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    Reports that the Chinese are levelling criticism at Trudeau over his hypocritical stance on SNC Lavalin, compared to his virtue signalling that "Canada is a nation of law."
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    How could you shave, right? That said, If your mirrors show Canada compares to those regimes which are actually evil, I wouldn't risk using them to guide a razor anywhere near your neck.
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    I hate equivalency shit like this. Because it excuses the behaviour of evil regimes like China's and North Korea and Russia and others. Instead of condemning them out of hand the hand-wringers look for something in our history - regardless of how far back they have to go, to avoid 'judging' them. Screw that. I'm judging them and they fail.
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    Harper was not receiving huge amounts of money from them.
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    Corruption is tied to the Liberals like an umbilical cord.
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    Her father Bill Wilson is speaking up and I agree. His daughter was demoted by the PM, because she wouldn't let him break the law. Our "Feminist PM" demoted a woman because she stood up to him. This is Trudeau's Adscam.... now the Conservatives are calling for a judicial inquiry http://warrenkinsella.com/2019/02/shocker-why-jody-wilson-raybould-was-knifed-by-justin-trudeau/
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    Trudeau is just another Teflon Don. He can do whatever he wants to because he knows that he can get away with it. It takes Canadians to start to give a dam about what their politicians are doing with their lives. At this point in time they do not appear to give a rats butt. They all just talk the talk but will not walk the walk. Why do you think that this kind of nonsense continues on and on every year? It is because Canadians really and truly do not care. Hello. If the polls are right the kid is apparently ahead of the conservatives. Looks like it could be another five more years of corruption in Canada. Aw well. Who cares.


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