he is doing what he thinks is the best for his country. He acting more like an imperialist dictator.
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    Well, Yeah, Baldwin should take it on the road. Frankly, it's nice to see you guys able to laugh a little - you could use the levity.
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    I dont know what does " impeached" means but if it means "remove", ofcourse such a thing should not happend and this would cause a civil war in US and if such thing happens, we should give weapon and tactical support for Trump side.
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    ^^^^ Much like slut shamers in contemporary western society and those who ask "what was she wearing/doing" when a woman is raped, or those who object strenuously if a woman is appointed to a government post under the assumption that she's not worthy, if only because a man was available. Sure, women in western societies aren't expected to wear a headscarf to demonstrate their humility, modesty and submissiveness, but the message is still out there for them, loud and clear.
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    I have topics reletad with the issue. I will put the links below. So drug companies absolutely has a great contribution in terrorist incidents. There are many doctors in my family and some of them works on natural treatment routes of diseases. They effectively threat some kind of cancers without any drug use. Drug companies could reserve much more money in this issue but I have never heard a drug company offers a natural treatment. We have witnessed many times that these terrorists had some relations with intelligence services. Almost all of them were under surveillance. For example two Chechen brothers or London machete attack or Berlin truck attack and many others. All of these guys had some cooperations with intelligence services in their life. Last time Florida airport attacker said that someones in his mind were continuosly telling him to perform a terror attack. You cant take a step further from this point. You have to believe what state controlled media imposes and if you want to follow clues you will be stamped as "conspiracy theorist-crazy dumb senile idiot-son of a b.tch, Russian agent and Trump supporter". When we think all the drug, energy, weapon, media, food companies are controlled by the same groups, this issue becomes much more suspicious.
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    hmm. They should put up billboards, like the Smokey The Bear ones. "Only YOU can prevent terror attacks! SUPPORT TRUMP!" but maybe with Sean Hannity pointing at the viewer, instead of Smokey. -k
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    I know, and now they are, despite not being in full production, in Super Hornet's price range.......the F-35 will only get cheaper as the Super Hornet gets more expensive now.
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    Your "blog" uses dated information and prices associated with the Gripen C/D...not the Gripen E......Norway rejected the Gripen E (NG) nearly a decade ago on cost grounds, both purchase and through life, as more costly then the F-35A. Same story with the Danes and the Super Hornet versus F-35A. There are more F-35As flying today then there are Gripen Es....in several years, still prior to entering full rate production, there will be more F-35s flying then there will ever be built of The Gripen E
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    Agreed, as I have long maintained that such CanAm fleet comparisons is not very accurate. Further to your point, LockMart just won another contract with lower per unit costs: http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/lockheed-f35-jet-pentagon-1.3965940
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    Quoting cost per flight hours from Wikipedia is inaccurate, as the total is an average obtained through the entire fleet (size).......a USN Super Hornet is "cheaper" per hour then one within the RAAF, likewise, a RCAF Super Hornet would "cost more per hour" then both the USN and RAAF based on use having a smaller fleet. This is one of the actual reasons why the F-35 is getting "cheaper" to operate (and purchase), the fleet size is expanding (likewise economies of scale on production, growing supply chain and more personal trained on the type)
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    People should always remember a rule about their body while using drugs. When you give something artificial to your body, your body will reduce and finish its own production. So anti-depressan are giving people some hormones of happiness and relaxation like as dopamine or serotonin and people feel good when they use it first. Then in time their body slow down its own mechanism to produce these hormones and everything is going to be much worse. They are being addicted and using these artificial drugs never compensate natural-original production and they are being much worse than initial stage if they try to stop using it.
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    Would you please explain why you call the CBC Canada's state broadcaster?
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    Considering Greg, that you feel it necessary to insult someone with every single post you grave us with (it just happened to be me in this case) it's quite clear that we wouldn't have an adult to run to anyway. I'll again show myself the door.
