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    The problems we have with immigration are multiple, and complex. Certainly, the quality of refugees that have been dragged here after the Europeans have had their pick do not bode well for a positive outcome. This seems to be where the Liberal party places most of its emphasis, and one can only conclude that is because they are most likely to hold that vote. Sad part is: by simply giving the money to those same refugees to stay where there were, about 10x as many could have been helped, and we would not suffer the long term costs - financial and otherwise - of supporting and accomodating them. I am not terribly sad about so many immigrants going to the big three in cities, as let's face it, they are not really very productive places. Happy to see the cultural, economic and criminal problems stay where they belong. The business of why "traditional" Canadians are not reproducing at a sustainable rate has a lot to do with us not understanding the difference between creating wealth and just re-distributing it. The latter (allowing in fact PROMOTING speculation as a legitimate way to make money - when it only redistributes it) is what requires Mom and Dad BOTH to have to work to pay for "location, location, location", not to mention the "stuff" that seems to define lifestyle these days. No time left for those pesky children thingies that keep at least one parent busy 24 x 7 for decades if you want to raise them yourself. Cost so much to contract what work out, second income is too reduced to have that big mortgage payment. But, as has already been mentioned, why in the name of anything sane would we want to grow our population at all??? Instead of taxing the living shit out of citizens, we can afford a whole lot better by learning to control totally out of control government spending. Add to that: kill the speculative crap and costs drop dramatically. Now: on to those "professionals" coming in from Asian and African countries. What I have seen is generally the standards of ethics, integrity and professional skills simply are NOT up to "traditional" North American standards. Yes, there are a few diamonds in all of that rough, so let's take those and keep the other 99 out of 100 right where they belong - at home in Asia or Africa. Before you simply jump to the conclusion that I am against all immigration unless from some kind of Euro-centric sort of source, nothing could be further from the truth. I just want to see the Liberal version of seeking quantity replaced by some as-yet-to-be-seen conservative version of quality. That doesn't mean bring in nothing but PhDs (we have enoughj post hole diggers already) but families who's SECOND generation are most likely to be very successful. Yeah, right off the first gen, as they will not likely ever just blend in, but their children are a very different story - and the "they" I mean certain countries or people with certain proven accomplishments and successes who will raise their children to take full advantage of the ample opportunites in Canada. One of my closest friends for many years just immigrated from China to SK. Both he and his wife are engineers, his professoriate level, but they came here so she can stay at home with their son while he goes out to bring home the bacon (having had as many as 20,000 people under him should tell you he has a pretty good idea how to make stuff happen). While they got in under immigrant investment programme, it should be pointed out that anyone who can meet those requirements is very, very likely to pay their own way in this country starting pretty much on day 1. But their children I expect will go on to REALLY contribute as Canadians, borne or naturalized. What IMHO should be the #1 requirement, though, is that immigrants qualify financially from places or situations where they EARNED their money, not acquired it through privilege and the skim (puts quite a dent in most African candidates).
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    He got caught red-handed in terrorist activities in Aghanistan and hauled off to Guantanamo and apparently "Canada" didn't save him from Guantanamo. Here's an idea - maybe if you don't get involved with terrorists, you won't get hauled off to Guantanamo.
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    I agree, he's definitely the best thing to happen to US politics in a long long time. He does the right wing the same sort of favour some PC university students do for the left - underscoring the more ridiculous edges that need to be trimmed.
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    Now who can honestly say they didn't see this coming? Once Trudeau started his free millions for terrorists program it was obvious that this would become the new norm. The good news is that Trudeau can give this guy, who isn't even a Canadian citizen, ten million and claim he saved Canadian tax payers 40 million by doing so. It's truly a brave new world in Canada with the village idiot running the show. http://torontosun.com/news/national/ex-gitmo-captive-suing-canada-for-50-million-for-alleged-complicity-in-torture#commentshttp://torontosun.com/news/national/ex-gitmo-captive-suing-canada-for-50-million-for-alleged-complicity-in-torture#comments
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    Well, the funny thing is I agree with you on Trump, he's a trianwreck. But I absolutely love it at the same time.
