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    President Trump has succeeded in getting allied support (UK/France) for a military strike against Syria, Putin be damned. Not bad for a real estate huckster from Queens. Justin Trudeau watches on television.....all he can do.
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    You're entitled to your opinion. I still like the guy. And she WAS really good looking!
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    Climate is the statistical distribution of weather. Thus it is easier to predict than weather itself. Similarly, if you flipped a fair coin 1 million then we can expect with extremely high probability that roughly 50% of the coin flips would be heads. However, we would have no ability to predict an individual coin flip (weather). Objects tend to emit electromagnetic radiation depending on how hot they are. I emit radiation, you emit radiation, the sun emits radiation, the earth emits radiation, etc. There are different types of electromagnetic radiation including x-rays, gamma rays, ultraviolet light, visible light, infrared radiation, microwaves and radiowaves; what distinguishes these types of radiation is the frequency (i.e. colour) of the radiation. The hotter something is, the more electromagnetic radiation it will emit (unless we are dealing with radioactive materials, which is another issue) and also the higher the frequency (i.e. more blue/violet and less red) the radiation will be. The Earth emits electromagnetic radiation, however because the Earth isn't very hot, this radiation is infrared and we can't see it. The sun, is much hotter than the Earth so it's radiation is primarily visible light, which we can see. Ever turn on an electric stove and notice that it starts to glow red as it gets hotter? This is the relevant effect. Different types of gasses have different properties. Some gases might be completely transparent to some types of radiation, but opaque to others. By opaque, I mean that the gas will have a high chance of absorbing a photon of light if the light tries to pass through the gas. The reason for these properties is due to the properties of the individual molecules in the gas, but to explain these properties you have to go into quantum mechanics. Greenhouse gases for Earth are those gases that are transparent to visible light yet opaque to infrared radiation. CO2 is a good example, because if you look at the properties of CO2, it is very transparent to visible light. CO2 tends to absorb infrared radiation around 15 μm very well. When you add more CO2 to the atmosphere, this will not really affect light traveling from the sun to the Earth, since that light tends to be visible; thus the light from the Sun will pass through the atmosphere and warm the surface. In order to cool-off from receiving all this energy from the Sun, the Earth must radiate energy out into space. The surface of the Earth emits infrared radiation which travels towards space. However, if we add more CO2, then there is a higher chance that this energy won't reach outer space and will instead be absorbed by the atmosphere. The atmosphere will then re-emit some of that absorbed energy back towards the Earth's surface. The net effect is that the Earth's surface warms.
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    I agree that if big business is the only beneficiary of action then it should not be done.
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    b_c, Zuckerburg is only 5'7"? You are as clueless as the Congressmen asking the questions. ==== Every Congressmen is now turning to an aide and asking: why do people think I'm an idiot? (This is a George Bush Snr laser price check moment.) But it's more: it's also about the phrase "Only in America". And finally, it's also about people like Thomas Edison.
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    I would make it illegal to use foreign money to fund religious or cultural institutions in Canada, as well as any kind of political activism. Just as a start. That includes supplying free mullahs to the local mosque, salaries paid for by foreigners, or free religious books, booklets and pamphlets (as one example). No foreigners building religious institutions or setting up university study centres to propagate their message. I think I would also require, for tax purposes, any religious institution, be it a church, temple, mosque, or whatnot, which wished to claim tax exemption, have only Canadian citizens in charge. That means no foreign priests, mullahs or whatnot.
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    The American people who voted for Trump picked someone who pretty much told them what they wanted to hear. Trump told them that they were living in a swamp and that Trump was going to try and clean it up. It worked for him because Trump was telling the truth. Something those other opponents were either part of the swamp or were to scared to tell the people the truth. Politics stinks because it is not an honorable profession to be in. All politicians must learn how to fib and spread the bull about how to go about stealing and wasting tax dollars from the taxpayer's. I have yet to hear from one politician in Canada that has said that they will cut taxes and get rid of big government. They won't even utter those words. Even Harper who once believed in more freedom, less taxes and less government for the people instead gave Canadians more taxes and more government and less freedom. Crooks and lairs they all is.
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    The spate of news after Trump's victory - showing worried Canadians reacting to Trump's victory - vindicate your claim. There must be hysteria in some quarters too, since the CBC even featured a cartoonist', "Keep Calm and Canadian On."