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    Stop with the whataboutism. Deal with people currently in power. Stop making excuses for bad behavior just because you like somebody.
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    Let me clearly answer the question of this thread. Yes. Anything else call me.
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    A Montreal MP has gone public with why she's not running again. It seems her problems started when she refused party bosses orders for all MPs, especially female MPs, to issue news releases praising Justin Trudeau as a great feminist during the Judy Wilson-Raybourne scandal. She was questioned as to why she didn't issue such a release, and then began to get harassed by several male Liberal MPs. She protested to Andrew Leslie at the time, who confirms this, but he wasn't able to do anything. Why, he won't say because of 'confidentiality'. But it's revealing that when she took her protests to Trudeau himself he ignored her. Andrew Leslie is not running again either, because of 'ethical concerns' he had with the party. The Montreal MP, in the meantime, was refused permission from the party to run again as a Liberal. Apparently if you're not going to suck up to the great leader and praise his wondrous feminism you don't deserve to be a LIberal MP. Montreal-area MP Eva Nassif says she was denied the Liberal nomination in her riding for the Oct. 21 federal election in part because she did not post social-media tributes earlier this year lauding Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau as a feminist. Ms. Nassif also told The Globe and Mail she has been the subject of “continuous bullying, harassment and intimidation” by three male MPs since shortly after the 2015 election. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-montreal-area-mp-says-liberals-forced-her-out-for-not-lauding-trudeau/
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    Harper knew what he was doing. Trudeau clearly does not. Harper ran a low-key, businesslike government. Trudeau is a virtue signalling narcissistic who is never happier than when preening for the cameras. Harper never pretended to be anything other than he is. Everything about Trudeau is fraudulent. He has been acting since day one, putting on a show, pretending to be what he isn't in order to please the clueless progressive set. And as the revelations come out the best you can do is whine about how Harper was a meanie. But everything he's accused of, Trudeau is guilty of, and at least, as I said, Harper was competent.
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    The issue of ownership of the Kuril Islands has been discussed between Russia and Japan for more than 70 years, and during this time Japan, in order to «return its northern territories» took various measures, constantly inventing something new, and especially beloved by the Japanese measure is so-called «cartographic aggression». It should be noted that according to a number of international acts signed by the Japanese themselves, sovereignty over the islands was assigned to Russia. This time, the Japanese leadership approved the release of official maps of the Rugby World Cup in Tokyo, on which these islands were designated as territories of Japan. Also, this card was posted on the official website of the International Rugby Federation and in the arrivals area at Haneda Airport in Tokyo. Moreover, the same situation around the publication on the official website of the 2020 Olympics was raised about a month ago. By the way it also was sponsored by Japan. And, despite the protests of Russian politicians, the Japanese leadership does not take any measures to eliminate unacceptable things that contradict international laws and terms that the Japanese themselves accepted after their defeat in the war. And besides everything else, according to Japanese Foreign Minister T. Motegi, Tokyo plans to continue to discuss with Russia the issue of signing a peace treaty between the two countries, but based on Japan`s basic position, which involves signing a peace treaty simultaneously with resolving the territorial issue. That is, Tokyo will sign a peace treaty only after it get rights to the Kuril Islands, which is unacceptable to Moscow. Experts and political scientists are wondering - how to convince the official Tokyo to stop this nonsense? What the overwhelming stubbornness? Moscow has no plans to transfer the islands to Japan. And why actually should any country give its own lands that belongs to it both originally and as a result of World War II to someone?
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    Who are you to say they were? No one else is. I rely on facts. You can't just make up stuff and be taken seriously.
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    Liberal MP are pressing to have Mad MAX kicked out of the debates because they might have a neo Nazi as a candidate….this coming from the party who has lost 3 party members due to racist remarks and mr dress up who not once but 3 times that we know off painted his face....how does a 29 year old not know that was racist.....thats not being privileged thats being retarded....
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    You are aware that any rifle in Canada is limited to a 5 rd magazine, with exception of 2 rifles both are limited to 8 rds, any other magazine holding more is illegal in Canada, they may look like 30 rd mags but are pinned to only hold 5....." liberals are chasing anything that looks like an assault rifle, any rifle capable of taking a 30 rd or more mag... Just a note , back in the days when the military used bolt action , the rule of thumb was to fire 8 aimed rds a min on average, some one that was good could fire 10 aimed rds a min at the enemy...the average mass shooting event lasted over 15 mins, you do the math.......the point here is a trained person with a bolt action rifle could have the same results as someone with a full auto or semi auto....
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    The people of Canada need to ask themselves this question? Am I better off today since Blackface became the dictator of Canada? I am not any better off today. Are you? Unless one wins the lottery, Canadians are becoming poorer by the day. A country that worry's more about the rest of the world, like Blackface does, and gives away billions of we the people's tax dollars just to look good and feel great is a country that is being controlled by big time spenders who do show that they have no respect for our Canadian tax dollars. Foreign aid has cost the Canadian taxpayer's trillions of their tax dollars and all those tax dollars have gone down the drain. This throwing away of our tax dollars has been going on for several decades now. But do you care? NOPE. Blackface is your boy, and there is nothing that is going to make you see or change your mind that he is not there for you and me. Blackface is a globalist. I am a nationalist. And sadly, that is what Canada is missing? More pro nationalist Canadian politicians, like Bernier, who truly does believe in trying to make Canada great again. The libs/procons will not. They only know as to how to make things not so great. Canada should be a wealthy country with a great par dollar with America but thanks to the fools that have been allowed to run and ruin this country for so many decades now, have all of we the people scraping the barrel to try and survive. More taxes, more government/red tape, and less freedom is not a way to help make Canada great again. But the fools who vote for the same fools over and over again really do not care. If they did they would have done something about it decades ago. Aw well.
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    Apparently, Bernier came very close to winning the leadership of the liberal conservative party. Bernier wanted a real and true conservative party for Canada, and not the one that Scheer wants for Canada. I think that Bernier did the right thing and left the party. At least this way he can now spread his ideas and policies around which he would not be allowed to do if he stayed in the liberal conservative party. We both know that Bernier would be told to shut up about his ideas and policies for Canada or get the hell out of the liberal conservative party. The election debates coming up soon will now give Bernier a chance to push his ideas and policies. I think that Bernier could do well after the debates and maybe get this rudderless Canadian ship back on course. He could jump right up there with the other two main liberal party's if he plays his cards right by speaking political incorrectness. PC along with other leftist liberal globalist programs and agendas is what is killing Canada today. I have no choice but to back up my words and vote for Bernier, and dam the consequences because I cannot see Scheer being anything different to what this present prime mistake has done to Canada already. Scheer is just liberal light. With Scheer as the PM of Canada he will not make Canada great again. It will just be the same old, same old. My opinion.
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    Ya that would be deemed racist. Someone needs to call a spade a spade without fear of being called racist. Sometimes the truth offends people, tough.
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    Many of which are smuggled through reserves but no one wants to discuss that.


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