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    Even if they get refunded, they are being taxed. And the first tax bracket for Canada is up to about 45,000/year. https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/tax/individuals/frequently-asked-questions-individuals/canadian-income-tax-rates-individuals-current-previous-years.html
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    If you think in groups like this, clearly you should all be in jail for the crimes your group have committed, or is that 'scientific knowledge and irrelevant to your current efforts to insult others?
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    I think part of the problem with the liberal media and Trump is they all dream of sleeping with a porn star - Trump actually did/does it. They don't seem to understand that every time they parade her double Ds in front of the camera, every redneck in the country is thinking "The Donald is The Man". I can see a second term coming along nicely.
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    Around 2015. That's when the latest wave of increased... "sensitivity"... started. That's when everyone started to be worried about "cultural appropriation", "microaggressions", "being an ally", "intersectional disadvantage", "cisgender privilege", etc. But, this is the first wave of this bs that is having some real pushback from reasonable middle-ground people (i.e. the increasing number of university professors who are starting to speak out against the atmosphere now found at many universities), who previously just kind of took the increasingly stifling anti-free-speech inclinations of the modern left as an annoyance to be ignored. Haha, I wouldn't question the wisdom of "ingenious" people either.
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    You know, though, it would give them something to focus on so we wouldn't have to hear any more bullshit about how saying "Merry Christmas" is illegal, or how Christ wants you to kill queers.
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    No, under internet etiquette it's considering to be SHOUTING. You confuse someone "disagreeing" with you, with "overlooking/ignoring" your points. I think you'll find it turns people off less if you just write normally. Besides, if you're talking about the Bible, the words should speak for themselves, no? Can you tell me which verses in the Old or New Testament actually say "homosexuality is a choice"? I've got a copy of it with me.


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