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    The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said In short, every child is born in a state of fiṭrah, a state of innate goodness while the social environment may cause the individual to drift away from this state, which is a state of natural conformity between human nature and Islam (Submission to God). There has been several non-muslim experts in various fields whose conformed childrens innate belief in God, even popular atheist have admitted that. Now why so many different religions? People form their beliefs on the amount of data that they have at hand due to various limitations such as environments. This why the Prophet (pbuh) made clear that the normative intuition may be used by a child’s parents to foster incorrect beliefs and that Allah had to send Prophets to remind humanity of the truth. Thus, according to Islam, the amount of available data is a necessary condition towards belief formation. There are so many different theories on politics, economics, morals etc, but you seem perfectly fine inspecting them all and picking the one you think is true. Only when it comes to God, all of a sudden your brain conveniently shuts down.
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    He wants to be seen as willing to talk, to appeal to his isolationist supporters, while not actually caving to NK in negotiations, to not piss off the Neocons too much. When negotiations eventually fall through, he has an excuse to get tough with North Korea that didn't previously exist in the mind of isolationists, Trump can claim, he tried, and then pivot to a more classically neocon stance with NK, while getting the boost in 2020 in the meantime. It's all political theater, and that would be pretty apparent to you, if you didn't always assume the worst about Trump, by only assuming Trump is telling the truth when it makes him look dumb to you.
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    I thought we had shown there was no such problem, that it was all in your mind, and that your fear of Islamophobia is merely the expressed wariness and suspicion Canadians are feeling about the mass immigration of extremely conservative Muslims.
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    French Patriot, there is no such thing as literal reading of myths. "Jesus died then came back to life." "A woman without insemination gave birth to a child." "3-1 = 0." Jesus:"Before your grandchildren die, I shall have come back to Earth." (Or something to this effect. It's in the Bible.) "There is an afterlife and we know how it unfolds." (Unsustainable claim.) "The wicked will be punished and the righteous shalt be saved." (Pure wishful fiction.) "Accept Jesus as your Lord Saviour and you just purchased a prime real estate in heaven with no depreciation." (Bait and wait.) French Patriot, what do you mean "read the bible without interpretation"? In fact, why read the bible in the first place? It is a book written by misinformed (by today's standards) men who could not write well, were gullible uneducated idiot-ignoramuses (by today's standards) who insisted we believe the impossible and a whole bunch of other tall tales.
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    And over women. I think gods as a concept and religion in the main are a tool, too. Man is not god-made; god is man-made. Hand-crafted, from all natural ingredients. Little wonder religions claim man is made in the image of god; it's because god is made in the image of man, so it's an easy mistake to make, to put the carriage before the horse.
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    BEIJING — China said Wednesday it suspended a second major Canadian canola exporter over alleged safety concerns, further deepening a diplomatic row set off by Canada’s decision to detain a top executive with telecom giant Huawei. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said China’s actions were “scientific and reasonable,” but added that Canada should “take practical measures to correct the mistakes it made earlier” in the bilateral relationship. As I have noted on this site earlier, China pays no attention to rules, laws or agreements unless it suits them. People might remember they already blackmailed Canada by threatening canola imports a couple of years ago. When we gave in they signed an agreement promising the trade was safe until 2020. This simply shows how little the word of the Chinese government is worth. And in their latest arrogant pronouncement they make it quite clear this is being done as punishment for us not releasing their corrupt princess arrested due to Huwai's corrupt financial and trade practices. The reason the Chinese feel free to keep hitting us is because our wimpy, useless selfy loving prime minister and his government haven't got the spine to stand up to them. The kind of people running China will ALWAYS bully, prod and push everyone else to get anything they can. They will never stop until someone stands up to them. Thus far we haven't even begun to approach doing so. Whether it's illegally arresting Canadians in China, flooding Canada with fentanyl, cheating on trade, or breaking agreements, China is a country not to be trusted, a country which understands power and only power. We currently export about $27 billion in mostly agricultural and raw materials to China. But we import over $75 billion in goods, mostly manufactured goods. That is a strong lever to use, and we should do so. Whatever the export loss of Canola, we should double it, and outright ban the import of that amount of Chinese goods, starting with things made in Canada or otherwise easily replaced, like steel, sports equipment, and automotive parts and equipment. We should outright ban Huawie from operating in Canada at all on any level, right down to their cell phones, cut back on Chinese students allowed into our schools, ban all money coming from China for research at our universities, and end Chinese immigration to Canada. If China retaliates we should double the amount of Chinese goods banned. We should also subject every vessel arriving from China to a thorough, top to bottom inspection for fentanyl on the grounds that all the fentanyl in Canada comes from China. And if that means Chinese ships backed up all the way to Hawaii - I'm fine with that. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/article-canada-must-develop-a-backbone-in-its-dealings-with-china/
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    Apparently you remain ignorant of who requested this arrest under that treaty.
