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    The recent hypocrisy by US, they said that "the missiles used by Yemen against Sauidi most likely is provided by Iran. This means Iran has its finger in these attacks." Do you know that how many US and other Western made weapons we seize from neutralized terrorists in Turkiye ? The most recent attack was done with US made anti-tank missiles and 6 soldiers were martyred. So then we can say that US has its finger in these attacks ? Why the same officials do not admit their terrorism in other countries ?
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    Nope I didnt know. I just know an Asian country which was created a court and started to judge some country statesmen in absentia. Just a few months later they lost a huge passenger plane over the ocean and still cannot find it.
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    You are absolutely right, Altai. How can you be so well informed and sooooooo many of these open-minded Westerners be soooo dismally ignorant of US terrorist acts that have been going on for well over a century. Did you know that the USA Senate in the late 1970s tried to pass a law against international terrorism but every one they wrote was shot down by lawyers who said the USA had done all these terrorist acts? Aren't they the world's biggest hypocrites? If you added all countries hypocrisy together the USA would still beat them by a country mile!!
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    All the events are suspicious as long as they are not investigated officially and publicly. US and many other Western countries has soo many these kind of events in their history. For example I remember a marathon bombing and two guys. It was appeared that these guys had some ties with intelligence in US. They also were hosted as guests in an illegal Turkish guy's home who has strict ties with intelligence and many other details but its not investigated publicly, people have no idea what is happening, they are just forced to follow news.
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    Nope, all we can do is use our brains and filter to the best of our abilities. When I go to troubleshoot an issue with a machine I use the information available at the time, I combine this experience, training and information I gather from sources online and in the industry and work toward a solution. Every problem needs to be approached with an open mind, without that we wouldn't be where we are today. Remember, in the past humans couldn't fly, couldn't talk over long distances, couldn't travel faster than running and so on, all this was "impossible"...
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    I thought it was a man hating course that you get a degree in and complain cause you can't find a job
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    You are wrong again, about this and about the wing tips being able to slice thru 14" steel box columns. It was impossible for Arab hijackers to access nanothermite. Why do you ignore this? It was impossible for Arab hijackers to suspend Newton's Laws of Motion. Why do you ignore this? It was impossible for Arab hijackers to have melted/vaporized steel, melted molybdenum, vaporized lead, created iron microspheres that amounted to 6% of WTC dust. Why do you ignore this? It was impossible for Arab hijackers to cause WTC7 to fall at free fall speed. Why do you ignore this? Why do you ignore these and all the other myriad impossibilities?
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    That always happens to you folks when you find yourself up a stump, which is pretty much always. You, yourself, don't even know what "wet" means. It was a quick grab that failed miserably.
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    I guess I can't use "stunning hypocrisy" for my password anymore.......
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    You're missing the point. Our society has determined that the more you make, the higher the percentage of your income you must pay. This goes up carefully as your income rises until it reaches the top bracket, which is around $220k. Except... after that it drops off a cliff, going back down again due to tax loopholes and protections only the well-healed can make use of. I'm not saying it should keep going up until the rich are forking over 99% of their income, but it should not be going down so that someone making $220k forks over 40-50% of their income while someone making $10 million forks over just 15%.


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