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    H10 your comments are well thought out and you take a effort to explain them. Appreciated. I tend to agree with Michael H's last comments but said respectfully you still make some valid points. I just think the IT sector is not the major problem area for immigration policy. Skilled IT people are in demand and borders won't stop them. The IT sector if we call it that I s very specialized and of course takes extended years of education and that education quickly expires requiring constant upgrading so immigration policy must be hand in hand with cohesive education policy and job sector requirements based on geographic regional needs. The problem is most provinces; education ministries and college ministries do not run cohesively with federal policy and often work in opposition to one another or as is the case today, immigration policy places unrealistic expectations on the education and college systems to absorb and retrain new immigrants. What we have done is set up a cottage industry of private colleges and community colleges gorging themselves on new Canadians and who have lowered their standards of admission and marking to the point of rendering colleges and high schools and now many universities a joke in terms of what it takes to graduate. I teach in universities and colleges and I would estimate and I am not exaggerating in the colleges the majority of students do not bring in a pen and paper or a text book. They have no idea how to read or write at grade 11 level and depend on the cell phone. They don't use lap tops thinking the cell phone is good enough to send things out on or read things from. The cell phone has shrunk their brains and given them a false sense of being able to pass through training with only a cell phone. The average college student who is NEW Canadian is no different butt hey also have a more pressing need for English at a grade 6 level which they do not have.Very few students I see in colleges or under-grad have good skills. I exempt from the above those students going into specific vocations like plumbnig, carpentry, mechanical type jobs, hands on jobs-those kinds of students are very directed and motivates. Also exempt from that generalization are returning older students getting industry designations or say nurses, specific health care provider students. They too are focused. Now the ones that do, do well. They accelerate and do what they have to do to get into graduate schools or specific vocations but they are now the minority of students. The majority are in a sort of unemployed bubble using school to cushion the unemployment with student loans. New Canadians enroll in colleges so they can get a work permit enabling them 20 hours of work a week but the reality is they work 40 to as much as 60 hours a week and make token appearances at school for exams. Its so bad Immigration Canada is threatening to revoke work permits to students not getting a 1.98 average. New Canadian students are doing what they have to do to get in this country and one way to get in quickly is to enroll in college. They pay cash for their school. Their parents often sacrifice everything depending on these kids to bring their parents in down the road. That's a lot of stress and pressure. Some are absolute idiots who waste the money and end up marginal, criminals, drunks, burdens on society, others bust their butts. However in that bell curve he majority are a large lump of vulnerable, unskilled individuals very disconnected from soft skills as the cell and computer have made soft skills necessary for adjustment and assimilation non existent. In fact the cell phones reinforce their ability not to have to speak English and stay disconnected from the environment around them using the cell phone to navigate while they stay within the ghetto bubble the cell phone direction enables them.. Their critical analysis skills are just not there and this is because that part of the brain which develops at 4,5 by playing games or engaging in activities like sports, music, gardening, art, building things, hand writing, sculpturing, reading books, is just not there. Those exercises once developed a mind's ability to see the grey in between black and white. Now we have essentially people used to taking orders. They are probably better at reading instruction manuals for sure-however not with innovation which is an essential element of an entrepreneur who generates the economic sectors with cutting edge innovations and approaches. Y'all ask me we are training the majority of people to be salivating sheep or lemurs or marmots and enabling a smaller elite to run and rule us. Whether that is just an inevitable human nature thing or being conditioned with social engineering I think our technology is lphysically changing the structure of brain development to make followers of orders, people who don't question and challenge and see themselves as overwhelmed by a larger matrix and so have lowered their expectations of success to focusing on obtaining immediate needs.Now mind you I am influenced by what I see in hundreds of students which is subjective, and certain studies I read, I admit. What I would like to see however are more concise interactioan between provincial education and training policies, federal immigration policies, and acknowledgement from the federal government that there is direct cause and effect from their immigration policies and the increase in welfare dependency, mental illness, physical illnesses, crime, domestic violence when immigrants chosen to come do not have proper adjusting skills and a willingness to take responsibility for such issues dumped on municipalities. I do not think the current government cares. I do not think they care that the hundreds of thousands of people they tell to come to Canada are in fact being set up for jobs no Canadians want and with even those jobs there will be far more of new Canadians desperate for them than jobs and that is deliberately planned. I believe this government is exploiting the poor, the needym with a false message of prosperity to attract them to Canada and have them serve as a captive bottom class for unskilled jobs since the average Canadian has high expectations and won't take such jobs. You know we can talk all we want about $18 minimum wage but the bottom line is small businesses will simply fire workers if they have to pay that wage as they have what is called a profit margin. That profit margin is based on rational analysis not irrational analysis. Its based on a very simple principle, if there is no profit margin, the company dies and there is only so much elasticity in what can be paid in wages. Small business does not have unlimited elasticity to simply increase wages. Often they are on a very precarious footing as it is with one step from bankruptcy. Look we have an entire work place now predicated on temporary jobs. The vast majority of people now do not get benefits of any kind other than Employment Standards as set out in their provinicial legislation. There is ZERO security. If you are lucky you are in a union. Professionals who people say have it easy have soaring income tax rates, malpractice and professional license rates and regulations that stifle their creativity and growth and their work hours are forever increasing due to the new practice regulations they all face. Academics today are no longer protected by unions with seniority and their jobs are predicated on students writing surveys that say they like or hate them which is insane since students today actually threaten teachers who do not give them certain marks and the administrators in colleges change the marks or order the teachers to change the marks or not get another job somewhere else. We also have people still hiring based on subjective inside preference. I see blatant racist and elitist hiring practice by ethnic groups hiring only their own ethnicity and turning work sectors into non English speaking ghettoes. Multi-culturalism and this notion you can just indiscriminately place 300 thou or so not speaking English people in Canada with no skills every year and presto they will learn language skills and get a job is insane. The no. of unadjusted, unassimilating new Canadians adds to the list from the years before. It doesn't disappear it log jams. Our Prime Minister lives in a fantasy land where the only contact he has with fudge looking people is with photo ops for seconds , or because he hires a few as Ministers. He's oblivious to them, their needs and the damage he is doing them patronizing them as if they will automatically when they ILLEGALLY enter Canada, presto turn Canadian. Trudeau sends a message of instant utopia not years of struggle. Twenty let alone thirty years ago, new Canadians expected no help from the government and three generations of struggle to climb. Now immediately upon crossing illegally expect and get free room, board, shelter, training and medical and dental benefits far better than Canadians born here. Yet this government seems oblivious to its message by allowing a flood of illegal migration. Until that flow of illegal migrants is stopped and illegals deported, legitimate immigration and refugee policy can not exist and be practiced. The quota amounts Trudeau announced are a travesty, an utter joke. They mean nothing. T hey don't include the number of illegals now flooding this country. This government is supressing the true volume of illegal migration and how it is directly conflicting and choking off legitimate immigrants with needed skills or genuine refugees.
