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    We the people of Canada DEMAND change in Government. We the people of Canada demand that the government that belongs to us and to whom we lend our democratic power to lead this country and to sit in opposition, change the laws that govern the behaviour of those politicians that take the oath of office. We are tired of the way that parties spend our hard-earned tax dollars on things that do not benefit this country. We are tired of the lies by all parties and we are tired of the personal agendas that you all bring into the house of commons instead of working toward the common goal of bettering this great nation. We are tired of the ethics violations, the misappropriation of money that does not belong to you and the way you spend on other countries while here in Canada our own go without. We are tired of the way Canadians are left out in the cold as soon as you take office and the opposition all of a sudden becomes sanctimonious in the way they say they want to save us. We are tired of the Pandering politicians on all sides. We are tired of the insider trading. We are tired of the wealthy being the ones that you listen to and not us average Canadians because in fact most of you have never worked a solid day in your life. We are Tired of the way that the people we elect as our Members of Parliament stop speaking for us the moment they are told to tow the party line. We are tired of the way the country gets ignored because as soon as you take power and the house sits you then worry about the next election rather than worrying about us the people. We demand change and we have some changes we want: 1. We the people demand, not ask, that recall be brought into law. 2. We the people demand that restricted parliamentary privilege be restricted to times that it is a benefit to the country not the politicians. 3. We demand that under conditions that regular Canadians would lose their jobs that the same apply to politicians in the same fast manor. 4. We demand that if fired there is an end of your pension no if ands or buts. 5. We demand that any financial penalties that politicians receive be proportional to the wages they earn so as to sting them as we the citizens get stung. 6.We the people demand that when a politician ends his term that he not use political influence to enrich himself or family, if they do they are to be prosecuted. 7. We demand that all monies earned by the writing of books or speaking engagements by any serving politician or politician that has served (because they were only in that position to serve the country) should be paid to charity. 8. We demand that any politician caught deliberately lying to the citizens of this country be removed from office immediately. 9. We demand that any politician working against the people of this country be removed from office and if deemed serious enough be charged in a court of law. These demands are put before you by citizens of all political parties, All genders and all races. We the citizens of Canada have had enough of governments dividing the peoples and spending recklessly so as to force our taxes to a level that makes it hard to support our families.
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    Apparently we're spending too much time checking out these refugee applications so the Trudeau government has brought in a fast-track, rubber stamp system for people from places like Syria and Afghanistan. Not that any of these people could possibly present a danger to Canadians, of course! https://tnc.news/2019/02/01/malcolm-feds-roll-out-fast-tracking-for-asylum-claimants-from-dangerous-countries/
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    One way to attack a country is to create a fifth column in that country. As the famous Chinese warlord Sun Tzu said thousands of years ago that the cleverest form of warfare is that when your enemy doesnt realise that he is at war with you. Still valid today.
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    Asia Bibi arrives in Canada according to German media.
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    Obama didn’t add any debt. The debt was Republican wars and financial crash. In fact Obama’s bailout netted the treasury 85 billion in profits. When obama left office the deficit was 500 billion. It’s now over 800 billion and this year will be over a trillion. Here is the last 5 years exchange rate ans as you can see the dollarcwas stronger under Obama. https://ycharts.com/indicators/canadian_dollar_exchange_rate 2015 and 2016 were record American auto sales and record corporate profits . 2018 5 gm plants closing
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    Why is that weird? The part I find weird is four churches chose to sponsor a Muslim family instead of a Christian family. I can assure you there are many Christian families in great danger in the refugee camps, often in danger from their fellow Muslim refugees...
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    1.) Of course you can. It might not be preferable to stop it completely but it utterly and legitimately falls within the jurisdiction of sovereign states to regulate immigration levels. 2.) Well, Milton Friedman held that open borders, which he favored, cannot be maintained along with a social welfare state. I believe it's a sage observation. As for your reference to Hong Kong, you need to acknowledge a bit of reality. Almost half of Hong Kong's population lives in housing that's either fully or partially government-subsidized. I believe the extent of public housing subsidy is even greater in famously free market Singapore. Governments in those two places have figured out that the private sector cannot in an economically prosperous area that attracts large numbers of outsiders efficiently meet housing needs. The growing angst in Canada about immigration might subside substantially were the government to acknowledge the impact of immigration on housing affordability in cities like Toronto and Vancouver and were it to remove welfare incentives that attract often economically marginal migrants.
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    Are you saying the "accommodation" push only emerged after the Quebec mosque shooting and the politically opportunistic M-103 (which was clearly a progressive dog-whistle)? If so, surely you jest. But your post is so poorly written that I can't figure out the actual point you're trying to make.


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