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    Trump recently tweeted that a study found that Google manipulated votes in the favour of Hillary. https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/19/politics/trump-google-manipulated-votes-claim/index.html Trump is an internet troll that got himself elected President. And even on Messageboards like this one, you're often completely discredited if you don't probably have a citation for your opinion. Trump can spew unsubstantiated claims and his base of uninformed rubes will believe him and not seek out any further information. And if people protest that he's misinforming the public, they're just whiney Dems with TDS. It seems to be a pretty effective tool, but only shows how the internet has actually made people dumber.
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    1) Your original "goat herders" comment on this board, referring to immigrants coming to Canada was made before the Syrian refugee crisis 2) Refugees coming to Canada are just a drop in the bucket as compared to the number of immigrants coming to Canada 3) Olive farmers and shopkeepers are not goat herders 4) Re: "Alali was one of dozens of Syrian refugees with whom I spoke during the past week" - Speaking to 12 people is not enough to establish anything. 5) Your use of "goat herders" was meant as a derogatory term towards middle-easterners and Muslims who you have a problem with coming to Canada. Whether as a skilled worker or as a refugee.
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    Nice. I see that MLW is following Trump by descending into racist, delusional conspiracy mongering. Well, done.
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    Don't know but the squad is the face of the Dems now, You like it or not
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    These two had no plans to visit Israel but were going toPalestinian cities like Hebron, Ramallah, Bethlehem, and East, and apparently the itinerary of the congressional groups there last week wasn't good enough for Tlaib and Omar. e.g. That group met with Israeli leaders and Palestinians in the West Bank so would have been an excellent opportunity for two Muslim congresswomen to be representatives of goodwill and learning etc. They refused any government briefings and Netanyahu said their itinerary mentioned only “Palestine,” a country that doesn’t exist and a word often used to deny Israel’s right to exist. Unfortunately, the itinerary of the Tlaib/Omar Delegation leaves no room for that opportunity. In contrast to the nearly 70 freshmen members of Congress who just recently completed, or who are currently pursuing, a balanced visit to Israel that includes meetings with both Israeli and Palestinian leaders, the Tlaib/Omar Delegation has limited its exposure to tours organized by the most strident of BDS activists,” Friedman said. “This trip, pure and simple, is nothing more than an effort to fuel the BDS engine that Congresswomen Tlaib and Omar so vigorously support.”
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    The Google oracle returns to you the answers it wants you to see, not what you're looking for and not necessarily even the truth. Just remember that...
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    What an ignorant thing to say. I would love to see you work away from friends and family in some remote work camp up north, 28 days straight for 12 hours/day. Most people can't cut it. Unless you think some egghead University Professor teaching Woman's studies deserves more, while working 1 fraction of what trades people do, in the nice confines of the city with all the perks. Talk about elitism. "NOW you know why they get passed over. For someone with basically no training, few skills and little repsonsibility, that is ridiculous" You do realize it takes a ton of intelligence and effort to become a red seal tradesman, but keep on looking down upon the working class if it makes you feel better.
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    1,000,000,000 barrels of oil imported annually, while Alberta & Saskatchewan sit idle . . .
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    Yes, in a Trump thread I'm discussing Trump. It's how threads work.
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    Correct...with Justin Trudeau you have nothing. That's why you spend so much time on our President Trump.
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    Trump isn't fear-mongering anyone because he's telling the truth. Those two are what they are, he's just calling them on their actual anti-Semitism when they make anti-Semitic comments. Don't forget that the whole Dem party and the MSM all accused Trump of anti-Semitism the minute after the synagogue shooting, even though they knew it was false. They just wanted to capitalize on a tragedy, as usual. That was fear-mongering.
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    You are truly a good man to rely only on the Government of Canada for all your information.
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    Who is running the Democrat Party? Nobody knows...but the most vocal Democrats are the so-called Squad with their antisemetic diatribes.
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    The rate of degradation in threads is much higher than a few years ago. Most threads I cannot participate in because of how shitty the OP was and then the vitriol and stupidity that typcially follows. I can easily tell which thread is going to get locked before it does. Predicted that easily a few times.
