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    Mocking something isn’t being triggered.
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    Maxime Bernier has finally come out with a full out speech on immigration going well beyond earlier hints. Among his promises is to drop immigration to between 100k and 150k, put an end to illegal border crossing even if that means fencing off miles of border, outlaw birth tourism, and require potential immigrants to have face to face interviews which will include values testing, and to prioritize economic immigrants. On refugees, he said Canada needs to prioritize those immigrants who can't be safely housed in nearby countries, like Christians and Yazidis. There's nothing in this speech for me to dislike. I have been giving serious consideration to going PPC in the upcoming election, and given this as well as the rest of the PPCs policies, including doing away with corporate welfare and inter-provincial trade barriers, I think that this year I'll be voting for the PPC. Bernier also said in his speech that he will reduce the total intake of immigrants and refugees to between 100,000 and 150,000 annually, depending on economic circumstances, which is significantly lower than the federal Liberals’ target of 350,000 per year. He also said he will outlaw “birth tourism,” a practice in which foreign travellers come to Canada to deliver children as a way to secure citizenship. He promised to increase the proportion of economic immigrants to non-economic-class immigrants and require immigration applicants to go through face-to-face interviews to assess the extent to which they align with Canadian values. https://ottawacitizen.com/news/build-a-fence-maxime-bernier-announces-plan-by-peoples-party-to-crack-down-on-immigration/wcm/3873d4aa-28c8-4722-bd69-d0e885392263
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    “My wish is that we continue to increase levels in our immigration system for refugees. I’m very open to saying that, and I will do whatever I can, in whatever position I am in, to continue to push for higher refugee numbers every single year,” - Ahmed Hussen, Canada's Liberal Immigration Minister
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    I am declaring the Liberals will win a majority.
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    Once again, Canada is not a republic. There is no public rule in a monarchy, even if constitutional monarchy. Elections in Canada are no actually referendums on policy. What makes most Canadians uninformed is that they think Canada is somehow a People's Republic run by direct democracy. The vast majority of Canadians are woefully uninformed about their own history, constitution and laws.
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    The paranoid ramblings of a crazy old bat who associates herself with violent criminal terrorist organizations. I feel strongly that the FBI should probably be keeping you under surveillance.
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    They are partly French, partly native. You're moved way over onto the far Left on almost every social issue. With that comes a vast intolerance of different views, which is why you were harassing someone. Their behaviour was not egregious nor their views out of step with others here. You simply didn't like their views, much as you don't like mine. You should go back to your protected safe space where no conservatives are allowed. You're happier there, unchallenged in your assumption virtually everyone agrees with you. BTW, Let me allow a brief LOL about the idea that your outrage at my saying you want to censor opposing views caused you to censor my posts on your feed.
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    You ain't getting rid of oil anytime soon Cantifa. The environmentalists certainly aren't going to shut them down, Cantifa will get shut down long before you even get close to shutting down the oil industry. What you call predatory far-right is everyone you disagree with, and you are trying to make legitimate protests seem filled with "the predatory far-right" so you can justify the actions of a criminal terrorist organization that you support, because they blow sunshine up your ass about fighting the powers that be giving you the moral high ground.
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    WOW, can you feel the difference , we changed one word in our national anthem and POOF we are already more powerful for it.... do you feel empowered Jacee, in todays world where there is so much on our plates that truly need out attention , Liberals had to pick this as one of there issues to tackle.... what a crock of shit, it was a "squirrel" moment for the country, meant to distract you while the liberal government was not doing anything of any importance... still feel empowered , or a little embarrassed for not seeing it coming....
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    Guy was like ten years ago, get over it. Besides, you've got me now.


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