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    Vickery Bowles (Toronto Public Library)...has big free speech balls. https://www.cbc.ca/radio/asithappens/as-it-happens-thursday-edition-1.5324424/i-m-not-going-to-reconsider-toronto-s-top-librarian-refuses-to-bar-speaker-critical-of-transgender-rights-1.5324431
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    Hillary Clinton thinks that Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian asset. The insanity continues!
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    London commuters beat up climate change protesters. https://www.mediaite.com/entertainment/watch-angry-london-commuters-brawl-with-climate-change-protesters/
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    Yah like any other person questioning him. Its all a dream. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2019/02/28/case-getting-trumps-tax-returns-just-got-stronger-more-urgent/ https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/a26991557/trump-new-york-legal-problems/ https://www.thedailybeast.com/donald-trump-and-kids-named-in-dollar250m-tax-scam Yah I know a guy who claims over 900 million in losses and repeat bankruptcies to avoid paying people is your hero. Got it.
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    Never sell yourself short, Queenmandy, anyone who serves this nation with unlimited liability has earned my respect,and the respect of many of my comrades, that goes the same for fire fighters, EMS techs, coast guard, boarder guards, CSIS, RCMP the list goes on...those that do not respect that , are haters, and not worth the effort ... I want to thank you for your service, and that of your relatives who help set the standards we have today as a military institution...
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    I'm sure they dont need an impeachment inquiry to smear trump. All you need is a twitter account and a copy of his letters. Looks like something written in crayon lol
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    It's not really advice. I just do my own thing. I used to love Canada, I used to be Corporal Canada, I used to think that there was no greater honor than to die for Canada. Over time, it changed, maybe just grew up, but I couldn't help but see Canada as it really was, and I simply did not love her anymore. Then, as things became ever more absurd and totalitarian, I started to hate her. Then, when she got my brothers killed in Afghanistan by criminal negligence and sheer disinterest, I started to hate her with a passion. I'm not trying to convert anybody, I simply feel what I feel in my heart, and think what I think in my mind.
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    While I had no aptitude for the military , I have always had tremendous respect for those of you who have. I come from a long line of Canadian soldiers including one who fought off the yankee invaders and another who possibly was the longest serving soldier in Canadian history. Both of my Grand fathers served in the Canadian Army in the Great War. My father was a civilian who had a tiny role in the Manhatten Project. That was their service, not mine. Had I tried to join the army, I would likely have been more dangerous to my own members than to the enemy. I don't know if you would call a career as a Peace Officer as serving Canada. I was pretty good at it and I have to be happy with that. The difference between us is I am grateful to this country for all the blessings I enjoy because of it.
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    Why all the hate for Canada and Canadians? Constant and relentless, it's getting old very quickly. It's obvious that you're unhappy with this country, so make a move. Go to Boston with your wife. Visit Nevada when you can.
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    I was beginning to respect Singh, even though I don't like his policies, but he just lost my respect. "Singh has undone much of the goodwill he generated and has sadly revealed himself to be yet another divisive politician." He should step down as someone who disrespects a large % of the population cannot be a leader to all people. https://www.thepostmillennial.com/jagmeet-singhs-we-dont-respect-conservatives-remark-further-divides-an-already-angry-nation/
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    Women are not "sons".
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    Canadian voters are generally liberal-lite so the the democratic course of action for anyone seeking to form a government is to be liberal-lite. Democratic values demand that government be a reflection of society. It is not the function of a politician to change the values of the voter but rather to try and implement the values of the voter. The voter is always right if you believe in democracy.
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    No. It's not about the alt-right, it's about convincing conservatives that he isn't just Liberal Lite, because he is just Liberal Lite. The alt-right like it too, but it's not about them. As usual you over-estimate how much of the Conservative base is far-right, because you see far-right white supremacists under every rock, and you think anyone to right of Fidel Castro is right wing.
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    You're probably right, he's catering to alt-rights so he doesn't lose more votes to Bernier, but looking stupid doing it. Unprogressive Conservatives courting the alt-right and the dinosaur fossil-fuel industries have made themselves irrelevant to mainstream society. A Conservative minority can't survive.
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    Agreed, but hating is a different beast than just disliking people. Resentment and hatred eats the soul. Let go of your hate or your turn to the dark side will be complete. There's lots of stupid Canadians and Americans, but they shouldn't be hated, only ridiculed and laughed at and rebelling against the filth they cause. There's a lot of leftwingers who rot society to its core, slowly, while self-righteously thinking they're doing the right thing.
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    I’m not sure what you’re ranting about. But all Scheer is saying is that he won’t compromise his values the way the Liberals and NDP will in order to achieve power.
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    Piers Morgan vs Mr Brocoli. FIGHT
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    My wife watches this show Downton Abbey, it's a soap opera, but the cool part is that it is pretty historically accurate, At the beginning of the show the British rich are filthy rich. Then World War One happens. Then they're all broke and having to marry their daughters off to rich Americans. That's literally what happened. And that's how Canada got transferred to the Americans too. America bought the British Empire, paid cash. The biggest Chapter Eleven bankruptcy bail out of all time.
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    Canada was formed BECAUSE of the United States. More specifically, the Union victory in 1865. A lot of folks were starting to look around and wonder who to straighten-out next...the Indians or the British...or perhaps both at the same time.
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    You're welcome. I'm glad to school all of you on basic information.
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    Thank you for being on this forum. You're an entertaining masterpiece.
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    Hey remember that time when ya'll said there was no evidence of a Quid Pro Quo? Well. . . https://www.msnbc.com/velshi-ruhle/watch/-it-happens-all-the-time-mulvaney-tells-reporter-to-get-over-it-after-quid-pro-quo-admission-71484997641 It's the Trump playbook. Deny Deny Deny, Admit! Then say so what. It's just funny that sycophants have to keep modifying their talking points because this WH keep changing them.
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    You're wrong . . . . Quebec gone, Ontario irrelevant, Maritimes will always be 'third world' . . . . . . Western separation . . . one way or the other. Canada as you know it won't exist.
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    That's all Canada consists of, take Quebec out of the mix, Canada serves no purpose. Hence why Confederation will dissolve away into irrelevance when Quebec inevitably leaves when Canada can't afford to bribe them anymore.
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    Every Canadian , even if they have little faith, must pray for Max. We need to stop this evil. thank you
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    I cannot honestly say I am miserable. It was a misery to me when I cared. Once I came to the conclusion that Canada was a lost cause, it was a burden lifted from my shoulders. I am much happier now that I no longer feel any emotion for Canada. it was Canada which was bringing me down, once I disavowed Canada, it felt great, still does.
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    The outcome is not going to alter anything, all the parties except the PPC are in the Elite Consensus, and even if the polls are off by a bit, the PPC is not going to form a government. Canada is simply not a functioning democracy, it is ruled by a cabal of elites who cannot be voted out. This has been the case for decades now. I've lived here for 50 years, things are not getting better, they are getting worse all the time, I've simply made my assessment based on half a century of experience. Canada is not going to right itself, thus I simply refuse to be Canada's Charlie Brown anymore.
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    Well known Antifa terrorist Sean Kealiher run down in a hit and run outside the Cider Riot pub? Vehicle found abandoned with bullet holes in it? Antifa refusing to cooperate with police. Trying to claim it had nothing to do with his terrorist activities. That sounds intriguing. Killed by his own perhaps? Involvement with other violent criminals caught up with him? Right wing retaliation? Ah well, at least he's dead, whoever did it done the world a favor, cheers for that.


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