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    The Liberals have been imposing carbon tax on all provinces, despite push-back from several Premiers, who says that the feds have no business imposing this on their province! As a rebuttal, how many times have I heard Catherine Mckenna - the Minister of Environment and Climate Change - say on tv.... ....."CLIMATE CHANGE KNOWS NO BORDERS!" well, duh? Obviously, THIS climate change, does respect borders! Canada warming at twice the global rate, leaked report finds https://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/canada-warming-at-twice-the-global-rate-leaked-report-finds-1.5079765 Lol, it's just in Canada! It doesn't say.......North America. It says, CANADA! is it happening on the US side of the border? Nope. Only in Canada! This report proves Catherine Mckenna is either lying when she said, climate change knows no borders, or it does (as this report proves). Of course, it's highly likely, they're both full of............. s***! Boy, just like SNC-Lavalin....the Liberals can't get their story straight!
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    Maybe if he would quit telling lies every day he'd be accepted by people other than the low IQ crowd who get sucked into those lies.
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    I agree, I do think they should do it and I don't know why it never happened, even after they received a settlement in 1985 from the Feds and the Company that bought out the pulp and Paper Company; why at that time it was never removed from the water. Trudeau did promised to act on it but never did and of course chose to belittle a protester and of course the Ontario Liberals promised to act on it, but never did. I don't know why it was never done.
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    If you been following the news, a member of the Grassy Narrows first Nation community, interrupted Justin Trudeau at a Liberal fund raiser. Justin Trudeau shouted at the protester "Thank You For Your Donation", as she was escorted out by security. Ya all know me as a hardcore fiscal conservative, and recently I have been coming down hard on natives. As a far-right conservative, I still believe all humans have the right to clean food, clean air, and clean drinking water. Industry needs to be held responsible for inappropriate contamination. We need to cough up some money, and fix this situation with the Grassy Narrows community. I don't think they should have to pay out of pocket for bottled water. Either we install a state of the art water filtration unit, or we truck in fresh water from another source. This should be non-negotiable start. I also the government must officially accept responsibility for failing to act. They have been given decades of warning, and I think if we can afford to give millions to Omar Khadr, we can do something for this community. We should give them a basic clinic, so members of their community can be treated for Mercury poisoning. You ask me, how much we should spend? In my opinion, we should spend $10 million to Truck in fresh water, build a simple clinic, and provide treatment for the community members. There are 800 members in the community, and I think $10 million is the least we should spend. That's $12500 per person. Coming from a person who has an extreme bias against natives, I still think children deserve clean drinking water. This is one of the rare cases, when a first nations community deserves a lawsuit. I would like to Andrew Scheer and the conservatives demand settlement. They can make up the money in other ways. Does anyone disagree?
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    Trump doeswn't seem to know where his father was born. (Psst, he actually does but he can't help but lie, again) Funny in a way, but actually sad.
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    So, is that what some people really say when they have fallen off a tall building is "so far, so good" as the floors start flying by? WOW. I did not know that. Really, unreal?
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    Yes he is quite a phony, laughable joke isn't he. Good thing the wind wasn't blowing from behind when they took that picture.
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    And trump is a long way from free to go. Let's open Muellers file to see why.
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    And all of them had nothing to do with Russian collusion. Hello? Trump, you are free to go.
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    Nobody has said that the U.S. is the same as China, but clearly there are parallels that Canada has chosen to ignore for economic survival, and that includes capital punishment. It is because of Canada's perceived safety with 75% exports going to the USA, American capital investment, and post WW2 frameworks that some righteous Canadian leaders think they can take on China for "human rights violations". Well guess what, that all changes when the United States will no longer have your back on such matters because it also has to choose nation state interests over virtue signaling. The rest of the world is not Canada, and will never be the same as Canada. Canada is far more bark than bite when it comes to international influence these days, and we both know why.
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    We all know Trump lies through his teeth, but why does he stretch that to include lying about where his father was born? "Pathological" maybe the appropriate term?
