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    If I were writing a letter now, I would ask him why he insulted the italians and greek by putting them in the same boat as returning ISIS fighters. How dumb can this guy get.And how anyone could even think of voting for him again.
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    Described as the biggest, longest, most expensive science experiment in history, the ITER project reached the halfway mark last month. The one hundred billion experiment to construct a series of massive buildings which will ultimately allow for the production of fusion power gives promise of unlimited clean energy in the future. The wonder is much of the developed world has cooperated on this, with the EU leading the way, joined by Russia, the US and China. The first plasma is to be produced in 2025, heated to 150 million degrees - hotter than the sun. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/dec/06/iter-nuclear-fusion-project-reaches-key-halfway-milestone
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    Free speech does not mean free platform. Nobody is obligated to help them in their free speech, but that is what the snowflakes are always confusing with free speech.
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    Conspiracy theories are generally properly labelled, because they have zero sound substance behind them. They are almost always not trying to further something, but to dismiss the hard work of others. How many of the conspiracy theorists actually invest in doing something positive? You have things backwards.
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    This is proof that you are not being sincere, betsy. If science or scientists in general are fooling everyone, you can't then SELECT the trivial few you think qualify simply because they agree with your viewpoint. You are merely demonstrating that the Discovery Institute is NOT motivated to 'discover' anything but to intentionally create a false 'science' for hideous religious political reasons. The idea is to (1) present your narrow audience with people under the label 'scientist' to feel on equal par with real science and/or (2) to claim 'science' as a whole is controversial given some who have signed an article of faith with your common believers assure not 100% of all scientists are supporters of specific science theories (Evolutionary ones here).
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    Betsy likely doesn't even know WHAT Tour's arguments even are. She knows of some newer proponent of the Christian apologist movement who she simply copies and pastes without reading or even being able to follow if she did. @Betsy, when you're actually accountable for what you believe and can argue with your own capacity, I'll listen.
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    You shouldn't edit something you quote, that is immoral. Thank however for proving my point.
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    THERE IS NO SUCH THING. I don't know how many people have to tell you that, but if you actually take the time to read the supreme court ruling 4 of the 5 judges who voted that the then-current law was unconstitutional made it clear their primary issue was how the government ran the system. It was taking too long to make decisions in many cases, which endangered women's health, and in others the decisions seemed too arbitrary. Only one of the 9 judges said that there was an absolute right for a woman to get an abortion which trumped the state's right to legislate controls on abortion. Belief does not violate rights. No. The government refusing to treat people the same because it doesn't like their opinions on abortion, though, DOES violate rights. That is silly. A person's personal belief does not violate any other person's rights. For that matter, it is a matter of law, an individual cannot violate another person's 'rights'. There is nothing in law that says individuals or even groups of individuals have to respect the Charter. The Charter binds governments and ONLY governments. Individuals only have to obey laws. The SCC's ruling says no such thing.
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    Ah the old conspiracy theory, the girl is incapable of making up the lie herself, some adults must have put her up to it. Of course those adults are Muslim and/or Liberal because they are part of my hate agenda.
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    Neo-Nazi "hate speech" is protected by the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, as upheld by the Supreme Court. The Marxists can go to Canada where hate speech laws are enforced.


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