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    A while back someone hilariously called me a racist. I said, "You're right, I AM a racist. I hate the human race. Except for certain individuals who have demonstrated they aren't completely self-centered, self-serving, self-absorbed twits that is". Face it, humanity sucks. Everything we touch turns to shit, even when we try to do or think we're doing good. Look at medicine. It's been a wonder, miraculous at times even. We've cut way down in infant mortality rates around the world. We live longer lives. Death from a minor cut is pretty much unheard of. On the surface this seems like a good thing, but it's costing us from both an economic and environmental perspective. If we're not encroaching on the wildlife, we're hacking down their habitats for our own domiciles. BUT, some wildlife actually does better in an urban environment than in the wild. Of course in many cities traffic would be a problem. But traffic aside, there are many animals that do better in cities. They tend to be smarter, better fed and thus healthier. Of course a lot of people would prefer NOT to have bears or cougars wandering around town either so... But I get what you're saying. That's why I love seeing videos of people spontaneously rescuing a wild animal in distress. Hell, I've watched hunters free a deer tangled up in a wire fence. Saw one of a guy coming home from a hunting trip and as he pulls up to his house there's a freakin' deer sleeping peacefully right smack under his living room window. Being a REAL hunter, he did not shoot it. When it comes to reduced speed limits in wild life corridors, you can bet your ass I only do the posted limit. Had a run-in with a moose once on the Trans-Canada in northern Ontario at 90Km/hr. Cops told me I was lucky to be alive. My car,...wasn't so lucky.
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    Whether there were humans in some parts of Canada, before the European settlers arrived or not, is more or less irrelevant to this topic. For sure there were wild animals there, calling those places home. There were animals and still there are animals in places untouched by humans. But we advance on their land, invade their best feeding grounds, steeling their food - berries, salmon and even the herbivores (as food for carnivores); we destroy their homes - cutting down the forests they live in, we kill them for sport, food, accidentally or let them perish through our negligence. They are very much like us - two eyes, two ears, four limbs, one nose and one mouth, same organs, Most are considered cute. But we, the idiots, cannot treat them with respect and like to call them stupid. Some of us, like to show how macho they are by shooting them and posing with them in photo ops. Those same hunters who do it, would have never had the intelligence to design a gun or figure out the components of gun powder, but they feel like they have achieved something when they've shot a grizzly with a powerful gun, powerful optics, GPS help, a helicopter to take them to the animal and all kinds of other advantages the technological progress can provide to them. There are few animals left, no way how we look at it. But after invading their land and plonking a house where they used to live, we still expect a conservation officer to service our call and euthanize the offending animal that crossed the borders of our new property! I tried to acquire a copy of the accident data between trains and animals in BC last month. Both CP and CN refused to provide this information to me. They stated they met their obligations to the Ministry of Environment. I filed a FOI to get the info from them. I was asked to pay $9,750 to get this info because much of the records were not in a database but on paper slips! I was lucky to obtain the accident data for the BC highways last month. Two days after I received the database I came across a recently killed black bear along HWY 113 in Northwest BC. I decided to check what data I received from the Ministry. Their database showed that between 1990 and today there was a total of 1 black bear, 2 moose and 1 rabbit killed along this highway! No kidding! If anyone thinks differently or not, I have to burst their bubble. We live on the backs of those same animals / wildlife. We take their food and space so our population can grow and they decline. They have no voice because they speak no language. They are doomed to die, because of us , the idiots. We want things we do not really need at their expense. We put our own survival in jeopardy by destroying the habitat, but our political leaders are too dumb to make a turn. In the pictures below, one can see the bigotry of MOT. 'Driving with care" for those 35 km after already driven 100 km in a similar "drive with care zone", of 4 lanes and incessant traffic - day and night by semi-s doing 120km/h. If this is not enough, the railway runs in parallel to the highway. Lets not kid ourselves. We have decided that all wildlife is expendable and has to die to give way to the growth of capitalism in Canada. My second picture shows the poor dead black bear from last Saturday. I should have taken a face shot t o show you the blood coming out of his nose - a small animal of only 60kg, caught at a bridge and run over by a common idiot doing 120km/h in a 80km/h zone. It hurts me seeing this; a lot!