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    Obviously she couldn't stay after inappropriately secretly recording her colleagues' phone calls and prodding them to say things that ultimately proved to be a whole lot of nothing. If the CPC/Liberal roles in this scandal were switched, the liberals would be all aghast as the conservatives here are, and the conservatives would be spouting how DPAs help protect Canadian jobs and are standard practice in the world and how it just shows how the liberals are anti-business. In other words, political hacks and shills are annoying.
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    The PMO does have too much power, doubt anyone will change it though. Interestingly, Trudeau told Raybould she was booted out before the actual vote, so he did do it himself.
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    Yup, clean water and treatment for the community must be provided by government, period.
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    I think the party can handle it. And if they air it out, then we can work to fix whatever is wrong. But the way Trudeau is doing it is really hurting his standing among Canadians, and among the Liberal Party. Trudeau is the one that cannot handle the dissent. It does in fact look like a cover up from the government that they allowed SNC to get away with LOTS of corruption and blackmail. Not just here in Canada, but as we have seen , abroad in places like Libya. Trudeau needs to go. And not just from the PM's office, he needs to be removed from the Liberal party as well.
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    A lot of people don't realize that China also has a "Never Again" attitude about loss of sovereignty, invasion, and occupation that stems from Japanese imperialism and civil war between the nationalists and communists (Stalin actually supported the nationalists in quirky pre-WW2 alignments). Even as a backward nation, China was very important in the Pacific theatre as it engaged and tied up Japanese resources. Over 14 million Chinese nationals died. The UN found this out during the Korean War. Fast forward to today.....China is never going to let that happen again.
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    I recall when Made in Hong Kong was either cheap or very, very good... Red China? They make stuff?? I already have an old Mao Jacket.
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    China is a nation of 1.5 BILLION people that will no longer be satisfied with third world living. All nations will have to figure out how to adapt with this economic and military reality, and that includes Canada. The old post WW2 / Cold War framework will no longer suffice...China is now a major player in regions where the West no longer has greatest influence. There is no stopping China....nor should there be.
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    Justin Trudeau channels his inner Trump...YOU'RE FIRED !!! https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/article-by-removing-wilson-raybould-and-philpott-from-caucus-trudeau-has/
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    Yep, Drumpf made good money running whore houses, especially during the gold rush time in the Klondike. His boy seems to have similar respect for women since he like to grab 'em (we all know where) since he thinks he's a star.
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    I'm gettin' a kick out of this new book "Commander in Cheat, How Golf explains Trump" And I saw the cut today where he says "the noise from windmills causes cancer". Of course he wants to re open coal mines and we know coal smoke is entirely safe!. How long is this nitwit going to go on I wonder. As long as the nitwits who support him are around I guess.
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    Don't fool yourself....the United States (government) spies on every nation, allied or not, and has been doing so far longer than China. If challenging your anti-China (and anti-American) biases doesn't meet your approval, then go back to hiding in the sand (ignore).
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    China throws people into prison by the hundreds of thousands for being the member of the wrong ethnic group. It executes people for protesting against Tibet, or the slaughter in Tienanmen square. It throws people into labour camps for talking about Democracy. And you want to compare that to the US putting people in prison for terrorism? Get the f**k out of here.
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    Canada has some serious problems too, especially when it comes to "human rights", which is why it is a non-starter when dealing with China....so don't do it.
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    Same here, I have no issue with refugees, but I have issue with economic refugee
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    And how many people are in prison because of them? Btw, remove terrorism from that list.
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    I think egghead hit the nail on the head, to many Canadians have picked their parties long ago, and regardless of who is at the helm they will recklessly vote the way they have always....On the other hand a lot of liberals still can not see what Justin and company have done nothing wrong...everything is coming up rainbows and unicorns...Canada has gone a long time since a charismatic , knowledgeable leader showed up one that knows how to govern, when to act in the best interest of the country, and when to act on popular ideas. If Canadians can not pick the best man for the job, then they fall back on their party line....and for most it is Liberal, or Conservative.
