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    Mhmm ... and a kernel of truth: Bernier won't be able to unite all the bigots across the country to vote for him because bigots won't vote for a francophone.
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    Well you're about to be bored, because this will be the last message I ever post on this Forum. See ya retards
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    That's really indicative of the Trump hatred. Who cares that 300 people are dead, lets just laugh off that there was a mis tweet, and call him a moron. I remember last year, one politician said 90 million americans were dying every day from drug OD's, that happens. I swear these lefties have really lost the plot.
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    You can disagree with hijabs without resorting to attacking women with paintballs or spray cans or anything else.
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    We can hope. Then identify his business and blast that name far and wide as well.
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    Robert Greene will be a YouTube star bigot in no time.
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    Next week from the CBC straight from Kingston Pen - dating tips from Paul Bernardo
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    1. I disagree and I look forward to any examples you have to prove this out. 2. Please do a spellcheck and grammar check of your posts moving forward. 3. I can rebut bad ideas, please don't try to psychoanalyze me. 4. So slander and libel CAN be censored ? Ok - seems like we have an example where you do support censorship ? Or ... ? 5. Why ? Why do we allow free speech that's damaging ? Why do we allow lying ? 6. This blanket statement is generally overquoted by people who don't think far enough ahead. You keep just posting your opinion and as such this conversation will just go nowhere. I will pick apart your posts for logic, spelling and grammar and you will just post your opinions again. No fun. Can you answer this or not: Can you come up with a single example of censorship being acceptable or having value ?
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    1. Still, it's far newer than socialism and barely related. 2. I don't see how. 3. This is a generalization from your POV, but fine. Do you see any good in left-of-centre viewpoint ? Why do you think they exist ? 4. Normally I understand this point of view and even respect it to a degree. But the 'new' right of the Trump pussy-grabbing party seems to love tariffs. What's more governmental than that ? Can you explain ?
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    1. Political correctness wasn't even a term in common use until the 1980s. Socialism has been around for much longer. You can't just mix everything up that you disagree with and describe it with the same words. 2. The masses have become so vain that they (you) are unable to accept criticism or even the idea that they can be criticized. It's beyond vanity - it's narcissism.
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    This is why I'm warning conservatives not to vote for Bernier. I don't care if he calls himself conservative. No good politician comes form Quebec. The only politician from Quebec I like is Gilles Duceppe. He said he wanted to become Prime Minster so Quebec could separate. He said Quebec isn't better than Canada, They're just different, and we want to try having our own Country. Well good for him, If Quebec went their own way. It would be one less thing for us to worry about. We don't even speak the same language, but we're forced to listen to a translator half the time.
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    Islam should be told to reform now. I already said so. Not a suggestion... But, if YOU try to rip the headscarf off of a women, I'd treat you like the immoral ideologue you apparently are.
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    Yep...Canada would certainly know about such things. God Save the Queen !
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    As are many U.S. presidents. Donald Trump is just another American president, and there will be more after he is gone.
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    You're talking like a moron. Muslims in Canada will moderate if they're allowed to. And that requires cutting the flow of newcomers from parts of the world filled with religious extremism. Acting like an asshat and attacking Muslims in Canada is just going to justify the Left's belief that opposition to Islam is coming from redneck assholes, and dismiss it out of hand. You are, in other words, actually HELPING Muslims if you attack them. Think about that.
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    It's not that. These 'folks' are not religious, don't believe in religion, think it's silly. They realize that Christians don't take the nasty bits of their book seriously, and presume that Muslims are the same. No argument to the contrary will get past their determined deafness. Pointing out no mainstream Christian organization teaches observance of those nasty parts while ALL mainstream Muslim groups DO teach observance of their nasty parts is just 'islamphobia' to them.
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    All who have a decent moral sense will agree with you. That unfortunately does not include most religionists. Regards DL
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    Sure. Heck, who do those Africans think they are, wanting a better middle-class life like the one WE, the rich "haves," brought about by uber-polluting Western Europe and North America from the middle 1750s to today, not to mention colonizing them and robbing them of their riches, which, btw, we continue doing to this day? I agree, let's not let them make the same environmental mistakes we made. But, let's give them a hand, help them develop their economies without lousing up the planet the way we did. It's the least we can do following centuries of slavery, colonization, and today's rape of their mineral and oil riches. Canada, as opposed to Europe and the United States**, never had colonies, but our deplorable mining industry in "developing" countries, as we speak, certainly does not bolster our reputation for fair play. ** I know, the U.S. never had colonies per se. But, tell that to Philippinos, Costa Ricans, Cubans, Haitians and pretty much all of Central America.
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    Stay home, mind our own business and... That''ll be enough.
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    Shhh! Argus says we don't have white racists in Canada despite the fact Alberta just elected one. But don't tell Argus.
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    Nobody is asking you to, I was defending my right to vote for any candidate I like, ....I'm the one voting for Max...it is my vote to waste or use as I may. at the end of the of the night we will find out who's candidate wins and who's loses...and at the end of the their term we will find out if we made the right chioce or we got another Justin.....I don't see things changing much with Andrew....
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    Huh, and my post was deleted because of "inflammatory speech" towards a political party, not an entire race of people? Love the double standard I'm experiencing here already. Apparently, "inflammatory speech" is verboten towards hate-filled, homophobic, religious extremist political parties, but overt racism gets a free pass.


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