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    My views are not shared by a lot of people? I'm stunned to learn this Who doesn't defend and uphold God, Queen, Country?
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    I did, First time ever, maybe the only time. I also was a scrutineer.
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    It's because the left has levels. They support gay rights, women's rights, personal freedoms, etc, except where such comes into conflict with Islam, and might offend such. It's actually quite weird. They don't so much lose support, as lose any inclination to discuss such support. If you were to say you had nothing but loathing and contempt for conservative right wing religious nutters, most lefties would invite you in, until you told them you were talking about Muslims, in which case you would be given short shrift pretty quickly.
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    Strangely enough, whenever its suggested that human beings should forgo living in 190 odd countries and simply move to Earth, you guys go back to fretting over our differences and tell us how homogeneity is for homos.
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    The globalist liberal elite in Ontario needs Quebec to stay in power. Without Quebec the liberal globalist elite in Ontario would die off. Then maybe Western Canada can then go it alone and they will do quite well without Ontario, and especially Quebec. The west is wealthy in materials of all kinds and can become one big rich and wealthy country to live in. But as long as the West stays in this corrupt Ontario/Quebec system the West will suffer and pay thru the nose for their foolishness of remaining in Confederation. It's not the easterners that are stupid. It is the people in the West that are stupid. They have been brainwashed by the eastern elite and their leftist liberal media machine into believing that without Quebec the West will become a ghost town. That would never happen. It is the east that could end up looking like a ghost town instead. As it has shown already? The east would not be able to survive without their constant stealing of the money from the taxpayer's of the West. May is just another eastern bone head who thinks that taking on a fight with Quebec that she will win. This alone should show anyone here or out there that she is just another dumb politically correct politician and not much of a pro smart and wise Canadian at all. All May is trying to do here is to try and make great waves for her surfer supporters in the hopes that she can drum up more wave surfers for her dumb ass Canadian political party. Shocking indeed. Quebec will never declare independence from Canada. They are not stupid. That would be the last thing the french would do is to bite the hand in the rest of Canada that feeds them. Sad part is that the hand that feeds Quebec keeps getting bitten by Quebec but yet they keep feeding that Quebec beast. When will the western hand ever learn?
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    A study found that 73 percent of students who identified as conservative have withheld their own political views during their schooling, out of fear that their grades would suffer.


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