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    The Liberal MPs are out in full force, trying to make it so that it's Raybould who's got no principle to stand on (Wayne Easter said that).....for secretly recording that conversation. Did Wayne even stop to ponder why Raybould was driven to that extent? One male MP (can't recall his name) said that, "that's normal conversation between them." How conveniently they try to blurry the point: it's not normal because Raybould was the Justice Minister. They shouldn't be having that kind of conversation. "She shouldn't have recorded that. It's an erosion of trust," they say. Lol. And, you trust Trudeau? Did you see she was right - "the shite will hit the fan"- how she got shuffled out? Man, you Liberal MPs got such a warped perspective! You should all lose in the coming election! I hope Canadians (especially card-carrying Liberals) will uphold what's only right. Only three women from your party deserve to represent Canadians!
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    AGAIN, they are SO ignorant they are playing right into the Conservative's hand. I THINK (no real measure) the people have finally seen the JWR and Phil are the good guys (OK, gals, but this is a politically correct administration, so I can't be sexist or even gender biased) and the Liberal buffoons are showing their true colours.
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    Nova Scotia forces opt-out organ donation and body snatching. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/presumed-automatic-consent-organ-donation-1.5081272
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    "We support whistle-blowers (and those who give shelter to whistle-blowers - like those who sheltered Snowden)........ ........as long as we're not the ones getting whistle-blown." That's the message I get from all hypocritical Liberal MPs who want to kick out Raybould!
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    JWR has played Trudeau like he's a schoolboy. He now looks like a complete idiot. There is no move he can make on this without failure. Checkmate...
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    A Liberal cabinet minister lying??? Say it isn't so!!
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    That seems logical to me.
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    It is illogical to pose that a person engaging in lying and/or other unethical acts is owed protection through confidentiality. There are exceptions in specific professional relationships only to preserve a greater need to society to encourage trust in that professional relationship. The purpose and intent of JWR's tape was to expose unethical acts against all of Canadians. In fact it would have been unehical for her to have remained silent knowing the silence might aid and abet the cover up of an unethical act and/or continuation if unethical actions. As well there is nothing unethical about proving someone is lying about you. The fact the tape is inadmssable in court without the consent of the taped person does not make it unethical. A liar is owed nothing but exposure of their lies. Nuremberg trials made it clear all humans let alone politicians have an ethical duty to question and expose wrong and not blindly obey.
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    That is what I have been asking. You earlier suggestion doesn't account for the billions which have gone towards indigenes. BTW they aren't indigenes, the came from Asia. Every north american "native" has Asian DNA. If they can be indigenes just for being born here, so can everyone else.
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    This is not "America" this is Canada. HUGE difference when it comes to the treatment of aboriginals. BTW: Pretty smug for someone who's country pulled off Dersim & Zilan massacres.
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    You literally have no idea what you are saying. This is not Turkey where we slaughter our minorities, it is a fantastically wealthy country where we give our aboriginal population huge privileges that are not available to the tax paying population. We are not trying to kill them off (nor has any European immigrant) we are trying to get them off their privileged ass to stand on their own two feet as equals.
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    No missile test lately but he is rebuilding a test facility he "agreed" to disassemble which Trump tried to tout as a win. Oops!
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    ha ha ha Trump can't even outsmart his buddy fat kim.
