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    I have a South African acquaintance as well and his family left for similar reasons. While none of them were killed, they were the victims of several violent attacks. The people pointing at official SA government statistics and saying "see, everything is fine" are clearly missing the point. Regimes that are trying to eradicate or push out a minority group rarely publicly document their crimes for the world to see.
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    I am now about to remake our immigration system. Here are a few of my likely policy changes. Immigration numbers will be cut back to 200,000 Family immigration will be eliminated except in humanitarian cases. Investor class immgiration will be eliminated entirely. All potential immmigrants must pass basic language tests given at the embassy or consulate. All potential immigrants must have a job offer for a job which cannot be easily filled by Canadians in order to immigrate to Canada (which is the requirement in the US) The requirement that immigrants attest to their desire to reside in Canada will be reinstated. The period of residency before acquiring citizenship will be raised back to 5 years. All potential immigrants will be interviewed, which will allow an immigration officer to assess their language skills as well as their personal suitability and willingness to adapt and assimilate into Canada. They will also be required to answer, in writing, a series of fairly routine questions related to the profession they claim to be a member of in order to weed out those with fake documents and degrees. They will also be given a version of the 'personality' tests Canadian business routinely use to assess people's values and beliefs to see if they will fit in. In addition for a potential immigrant getting points for language ability, education, job skills, etc., the potential immigrant's spouse will also be able to add points to his score if he/she also has language skills, education and job skills. Canada will prioritize immigration from countries and areas in order to prevent the build-up of ethnic ghettos in Canada. For years Canada has taken a large number of immigrants from certain countries and areas which has supplied a continuing stream of that group to help enlarge and sustain such ethnic communities. Changing the focus of our immigration will allow those ethnic groups to more readily assimilate. This would mean targeting places like South America and Europe which have supplied minimal numbers of immigrants over the past few decades and which, consequently, do not have large ethnic communities here which retain the values and beliefs of their homeland. Every refugee applicant will be kept in custody pending their hearing. Every refugee applicant's story will be checked out by the embassy/consulate in the country where they reside (Which means if you claim to be persecuted because you're gay your family and friends better know about your being gay). Canada will only grant temporary asylum for a perdiod of five years. After which the condition of their country or situation will be reassessed to see if they can return home. Canada will adhere to the UN definition of refugee. This definition does not consider people living in a war torn counry like syrian (except minorities being persecuted) as refugees. Nor does it consider poverty, ie, Hait, to be a justification for asylum claims. Nor would it allow women who claim their husbands beat them to make asylum claims. Immigrants/refugees who have met the residency requirements and wish to apply for citizenship must pass language tests (more than basic) and must demonstrate the efforts they have made to assimilate, as well as having been self-supporting and having no criminal record. (this is the case in most western countries). Citizenship will be automatic only to those born to Canadian citizens. It will not be granted to those who happen to be flying overhead at birth, or to people who come here to give birth, or to visitors or refugees or students (except in the case where the resulting offspring would otherwise be stateless). If refugees become Canadian citizens then any child born to them in Canada automatically becomes a citizen.
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    Agreed....the elements to sustain a charge of perjury require far more than the desperate wishes of Trump haters. President Trump is going to get another Supreme Court justice in Kavanaugh, and he may not be finished yet. RBG looks very frail these days.....
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    Max Ferguson on a Sunday morning...
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    Because Trump has never claimed to be otherwise, unlike Trudeau who plays the usual passive aggressive Canadian version of identity politics instead. Regardless, your "fandom" or disdain for American political leadership reflects the reality that Trudeau and Canada find today....dependence and influence by American culture and power. Most Americans don't know or care what brand of "fascism" exists in Canada (e.g. Crown corporations)....it just doesn't matter. Clinton and Obama started more wars for the U.S. than Trump has to date. Canada sold out for NAFTA...long before Trump became the latest U.S. president. Canada has a domestic challenge and international reputation for not being able to get big things done....it has more trade barriers between provinces than with the U.S. or Mexico. Pipelines don't get built....refineries don't get built....LNG terminals do not get built....ships do not get built. Sometimes, Canada is its own worst enemy, and blaming Trump will not change that.
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    No, it is exactly what happened, now documented in Canadian news media. More will be forthcoming as the incompetence of the Sunshine Band on NAFTA is revealed. Canada is only 8% of North America's population and is very dependent on the U.S. export market (75%), just like the United Mexican States (79%)....the number that really matters. Canada and Mexico have an order of magnitude less trade with each other than with the United States. Predictably, Mexico chose its own national interests over partnering with a Canadian dead end.
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    There was a time when CBC Radio was truly a thing to be admired...especially back when it was mainly on AM and could reach pretty much anywhere in Canada. Those days are long gone. No more Peter Gzowskis or Arthur Blacks....
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    Lucky for the CBC that the Canadian taxpayer's are being forced to fork over hundreds of thousands of their tax dollars to keep those so called idiot leftist lieberals alive and well and employed and to get paid to constantly attack Trump every day. What a sham.
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    Glad that you admit even with your own link that it was indeed operation countenance as I had previously stated... What your link fails to show is that since the invasion Iran took a hostile approach towards the Third Reich and the Hitler was carrying on with the programme of extermination of jews... Your selective argument fails to show the dynamics of those relationships at WW2! Here is an excerpt from an article from the holocaust museum. Iranian Jews ruled by Reza Shah and later his son, Muhammad Reza Pahlavi, enjoyed many rights and freedoms that they had not previously experienced, including relative cultural and religious autonomy, increased economic opportunities, and significant political rights. Jews also benefitted from the Pahlavi tilt towards a more secular domestic policy. The Iranian government informed the Germans that it considered Iranian Jews to be fully assimilated Iranians And the article continues.... Reza Shah declared Iran neutral at the start of World War II. He feared both Soviet and British ambitions in his country and despite the benefits of economic relations with Germany, he considered Germany to be too committed to its program of race-based expansion and ideology. https://encyclopedia.ushmm.org/content/en/article/iran-during-world-war-ii
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    Lol. Dems might be plying her with enhancement and booster drugs - and maybe propping her up - just to prevent another Trump nomination.
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    I'd take Russia over South Africa any day.
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    This annoys me greatly. I want to know more about what's happening in Canadian politics, but can't find it. Instead all I get to hear is opinion panels talking about all the most absurd minutia, about some other country's president. I suspect avoiding talking about Trudeau is by design.There is nothing.
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    You and others here should know for a fact that when Obama was president children of illegals were locked up in real cages. Trump got stuck with that program. But the lying leftist liberal media tries hard to make it appear as though Trump started it all. Most people are so stunned it's beyond incredible. Stupidity really has to be their first or middle name. Just saying.
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    China is not in any way even remotely close to being a fair trader. They are a hundred times worse than Trump's America.


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