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    Did you really think it would be anything else? Did anyone think that this hundred million dollar waste of time would challenge any of the progressive narratives or cast any shade on the natives themselves for their behaviour? Of course not! It's all the fault of those evil white people! We're committing genocide by... letting native men kill native women... Not that we're exactly letting them. Investigations into the murders of native women are just as intense as those of white women, and the solution rates are virtually identical at 88% for natives vs 89% fo white women. Oh, and by the way, native men are murdered at a much higher rate. But the inquiry wan't concerned with them. Men, even native men, are of little concern these days. So they want there to be harsher penalties for anyone who harms a native woman than one who harms a white woman or man. As if native women were some kind of special group placed on a podium to be protected above all others. How this is supposed to gel with the demand for lower sentences for natives offenders is never gone into. Are they to get longer time in front of the healing circle if the person they kill is a female native? The inquiry was only supposed to look into the violence perpetrated against native women over the last thirty years, but you knew it wouldn't confine itself to that. And you knew our craven, spineless prime minister would get on his apology stool again and accept full blame on our behalf. Instead he was quick to say the justice system has failed them - without explaining how. The inquiry report uses the word 'genocide' dozens of times, and the lead progressive in charge stated baldly "This report is about deliberate race, identity and gender-based genocide," Which, of course, is so much bullshit. I think most Canadians will hear this and shake their heads in contempt at the idea that we're committing deliberate genocide on anyone, much less native women who are being killed by their drunken, drugged up spouses and relatives. I know Scheer won't have the balls to say anything about this, but I wonder what Bernier's response will be. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-inquiry-on-missing-and-murdered-indigenous-calls-on-all-canadians-to/ https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-violence-against-indigenous-women-and-girls-is-not-a-relic-of-canadas/
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    The term Genocide for this issue of Native women gone missing is very much a lie. The problem is that the lifestyle that those particular women chose is what led to these issues. They have a lot of issues and violence amongst themselves. They would never admit to that either. By lifestyle I mean the laid back lifestyle they have and they do not have the same level of responsibilities that non-natives need in order to survive as they get a lot of stuff for free. That then encourages waste, no appreciation for what you have, lack of pride, and a host of other issues. I mean anyone being treated this way would have these same issues, native or non-native. Subsidizing the natives, free education, free pharmaceuticals, free help, I would hardly call this Genocide. The Natives actually have alot big families because of the assistance they get. Non-natives don't have that luxury so the families are of more modest size. There again because of these policies, I can hardly see this as Genocide. It's more of a lifestyle problem and alot of it within their own social environment.
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    Dear Eve. I do NOT apologize for shit I didn't do. Period. Collective guilt is bullshit and even the leftists acknowledge that fact when they state that muslims are not collective guilty for the actions of islamic terrorists. But apparently I'm [collectively] guilty of sexual abuse purely because of my gender. *Derisive snort* Sounds a little bigoted and sexist to me. It astounds me how leftists can scream and cry about the evils of sexism, racism and bigotry while engaging in sexism, racism and bigotry.
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    There you go again. Somebody has to PROVE that they're innocent of slanderous claims. It's absurd and goes against the foundation of our justice system. I don't know if the tapes are real or not. But who cares? Why do you gotta go around peeping into what consenting adults do in their bedrooms? Since Clinton I was told that what happens in people's bedrooms is their own business. Stop being a prude man. What two adults wanna do together on their own time isn't any of my business.
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    Altai, maybe you could be doing more things like *this* and less conspiracy theories and hate. http://forreadingaddicts.co.uk/news/turkish-garbage-collectors-open-library-full-discarded-books/23374?fbclid=IwAR1538B-84Uwkex_gvgQodvx2_xsx8pauI8DBLx4z1Nsvg5z1a8Sb3GdmfA
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    If you been following the news, a member of the Grassy Narrows first Nation community, interrupted Justin Trudeau at a Liberal fund raiser. Justin Trudeau shouted at the protester "Thank You For Your Donation", as she was escorted out by security. Ya all know me as a hardcore fiscal conservative, and recently I have been coming down hard on natives. As a far-right conservative, I still believe all humans have the right to clean food, clean air, and clean drinking water. Industry needs to be held responsible for inappropriate contamination. We need to cough up some money, and fix this situation with the Grassy Narrows community. I don't think they should have to pay out of pocket for bottled water. Either we install a state of the art water filtration unit, or we truck in fresh water from another source. This should be non-negotiable start. I also the government must officially accept responsibility for failing to act. They have been given decades of warning, and I think if we can afford to give millions to Omar Khadr, we can do something for this community. We should give them a basic clinic, so members of their community can be treated for Mercury poisoning. You ask me, how much we should spend? In my opinion, we should spend $10 million to Truck in fresh water, build a simple clinic, and provide treatment for the community members. There are 800 members in the community, and I think $10 million is the least we should spend. That's $12500 per person. Coming from a person who has an extreme bias against natives, I still think children deserve clean drinking water. This is one of the rare cases, when a first nations community deserves a lawsuit. I would like to Andrew Scheer and the conservatives demand settlement. They can make up the money in other ways. Does anyone disagree?
