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    Technological advances got us into this mess, and they will get us out of it too. We just need to be a bit more patient, as tons of brilliant people across the globe are working on the problem as we speak. Luckily we still have some time. Even if we can't stop it in time, the technology we'll have in 50-100 years will be unfathomable to anything people today could ever even imagine.
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    I wouldn't say "nowhere". As it stands right now, fossil fuel production is on life support, kept alive only by public subsidies. All Canadians have to do is shift some subsidies from fossil fuels to renewable energy, and it's all over: Renewables are then more profitable than fossil fuels, investments go where the profits are, and the free market works as it should. The corporate welfare inflating fossil fuel profits has to end as it's interfering with the free market. The politicians in the pockets of the fossil fuel industry are the problem, using our money to artificially create profits that don't exist.
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    This whole thing about parents giving their kids the right to choose is fine for them if that's what they want to do their kids. In some places (for example Ont here: https://www.todaysparent.com/kids/school-age/young-children-need-to-learn-gender-identity/ ) there's a big debate about how and when the school board should take over the topic of gender bending. The fact that they want to talk about it is fine, but they'll need my permission to talk to my kid about it and the answer is already no. (I also told him that if they want to talk to him about human-induced climate change he gets the day off school. YAY!) The state can teach my kid math and physics all day but they're not allowed to force feed my kid their opinions like he's some Berkelchurian Candidate.
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    That's because only complete lightweights run for office, nobody who is a serious person bothers with politics, it's only losers who need to be cronies, heavy hitters can make money and save themselves the annoyance of being involved in shambolic Canadian governance.
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    Well known as a liar, a groper, a speaker of nonsense, as an embarrassment to the Canadian citizens . . . . the list is long. Yeah, he's well known all right.
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    Everybody is a f'n victim these days. We've become a society of pussies. Does anyone have a thick skin anymore?
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    It is thanks to Quebec that Canada is pretty much that close to becoming a third world country. Separate or not, Canada and Quebec will soon become just another third world country. It has to if he keeps on trying to destroy it's British/European culture and traditions and allowing other foreign cultures and traditions on par with Canada's. Having so many different languages, religions, cultures and traditions all bunched together is a recipe for disaster. New immigrants coming to Canada from non-western countries are already creating their own tribal zones in Canada. French Quebec is already one of those tribal zones, and they do not want to have anything to do with Canada at all. What about all the rest of the new immigrants? But besides that. What do you think about the topic that I created? Do you think that it is a good plan for Canada? Yes or no?


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