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    In the real world, incompetence is a more likely explanation than some intricate conspiracy. A few points about Michael Baden. He was chief medical examiner (not coroner) of New York City for one year before being fired 40 years ago. He is now 85. I don’t want to sound ageist here but there comes a point for everyone to surrender the stage to younger talents. Leaving that aside, is he really an expert on the specific topic in question, i.e. has he published a recent, large prospective study on pathological findings in suicidal hanging? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Baden
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    I can see November 2020 rolling around and hearing Right-leaning Americans say. . Weeeeellll I don't like Trump but I can't vote for no socialist!!!! They're voting Red team over Blue team. And that's how he really got elected. The GOP support stood pat and the Dems support for Hillary waned. Apathy got us Trump not some populist groundswell. But the GOP that Trump is building is much different from the Republican party that is connected with any semblance of true Conservative principals. Trump has made it the party of Trump not the party of morals and fiscal responsibility. But I fear people will still vote Red because they'll always vote Red no matter who's in charge. What will get rid of Trump is that centrist and Liberals in the US will come out in droves and Small C Conservatives will stay home.
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    By equating the people's Republic of China to our system demonstrates one of a few things. 1) you don't know the meaning of the word communism 2) you're oblivious to the concepts of epistemology and logic 3) you have no actual political philosophy and simply enjoy trying to get under people's skin Whichever one it is , this is obviously not an attempt at a good faith argument
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    No...as we speak US forces have been sent back and are headed to Kobani. I repeat the decsion by Tump to abandon the Kurds and pull out of Syria was never initiated by the US Armed Forces now tryng to undo Trump's order to pullout. A split between Trump and the US military on Syria is out in the open and this split is only bekginning to play itself out. Trump's actions with Ukraine and Syria make him a dangerous risk to US defence and foreign policy interests and the reprecussions of his continuing attempt to placate Putin and now Erdogan are coming to a head.
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    Consider that Mitt Romney got destroyed for mumbling the truth that 47% of Americans don't pay any income taxes, while Donald Trump rode to presidential victory based on Obama birther lies. That, ladies and gents, summarizes the media genius of Donald Trump.
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    Yes...one theory is that the socialist Democrats want to take out candidate Joe Biden and screw Trump at the same time.
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    Yep. And if you believe that, you will buy my watch. What does this part mean? Volker statement- Really the whole thing is a reverse mind-f*ck. The fact that the Ukraine needs to investigate corruption before getting military aid is pretty clear. That the corruption might involve Joe Biden should not make it an impeachable offence. Looks to me like Dems are using this impeachment as a cover-up.
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    Canadian government(s) and media disagreed mightily....bitching and moaning all the way. Trump took on NAFTA and slapped tariffs on Canada....because he can. And now Canadian oil services companies are moving south to the Land of Trump.
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    No, you and I and future taxpayers paid for them.
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    Dunno. I come from a time when men didn't cry in public for any reason. Now we got this guy who seems to cry constantly and he somehow still has tons of fans.


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