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    The only shriveled dicks I see are those Canadians who support the petulant, cowardly bully that Trump is.
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    Justin Trudeau the Bold, effectively silenced- Trudeau Suggests It’s Not His Place To Condemn Trump’s Migrant Child Policy When asked in the HOC what he was going to do about it, he said "From the very beginning I have been very clear on the role that Canadians expect of me — to stand up firmly and unequivocally for our values, for our interests, to protect Canadians and to make sure that we're doing well, as well as having a constructive relationship with the United States," Trudeau said. "That's what we're going to remain focused on. What we will not do, is play politics with this." In other words "I was told to shut my mouth, and that's what I'ma gonna do."
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    One day you will realize you are simply being trolled by our resident American who loves trolling everything Canada.
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    What does my question have to do with Trump? It's a very straight forward question. Have you been drinking, or are you simply refining the art of stupid to new levels? If you are questioning my patriotism then I suggest you shut up, get off your ass and march on down to the nearest recruiting center. There you can sign up and devote two decades or more of your life to your country. When you do that I'll listen to anything you have to say about patriotism. Until then all you're doing is spouting off so much hot air.
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    This too is turning into a bag of sh*t for Trudeau. Now that the truth is coming out about the whole affair, that Trump made concessions to Trudeau regarding NAFTA. Well...people aren't too impressed with Trudeau trying to play the big man. In fact all I'm hearing now is people saying that they don't blame Trump for being supremely pissed at Trudeau. He didn't help his case at all in QP when the Conservatives specifically asked him about Trump conceding regarding the sunset clause, he then pulled his usual shtick, refusing to answer the very simple question he was asked. The word now is that this whole mess was caused simply by Trudeau's desire to boost his image with Canadians.
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    It stated 1979 as the previous peak of manufacturing, and they're now at twice that level. I presume they're no longer making cheap, consumer products, but are more focused on industrial , aerospace, automotive, technology, etc. And it was clear that the new manufacturing is not going to the small urban and rural areas but the big cities. That helps account for why those areas are still economically depressed. Plus the new manufacturing is not as labour intensive but requires skills that need post-secondary education. Except the manufacturing sector has not declined. Only the number of jobs in in it has. The biggest decline in jobs happened after 2001. On the other hand, the tech sector continues to grow in both total production/dollars and employment.
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    Canadians should be free to "insult" Justin Trudeau or agree with "insults" levied at Trudeau without their "patriotism" being questioned, regardless of what Trump says. Justin Trudeau was a putz long before Trump's remarks, and called as much in Canadian media. So now Trudeau is a hero ?
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    Sorry, but I will believe Moody's before I believe you:
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    The problem is most people don't make a quick connection between government policies on business and the environment, and the economy. That's especially so where government props up the economy with borrowing. How much have interprovincial trade barriers hindered our economies for years? But is there any pressure from the voting public to do anything about them? Nope. People like government which spends money and is 'nice' - which often are simply synonyms in their minds. Governments which slashes jobs and spending draw howls of protest and upset people. It's all too easy to just vote for the 'nice' people so that things are calm and peaceful, as they've been with Trudeau. If Ford actually tries to cut back in Ontario there are going to be mobs of screaming, angry people in the street, with sympathetic coverage from the media. We'll see how long the public is willing to support that...
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    You're not getting it. What good is $14 bucks? heck, you can even aspire to raise it to $30 minimum wage! What good would that do if you can't find a job??? All you do is provide a determined motivation for big corporations to turn to modern technology to replace people! We see it at WalMart - those check-out rows of machines! They're gonna do it at fastfood joints, wait and see! Robotics will also play a big part in some of them, like the robot that flips 300 burgers! Big corporations will be willing to invest millions in modern tech. Heck, just getting rid of the Union, is enough incentive for them.
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    So now instead of corporations absorbing some cost, the consumers can just be forced to absorb the cost through taxes, whose side are you on again? The carbon tax is a slam dunk according to every constitutional lawyer with credibility. We were downgraded because ford had no plan.


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