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    I'm not an immigrant. I was born here. So were my parents. If by your logic anyone with ancestors who originally migrated here from a foreign land are immigrants then all natives are immigrants too...they immigrated here from Asia. What is the completely arbitrary number of generations one will no longer be deemed an "immigrant" under your logic? An immigrant is someone who was born in one country and then migrated to another country, full stop.
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    Greta is clearly being manipulated and used as a political pawn by her parents.
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    Why would you make assertions regarding the Paris Accord without knowing the actual details?
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    Bingo. Thank you. Now we see eye to eye, Canada is an archaic police state which never outgrew the 19th century, and Canadians are passive aggressive Victorian prigs, Americans are much more laid back, individualistic and accepting of a broad view of things. Canadians are locked into their priggish Victorianism and they can't abide any boat rocking at all. Particularly when it comes to speech, Americans will defend what they don't like, Canadians are knee jerk censors. The default position in America is that you'd better have the most dire reasons to ban anything. The default position in Canada is ban, ban, ban, ban this, ban that, ban the other thing, Canadians are want to live in a police state.
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    One thing I've noticed with my South Asian acquaintances of late, is that they don't give a shit what Canadians think anymore. First off, India is rising, becoming a regional superpower, so they are feeling the pride of it. Second, there are so many of them here and they are so politically powerful, they're not scared of what Canadians think about anything, they see Canadians as their inferiors. Back in the day, people came here meekly, hoping to fit in, now they are coming here with their own power and Canadians ain't gonna do anything to stop them and they know it. Canadians are the ones who are meek, India is the empire now. One Sikh buddy of mine says; we are taking over, Ontario will be Punjab soon enough. Booyaka.
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    Hence how you end up with this Orwellian Post National State which is not grounded in anything substantial. They can make shit up as they go and Canadians have no reference point to judge it against. They can remove things like equality before the law, or probable cause, Canadians actually embrace it as "progress". The original purpose of course was to get English and French Canada to get along. It didn't work in Quebec, but they noticed that it was working in English Canada. So they just kept going, what else could they get Canadians to swallow without resistance?
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    I support green initiatives than also make economic sense. I am not for undermining Canada's economy to drastically reduce GHG emmissions though, since Canada is only responsible for about 1.5% of global CO2 emissions. We could cut our emissions by a third, which would take drastic actions, and barely make a dent in global emissions, which is why we need to follow the lead of the US, for better or worse. There's no point in throttling our economy if our trading partner who produces an insane amount of GHG is doing next to nothing. The Green Party also is for universal pharmacare and dental care and free post-secondary tuition So they want taxpayers to pay for rich people's drugs and dental and university costs too it seems. This is going to cost a gazillion dollars, where's the costed platform? In 2015 they were criticized for costing estimates for these ideas that weren't realistic. Also turns out the Greens have a Quebec candidate who is publicly in favour of Quebec separation, and May thinks that's ok: https://globalnews.ca/news/5885811/green-party-pierre-nantel-quebec-independence/
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    There's been a lot of publicity about Margaret Atwood's new book in that Handmaids Tale series, which shows a future where Christian Conservatives have robbed women of their rights. The incredible irony is most of the feminist types who adore this series will fight ferociously for Islam's reputation and the 'right' of Muslim women to wear burkas and niqabs, and will curse out anyone who says that Islam is misogynistic.
