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  1. As I said, I'm not venturing into the Israeli/Palestinian 'debate' as I don't want to take on five hundred Israeli apologists all armed with the same talking points.
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  2. He did. He asked you to name the ones - there are 57 - which are kind and treat other nations well and don't discriminate or take advantage or brutalize or abuse. True, but only a few Muslim states are run by theocracies. What's the excuse for the rest? People mention this endlessly. I guess because it's the only democratic government on earth ever overthrown with the help of a foreign power... oh wait... Lots of governments do their best to stir up trouble in other countries, their best limited by a variety of factors. South and Central America had lots of experience with
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  3. The above fractured syntax is incoherent, irrational and an illustration of extreme simplism. You engage in a clumsy disjointed attempt to state that whether a Muslim country is assisted by or conflicted with the US its shortcomings are all caused by the US. Your comment is moronic. The US did not draft the Koran nor did it implement Sharia law in Muslim nations nor did it even exist for the vast majority of the time Muslim countries have existed and been at war internally or externally. In your world everything can be blamed on the US government. It also necessarily mea
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  4. Reading up on......... .......Looting?
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