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    Most Canadians always believe that it is always the other country that is the problem and at fault. Our dear leader politicians brought this problem on many many decades ago. When a country puts a 270% tariff on dairy products all to appease Quebec then you know that someone here in Canada does not want to play fair ball. Tariffs need to be abolished and let the best man/woman win in the markets and business game. The government only screws up and makes things worse rather than better. Just saying.
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    Jimmmmmm......... if you shut off the power grid then we'll do what we always done, burn more fossil fuel... you wouldn't want that!
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    Time magazine corrects its big media lie...child was not separated. https://ca.news.yahoo.com/white-house-accuses-democrats-media-exploiting-toddler-photo-175002249.html
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    The trade war is on! https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/eu-retaliatory-tariffs-us-begin-1.4717696 EU targets Harley Davidsons, peanuts, bourbon, orange juice. The trade war is on — and Trump voters are the target Jun 22 201 The European Union’s robust retaliatory tariffs came into force Friday on $3.2 billion of U.S. goods designed specifically to inflict pain on Donald Trump’s political base in the American heartland. https://news.vice.com/en_us/article/mbkdbp/european-union-trade-war-trump-voters Very interesting concept. Trade: https://www.google.ca/search?q=canada+trade+by+state&oq=canada+trade+by+state&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l2.14865j1j7&client=ms-android-bell-ca&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#imgrc=os6Ed5-pMJyIjM: Trump https://www.nytimes.com/elections/results/president Hmm...
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    On the other "other hand", the information you posted lumped all visible minorities together and compared them to Caucasians - but ended by saying "Among visible minority offenders, Black offenders tend to exhibit more problem areas than Asian or “other visible minority” offenders.". So I think it's fair to say you've supported my argument to some extent - but as you suggested, I think those usual suspects would just ignore that line.
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    But there are so many Canadians who believe that we Canadians do not need no stinkin' America to survive. Bad thoughts. LOL.
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    No, they are not everywhere. They are a tiny minority of men.
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    1) Would you therefore trust a professional sociologist to do that ? What comes out of the discussion once root cause is determined ? A systemic approach, or a blame/excuse approach ? 2) Since you are willing to give the problem over to professionals for information gathering, will you abide by what they find whether you agree with the politics or not ? If not, then we are talking about the heart of the 'epistemic crisis' we are living in today, the disagreement over facts and knowledge. Objective arts and sciences are a good way to establish common ground, as you seem to be willing to investigate but to my mind the end result can't be blame/excuse as it takes a process back into the realm of the amateur/generalist. And although I'm obviously a fan of the academic/specialist approach I also recognize that without trust and buy-in it's a non-starter.
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    I don't think it takes any imagination to determine the colour of most, if not all of these gang-bangers. This would be a perfect opportunity for a sociologist to profile each and every one of them - family make-up, education, countries of origin, etc. Most people - obviously including me - have pre-conceived notions that most gun crime in the GTA is black-on-black with root causes in the Baby-Mom culture and absentee fathers - mostly stemming from crime-ridden Caribbean countries with a systemic single-parent cultural bias. Call out the hand-wringers who whine about blacks being over-represented in the justice system. Get the facts - do the work - tell the truth - and work to stop the violence.....for the sake of the overwhelming, vast majority of the Black community that just wants to get on with their lives.
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    Those are indeed defamatory claims, unless they can prove them to be true.
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    LOL you call that war? Our economy is over 20 trillion. Do you realize how small 3.2 billion is? That's the price it cost to build a suburban shopping mall. I mean maybe in a tiny European nation that sounds big like the entire year's gdp. We are not an export dependent economy, . Our economy is the envy of the world. 80 percent of our GDP is services not physical goods exchange. "There are more jobs than people out of work" https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/05/there-are-more-jobs-than-people-out-of-work.html "The US economy suddenly looks like it's unstoppable Friday's economic data provided evidence the U.S. economy is heading into the second half of 2018 with strong momentum. Nonfarm payrolls beat expectations while manufacturing and construction indexes both showed accelerated growth. Economists are slowly ratcheting up expectations for growth through the end of the year, with widely followed measures putting the second quarter at between 3.6 percent and 4.8 percent." https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/01/the-us-economy-suddenly-looks-like-its-unstoppable.html GDP by sector Agriculture: 0.9% Industry: 18.9% Services: 80.2% https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_of_the_United_States In economics, a service is a transaction in which no physical goods are transferred from the seller to the buyer. This is important, soon automation will take over and almost all physical goods will be manufactured by robots so trade import/export are no longer necessary. You need to move your economy into the service sector which we have been doing since the 60's . Stop pouting like a child Canada and EU, take your medicine, you're only hurting your self. Free trade is good for you more than us so get on board the Trump economic train.