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    Trudeau abides by the treaty. And yes it seems we do pay a price since Trump has no balls.
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    Ah apparently you are unaware of a treaty we have with y'all. I can imagine the bitching we'd hear if we reneged on that treaty, especially from certain Canada trolls.
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    They either have a valid claim or they don't. If they don't they get deported. With Trump in power it might be doubtful if the US is a "safe country" especially if you're not white.
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    Stop hiding the unpleasant truth that we bear responsibility for fomenting much of the terrorism that's wracking our world. I doubt that will do much to ease the polarization but I guess that's what makes it so unpleasant. Its pretty obvious why politicians don't want to go there.
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    Uh....China and the USA seem to care a great deal about the soap opera with Huawei that the two have inflicted upon us.
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    I like others want to know why the media and government covered up the terrorist nature of this pretty much like the media was so quiet with the nutcase who killed people in Greektown in Toronto. There seems clearly to be a need to avoid any reference to terrorism and how these people's version of Islam fueled their terrorist actions. If we report how racism and extremist white supremacist views fuel terrorist attacks we must say the same about the correlation of extremist Islamic views fueling terrorism. Just like all white people are not neo Nazi extremists neither are all Musims terrorists but the government and media seem to be playing us as unable to understand that and now not covering these incidents thoroughly and being selective presenting one method to describe white supremacists and another Muslim extremists. They both must be described in the same manner. It is crucial the extremism of their views and what those extremist views are based on are explained. I think the media shows a bias against Canadians thinking when we see Muslim extremist terrorists commit crimes they won't deal with them fearing its unfair to all Muslims but when it comes to some neo nazi, they have no problem discussing it not worrying about the possibility innocent white people might be smeered. Its stupid. The press treats us like idiots and so does this current government which has clear leftist biases that select what information it thinks we should know. The media needs to start reporting in the same objective neutral manner. This story is about a Muslim extremist terrorist attack. It is as dispicable and disgusting as the idiot who went into the mosque in Quebec City or the mosques in New Zealand. Can we stop being selective and report them in the same manner. I am calling Lisa Laflammes today and complain. I would call Ian Hanamansigh but come on Lisa is the Oprah of Canada-I think she should do one of her hair blowing in the wind reports live from some street in Wawa, Ontario discussing this. Why Wawa? Its a hot-bed of extremists. Even worse than Forget, Saskatchewan. You should see what they do with their Tim Horton's coffee.
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    Just the CSIS and CBSA give security advice to IRCC, you just make it sound so secuity. Actually, it is the same process for all applications (immigraiton,. refugee, working permit, study permit, visa .....)
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    You better update your econ knowledge. Unless socialism or communism or the economy is so dead that no god can resurrect it, no gov't will use building infrastructure to stimulate economies because it is a burden. Unless the immigrants are coming in as either slaves or investors and are all neutered, they will have kids and use all kind of services as well . I am not so sure about your point. I am not pro or con immigration, but your points are so defy logic and common sense
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    Still wife number two, eh? Ah well, there's always a chance #1 will slip on a banana peel.
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    Horseshit. Prove it. You should go back to wherever your tribe immigrated from if that's really how you feel. Real world-class countries will never be possible with your type around.
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    Oh I would say the US under Trump is so far ahead in the laughable soap opera business we'll never catch up, not that we wish to. You should perhaps give him some help with counting, as to the number of floors in a building.
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    Only? They clearly bash lefties every chance they get. Aren't we the most responsible for admitting so many immigrants in the first place? I've been given to understand we're even responsible for climate change.
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    There are 5 pages of pipeline companies in Canada, most located in AB and NONE who are criminals. Pipelines will get built, tree hugging morons notwithsanding (yeah, that was a political joke). Engineers would only be unemployed if they are too stupid or lazy to simply get off of the ass and apply to whatever law abiding company wins the endless barrage of federal, provincial, municipal and private project contracts. SNC, in the meantime, will not move their head office anywhere (doe to financing restrictions) and can continue with projects around the world in shit-hole countries that allow them to bribe officials to get the work. Why do you want to lower Canada to that level??? Oh, yeah, forgot: you work for SNC. No other possible reason.