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    No, Illegal immigrants is the proper term. If you are there in the US without going through the proper channels, then it is 100% illegal according to US law. Calling them undocumented absolutely incorrect.
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    "Telling children they can pick their gender is as fundamentally stupid as telling children they can choose their species. If we did, we'd have classrooms filled with mermaids, aquamen, wizards, gnomes, fairies, and aliens."
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    The governments of Canada have never perpetrated anything "against" indigenous peoples. What many have done is make with their very best intentions what they THOUGHT was helping the indigenous community. While almost everything they have done is about as inept as the current idiocy of the LPC and their Prime Mistake, none, not even the little twit himself have intended any harm to aboriginals. Judging by the standards of today what was done in decades and centuries past is one perfect example of pure stupidity.
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    You're preaching to the choir, I was just trying to explain to Zeitgeist why UN Peacekeeping does not stop atrocities and never did, because that was not the mandate. As far as I am concerned, you're a great soldier just for your time in, as Oh Three One Infantry, in the harsh realm which was the CF.
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    Back in the early days we did not do a 6 month training build up, we were still in the cold war training periods, the first companies to go over where a beefed up November coy, and a Vandoo company, had to be politically correct even then...one English, one French company....shit we got mortared upon arrival, surprised no one was killed on day one....we were never trained for this type of Op....we were trained infantrymen, trained to close with and destroy the enemy....not watch them kill civilians and flaunt it in our faces....of all my tours that one has bothered me the most, told to sit there and watch and get frustrated because we could not protect anyone....even the civilians on all sides could not understand why we just stood there....while they died...UN was more than useless, it actually helped them commit war crimes as the bad guys were embolden by our lack of action.....they did not need soldiers just photo journalist...Not many UN peace keeping missions have been successful...and I'm not sure why Canada celebrates these UN missions.. touts it like some badge of honor....a lot of good people could have been saved had it been a NATO mission from the start....I think the top military brass here in Canada also lost the taste for peace keeping under the UN there as well...that mission changed peacekeeping forever.... I'd almost lost my taste for soldiering , never felt more useless in my entire life....a lot of good people I knew where changed forever and not for the good, they got into heavy drinking doing hard drugs, became shit pumps, and finally kicked out, back in the day PTSD was not something anyone talked about, or sought treatment for, asking for help was for the weak, and women folk...not for really men, not for Canadian soldiers........ .....most of use in our plt had enough by the end of out tour.....I remember the first day when the CO announced we would be sending troops he asked for everyone interested to take one pace forward....The whole BN moved as one...when we got back, no one wanted a taste of Yugo...although I did go back 2 more times it was under NATO....where we could soldier, and the bad guys knew if we were not screwing around....the days of them doing what ever they wanted including murder was over....Those days Canadians could be proud of...
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    The Bosnia air strikes were a NATO tasking, that wasn't Op Cavalier, that was Operation Deliberate Force, that wasn't a UN mission, CANBAT 2 was not involved in that operation. It's two different missions which you are wrongly conflating into one. Under UN Chapter 6, you can only use (proportionate) force in self defence and only when they are engaging you, there is no air strikes nor anything like that, coming from UN Peacekeepers. You don't even have your bsttalion support weapons, mortars and whatnot, all you have is rifles and machine guns, you're not actually loaded for battle. You can't use camouflage and concealment, that's why the vehicles are painted white and you light your own OP"s up, you're a non combatant and you need to make sure everybody can see that you are UN and so not actually in the fight. Basically you just man the OP's and patrol around the Zone of Separation to monitor what is going on, but if you catch them doing something, all you can do is report it up the chain of command, which is to the UN in New York. It's up to the UN to do something about it, and obviously the UN is f**kin' useless, so the whole thing is pretty much a waste of time if the co-belligerents don't want to play along. And the Serbs and Croats have their proxies at the UN, so they can get the UN to override you anyways. That's what happened at the Medak Pocket. The Croats were out to massacre the Krajina Serbs, the Patricia's tried to block them, so the Croats complained to the UN, and the UN ordered the Patricia's to get out of the way, and then they had to stand by while the Croats went a massacring. After the massacre, the Pats had to go in and document the damage, so not only can you not stop the massacre, you still get a close up look at the aftermath, which, as Army Guy said, that's the kind of thing which gave guys PTSD.
