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    Nothing will change until the native community starts to take responsibility for some of their problems. You can't keep blaming whitey or the government for all what ails you. Their chiefs and band councils need to be totally open and transparent with where all the money goes. And it is obvious to everyone where the money ends up.
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    No use worrying about it. There will always be something going on that one could "worry" about. Doesn't help. Just carry on with life and whatever happens with the trade deals will happen.
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    I new a number of dairy farmers in northwest BC. They have a quota system where you have to buy a quota to get into the business. Quotas are expensive. Land is expensive. Equipment is expensive. Buildings are expensive. People have to make a living wage. I think the present marketing system protects farmers from being gouged. They get a predictable price for the milk. They don't look overly rich. Just normal incomes that they need to support their families. I would oppose any change which would do great harm to the system and drive some out of business. I don't know where the milk in the supermarkets actually comes from, but we need to support our dairy farmers. Also, it's difficult to compare running a dairy farm in Canada with running one in the U.S. There are probably many different variables. Some of land in Canada is very expensive as for example in the Fraser Valley near Vancouver. Lower mainland real estate is out of sight. That has to be figured in to the equation as well. Land in some U.S. states might be much less expensive. We can't compete on the same basis.
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    Everybody knew what epinephrine was for after Emergency. Where's that long needle??
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    Gee....I wonder where else that happened...on a continental scale.
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    Christians are made up, Jews are made up, Muslims are made up . ect ect ect .. Hell even us Canadians are made up. NEXT.


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