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    Trudeau tried to justify giving 10 million settlement to Khadr saying that we violated Khadr's constitutional right....and that Khadr was asking for 20 million. Now, Trudeau government is giving only approx. $36,000.00 for each victim of child scoop.....which is also a violation of constitutional rights. Indigenous people should get a class-action lawsuit and demand $20 million for each victim. Maybe Trudeau will settle for 10 million each!
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    We just had a devastating bus crash a couple of hundred kilometres north of here. President Trump send his condolences. I've never agreed with his politics but that was an act of human decency. Thank you Mr. President.
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    Let's tackle the immigration issue, GH. The problem is where does the polity of the USA draw the line. If we allow all the poor into the US as the Great Benefactor, we would have billions of people here. So looking at it from the poor’s perspective is not the whole story. And number two, if we let all the unfortunates enter the US, who is going to pay for them. The idea that they take no resources for support is wrong. For example, because it is a good one, California’s homeless situation is growing rapidly as people are pulling a John Steinbeck and moving to the land of warm opportunity which it is not. The attitude of California’s government is lunacy, as evidenced by the intrastate civil war that is brewing. Jesus answered the politicians of his time when they questioned the use of ointments used for him by one of the women of his group. They asked him why waste the “capital” of that, you could give the money to the poor. His answer was, there will always be poor with us, but I will be with you for only a short time. He promoted support of the poor, but not their elimination. In today’s language, there will always be a spectrum of wealth in society. Jesus taught that we need to be satisfied with our lot and be as good as we can be. This society is a powerful uplifter of people providing opportunity. That is why people die to come here. If we allow either the elite or too many indigents to destroy the ability to provide opportunity, this will come to a screeching halt. Which is exactly what Soros, Rockefeller et al want. The really scary pert is, if they were to get their way, what do they get out of it. If anyone thinks they are being altruistic, I have a Bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you.


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