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    The difference is in being found guilty after going to great lengths and whining about how you innocent you are as opposed to taking responsibility for past wrongs. Being responsible and admitting guilt really are two different things. The RCMP's lapse in judgement and apparent disregard for the darker side of the Highway of Tears has been correctly placed in the same context of the dispossession, assimilation and neglect - much of it resulting in death - that governments in Canada have been perpetrating against indigenous people ever since it was founded. By rights, taking responsibility and accounting for this should makes us more attractive to visitors. I expect there'll still be lots of hard-boiled conservatives and racists who'll never visit Canada because of their fear of communism and Sharia but that's a good thing.
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    True, but it is still entertaining to run with it. Justin Trudeau has gone from "Sunny Ways" to Prime Minister "GENOCIDE". He will forever be known as the "genocide" prime minister.
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    Oh yeah, right, okay! This is a story from 2016. You might not remember it, from back in the dawn of time. Trudeau sternly votes against labelling what ISIS is doing genocide. Yet now he says the murder of a thousand Native women, mostly by native men, IS genocide! No politics there! Trudeau, Liberal MPs Vote Against Tory Motion Declaring ISIS Atrocities As Genocide Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rose in the House of Commons Tuesday to vote against a Conservative motion declaring that the atrocities of the so-called Islamic State constitute genocide. His decision appeared to back up what Trudeau told the House minutes earlier: that partisan politicians shouldn't determine what is or isn't genocide. The Opposition motion — tabled by interim Tory leader Rona Ambrose — won the support of New Democrats, Bloc MPs, and four Liberal backbenchers: Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, Anthony Housefather, Borys Wrzesnewskyj, and Karen Ludwig. It was defeated by the Grit majority in a vote of 166 to 139, sparking shouts of "Shame!" from some Tories. https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2016/06/14/trudeau-isis-liberals-tory-motion-rona-ambrose_n_10463562.html
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    The report is a disgrace, and the Canadian Government should actually sue the writers of said report for defamation, call to hate and discrimination. Who lives by the sword perishes by it. The Left LOVES to use the Judiciary to their advantage. Let them taste their own medicine.
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    This is what happens when progressives get involved. This has put relations back a hundred yrs. This has to be the stupidest thing the left wing has done now. Who does she thinks she is using that word. The problem is with thier own family members and anti women policies on thier land. She needs to apologize to every canadian. And what ever they were paid needs to be returned. I miss harper.
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    What gets me is the shameful Television Media we have. They seem to go along with the results of these inquiries and there is never any contrasting opinions brought forward about the conclusions that were reached and details on how these conclusions were reached. If one does dare to challenge results like these then you seem to get labelled by the Left. So much for freedom of speech or thought (all of the things our country in the past had fought for). Shame on Canada!!!!
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    You’re right. There’s a leftist strain in the Indigenous ranks that is hurting legitimate Indigenous causes, especially around resource development and self-government. I also think the hereditary chiefs are a real danger to Indigenous interests. Imagine having to accept the decisions of unelected chiefs who may be corrupt. Nevertheless, that’s their prerogative. Self-government means taking full responsibility and being accountable to your people. Some want money with no conditions attached, which is fine when the management is fair and competent. What happens when it isn’t and there’s no recourse to outside assistance? There has to be assistance and it too will have to be Indigenous. Or does it? See how we’re creating (or they’re creating) self-perpetuating apartheid? In the long run any kind of race-based separate system smacks of injustice. I’ll grant that some of these ideas came from the white man, but not all of them. And who wants to keep it going? Not the non-Indigenous. This is why I wouldn’t put more money into Indigenous Affairs or try to solve the problem for Indigenous peoples. They have to solve it themselves with existing resources. No one is stopping them from moving into private residences and attending public schools like most other people. Instead we prop up unsustainable communities in order to prevent “cultural genocide.” No doubt some reserves are very successful, but some are not. Non-Indigenous people won’t decide to cut funding, but putting more money towards unsustainable communities is a mistake. Canadians do not want children to suffer, so of course the clean water and basic infrastructure will come. That doesn’t mean that all of these places are good places to live or should be maintained.
