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    Since Mary was was a jew, would that be a Tichel? Jewish tradition: Married women wear a head covering (Ketubah - basically prenuptial agreement) Christian tradition: Women wear a head covering while praying (1 Corinthians 11:2-9) Muslim tradition: All women after puberty wear a head covering in public (Surah 33:59)
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    I would put this in the same category as parents who allow their kids to veg out in front of the TV, or dine at McDonalds. Yes, they are all health issues. Vitamin D can be provided through supplements, I think inactivity and excessive sugary foods is a far more serious issue. Once we start throwing parents in jail for the latter two, we can talk about this one.
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    Why do they have to make payoffs to 'fringe' parties as you call them? They can make their deals with the other 'moderates' as you call them. The fact is that the major parties run roughshod over the majority of the population because they have a system that virtually guarantees they have their kick at the can for 4 years. Most people don't vote for the party because they support them entirely, they vote because they are forced into making a single decision that they have to live with for 4 years and the alternative is worse. Some of our most productive Parliaments have been minority ones because they are forced to make compromises and not push their own agenda.
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    Canada will be getting a lot more immigrants and refugees as long as it has an open borders schmuck for prime minister.
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    The first paragraph of that article says. "Nearly half of the population will likely be immigrants or children of immigrants by 2036 if current immigration levels continue" I hate to break it to you but the children of immigrants born Canada aren't immigrants, they are Canadians. My mother was an immigrant but my father was 4th generation Canadian, so does that make me an immigrant?
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    http://www.cbsnews.com/news/israel-passes-law-legalizing-thousands-of-west-bank-settlement-homes/ Israel has retroactively approved of all settlements in the West Bank. Apparently the government is divided over this news. Nothing more than legalized land theft in the name of 'security' for Israelis. Time goes on, Israel grabs more land. Many give them a pass on land grabbing, but when other nations like Russia do it is seems to be bad. One day Israel will rule over all of that, that seems inevitable. What is the real cause of this conflict? Not Muslim antisemitism. If it is really still a reason, it no longer the biggest reason for the conflict.
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    Even Nancy Pelosi knows that President Trump can't be impeached just because some Canadians don't like him:
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    Looks like editing is disabled after 90 minutes per Admin post.
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    18 F 18's are to fill a gap left by Harper. The competition for full replacement is forthcoming
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    There is not going to be a competition , the liberals have already decided to buy 18 super hornets.....why would they run a competition because it is in the rules.....what rules we don't need no stinking rules.......The liberals don't want a competition because they might be forced to lie to liberal voters once again....Remember anything but the F-35.....
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    You are assuming that parties should be the center of the political system and the outcome should be judged by the effect on party standings. That is a false assumption. In 1993 we had 270 or so races to elect MPs. In each one of those races their could be only one winner and the winner had a plurality of votes. No one is getting "screwed".
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    FPTP favors individuals at its core. Parties are not essential to the system and we could do what the NWT does and choose the PM after the election with a free vote among all MPs. Any sort of PR makes parties an essential part of the system and gives fringe parties too much of a say in governance which why the voter gets screwed under PR. Some forms of PR use party lists which takes all control away from the voter since people high on the list can never be voted out unless the party support collapses entirely.
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    IT is when the liberals are guilty of the same thing, where is the open competition to this purchase of 18 CF-18's, where is the costing of 0ut to 42 years , the same amount that was forced upon the Cons.....now where to be had......So you can cross that one off the list....the liberals are just as bad as the cons, if not worse, they lied to you and me....
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    Guinevere had golden hair Like yours, mi'lady like yours Streaming out when we'd ride Through the warm wind down by the bay Yesterday
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    Yes , bring up the old liberal throw back......the change in how we report purchases.....the same laws and policies that the liberals are refusing to follow, but i'm just ranting now.....have you heard of the liberals releasing any costing on this purchase.....NO....why is that ? the purchase has already been released.....and yet with no and i repeat no costing at all......the liberals are giving us the finger.....ordered a ban on all those involved in this purchase for a life time.....so no one talks out of order....or finds out WTF is going on.... And better yet they have Gen Vance doing the finger puppet dance.....sad really he is suppose to have DND interest in mind not the liberals......The PM has quoted hearing we have a capability shortfall from him the CDS......and yet the commander of the Airforce is reporting something else....Someone is full of shit.....and my guess is it is the liberals , and the CDS....
