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    https://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/economy/study-recommends-canada-remove-all-trade-tariffs/article18598773/ I'll side with professional economists on this one.
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    It is happening to the country not just toronto. The left wing have some weird obsession with Islam and feel a need to hand the country over to them or the sikhs. In 20 yrs if this is not stopped ,we will not recognize this country at all. Islam needs to be on its own, not forcing its beliefs on other countries.
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    Who cares, this government is a breath of fresh air and every day is more good news. Yes there are some tough decisions coming, but they will be about getting this province back on track. Not sucking up to the unions and hiring people for the sake of hiring people. I love it.
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    Of course it is so. Lancastrians are predominantly white, after all. I have English pride, and Yorkshire pride, but no white pride. That said, I have no white guilt either, and if I have any white privilege, it's not my fault, so I don't care.
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    ....Once again, I reiterate I have proposed my solution which is change must be initiated by people....I have said this several times now! Unfortunately, there is no solution and quick fix to your liking and you are not receptive to other people's opinion and suggestions. One wrong decision to achieve democracy will have far greater consequences. I guess if you had your family members or loved ones inside Iran you wouldn't want them to becomes pawns in the military strikes.... The Tudeh elements of MEK are the same cults that advocated communism known by Shah as 'reds' and islamists 'blacks'...MEK are a bunch of rascals/ traitors and terrorists. They are the enemies of Iranians. I have no idea where you get your information from that reinstating MEK in power will somehow achieve miracles that resembles today's China! I am sorry to say this but that is a total hogwash no matter how much disdain one has for these god damn mullahs you cannot brush MEK's as progressives even relatively speaking...If there was a choice I would have loved Iranians to have a referendum on what type of government they like to have not to shovel them with stick (MEK) and stick again (western military invasion). Of course having a western friendly government and monarchy system works in favour of the nation of Iran and a win win scenario for everyone. That is a given. But this is not likely to happen. To achieve the means to re-establish democracy requires expertise and strategists to formulate the possible outcomes and scenarios. Frankly none of us are qualified to make a suggestion but one can look at the records of history of events in the last two decades post 9/11.... If the politics was that simple and one dimensional we could have achieved peace and democracy in every god damn country that was invaded...But we cannot and that's why the military model wouldn't work for other countries including Iran! Let's consider the military option shall we? The thing people fail to realise is that there must be a 'leverage' for US and western nation to liberate these countries. For Americans to deploy troops and machinery it costs money!!!! Consider all the countries that have been invaded. They have one common denominator and that is oil, political influence and financial implications. Look at Kuwait, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc. But did we ever think about going to Zimbabwe to get rid of that dictator Mugabe???? Nooooo! That didn't serve the interest. But let's look at the countries like Iraq and Libya that did serve the western interest. They are a total mess now. Before you react and reply consider the situation in Libya that is nowhere near Iran to excuse Ayatollah's meddling...Are you telling me that Libya today is the shining model of democracy Iran can emulate post mullahs!?!? Seriously!?!? I do know for certain that having Iranian people on our side (which they clearly are) is the most important weapon the West can use to challenge the Ayatollahs...I do somehow find myself in agreement with Marcus that open free market and the access to social media is a great platform to reach an audience where 65% of population is under the age of 35! The Ayatollahs may censor certain sites to public for sure. But Iranians can access these sites by breaking the filters. You want to look at site censorship check out Mainland China! The irony is every god damn speech that comes out of the mouth of these Ayatollahs these days is raising the rate of inflation. They are digging their own graves by exacerbating the economics and financial situation in the country. Heck, that's why they are clergies and should stay in a place for worshipping not politics... This is why we are seeing the exponential drop in currency against dollars in the last few months. Young Iranians are exposed to all these information through social media and they certainly know where the source of the problem is. Change for Iran now must Evolve not Revolve!
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    Free trade is a subset of Fair trade. All free trade is fair trade. Free trade is "we don't put trade barriers on you, and you don't put trade barriers on us". Pretty fair. Another form of fair trade is no trade. Out of the set of fair trade, free trade is the most desirable.
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    How timely. We were just discussing this very thing at lunch today. One of my now deceased friends and director of one of our US companies was a key man (actually THE key man) for an international institution in Moscow when Garby opened things up. I got to vicariously experience Russia for the first 5 years of perestroika and glasnost and have some sense of just how badly Russians regarded Kruschev screwing around with the Crimea in the first place. It was seen as a sign of extreme weakness and betrayal to yield territory. I have also been for a while running all over Ukraine in those years, and can tell you that in the East, it was a VERY Russian place in language and culture. We needed a translator to facilitate the Ukrainian speakers among us. I regard Russia as nothing more than a vastly more powerful, wealthy and dangerous version of some of the most corrupt places on Earth. Nigeria and Venezuela have nothing on it. The big difference is that Putin absolutely understands the Russian respect for "strong man" leadership and is sufficiently ruthless to carry out whatever it takes to have unfettered personal access to its vast resources. That includes taking back Crimea - that has historically been THE main Russian Black Sea access.
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    My solution is to go forward with open market and trade. Look at the transformation in China. The more people are able to create connections with others through trade and other means, the less power these tyrannical governments will have. Iran has a large well-educated young population which is ready to burst onto the world stage. By not isolating Iran, Iranians will be able to begin trading all over the world and creating connections all around the world. When you isolate a country and its people through sanctions and through the market, then you create the perfect atmosphere for tyranny to flourish (ex: Iran, Iraq (under Saddam), North Korea). When you attack countries and start wars, then you create the perfect atmosphere for chaos to begin (ex: Iraq, Libya, Syria). When you open up the market, then the old system begins to fade and progress can have a chance (ex: China, Vietnam).
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    OK, but Canada (and Mexico) get far more out of the relationship while contributing far less. Canada gets access to the largest market/economy in the world...but is less than California's in return. Canada can continue being not just a NATO deadbeat, but also a research and development deadbeat, worker productivity deadbeat, IP theft deadbeat, etc. Democracy in Canada seems to mean continuing the same old love-hate relationship....LOVE the American economy and innovation...HATE American foreign/domestic policies.
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    FAIR Trade. Not free trade. Not sure what is so hard to understand about this concept. Let's give that a shot!
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    Nice, yer getting to the Bush_Cheney level, and right quick!
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    None of the above. Pursue free trade, but do so reciprocally.
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    Isn't that the central point of all progressive thought these days?
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    The world seems to be getting more dangerous because of US Policy under Trump. So far in his term, he's threatened war against N Korea and now Venezuela, and he's called Canada a security risk. He's spent considerable time alienating the allies you want to contribute to his war efforts, while cozying up to those who we were previously allied against. I don't see how we can bolster our collective effort to save the world from war, unless it's all of us (Canada, Europe, China etc.) against the US and Russia.
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    The only country that could invade Canada is the US. Like that is going to happen. We belong to NATO to protect Western Europe, not Canada or the US. Where was the US from 1939 - 1942? Where was the US from 1914 to 1917? This is not to say that when the US finally entered the WW2, they did not contribute, but it could be said the US was the dead-beat while we spent our blood and treasure. I don't agree with that, but is is one arguement. Why does the US need such a huge military? I agree with Bush-Cheney, the US should put a big chunk of it's Defence budget into healthcare. As Gwynne Dyer famously said, "If you can't take a joke, you should not have a defence budget."
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    The epitome of missing the point is two people arguing about which skin colour is to blame for world problems.


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