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    This report is just an extremely long way to demand ever increasing amounts of money. Using the word genocide is insulting. No doubt natives have suffered at the hands of others in the past but will there ever be a time when anyone in their ranks will stand up and say it's about time to stop continually blaming others for all their ills and start taking responsibility for their own lives. Why not make an effort to stop the cycle of dependency on tax dollars. https://www.fraserinstitute.org/article/taxpayers-are-generous-first-nations https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/federal-budget-includes-5-billion-in-new-spending-on-indigenous-affairs https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/mark-milke/first-nations-and-taxpayers_b_4455894.html
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    I acknowledge that the Indians have been displaced into ghettos by entrenched interests, I acknowledge that this has devastated their communities, but I reject that 4,000 Indian women being killed mostly by their own spouses or by bad dates for Indian women who were street walking hookers, amounts to a genocide nor anything even approaching a genocide. I also think that the academics who wrote that into the report have destroyed any credibility they would have, outside of the aforementioned leftist ideological camp they are pandering too. On the other hand, I would defend your right to call it whatever you please, and I'd actually kill and die to defend that right, unlike the leftists who wrote this farcical report.
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    Genocide is the intentional mass murder or elimination of a people. Calling Canada’s treatment of Indigenous peoples genocide is a lie.
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    Trudeau has been roundly criticized for avoiding to use the word genocide when describing the disappearances and deaths of Indigenous women and girls in Canada on Monday, despite being called upon to do so. I wonder how long he can hold out before submitting to the demands of the hysterical mouth-breathers who demand compliance with their description and correct his perception to correspond to "their truth". Meanwhile, Commissioner Marion Buller has been making the morning radio talk show circuit declaring that the word genocide was used in the report with the intention of making people uncomfortable, to compel them into taking action. I suspect that most people won't feel uncomfortable, so much as making them upset or angry that the authors of the report could be so monumentally irresponsible with such words.
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    No surprise you wouldn't like the RCMP report, but I'll believe the RCMP over some unnecessary inquiry whose results where a foregone conclusion. I'm not saying nothing should be done, but calling it genocide undermines the credibility. Even the Federal minister doesn't agree with the push for stiffer sentences for crimes against Indigenous women, and rightly so as ALL people should be treated equally. This of course goes against Gladhue Prinicple which wants lesser sentencing for Native perps. Not to mention that the 300 millions Trudeau just gave away to a global fund would go a long way to helping these women.
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    Harper did know that an inquiry would have just this result: more spending leading to more accusations and little if any resolution. The RCMP knew who the main culprits were and tried not to embarrass the Indigenous. The reason many Canadians are cynical about Reconciliation, land claims, and other reparations is because, whereas most of western society has built into it the Protestant Work Ethic that success or failure is largely up to each individual, the problems among Indigenous peoples are considered non-Indigenous problems. Yet it’s a no win for non-Indigenous: Intervene and we are not letting them self-determine. Walk away and we are abandoning them. Few people I know buy into the land acknowledgements because they know that history is being rewritten to set the stage for land settlements and money grabs, a simple transfer of income to status Indians, so there’s little credibility in the cause, which isn’t even a single or clear cause. The infighting among the bands, chiefs, and their associations is worse than anything you’ll see in Parliament. I’m afraid that the Conservative Party position, which is largely to maintain the funding, encourage self-government, and to carry on with other business is the only sensible solution for voters and taxpayers. There are some necessary measures to take for water treatment and basic infrastructure in some reserves, but ultimately, any community that can’t sustain itself and requires major outside support shouldn’t be unsustainably propped up. No one wants to talk about that. Fix what is sustainably fixable and stop throwing good money after bad.
