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    Trump in a press conference with Theresa May won't take questions from CNN, calls it fake news. And he's not afraid of saying I think I'm doing a great job. He cracks me up.
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    Given the geography of the region, it's pretty obvious that Denmark/Greenland will own it. Russia and Canada just claim it due to moronic chest-thumping nationalism. But here is a picture of the North Pole and the Lomonosov Ridge. Canada is on the wrong side of the ridge to claim the North Pole. Now, please cry me the sweet sweet maple tears of Canadian patriotism.
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    I’d love to be able to ignore American policy, except that its international impact is too significant.
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    The only bet I placed is virtual, as in here on MLW.
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    You seem to have worked yourself into a lather over, well, I'm not exactly sure what. What are we not paying for? Are we not paying for not being protected against missile attacks even though we're supposedly involved in a continental defense partnership with the U.S.? I think a lot of people were surprised when the U.S. recently admitted that its missile defense policy is to not protect Canada. Maybe we're overpaying if we contribute anything at all. And are we not paying enough for the defense of Europe when many analysts believe we have no specific strategic interests there in any case. We've mainly stayed involved in NATO in order to maintain contact with and tangential relevance to the Europeans. We really should ask if we should be there at all. I think you need to give your head a shake.if you think we're taking advantage of anybody on any of this.


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