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    I suppose if the US and Canada would stand up against Isreal's encroachment, there wouldn't be any Palestinians looking for better options.
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    Mulroney was a Quebec labour lawyer...you can't really get much lower on the pole than that. We need leaders who have actually accomplished something in their life, who have been productive and successful. Being a silver spoon drama teacher or nice guy with pretty dimples are hardly qualifications to lead a brass band, never mind a country.
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    The 16 year old is being used by adults that should know better. She’s being used purposely to shield any legitimate criticism of the policies that she is a proponent of. I don’t blame her at all.
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    This is the very reason she has become the mouthpiece, no one can disagree with her or heaven forbid mention her mental health issues, the reason she is untouchable. He is right when he says the goal of the green Left is to radically transform our society through hysterical fear that the end of the world is coming and we have no choice but to give up our freedoms and way of life. We don't have to do that, we can adjust gradually but if we capitulate to their demands society will collapse, we cannot live without electricity and all the amenities, it would not be a pretty sight - think Mad Max (the movie)
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    His problem seems to be too much estrogen. needs a BIG shot of testosterone to get his shit together.
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    The 'turnaround on coastal Douglas fir is about 45 years. On large logging claims like on Vancouver Island, you can log most of the year and never run out of wood.
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    Trudeau sends sympathies to Bahamas...Trump sends helicopters.
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    I'm baffled , on how Canadians can support this guy, with everything he has done over the last 4 years and to be able to shrug it off , and vote for him again, blows my mind....have our morals and values slipped that much ? and they have the balls to comment on the other leaders in this race....I'm starting to see why Dougie views on our nation are so bent. "Just yell it loud and often and they will believe you" because we are becoming lemmings.... What is going to be the consequences if Justin and his merry band of lairs get back in, Do we continue to out of control spending....more lies and deceit , and what of Alberta will they carry out their threat of separation, and if one falls what of the rest, like Saskatchewan, and Quebec.
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    Cite, please. Far as I know, here in Canada its against the law to refuse guide dogs. And in case you were thinking of me, recall my post of August 18, where I said: "Anyway, I believe Muslins do refuse guide dogs entry to cabs and buses, and I don't think they have that right. The dog isn't touching them and there is nothing in their religion that prevents them being in company of a dog." Ever tried to get an anti-Muslim type to condemn right-wing slaughter of Muslims? They won't even go so far as to say they condemn it, and will argue endlessly that it's the fault of liberals/progressives/Muslims that the poor killer was overwrought and shot a bunch of people. When you can prove it. So far you haven't. It took me 2 minutes to debunk you Greece story; the clue was right in the article you linked. It took a bit longer on the Austrian story, maybe 5 minutes to find the transcript, and the articles that summarized the findings "objectively". Yes you have. No, you haven't. You've cited articles, and when they've been debunked you've started throwing out accusations and names. Back at'cha.
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    I have consistently said that Muslims are trying to impose Sharia law restrictions on freedom of speech. I have consistently said that freedom of speech is under attack. I have showed you exactly where it is under attack. The fact that Muslims sometimes FAIL in their attempts does not mean they are not TRYING to accomplish imposing Sharia on the West. This is the last time I'm explaining the flaw in your thinking. If you don't understand it yet - it is deliberate. That you refuse to actually investigate - is your own fault. You haven't debunked anything - you've given your own special Islamic spin and parsing of words on cases without actually investigating them. I read as many blogs, articles, books on these cases as I could find. I'm not going to go into your fake "de-bunking" because you are firmly of the opinion that Muslim wants, needs, desires and preferences should replace Western freedoms. Muslims come first to you - there is nothing that will change your mind.
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    It's pretty obvious that apologists for Islam are working hard in Canada - even here some have already given up the rights of disabled people to have guide dogs in favour of Muslim sensitivities. It makes me wonder what other rights these apologists are willing to sacrifice to Islam. When horrific terrorism takes place and hundreds of innocent lives are lost, if forced they will say simply "I condemn this." But the worst of their name-calling, insults, moral equilency games and parsing of words are reserved for those who dare to criticize Islam. But please, continue to tell us that you're not an apologist, when you can't even bring yourself to admit that freedom of speech is under attack in all parts of the world due to Islamic influence.
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    A very disturbing trend in Canada now is that Justin Trudeau's behavior and lies have become 'acceptable' . . . more disturbing yet is his cabinet of brain-dead penguins have accepted his criminal behavior and have surrounded and support him. Those same brain-dead penguins have a lesser grasp of 'ethics' than their leader . . . . this country is in deep shit.
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    I have proved it - Muslims all over the world - including Canada - are attempting to force Western countries to abandon freedom of speech and adopt Sharia laws regarding punishments for criticizing Islam. You and Michael asked for proof - I've provided many cases. That you refuse to accept what your favourite religion is doing, is not my problem. Don't worry, though - lots of other people are still fighting for your right to ignore and excuse what is plainly in front of your face, while you and your fellow apologists for Islam are fighting for Sharia and for everyone else to have less freedom of speech - especially when it comes to criticism of Islam.