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    Far, far more money has been paid out by IAF in whatever name they have used for every status Indian in this country to live in the very lap of luxury. We did a study of that once, and found (25 years ago) that about $22k a year was budgeted to IAF for every man, woman and child in Canada with a treaty number. BUT: maybe 20% of that money ever saw a living, breathing aboriginal - and then the vast majority of what did ended up going sideways at the band council level. The big bux go to those "consultants" who are in favour of the IAF bureaucrats - and you can guess just what it takes to buy that favour. When you go to a reserve (at least any one of the hundred or so I have been on) you will find a very high level of unemployment. About the only "jobs" are working for the band, and most of those a "per diem" people who simply drive their new F250 from meeting to meeting. When you see those crumbling homes on TV, you don't see the thousand people sitting around with their finger up their ass doing diddly squat to maintain or repair those homes. When you hear about the lack of water, you seldom are told about the facilities that were built for them to treat water, but nobody could be bothered to learn how and operate and maintain that infrastructure. Before they got involved with the Mafia to build casinos here, you probably weren't told of the gambling junkets for chiefs with complementary rooms, booze and broads. The real world of reserve life is very, very different from what the bleeding hearts and halfwit media portray. IMHO: if we agree we owe something to aboriginals under treaty obligations, then cut each one a cheque for their share every month. When their band council squawks about self government, simply tell them to tax it back from their citizens. In fact though, the entire idea of having a couple hundred "sovereign nations" within one sovereign nation is total BS. It simply is impossible.
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    I don’t think that assistance to Indigenous peoples should be a permanent arrangement. It should have a scale-back mechanism that kicks in once a self-sustainability plan is in place, gradually reducing to zero as employment and resource development improves. This is what should happen. What do I actually think will happen? Taxpayers continue to fund Indigenous affairs such that many Indigenous peoples don’t have an incentive to work in and contribute to the wider economy or even the local Indigenous economy. Those who leave the reserve tend to be more successful. There are some successful reserves/territories, especially out west. Any time taxpayers push back and question budget expenditures on Indigenous affairs, will there always be images circulated in the media of kids living in third world conditions, huffing gasoline, and so forth? I wish it could be different. I’m willing to give some of my income in the hope of real improvement. It’s sad because even as non-Indigenous are blamed for cultural genocide and “stealing the native land”, the overriding impression that non-Indigenous people have of Indigenous people is of welfare recipients, a stereotype that certainly doesn’t speak for all Indigenous people. Most people don’t buy into the romantic notion that Indigenous people were more moral or decent than European settlers. Images of Iroquois burning missionaries and Hurons alive tell us otherwise. Indigenous people did not have a better way of life back then and most Indigenous people today are not choosing to live as they did 300 years ago. Everyone should work and contribute to their society. Doing so makes preserving and celebrating Indigenous cultural traditions more viable.
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    The issue here is one of "where did/does the money go?" Since the Indian Act was first brought in 10's of billions of dollars have been spent on the indigenes. Enough so that not one single person should be without good housing, indoor plumbing, potable water. Yet many of these immigrants from Asia live in squalor. So, where has the money gone? One might be forgiven for wondering about offshore accounts in the name of certain bureaucrats and politicians. Furthermore, why will the media not investigate this? I have put this to a number of high profile so-called investigative reporter over the years and nary a word heard back.
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    Are you suggesting that living on free land, not paying taxes, getting free higher education, and getting some kind of additional amount from a trust fund and taxpayers is too much? What about housing and basic infrastructure like water? Shouldn’t that continue to be provided through similar funding? Health and education also come from such monies. Conditions on some reserves are deplorable. I don’t mind paying a bit towards Indigenous affairs for a long term solution as long as more isn’t asked of non-Indigenous people.
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    See that’s where I get off the inquisition boat. There are ways to penalize the guilty parties without hurting thousands of innocent workers and deep sixing the company. So why not consider those options? It makes me wonder what other points of principle JWR would make in a position of authority and who would pay the price.
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    Why don’t you recommend that one or both of them run for the party leadership and see where it goes? What a joke. Party politics is like a game of Hearts: Don’t start plotting and undermining the party leadership unless you really think you can get all the hearts and total control. I actually think JWR thinks or thought she could do this. Again, let the party membership decide and then let the country decide. My guess is that the Libs are gone in the next election. Scheer should at least send JWR a thank you card.
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    So that said, the proper way to address Islamic extremism is to appear before an international truth and reconciliation commission and explain that our fear of communism justified meddling in the governance of Muslim societies. Perhaps we could send the bill for reparations to Russia.


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