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    These 'orgies' can certainly be counted on to inspire the sort of hilarious anti-left rhetoric that caused Europeans to swing more left than right in their latest election. Nothing makes ordinary people's eyes roll faster these days than the spectacle of a bunch of indignant conservatives lining up in forums like these to spout off in every direction possible about left-lib-commie-virtue-signalling-drunken-sailor-spending-feminist-LGBTQ, justice-warriors. Notice all it takes is one slightly overblown word (genocide) to trigger a torrent of invective so riddled with cliches and hyperbole its guaranteed to make conservatism look a lot more silly than the Marxist-Stalinist-Maoist Sharia loving progressive bogyman they invoke. By all means please keep it up.
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    No surprise, but genocide - really - it sure doesn't meet the definition of genocide. Considering that most of women are victims of indigenous males, that is a surprising conclusion. The report calls for harsher penalties for violence against aboriginal women which would be race based discrimination but when most of the perps are indigenous men how will that affect the Gladue Principle that is supposed to see aboriginal perps get a lesser sentence. https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2015/06/19/rcmp-updates-investigation-into-aboriginal-women.html The RCMP also said that the majority of cases — 81 per cent in the past two years — continue to be solved at a rate comparable to that for cases involving non-aboriginal women, which was at 83 per cent over the same time period.
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    I could only get through page 100 before losing focus....maybe read the next 600+ pages if I ever have trouble falling asleep...and that's just Part 1. But I did learn a fun new acronym: 2SLGBTQQIA (two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex and asexual)...yikes !
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    The most hilariously pathetic part of the report is that, after they have absurdly invoked "genocide", the remedies they have put forth are the usual Canadian leftist do nothing placeholders of a National Action Plan! and an Indigenous Women's Ombudsman! LOL!
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    Harper came up with and got passed the Indian Transparency Act, and that idiot village leader called Trudeau, after he became the dictator of Canada, went and got rid of that act. This lying idiot told us that he was going to have the most transparency government in history if he got elected. He lied, the lying batard. Lieberals are nothing more than a bunch of cheats, thieves and liars. A classless bunch of pathetic deplorable morons. These native Indians in Canada have been receiving hundreds of millions of white men and women's tax dollars for so many decades now, and they still cannot get their Indian shit together. They still live on some reserves where running water and electricity still does not exist. It's dam well pathetic indeed when one thinks about all the tax dollars that they have stolen from old whitey and giving to them. With the billions of our Canadian tax dollars that they have taken from old whitey taxpayer one would have to believe that every Indian in Canada should all at least be millionaires by now? But they are all piss poor, well, except for their chiefs who no doubt do have millions of tax dollars in their private bank accounts some where. Sure old whitey moved in and pretty much took over their land but it's not like the Indians were doing anything with it anyway. Old whitey actually wanted to help the native Indians enter into a more civilized world. Old whitey did one thing good and great for them. Old whitey got them to stop killing each other from the many different Indian tribes that were out there. But that is never mentioned by the fake and phony lying Canadian media. They only want to report on anything that can make old whitey look bad. The native Indians are their own worse enemy. The white people only wanted to help and all they keep getting these days is kicked in the head for constant trying. Personally, I have no more time for those Indians anymore, nor pity. To me they are just a waste of time, effort, and tax dollars. They need to get off their lazy whiny drunken butts and get out there and do something with their lives like old whitey has to do to survive. As far as Maxine Bernier of the PPC goes I think that he will be the only one that could possibly do something about this Indian nonsense going on in this country. Bernier shows more common sense and logic than Scheer ever will. Bernier is not politically correct like Scheer is. Scheer will just carry on with the same old, same old corruption and other shit, and nothing will change with those "progressive" liberals who are all dressed up in conservative clothing. If Bernier does not at least get a majority government or at least get a minority government, than Canada as we all once knew it will be gone for good and forever. There can be no doubt about that. It is now or never for Canada and Canadians to end this dictator and tyranny government of Trudeau. Canada cannot take another four more years of this idiot prime mistake of ours. Just my opinion of course, and I approve of it.
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    I read a book about how archaeologists are finding more and more that women were a valued part of hunter/gatherer societies. The men would hunt occassionally, but not always successfully. Tribes relied on the gathering, agriculture and hunting of small prey done by women and it did not just "supplement" what the men were doing. It was in integral, valueable part of survival. The Invisible Sex: Uncovering the True Roles of Women in Prehistory - by Adovasio, Soffer & Page


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