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    Yeah, posters seem to be getting more extreme and some just make no sense at all. Three-quarters of the posts that are made are in my "ignore" file.
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    Whenever you go to the JT card it's a tell you have nothing.
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    I don't care about the Canadian fake job economy. The Canadian economy is moribund because the government cripples it by protectionism of narrowly vested entrenched interests. Work is bullshit, jobs are jails, it's make work,to keep people working all the time so they have no time to organize against the government of narrowly vested entrenched interests. It's not about people being lazy, not stupid, nor chickenshit, they are brainwashed by the Canadian media to be apparatchiks for the government of this Company Town. The fake work leaves people with no time to even think, they spend all their time working or trying to find work, this exhausts people, they have no substantial time for anything else. In terms of China, China is a monstrous Communist dictatorship at the gates, infiltrating and taking control, by paying off the narrowly vested entrenched interests.
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    1. Or thinks the Democrats are 'left'. They are right of the Conservative party in many respects, including healthcare and trans rights. 2. Trumpism has simply separated people who immaturely use politics as an extension of their own egos. I thought Obama was wildly unqualified and was successful in his greatest challenges (ie. The 2008 Crisis) by simply communicating, and doing what people told him to do. He also failed in many ways when he tried to bring his 'brand' into actual strategy (ie. Syria) I would never argue that Obama was great because I disliked conservatives. That's the problem with politics today. The entertainment value of seeing liberals (despised by conservatives) churns with angst outweighs the cost of actually having the country run by a clown... for some.
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    Grade 9, but I can add.
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    I guess we need to rename this thread 'Two decades ago in Islam' IOW if a Muslim taxi driver did something insulting 22 years ago, it's NOT AT ALL A REACH to complain about it and tie it to Muslim immigration policy in Canada.
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    What bible? What costume? What's the difference between refusing to take a dog and refusing to bake a cake? Let me guess! Just one offends you, right?
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    AOC is not stupid. She is starting to distance herself from that 2 wingnuts.
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    Exactly...even on a bad day, Trump matters a lot more than weak ass Justin Trudeau.
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    Alaska is very large too....bought from the Russians...over 100 years ago and considered folly at the time (Seward's Icebox). Denmark and Greenlanders apparently aren't too uppity to refuse American military bases and protection.
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    Karma ! https://summit.news/2019/08/16/muslim-cleric-killed-after-cow-he-was-about-to-ritually-slaughter-fights-back/
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    The Squad are doing such a good job of blowing the Democrats up, I salute them for their service to the right wing reactionary forces /salutes
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    How did you get the thought above into your head? Your comment is as silly as someone commenting on people from Abbotsford being white trash, who are semi-literate and who have not ventured outside of North America.
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    You tell me where your imagination takes you when you hear someone refer to a group of people as "goat herders moving to our country".
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    When you announce, you: "don't want any more goat herders to move to Canada." or you clearly announce that you "want Europeans to move to Canada, over the others", then guess what you are not doing: Hiding your racism and bigotry.
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    No I'm laughing at listening to you describe your own behaviour to a tee. T as in tone-deaf.
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    Came across this story on the web. Haven't seen it anywhere else. It seems the Liberals have done a deal with China to let them build the LNG pipelines in BC so no one has to hire many expensive Canadian workers to do the job. MARKHAM, Ontario, Aug. 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The federal government announced on August 9, 2019, that it will be granting full duty remissions on illegally dumped fabricated steel from China to supply two liquid natural gas (LNG) projects located in British Columbia. Their recent action was announced with their assurance that “trade barriers would not be permitted to stand in the way of these historic private sector investments”. The two projects involved are LNG Canada and Woodfibre LNG, both located on the coast of B.C. The partners in LNG Canada are made up of a consortium of investors of which include China. These two LNG projects will be modularized, meaning they will be built in smaller shippable pieces with all the equipment and components preinstalled. The modules will be connected on site, requiring very few construction workers. Essentially, in doing so, the largest project ever in the history of Canada will be handed over to Chinese businesses and workers. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/liberal-government-hands-42-billion-140354941.html
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    I don't really believe that article just like I don't believe the CBC article they're trying to fact check. Researchers with ideological agendas can suck it.


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