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    Within minutes of the El Paso shooting, we knew he was white. Very soon after he was a white nationalist. Even after I saw that the Ohio shooter was Antifa, I watched Don Lemon and all he talked about was white supremacy. I chalked it up to maybe the news hadn't got to him yet...or time delay, but even today, not a word about Antifa. The only thing i've seen is that he had a "kill list". No talk about his politics all. This guy in El Paso clearly had political beliefs that straddled both parties, but just like the other recent shooters who identified as anti-Trump, that didn't affect the canned media narrative. For every Trump tweet suggesting that too many illegals are bad for america, there are 10, maybe 100 media comments that Trump people are Irredeemable, deplorable, racists, bigots etc. When the media says outright that "anyone who votes for Trump is a racist", they are a major contributor. The media should look at their contribution first.
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    I firmly believe that it's the marginalization of their group. Not necessarily right wing or left wing, although it seems that left leaning guys are more pliable and more apt to believe that they are shitty, whereas right wing guys are angered by the implications. This El Paso thing isn't really terrorism (although they'll call it such, just to even out the columns), it's a resentment that certain classes of people are held in such high esteem, while they're told from a very young age they are worthless. If a girl does poorly in school there is a national inquiry, programs, workshops, Pro-D days and funding to equalize the situation, if guys regress in school, they're told to suck it up or drop out. Schools do not value guys - not a bit. Same goes for rape, or any violence associated with guys. A young white girl will never be without, especially if she puts out a kid or two, a white guy can starve on the side of a street and no one will care. White guys are supposed to "check their privilege" and do as they're told - politicians will say it all the time. Now, as far as theses marginalized guys think, "illegals" are now the chosen group. To a lot of people "diversity" means taking from or leaving white guys behind. I know for a fact that I wouldn't want to be a young white man in america.
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    Yes, that's what I said. You could see this future coming 20 years ago or more
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    Dems and media are all aghast that Trump put the blame on mental illness! He's right! What is wrong with that? Surely, you folks aren't naive enough to think that all people who hate end up killing???? If someone can't harness his hatred that he resorts to violence - then, obviously there's some mental issues going on in there!
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    So you got an exhausitve sample. Few guys drinkers mad at you because you are english is more than enough to juge the whole nation in that basis, eh? Sure! Where I live, the quantity of anglos is around 40%. in the hockey or soccer team of my son, the anglo kids percentage is approximatly the same. The relation of the french and anglos are very friendly. No animosity, no mistrust. Our sons play together and we cheer for the same team. All the anglos have a sincere respect of the french language and they always choose to speak to me in french, except there is something specific they are not sure how to translate. I often return the favor by using english sometimes. Your own personal experience does not weight much in the balance. The actual reality is far from what you think of. Neverthenless, if you left in the 70's, I do beleive you that you might not feel welcome in your own birth place. At that time, the injustice toward the french was major. The french had all the reasons in the world to hate the english. But the situation has changed alot in 50 years. Now the french are respected and seen as equal to english people, unlike back then where the french were still seen as second class citizen by the anglos. Of course, there are still some few whinners playing the bash french Quebec like if your life depends on it. But they are not the majority and are rather just few. Although I do not deny that you may have that experience in the past, just the fact that you do not bother about what wrongs your "kind" did to make them mad at anglos, is one of the many justifications itself that make a point against you. When I compare the relation of the french and english today, with the time of my dad and my grand father, I see a huge improvement. Of course, there are still alot like you that entertain hatred without scrupules. But although you guys are very loud, your number diminishes with the years. The fun part about how you describ the french and Quebec, is that you put so much hatred and exaggeration, that you totally discredit yourself. At best, you only please the people as as you. I am sure you are a nice person in real life and you are totally capable to be smart and open. You just make the choice to avoid it. I guess it's like smoking. You did entertained for so long those lies and hatred that it is too difficult to stop. Even when you can't avoid the truth. We should try to invent a "stop-the-hatred" patch. I am a sovereignist, so of course, I do not have a problem with your opinion of splitting Canada. But if Canada changes its dynamic and respect a great level of autonomy to Quebec, I do not have a problem to stay in Canada. You cannot blame the seperatists to be the one that milk Canada. They are the ones who want to leave. If you think the exit of Québec will solve any of your problems, you are living in a fairy tale riding a unicorn in your old town roads. The very same problems will continue as usual. Except this time you will have to blame someone else than Quebec. The reason why I still consider the possibility to find brainstorm on a different union despite I am sovereignist, is because I see how it goes in the international relations and I think both the ROC and QC still have a common mutual interest to get along. You think the federal drags too much from you for what you get in return? No problem. Stop whinning and accept the decentralization requested by Quebec instead of supporting the usual coward politicians you send there that always back stab us. The immaturity of the conservative westerners is annoying and desapointing. Your behavior is childish, yet you think you are a superior race over those poor beer drinkers. If only you knew how small you look like when you do that. But I guess you do not mind. Your interests lies in the good old nostalgia where english and french were fighting against another to be the king of the hill.