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    Vote however you want, that's how democracy works. Nowhere did I say our country is being destroyed..but I do think his policies and positions, particularly on our resource sector, have done deep and sustained damage to our economy that will take decades to repair. It may not be obvious right now, but it will become painfully obvious in the future. We've hobbled ourselves with tanker bans,anti pipeline policies, and new laws and bills that will affect more than just the oil and gas sector, causing major self-inflicted damage to all areas of our resource development in a competitive international resource economy. His policies have fueled resentment in Canadians against each other, and created regional divisions in this country in a way I haven't seen in my lifetime..worse I think than his father (and I'm old enough to remember.) I've voted Liberal in the past, I've voted Conservative in the past, peg me as a partisan if you feel like, it doesn't matter to me but you have no idea who I am. You're right about one thing though, a leader is not bigger than his party, but Trudeau seems to think he is. There was a time when a leader would not have survived the scandals and corrupt behaviour that Trudeau has survived, the party simply wouldn't allow such brand damage. I'm not sure what that says about the current Liberal party, that it seems there are only 2 MP's who have enough moral integrity to do the right thing and stand up to this bully. I'm not sure what that says about Canadians who would be willing to support such a leader...or such a party. I personally could not bring myself cannot vote for a party with a leader as vacuous and hollow as Trudeau in 2015, and my resolve has only focused and intensified in 4 years. I believe anyone with any sense of moral integrity would come to the same conclusion. I certainly did not see eye to eye with Jody Wilson on many of her positions, however on this particular one, we agree.
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    Not actually the case. This country was never ruled by the indigenous. This country was Nouvelle France under the House of Bourbon which was then taken as a war prize in the Seven Years War by the British House of Hanover. The Indian Act states that the Indians are not Canadians but a segregated group called the First Nations. These First Nations also deny that they are Canadians, they embrace their segregated status under the Indian Act and in fact demand it.
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    C’mon, Dougie, this is pretty elementary stuff. Until citizenship is granted, you’re into work permits, which can have all sorts of conditions attached. Straight from the GofC: Are there any conditions on my work permit? Some conditions will be written directly on your work permit. These may include: the type of work you can do, the employer you can work for, where you can work, or how long you can work. Regulation 185 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations lists all the conditions that may be put on your work permit. There are also standard conditions that apply to all work permit holders. Even if you have no specific conditions on your work permit, you still must: not work for an employer in a business where there are reasonable grounds to suspect a risk of sexual exploitation of some workers, specifically: strip clubs, massage parlours, and escort agencies, leave Canada at the end of your authorized stay.
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    Ha ha you’re just wrong. Once you achieve refugee status it’s easy to work. In fact, even applicants for refugee status who are not yet approved (claimants) can obtain work permits: As a refugee claimant, you need a work permit and a Social Insurance Number (SIN) to work in Canada. First apply for a work permit from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). If you are approved for a work permit, you can apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN). As a refugee claimant, you do not need to pay a fee to apply for a work permit or a SIN. Apply for a Work Permit Not all refugee claimants who apply for a work permit get one. You must prove that you need to work to support yourself or you would have to get social assistance (welfare).
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    "When in Rome . . . " Of course people can dress how they want. It's just that a leader should act/dress like a 'leader' . . . The sad fact is that Justin Trudeau (Mr. Dress-up) is not really recognized for his fabulous mind when he's dressed up in feathers or an outfit from India. Is he gaining respect as a 'world' leader when he's prancing around like a fool . . . Nice deflection attempt leftista . . . .
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    We’d be a lot less dependent if we’d been allowed to renegotiate the Churchill Falls deal with Quebec which depends on a power resource in our province. Had Canada negotiated such a lop-sided contract with a developing country, it would have been shamed into tearing it up long ago and Quebec would not have tolerated such injustice either, needless to say - some way out would have been found. I suspect our province will never escape from that ruinous agreement - an extension will be engineered for Quebec’s benefit, perhaps when NL goes bust. Ironically, one cause of our financial destruction may turn out to be the Muskrat Falls project which was made far more expensive because Danny Williams refused to involve Quebec in any way after our last unpleasant experience.
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    More independence is a fools errand, Let The Americans In, that is the way to go.
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    Well, I naively assumed that Canada had the equivalent of a RAND Corporation or CATO institute to at least analyze and communicate domestic and foreign policy risks to Canada in the short and long term. What Canada has are think tanks (Conference Board of Canada, Fraser Institute, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, etc.) that ultimately confirm and entrench the economic and military status/dependence on the U.S. rather than propose actions for more independence, because there is no viable alternative on the horizon.


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