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    This is old news.....Not only has DND studied it, it already had funding and approval to run a ELE projectpost phoned due to election now ongoing....under the liberal rule........and which is still ongoing When the Gen of the air force reports to the media that ALL CF-18's are capable of flying past 2025, his word is good....and if it is not then he needs to be replaced.....infact it was reported completed by the last CDS.....Now the current CDS is reporting the same CF 18 good until 2025........has reported this to not only to the media but to his puppet masters the liberals....they (the Liberals ) are aware of the status of each and every CF-18 that has had the 2006 upgrade and 2016 upgrade....a total of 77 aircraft are effected... http://www.citynews.ca/2016/11/25/canadas-cf-18-fighter-jets-can-all-fly-past-2025-rcaf-commander-says/ I can provide more sources if you like, but all you have to do is goggle it..... http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2016/11/25/canada-s-cf-18-fighter-jets-can-all-fly-past-2025-rcaf-commander-says_n_13233178.html Here is some more info, Liberals order a gag order to all personal involved in procurement project of F-35, as well as the new 18 super hornets.....why do we need a gag order if we are part of a clear transparent government ? even the cons were up front about purchases.....Why is the liberal government acting against DND's recommendations ? Who in the liberal cabinet knows more about CF-18 than DND does.....and if they do why do we have Commander of the Airforce if the liberal cabinet knows more...... So what does the liberals know? well they know there is an immediate requirement to purchase more planes....and yet this myth has been busted at so many levels it is not funny....they know the F-35 is crap? because they watch the news... This is nothing more than the liberals pushing this purchase to the right.....so they don't have to deal with it.....That is leadership.....that is what we call Bullshit.....Thats another lie from our liberal government..... http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2016/11/28/liberals-changed-fighter-jet-requirement-says-air-force-commander_n_13288372.html
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    That is your opinion. It is not fact. Many people disagree with your opinion and think the worth of an electoral system is measured with other criteria such as local representation or the whether elections can trigger political housecleaning.
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    Tunisia is the closest to what could be called a success story of the Arab Spring. Although there are struggles and setbacks, the country seems determined to work toward freedom and democracy, based on the example set by the US. Some excerpts from an interview with Meherzia Labidi , a female elected to Tunisia's Parliament. Tunisia's government is focused on using the best principles of the Islamic religion and developing a state where everyone is equally valued. As one of the leaders of the group tasked with developing Tunisia's constitution, Labidi says: She believes there is a lasting legacy from the Arab Spring, despite disappointments and setbacks, such as Sisi's coup in Egypt. And the United States is still a role model for achieving freedom and democracy in their country. I hope Tunisia can continue their journey toward a free society and become an example and a beacon for other Arabs and Arab countries.
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    Boeing should be sure to include contract provision for a yuuuuge cancellation fee because we know what Canada is famous for when it comes to military procurements.
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    Come on. What's a few billion if it gets them out of the uncomfortable position of having the aircraft they rejected selected during an open competition? It's only taxpayer money anyway.
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    Well it does not matter now, Liberals have released they are going ahead to purchases upto 18 Super hornets as an interim aircraft.....All this goes again'st everything DND has told them, that CF-18 are good until 2025, giving them lots of time to run competition, the extra costs of running two fleets of aircraft such as training, for pilots, maintenance crew, etc... Infact the liberals have even changed the amount of aircraft the Airforce Needed, on this one point i would agree with them, however the Cons gave them a dollar value and told them to stay within it.....that number was 65.... All this so the liberals can push this we need fighters off to the next government....so they do not have to purchase the F-35....so the rest of us are asking why, they have already lied about so many other things what is one more promise....made without all the info required at the time....and now it is going to cost Canadians bils so the liberals don't have egg on their face....these bils could have been used some place else within DND..... Can't wait to see them touch the Ship building project.....or maybe they pass that on on to, i mean to get burned on 2 projects would look like they are no better than the cons....maybe it is time to give the NDP a shot...then again maybe not...
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    He needs to break the law. Nixon wasn't impeached he actually resigned, but only because he was going to probably be impeached.
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    Trump is playing the media for a fool. While you people get excited about things that hardly matter, he's busy signing executive orders like they're going out of style. Protestors can bitch and whine about how rude he is, but that changes absolutely nothing. He;s done nothing worthy of impeachment at this point. Trump was elected in part for those very personality traits you abhor. BECAUSE he is rude. Nothing he's done is self-inflicted. But rest assured, being POTUS means he can readily inflict pain onto others. With a mere word, even...
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    Kevin O'Leary was completely insensitive to go to a shooting range after news of the Bowling Green Massacre broke.
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    That's a bogus statement. Please show proof of this.
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    I think you have the issue mixed up, since that never happened.
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    Bully for your favorite prophet, I curse Israel for being an obstinate prick.
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    I can't think of anything that inspires more contempt for Israel than ten years of listening to your interpretation of history.
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    It was the Persians who saved Jews from persecution in the past and near present.... Cyrus Frees the Jews in Babylon http://www.thestarofthemagi.com/howcyrussavedthejews.htm And the 'Iranian Schindler' who saved Jews from the Nazis... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-16190541 Iran: We Saved the Jews Three Times; Netanyahu Should Learn History read more: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.645497 The Iranian Schindler: How thousands of Iranian Jews in America owe their lives to Paris diplomat http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2078238/The-Iranian-Schindler-How-thousands-Iranian-Jews-America-owe-lives-Paris-diplomat.html
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    I don't recall offering an opinion on any of those matters - must say my fantasies generally run in other directions.
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    Being born abroad does not make one a foreigner for life. I hope we can agree on that at least.
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    Why did Turkey join NATO, and why doesn't it withdraw?


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