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    Feto terror organization members also partipicate, probably funding and managing protests against Trump. Here a pic which is going to be another symbol of protests against Trump. A muslim (feto member) father and his daughter side by side with Jewish father and daughter. Seem like another planned PR work.
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    No you are not allowed. Because while you are being a member here, you know that your posts will be saved in database and you accept it. It would only be deleted when it contains some articles-posts which influenfes your life or someone's life in a negative manner.
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    This is patently false of course, as Hillary Clinton's support for 90's era welfare reform and crime bills (massive incarcerations) were roundly reported then and during the 2008 and 2016 election cycles. To wit:
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    Ahem: harpers record: gst cut - check stupid child tax - check income trust - fail tfsa - check income splitting - check balance budget after deficit forced by coalition- check mate
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    She can say what she wants - she's a private citizen.
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    How does it seem like that?
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    Lol at the IRA not being a Christian terrorist group.
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    The tragedy in Quebec is not a contest. This is a story of people going bout their lives being killed by someone full of hate.
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    I don't know - but I don't think you do either.
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    Why would he? The USA and Canada have almost completely balanced trade. He didn't mention us once. We are a large market for those 35 states. That there are 15 other states including California makes it look like we're less important than we are. To those 35 states, we're a big deal.
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    That was, of course, before O'Leary got into the race...
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    I'm sure they do provide abortions. Why would you question where and why women seek healthcare services. That's very odd. It's their choice.
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    Planned Parenthood is located in many remote areas of the U.S. When they are defunded, they will end up closing. A lot of women will go without healthcare. An example: "In the remote western plains of Texas, the Midland-Odessa region is separated from the nearest major city by hours of open road. So when the Planned Parenthood clinic in Midland closed down in late 2013 – a casualty of legislative cuts that targeted Planned Parenthood directly – it served as an isolated experiment in what happens when the government defunds the largest women’s healthcare provider around." “We are seeing a subsequent rise in STDs and a subsequent rise in unplanned pregnancies,” Austin said. He believes they could be linked. “And I’m sitting here going, ‘See? I told you so. This is what happens." https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/jan/17/planned-parenthood-congress-wisconsin-texas
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    "Planned Parenthood receives some 52 million visits annually. It also provides services that screen for cancer and workers conduct routine checkups, for both men and women, although many men only use the provider to get tested for STIs. But it is abortions, which make up 3 percent of services, that draw the most controversy." 52 million visits is a lot for doctors and clinics to absorb.
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    Planned Parenthood Services: 3% of it's services are abortions 34% goes to contraception services 42% for STD screening and treatment Nearly 80% of patients had incomes at or below 150% of the federal poverty level An estimated 579,000 unintended pregnancies per year are prevented
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    The numbers are in: marches held in more than 500 US cities were attended by at least 3.3 million people and political scientists say they think we may have just witnessed the largest day of demonstrations in American history. https://usuncut.com/news/official-womens-march-attendance/ http://www.vox.com/2017/1/22/14350808/womens-marches-largest-demonstration-us-history-map
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    Scented dryer sheets are so obnoxiously strong, I put a box of them in my tool shed to keep it insect and rodent free.
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    And yet it doesn't meet the definition of state broadcaster.
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    So you have opinion pieces. American Google isn't the subject here.
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    Do you have any evidence that the CBC lacks journalistic and editorial independence?
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    Of course the difference between a state broadcaster and a public broadcaster is that the second enjoys journalistic and editorial freedom. The first doesn't. Your continuing to call it a state broadcaster is a complete misrepresentation.
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    @bush_cheney2004 your explanation would be very helpful, as I don't understand why you incorrectly refer to CBC as a state broadcaster.
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    I don't understand the difference. Someone please explain it to me.
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    I told you, it was state sponsored thread drift - I'll move the question someplace better.
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    Since this is state sponsored thread drift, I will carry this further. Are you aware of the differences between a state broadcaster and a public broadcaster?
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    Teachers are paid far, far too much for their limited skill set.


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