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    It is beginning to look like Canada was "On Guard For Thee" but unwilling to use "rotary" winged aircraft to stop the "Omni"scient power of the United States in Iraq.
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    China, Huawei, are currently being dealt with under Trump. Canada would do well to follow the US model. It doesn't help to complain about unfairness of the illegal Chinese business deals when our own PM is covering up for similar things. But the specific issue is what he did in regards to interference, under Canadian law. This has nothing to do with China.
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    C'mon, what you wrote didn't make sense at all. You are comparing apple to orange here
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    I see so it's just "humor" when your buddy trump kisses fat kim's arse, but it's a serious problem (for you) when our PM deals with one of our largest trading partners. Go to your dictionary under the letter "H", follow along until you find the word "hypocritical" and try to comprehend how your comments are completely that.
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    More fear-mongering. SNC will not, cannot leave the country.
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    Your horse is dead. Stop beating it. SNC will not, cannot leave Canada.
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    We bail these big companies out financially, and now they need to be bailed out legally too? My, such ethical business practices. Canadian people have already seen that the "too big to fail" argument is totally flawed, and useless waste of money. Let them take the fall.
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    Oh I agree completely. I posted that as an example of someone in the position of AG who had no business commenting on a jury's verdict.
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    Ticked? Not at all, I could not be happier to see this government go down in flames as they so richly deserve to.
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    And well he should have been acquitted. A group of marauders, fresh from raiding a nearby farm, attacked his property and attempted to steal two vehicles. Had the miscreants been white, no-body would have said a thing.
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    My experience exactly with people who argue against immigration on Facebook & the web. The sad thing is that political actors who know better feed off this ignorance to make fake promises.
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    Not the least bit unethical or questionable. I repeat, it is done every day across the country. You are just ticked because she proved that clown and the PM to be liars.
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    SNC has already been banned from many government opportunities. 5 years ago SNC managed every federal building in the country. Today, they manage none and yet, seem to still be a perfectly viable company world-wide. World-wide. Did you read that? They don't need Canadian government business. In fact BC is considering them right now for a major provincial contract. Now, your "fly" is more of an octopus with tentacles around the globe even though it has already been handed severe penalties by other countries. It just is not right to condone criminality which is what a DPA would do.
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    Our milquetoast PM is paralyzed by indecision. No matter what he does, he'll piss off some group. But if he boots these two fine ladies, his opponents will cheer mightily. The government is suffering a crises of conscience. For the first time in Canadian history, two politicians hev displayed both morals and ethics and the old boys club doesn't know what do do about this shocking breach of political chicanery.
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    Jesus never existed. He is unknown to history. The Romans left no records of such a rabble rousing rabbi though they left records co-temporaneous with the time of Pilate who did exist and for whom there is physical evidence. The Essenes, a religious bunch totally involved with the religious politics of the time, left voluminous records, but nary a mention of such a person or such antics as have been attributed the imaginary man. Other historians of the time also failed to mention the son of god was walking among them.
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    That would be like a little yappy dog barking at a big, mean dog.
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    He's all those things and more...but he isn't Hillary.
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    Trump is a moron. He's never been a negotiator, and he's accomplished zilch with China so far. The US trade deficit with them is UP, not down. As for respecting the working class - Trump doesn't even know anyone in the working or middle class, other than servants. Nor has he ever expressed the slightest concern with them up until he ran for President. He's a salesman, one without ethics, and he simply spouted the words needed to make the sale.
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    All I can say is 'Thank goodness for the FBI' in view of these events. In response to those who constantly berate our relationship with the U.S, which some like to excitedly portray as the 'Great Satan', this instance illustrates why we should be thankful the Americans have the skills and resources to identify such risks. I hope there won't be an ant-Muslim backlash but people are right to be skeptical about whether we have the ability (or inclination?) to adequately screen migrants, including refugee claimants. And, for those out there who aren't paying attention, this issue is now warranting greater attention in the U.S., where some politicians are pointing out that their northern border may be more of a security risk than their southern one. Is this a hit Canada can afford to take in our already strained relationship with our neighbour?
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    So the men are going to start having babies and raising kids now? Go for it!


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