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    I'm talking about men who become explosive, hateful and downright scary when they're rejected. They are everywhere. But you wouldn't know that. These are the kind of guys that get bullied, ridiculed and dismissed as weird and pathetic by other guys. You don't realize how dangerous they are to women because you don't experience it ... and you dismiss women's complaints about them.
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    I have no doubt it's just what the Bilderbergs ordered. Oh well nothing we can do.
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    Incredible. We have a situation that the entire country called Iran has been occupied by mullahs and their mercenaries in the most evil and brutal manner and then you are scare mongering about the possibility that one province of less than 10% of its area may possibly intend for indpendence!!!!!!!!!. And if they want independence that is because they have been treated very badly and in a very discriminatory manner by this regime for decades and what if they want to separate? Do you bomb them and shoot them? Do you kill women and children in order to keep Kurdistan in Iran? If yes then you are same as Iran regime and as bad as the Israeli regime which you criticize strongly. Give them reasons to stay within Iran like hope and prosperity and respect not bombs and bullets, There has to be a regime change so that hope for better future within Iran and prosperity is given to the Kurds and respectful treatment as equal citizens so that they would have no reason to separate and decide to stay in iran which they share a long history and many traditions. When you treat people with bullet and bombs for 40 years of course there may be some elements who may wish to separate (though likely a minority now and a majority if this regime survives for another decade God forbid). I did acknowledge US efforts to HELP Iran nation to topple the regime (unlike stupid idiot Obama who handshaked with devil, Trump means business) . The regime has been warned hands off defenseless people by Trump and that is why they are behaving less murderous now compare to 2009 when they sent their thugs to beat up and kill many defenseless people. That said however the main action is being carried out by brave women of Iran and couragous nation of Iran. Do not try to undermine that fact. Go and sell yours somewhere else. The real reason is that you wish the regime in iran to survive (in spite of your so called deviatory support comment for regime change) so the flow of money stolen from Iranian people by this occupying regime continues to your people, regardless of the fact that as a result a big majority of Iran nation being the 4th richest country in the world are living in absolute poverty. Your hands are quite open to me and you are using the same tactics as Iran regime (the tactic of creating imaginary enemy abroad like US, Israel, Arabia and now THE KURDS) to delay the inevitable anti regime revolution in Iran. The recent slogan which goes to the heart of YOUR attempted deception shouted frequently by Iran nation is: Our enemy is right here (the regime) - They lie to us and say it is America. Iran regime and their mercenaries feed on hate and survive with wars and Iran nation is the only victim. This tactics has been used for 4 decades but now the nation of Iran has realized the deception and lies and will not be a victim to your propaganda or your kind or your employers.
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    Turns out Hamas paid a Gaza family to claim their baby was killed by Israeli tear gas last month. The baby's death made international headlines & was used to shame Israel. Turns out if was a lie. Can't wait for all those news outlets to publish a correction. https://www.timesofisrael.com/hamas-paid-family-to-say-baby-killed-by-tear-gas-says-gaza-terror-suspect/
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    State of democracy in Iran. Even a man's hair is banned to be shown on regime TV if it is long!!!!!! In a way I can understand that for the mullahs who most are known as "you know what" from childhood and well known by Iranians, then a man's hair can be provocative of course and hence banned by them to be seen. https://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-44577659 The censorship by regime broadcasting station is mocked by many in the attached link. In a way as sad as it is but the comments are funny.