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    Well we're both using the same aggregate site to find our polls so. . .
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    Calling people apologists is "just an attempt to shut down speech you don't like" but journalists, reporters, citizens, blogwriters being hauled into tribunals all over the world, killings and bombing by Muslims who are outraged by criticism of their religion - does not constitute an attack on freedom of speech? You realize that even though he won - freedom of speech was still attacked, right? Or is that too confusing for your apologist brain? Your above statements are classic apologist for Islam. Freedom to criticize religion has been an accepted part of freedom of speech for many years. Why are Muslims attacking it now and trying to force Sharia law - which states any criticism of Islam should be punished. Yup - you're a total apologist.
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    Judges across Europe routinely give the perpetrators of "honor Killings" not heavier sentences because of them being premeditated, but lighter sentences because their crimes are not crimes at all in Muslim culture. But even this isn't enough for apologists for Islam - in 2007, Norway's most celebrated lawyer proposed that punishment for honor killings should OFFICIALLY be set lower because "we are doing the Muslim man a disservice; he acts in accordance with his own sense of honor and we call this dishonorable. This is arrogance - we should not expect the Muslim to conform to OUR society's norms, we should be striving humbly and respectfully to understand HIS society's norms." Women's rights, gay rights and Jews are at great risk of losing hard-fought for rights all over the world, due to Muslim pressure and again - apologists for Islam.
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    You can give your opinion, write more plz, I like your posts (I am not mocking you)
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    No, it certainly hasn't been debunked. Of course, as a British ex-pat, I am forced to wonder whether or not I have any right at all to comment on egregious religious excesses. Oh what the hell, I'll carry on doing it!
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    BoJo has always been a lame duck but not be realised because of his quirky look.... He has made many promises he couldn’t keep and guess what now he is going to blame everything gone wrong on others....
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    I think the question that needs to be asked is, is there anyone in a western democracy currently subject to sharia law who would rather not be? I think we can all agree that there's no doubt at all that there is. After that, it's just a matter of how many is too many for people. I know how many is too many for me, but everyone's different.
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    Since this issue has persisted over the years, I think this is an established government policy - to undermine the standard of life of whoever is already in the country. My "disgust" comes from the pretense that the country needs to fill certain positions in demand, while in reality, it is always looking for cheap labor and population growth represented by increased demand for goods and services, real estate and everything else. I know that a referendum will show that Canadians do not favor immigration - at least those same Victorian old stock, who do not profit from immigrants. The rest, who wish to make their community and presence stronger or bring in family members will likely want the current situation to continue.
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    You know, she has put herself out there, at the forefront of alarmism so should not be immune to criticism, which includes suggesting that she is being used and exploited. Should autistic people never be criticized, should they be given complete immunity from hearing opposing views, should we completely roll over to her demands and not criticize her because she is autistic. I don't think so, she uses social media and chooses to be a spokesperson so should be willing to accept the negative comments also.
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    No. A white woman. Oh. Lovely. Ahhhhhh... "cuckold" ... the insult white supremacist homophobes use against white men who disagree with them. Lovely. BTW ... I was referring to Maxime Bernier, a pathetic, beaten angry old white man. He seems to have found his 'tribe'.
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    And I specifically stated to you that the issue is far more involved and covers too many countries and too many avenues - media, arts, authors, theater, banking and financial industries - for you to get a clear picture of what's going on in the brief cites you demand. Remain deliberately oblivious. You're a big proponent of censorship, that much is obvious.
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    No, I would gladly vote in a Maggie T, but not another version of PET Jr.
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    I applaud and endorse 100% of what Mad Max said about the mental state of the poor Joan of Arc ecofascist version. It takes courage to attack a sacred cow. People in the public discourse would never oppose the Free Masons and the Big Corporations financing Greta's sociopathic and narcissistic parents.
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    Even Scheer has been infected it seems. So Left, is he.
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    Au contraire. The problem is not climate change, it is creeping Liberalism falling off of the left end of the spectrum
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    I'd be fine with it banning the Nazi's, or better yet the fascists, but only if it also bans the communists. Oh wait, that gets rid of all of us.
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    and Former US Senator Mike Huckabee in discussion with Dr. Patrick Moore where they talk about why Dr. Moore, founder of Greenpeace, left the organization and discuss what is really happening with our climate and how CO2 is affecting the planet. A 15 minute interview …. well worth the listen. Patrick Albert Moore (born June 15, 1947) is a Canadian industry consultant, former activist, and past president of Greenpeace Canada. Since leaving Greenpeace, Moore has criticized the environmental movement for what he sees as scare tactics and disinformation, saying that the environmental movement "abandoned science and logic in favor of emotion and sensationalism .


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