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    If Christians around the world were bombing and stabbing and driving vans into crowds of Muslims and screaming "Jesus is the greatest!" while they do it, you can't tell me that you and Dia and MH wouldn't be "assuming" a religious motive.
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    Costs are a factor and not just health care in California. People don`t `hate`migrants, many do dislike and reject illegal migrants and a system that encourages that while not looking after it`s own. https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/11829/illegal-immigration-cost https://www.fairus.org/issue/publications-resources/fiscal-burden-illegal-immigration-united-states-taxpayers
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    Even some Americans try to make Canadian threads 'America' and then bitch in the US threads when people are actually talking about the US. OK.
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    I really like how Donald Trump makes certain people crazy.
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    Costs a lot more to deport the illegals, but Canada and the USA still continue to do it. They can be poor and righteous back home and still get "progressive" sympathy, and maybe try to enter legally instead.
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    I have some sympathy for that argument. But at the same time if your religion says to kill adulterers and gays then it's not a religion I want spreading in my society. But I am of the house of war, am I not? There is the house of peace - which are Islamic countries - and the House of War - everyone else. Muslims are commanded to take Muhammed as their guide and expand the ummah, by force if necessary.
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    The citizenship question was always on the census until 2010 so why does Trump need the courts to decide if he can re-instate it. Also, it’s a myth that Canada has comprehensive, universal, accessible health care as Canada is rated World's number ONE country in studies of wait lists AND in public health bureaucrats per citizen
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    That`s what I was wondering, do they get free health care, there is a low income insurance plan but what about those who can`t buy any insurance. Democrats in the state Legislature reached an agreement Sunday afternoon as part of a broader plan to spend $213 billion of state and federal tax money over the next year. https://www.khou.com/article/news/politics/california-lawmakers-agree-to-health-benefits-for-immigrants/285-d6f6505d-fb8d-40bc-aff1-3faff90433da
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    Imagine that, a Muslim knowing more about Islam than you do.
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    Le me guess, you are gonna set us all straight on what Islam really is about? Is this a 2 year concentrated or a 4-5 year deep intensive course you are teaching? Just wanna know how much it's gonna cost me to get educated.
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    Dow Jones closes above 27,000...good for Canada's pension plan.
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    So are you one of the ones who would actually kill an apostate or blasphemer as commanded, or are you one of the ones who would not do the actual killing but would be happy if someone else did it? Would you film it on your phone for later viewing? I ask because of your reaction to Hirsi Ali's name being mentioned.
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    What for? Will it help? Do you say that because there aren't any? I feel like I already have done that in the past, too. There was a time when people used to say Muslims didn't condemn violence. Then people showed them that Muslims did condemn violence. So they found something else bad to say.
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    Quite right, our next phase of LRT is going to be 1.5 B over budget. just like the current phase being 1.5 billion over budget SNC Lavalin needs the money.
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    There's several here who argue that Muslims in general do not believe or follow the Quran's admonitions.
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    And if I told you the authority was the Q'uran itself, being the last words of God? Interpreted literally, being a good Muslim is to obey to its laws and rules to obedience for this dogma.
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    No other group commits so much religious violence. No other group has such bigoted religious beliefs and values. And no other group is flooding into Canada at the rate of a hundred thousand a year.
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    There's a lot of nasty stuff in the Old Testament, but the difference is that the Christian reformations sloughed that stuff off. No mainstream Christian church today supports these things. On the other hand, all mainstream Islamic clerics support death for blasphemers, criminal sanctions or death for gays, different family and criminal rights for women, and demand the subjugation of minority religions.
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    MH, like you is as devoted an Islamophile as you will find among progressives. Both of you are more than willing to sacrifice the basic human rights of Canadians in order to protect Muslims from being offended. Among what, 700,000 Islamic clerics? And how many of those clerics you quote would issue a fatwa against killing blasphemers? Are there other states which, by law, treat men and women differently in court cases, in inheritance, in family rights, in criminal law? Do they also treat all people who are not the same religion as the majority as second class citizens? Do they criminalize those who blaspheme or commit adultery or try to leave their religion? And remember, it is not SOME Muslim states. It is every single one of them.
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    i said I wasn't going to respond to your insults and name-calling. Twist and warp whatever I say - that's your apologist MO. Pretty sad that the only way you can defend the religion is by twisting what is said about it. I'm pretty sure you know how utterly ridiculous you're getting, but you've already dug the hole so deep you pretty much have to stay there now just to save face.
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    So you regularly screech at me about how Islam needs to reform and address their issues and how I pretend it doesn't (not true as usual), but when I post something about a large group of Muslims getting together to address those very issues, you use that to attack me and other posters as "Apologists" and liars. You could have posted more productively but you'd rather just call other posters names, even when they post something you say you support. When does your "stop responding to me" promise kick in?
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    I was talking about apostacy. Giving examples is always an issue to those who constantly lie and exaggerate.
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    You're probably an apologist for Islam who thinks slinging Lying accusations like the above is going to get you somewhere.
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    The comparison between the random acts of criminals and Islam, in which violence is encoded in their scripts and culture, completely fails.
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    A better equivalent would be 'This Week in Judaism' or 'This Week in Christianity' - no race or colour has been mentioned, only by you.
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    Right, one of my articles for the Jewish Embezzlement would be the corruption charges brought up against Netenyahu (and members of this family). By the logic we see here in this thread, that would mean ALL Jews are corrupt, which is not the case and a terrible argument to propose in the first place. It's used simply for trolling purposes, nothing more.
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    Please tell me more about how you don't care? By posting that you don't care? Gotcha.
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    Then what's all this fuss about?
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    Deflection again and again. Maybe a break reading thereligionofpeace would help make coherent arguments?
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    Whatever is going on in California will be exacerbated with the amount of illegals crossing into the USA. People are sleeping in the streets, how do you expect to help illegals if they cannot even help their own?
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    YOU might expect that, but nothing could be further from the truth. 100% of what the federal government does is to seek business for QUEBEC - NEVER the ROC. Those are not my words, BTW, but a friend who was at the time Minister of Everything when I was bitching about finding nothing but business leads from embassies going only to Quebec.


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