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    Yes they did purchase a pipeline, but tell me without laughing "did the liberals act fast enough" on several fronts, one pushing the construction through via using already established legislation, two ensuring that all the conditions were adhered to by the letter, not just engaging with native talking heads, and not all those that needed to be consulted, like hereditary chiefs, the cleaner down at timmies, and a paw print from lassy...this is not the liberals first rodeo....they should have had it right..... Quebec is not blocking the pipeline because they are concerned about the environment, it is because there is nothing in it for them.... Your claim of holding on for better land claims sounds a lot like horse shit, she refused the position because she could not defend the current Indian act as a whole...she would have had an inside seat if she had accepted to make changes nobody else could.....as for settling land claims, when totaled their are valued at more than a trillion dollars, we as a nation can not afford that amount, we will never see all these land claims settled. Her political ambitions are not looking good here right now, nor when she stepped down, she can never hope to lead the liberals, if she sits as an independent she gets nothing, maybe if she crosses the floor...that is perhaps her only move right now....and if she does cross I doubt she will get a high profile job.... Trudeau did what he did because it was in his best interest, and his plan fell to the floor in pieces, it actually became a run comical affair watching them every day spew lie after lie....sorry I don't want him leading anything except maybe another drama dept....
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    If the arab savages were in charge of that land the same shit would still be going on. The people would be living like animals and getting a lot less then they get now. The arabs are the biggest problem this earth faces. It is time for them to get rid of thier 10th century thinking and join the rest of the world.
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    How many yrs have the OPP been investigating all the scandals by the ONT liberal government? Makes me wonder why all the flak over fords pick for the head jib. Front line cops wanted that guy but the bigwigs did not, waht were they scared of?
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    The problem with people who look to mutilate deer is they sooner than later run into a bear that can move real good.
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    You appear from what I read to be both intelligent and who will give a shit. I also get not wasting emotions. Just do care because your generation needs leaders not sheep is all I am saying. No lecture meant.Got it thanks for response.
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    That was dumb as hell. Go find out where Jews come from and where Palestinians come from. Stop repeating what you are to!d without questioning it. By the way your response for someone who clearly hates Jews then denies it less than a sentence later is ridiculous. Figure out what it is you think you are representing. If you wanna play Wahabi warrior don't in the next breath tell people you are a victim of misunderstanding and don't hate Jews. Have the balls to admit you do.. Terrorists aren't misunderstood victims and neither are anti Semites hiding behind the word Zionism then switching to the word Jew a sentence later. Also no Saudi would deny where Jews come from. Lol get back to me when you your voice changes. Someone give him 10 million dollars. He's just a kid until he sits next to you on a bus or plane of course. Kaboom. This ain't no game people. It's one of the downsides of multiculturalism and youth brought up to follow and not question. God bless the cell phone.
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    Would you care to tell us how the Jews thrive in the Muslim world TODAY? Because it seems to me they were almost all expelled from their lands shortly after Israel beat back the Muslim armies attacking it at its birth. Today, the Muslim world is filled with virulent antisemitism, and Jews are not welcome. Drivel. Israel was a creation of the United Nations, and its birth was accompanied by mass attacks by surrounding Muslim states, none of whom could abide the thought of a non-Muslim nation in the midst of 'the house of peace." Muslims divide the world into 'the house of peace' ie, them and 'the house of war' ie, all lands ruled by 'infidels'. And once a land has been under the rule of Islam it can never be ruled by anyone else. That is why Spain, for example, is still considered to be Muslim territory which must be recovered, despite the Muslims who conquered it having been driven off centuries ago. And I might add that Muslims in Israel proper have far, far more rights than Muslims living in any of the surrounding Arab nations.
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    You are yet another example of an internet scholar who knows sweet phack all about either Islamic or Jewish history and who thinks he can change his name on this forum and come back to again patronize and tell both peoples who they are and what is good for them. Confederate state my ass. What a dumb thing to suggest and only someone who does not understand what sharia law is would say such a dumb thing. To start with when terrorists whoi kill Jews they do not ask if they are Zionists first and only kill them because they are Zionist which is what your dumb comment necessarily infers when they have been selected and killed in the US or Europe or elsewhere by Muslim or other terrorists. The killings of Jews across the world iss precisely because they are Jews. More to the point you are either deliberately ignorant or just plain out and out ignorant if you do not know what the Charter of the PA is, the Charter of Hamas is, the Charter of Islamic Jihad is, the Charter of the Hezbollah is, on and on. They don't distinguish between Jews and Zionists in their call for murdering them in war. Go bloody well read their charters. Next Jews did not thrive for centuries in the Muslim world while they were persecuted in the West. Again you make an absolutely incorrect and just out and out stupid comment that shows a complete and total ignorance of Jewish history and how someone like you read one article on the internet and now lectures.Go find out what kafir means. Go find out what dhimmi means. Go find out what sharia law did and still does to non Muslims in their countries before you make such stupid comments. Sharia law as it is interpreted in all existing Muslim countries will only permit non Muslims to live as second class citizens if that. Confederacy my ass. No Muslim nation has ever lived in a confederate state or in any state co-existing on an equal legal level with non Muslims. Even more amazing is that you can't figure out why or act as if you have never heard that the agenda of the PA and Hamas et al is not to live in a confederacy with Jews but to remove them all out of the Middle East by war and extermination if they do not flee. Go read their damn charters. Confederacy. Yah right. Someone else respond to this piffle. I am piffled out with Thompson River or is it Hudson Bay or whatever name you go by.


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