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    Lefties openly talk about genocide and violence against Jews. Lefty news, like CNN, doesn't speak out against it. So according to lefties, it's a valid discussion. Lefty news will never even hold Obama's feet to the fire for secretly associating with people like Farrakhan who openly discuss "reasons for hating, fearing or killing Jews". Then after all the division that Democrats have sown over the past 4 years, lefties blame this killing spree on Trump, based on their unsubstantiated and stupid beliefs. Everyone who knows anything about Trump knows that he supports Israel (Jewish) and that his son-in-law and grandkids are Jews. He's never said a bad word about Jews, he doesn't sow division within the country.
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    If we can assume that "nationalist" actually means "White Nationalist", can we also assume that "Socialist" actually means "National Socialist"?
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    Don't forget the Dutch. ABDA...and those shark infested waters of the Java Sea.
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    I'm sure you believe that, but then again, Canada didn't have much of a role in the Pacific theatre....the Americans, British, Kiwis, and Australians did.
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    Agreed...for some (not all) Canadians, the resentment stems from this circumstance...economic dependence and cultural influence without equal control or consideration. Americans largely ignore Canada with indifference, while Canada looks south intently to see every twitch of the elephant. Americans are their government starting at local levels...Canadians who distinguish their hate for America in such a way are just fooling themselves. It has been this way from the very beginning, when those American rebel bastards kicked their monarchy right in the ass.
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    I used to be like you once, green eye about our Canadian little "brother". Then I realized they are just disgruntled because they have a mouse elephant mentality, they hate how everything we do have massive influence on them while not having a say in the matter.
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    Someone told me once that a good port of the Canadian people hated the American people. I found that very upsetting.
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    Leafs are my prediction to win the Stanley Cup.
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    The US government has been owned lock, stock and barrel by Wall Street for quite some time. IF the US had any of its original values still in tact, the financial crisis would have been the end of Wall Street. Instead, they rewarded them for their treachery by handing over the keys to the bank. The US government has screwed Main Street almost to death. I hate that.
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    Churchill was a flawed man but Trump couldn’t carry his briefcase.
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    Gallipoli was a campaign during WW 1. Turkey declared war on the Allies, not the other way around. The Black and Tans were formed and Bloody Sunday were before his term as Minister for Colonies and they were disbanded during his term. Churchill was certainly anti communist and was among the first to really understand the threat posed by Hitler before the war and the Soviet Union after it. The name Iron Curtain was after all, his invention.
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    Neither did Churchill but unlike Trump, he wasn’t afraid to serve in them.
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    Churchill saw action in at least three wars, was captured and escaped in one of them. Fist Lord of the Admiralty twice as well as armaments minister and Minister of War in WW1. Several senior posts including Cancellor of the Exchequer after the war. He was responsible for Britain’s first minimum wage, and had a big hand in several other social reforms such as lunches for school children and pensions for those over 70. That was all before he became PM. Oh, and he also got the Nobel prize for literature. Trump, not so much.
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    WTF...dude even eyeball is not this crazy....sorry eyeball love you like a brother....but seriously you need to grab a shovel and starting digging yourself a bunker , grab all those that think like you and lock the door.....


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