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    This looks to be an old story. All I can tell you is that you work in a market where you skills are sold. Offshoring as a trend has been going on for almost 20 years and I was impacted by it then. Calling attention to it so long after the impact has been felt, and with a protectionist morality has not worked, and will not work. I am in favour of collective action, and government action to create a more level playing field but this example isn't practical at all. That's not taking jobs then, it's bringing in offshore people for training then sending them back. Have you ever worked with Indian companies ? You strike me as an old-school developer who hasn't been impacted by these changes yet. I'm shaking my head here, as this is all old, old news. The world has, in fact, adapted to the new way and is moving on. ...if you're a skilled IT person then you can find work.
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    The left needs to steer itself back to the centre, before we end up becoming the next Soviet Union.
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    Trump is a blowhard. You'll have a hard time finding anyone sane who would honestly deny it. He's also a groper, an adulterer, a pervert, a compulsive liar, a hedonist, a braggart, a narcissist, and a witless, immature, ignorant, bullying moron. And I say all that not to be insulting but because it's my honest assessment of the man's character - or lack thereof.
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    There may or may not be anything scandalous about the Uranium One deal, I think it would be worth looking into though. What I find distressing is the fever pitch in the way that Hillary supports run around to dispel any idea of wrongdoing when in fact there is solid reason to look further into not only this transaction, but also the 'dossier", the emails, the accusations from Donna Brazile among other things. It makes no sense to bend and contort every bit of minutia surrounding Trump, only to have pundits accept everything they're told by Hillary and her people as fact.
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    This latest news just confirms what many believed about Hillary and Team Clinton regardless of Trump's allegations and outrageous behaviour. Hillary Clinton felt that she was entitled to her party's nomination and the presidency, and she ruthlessly took over the gears and money in that pursuit. The fix was in before Bernie Sanders ever filed his paperwork. ...and yet, she still lost the election to someone like Donald Trump. IIRC, Clinton lost every state to Trump that she lost to Sanders during the primary campaign.
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    Yes, the US started the war by violently placing its cruisers and battleships and airfields in the path of falling Japanese bombs. The US started the war by existing on the other side of the planet while the Japanese invaded Chine and SE Asia and massacred civilians by the millions. What delusional conspiracy theorist nonsense are you peddling around WWII now?
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    What you don't understand is the U.S. did not start the war with Japan. Japan was not willing to surrender and was going to defend itself with every citizen on the island. They were preparing to fight to the last person. It would have cost the U.S. tens of thousands of lives to take control of Japan. That's why the U.S. decided the atomic bombs would save U.S. lives and probably save Japanese lives too because fewer people would be killed than having to fight hand to hand on the island as well as use conventional bombs which also kill a lot of people.
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    Since we're liable for foreign governments actions against Canadian citizens maybe Trudeau should tell us how we can avoid this in the future? Maybe declare these countries no fly zones? (Trump is right?) Maybe declare impressionable teens and suspected extremist supporters non international travelers? Point our fingers at dictators and foreign governments and say "Don't torture Canadians"? Declare war on these countries? Export our foreign policy to India? Don't elect spineless Trust fund babies? How could a court find us liable for these situations but offer no alternatives? If government appointed individuals condoned these acts against Canadian citizens then they should be held accountable... It's interesting we send Canadian citizens (soldiers) into these places and we are not liable for them. What's the difference? They sign a waiver?
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    When's the last time a politician did your bidding? Certainly none has ever done my bidding. We aren't hiring people to do our bidding, we are picking among the least of the evils in a system that presents us with power hungry megalomaniacs, corrupt self-enrichers, and ideological madmen.


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