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    Because you said that the kurds are seeking independence and attached a link to prove your allegation whereas the link said NOTHING about independence from Iran but a regime change and they are two very different things. You are trying to present opposition to Iran regime as separatist movement and to backup your claim you attach a link about regime change. Exactly what Iran regime is doing for survival trying to scare away the nation from rising up by claiming that if they rise up then kurds and arabs and baluchies and Azeris will separate from iran or Iran will become syria. You use exact same tactics and hence you ARE a regime mouth piece spreading false fear mongering so that the brutal regime survives longer and destroys Iran more and kill more Iranians. The fact that you claim you wish regime change does not make you anti-regime when you do the regime work here in public. I said it is MAINLY Iranian people who have realized that this regime is corrupt and muderous and have destroyed Iran and is not reformable and must go and are risking their lives everyday to get rid of this regime and you undermine the risk they are taking by giving credit to US. If US is assisting the opposition to this brutal regime which has destroyed iran in this 40 years then bless the USA. But THE LINK THAT YOU ATTACHED SPEAKS OF OPPOSITION BY KURDS NOT SEPARATION OR INDEPENDENCE MOVEMENT so you lied and spread fear of independence just like the regime wish you to do. It would only COST the regime if this likely US backed opposition wins it will not cost the country and I accept the cost with pleasure. Persians and Kurds have a 2500 years common history and share many customs and traditions and fought side by side for centuries against enemies and now will again fight alongside each other against a common enemy again and that common enemy is the Islamic Republic NOT Iran. They may seek autonomy (to speak their language, or have their own schools or traditions or provincial flag like Ontario and Quebec) but not independence and that is their right. So what do you do if they wish for their right to be autonomous? Shoot them? or grant them their rights? I choose latter because I believe in democracy and equality and rights.
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    Another lie by marcus. Not sure what you are gaining by being Iran regime mouth piece. Even the link that YOU yourself have attached says clearly that the fight is against the brutal islamic regime and overthrow of islamic republic and not a word about independence. Maybe you were hoping that people read your comment and believe it without reading the link. If the kurds are taking these steps and these steps are called independence then people of Tehran, Mashhad, Qom, Kazerun, Izeh, Isfahan, and 140 other cities also wish to separate their cities from Iran!!!!!!! Since they also oppose the repressive islamic regime and risking their lives in order to change it. These are extracted from your link and it is all about opposition to iran regime and nothing about fight for independence: Iranian Kurdish opposition groups are maneuvering to become an essential part of a new White House policy of weakening and ultimately overthrowing the government in Tehran. "We need to take decisive action, but the question is how? By talking to the Kurdish leaders who are heading the opposition in Iran, we should try to implement change in the leadership of this country," Eli M. Gold, the senior vice president of the London Center, told Kurdistan24 at the June 13 event. We as Kurds of Iran are the most united opposition force. We are trying to make friends and partners in order to have a critical role in changing the Islamic Republic of Iran’s regime,” Hijri told Kurdistan24. “regime change” was discussed in the meetings that he and Hijri held in Washington
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    It is the same bunch of countries (Britain, France, Germany, Russia) who were arming Saddam Hussain of Iraq for petro dollars and were well aware of his human rights abuses at home, and mass mudering of Iranian civilians and his invasion into Iran and his use of chemical weapons against Iranian soldiers in the war. Shame of these prostitute countries who are singing democracy but doing business and encouraging business with the most brutal regime in the world. United States and now Canada are the only two countries who have said no to this brutal muderous mullahcracy.
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    I've pretty much accepted that half of the west is willing to bash trump regardless of what he does. Half of them clearly does not see he is playing bad cop good cop with our adversary. Objectively speaking, trump's ability to change rhetoric over night gives him the freedom for political maneuvering.
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    Exactly, it's to score political points which is why the Dems won't help pass legislation. It's my understanding that the GOP doesn't have enough votes. without the Dems.
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    Lol. They ought to take bus-loads of these kids and drop them off at the houses of all those complaining about their condition. Here, accomodate them. First stop: Laura Bush's ranch.
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    In Canada......we'll probably be sued for millions. Of course, we'll pay. We're known, and famous for that.
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    Taking children from their mothers. Abomination Just like the way the government rips children from parents, huh? "For the good of the children," of course. Having been a foster parent, I've heard children crying for parents (some of whom will never see again, because they're being set up for adoption). It is heartbreaking to see these children on their last visits with their parents. Anyway, some kids cry for their fathers! But of course, the real story behind what's happening in the USA border right now..........there's more to it, isn't it? A real refugee will be thankful to see their children having a safe place to sleep, and being fed balanced meals on a regular basis.....after all, they've already got past the most dangerous part of their journey. It's so easy for those exploiting the misery of refugees who risked life and limb to flee from whatever it is that made them flee from their homeland. Obviously, they felt the risk is well worth it. So.....I don't understand why people are making such a big deal about children being kept in what they say are "cages." Surely, you wouldn't want them running off, unsupervised? Lol. Before you know it, the USA will be sued for missing children! Or, for children who were abducted by pedophiles! Once they set foot at your doorstep - they become your problem, whether you like it or not. Now you see why a wall is needed.


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