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    Young males need to be warriors, if there's no outlet for that, they will make war on their own terms. In the past, they joined the military, but now the military has been discredited, the Progressive agenda has feminized the military, so it's no longer an effective outlet for the innate aggression of the Homo Sapiens Sapiens apex predator male. This is not crime, this is war, they are making war upon their tormentors, the effeminate bourgeoisie.
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    But the logic has to ultimately end with "My life is worthless". So why do so many young men think their lives are worthless now compared to the great depression? Yes, I get that there has been a huge economic disruption in the 'heartland'. The old style jobs which only required a high school diploma but would pay you well enough to have a decent life have gone. The new jobs which pay well usually require a lot of post secondary training and are mostly in the bigger urban centres where universities are located. I think this is part of the problem but not the whole problem. I think that a lot of young men have lost their way in the last 30-40 years. I think more and more of them don't know what they're supposed to be doing in the world. The old days when you met a girl, married, had kids, and built a family together forever have gone along with the well-paid union jobs for life. Now we're in a hookup culture with no stability. Plus society has been telling men for decades now that the rules they lived under for ten thousand years no longer apply. But it hasn't given them any new ones.
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    Because there are more losers than before in society now than ever before. So many unskilled, low IQ, low achievers at school, who can't find their place in the modern world. In 1960, if you didn't have a highschool diploma, you could get a somewhat decent living. In 2019, it means minimum wage, and living in poverty for life.
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    And this why no amount of gun control is going to work, because this is not crime, this is war. This is insurgency, and its self organizing, this is a new form of terrorism, there is no central command structure, they run their own ops completely self contained, but all on the same overarching mission, they don't need command and control, they command and control themselves. The police are basically impotent in the face of it, but even for the military intelligence and whatnot, this is new 21st century phenomena which confounds established counterterrorism strategy. Firearms are not going to be banned, so they will get their guns, you're not going to win their hearts and minds, and they don't have a command structure which can be taken out resulting in organizational collapse thereafter. Saying that you need more gun control to stop a terrorist insurgency is hand waving, it's like saying you're going to stop the flow of the Viet Cong down the Ho Minh Trail by passing a law against marching down the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Moreover, passing something like the Assault Weapons Ban will be throwing gasoline on the fire of the right wing reactionary aspect, that's not going to get rid of the tens of millions of automatic weapons already in circulation, but it will be a casus belli for more radicalization and more insurgency, it's a self fulfilling prophecy, it's what they want the government to do, they are trying to provoke some sort of ban, to swell their ranks exponentially in reaction to it. It was the AWB which birthed this culture, before the AWB very few had military automatic weapons, after the AWB everybody has them now, the AWB backfired many times over.
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    Ohio shooter who killed 9 was an Antifa, anti-racist. https://mobile.twitter.com/FaithGoldy/status/1158158229177864198?s=20
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    You should read his manifesto I can't paste on here, go to drudgereport where there is a link. -
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    Don't stop there, the rest of Canada needs to get the hell out of Canada, Australia and New Zealand are not in Confederation with each other, there is no reason for Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia to be neither, and it will all work smoother if we are not in Confederation, Confederation being the source of dysfunction in the land, Quebec goes first, the rest shall follow them out, when the rest see that Quebec being out is not the sky falling. And this really is between us in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec, Prince Edward Island may not like it, but you know what? F*ck Prince Edward Island, Prince Edward Island being a province, is absurd, you could fit them all into Etobicoke and not even notice.
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    Drinking beer and partying...lol... that was what Lieutenant-Colonel George Monro said before his defeat against the french. You have a pretty bad unfounded (as usual) opinion of the french canadians and I bet you re-read yourself 3 times to make sure your hatred was clear enough. Your forum mate Nefarious-goes-banana added a layer... because there is never enough Quebec bashing in this land of open mind people. I won't put my cancered toe into that torrent. Instead, I will reply to QOC who seems panicking about QS. QOC is not wrong and I moreless share his view but, from a different angle. It pleases alot the establishment to see the greens, separtists and leftists being divided and that is the only reason why the SRC-CBC and the Desmarais' medias are giving such exposure to that party. I think QS will never, ever going to win an election, nor even be the opposition party. They sealed their future real bad in the last election and after. The best expression I could use to describ them is, Useful Idiots. An expression often used to describ people having a position and doing anything that leads to the exact opposite results. They are the worst separatists ever, they are behaving like if the religions are leading them, they have no clue how the economy works and they sum up the greatest amount of falacies of all canadian political parties combined. I am a left sovereignist very concerned by the environment and I consider them as enemies. The more I hear them, the more I get disgusted. I might not afraid to see them winning an election, but I ma very concerned by the damages they are doing by influencing all those young idealists following the trend. I see nothing good to get from that.


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