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    In North America at least we separate church and state. I have many Jewish friends, Muslim and Christian friends... some reformed, some secular, some fallen out into Atheism and it's always fine. There is no requirement that you hide your religion although given the amount to antisemitism out there I wouldn't blame you for doing that. Welcome and peace to you. The framework for these countries, thanks to the great men who founded the United States of America, is for you to be free to 'pursue happiness'. Good luck with that.
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    Do you hold Trudeau and the Premier of Quebec to the same standard? Of course not. The last sentence applies to them as well. Alberta does not operate in a vacuum. It reacts to policies from the current federal government and the other provinces to protect itself. It is absolutely ridiculous to single out Alberta when Trudeau sold out Canada's best interests for his own riding's needs and admitted it. Its absolutely ridiculous to single out Alberta when the Quebec Premier demands Quebec before Canada and 30 separatists from Quebec get paid Canadian tax money to control the current Premier to put Quebec needs first. Alberta has the right to protect itself and nothing it has done in regards to oil policy has been independent of federal policies controlling what it could do. If Alberta has problems its directly related to federal policies that conflicted with its best interests not anything it did wrong. Being dependent on oil was not something Alberta set out to do. World market prices and federal control over it, created that. As long as this country is a buttox being kicked by Quebec and has spineless gutless prancing parading posturing posing patoots like Trudeau, every province including Alberta will feel polarized.
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    What? Are you just new to politics? Every political leader in every political party in Canada does the same thing. They all try to distract the foolish Canadian ones by trying to get them believe and get them to focus everyone on an external or home grown enemy. Kenney is no different to Notley. She was a devious biotch socialist who could have cared less about Alberta's oil industry. Notley tried to destroy the oil industry in Alberta. Corporations and the free enterprise system create the jobs. All the government does is to create a bigger bureaucracy to try and control and stifle the freedoms of free enterprise and corporations from becoming too big, and creating new jobs. Canada has become a house of lunacy. Trudeau liberalism and NDP socialism have shown us all that they are clueless when it comes to creating new jobs. Those two only believe in control and big government over we the working taxpaying people. Give me a break. It's not hard to see that you are a socialist, right? It's a wonder that the NDP in Alberta do not try to "impeach" Kenney in the next four years. Geez, if they only could? Lol.
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    The people shooting each other down in the streets in Ottawa and Toronto are immigrants. Every time I open the paper there's some Muslim guy being arrested for a shooting or robbery or sexual assault or a swarming at a mall.. Natives have their own cultural issues related to the reserves being uneconomical dumps with nothing to do but drink, do drugs and have sex. It's all about where you come from and the environment you grew up in. If you come from a violent reserve there's a good chance you're going to be violent. If you come from a violent country (ie, Somalia) you're likely going to be violent.
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    So true - leaving family/country behind is not easy. It requires a certain personality, which values change and new experiences - something that conservatives, by and large, do not have. This is why its so ludicrous to believe that very conservatives types are going to be moving to Canada in droves and 'taking over' or some such. Most conservatives types are going to want to remain close to what's familiar and traditional, not go hieing off to a foreign land that is unfamiliar and lacks the tradition and history that conservatives value. By default, we get the people who are the most liberal, open-minded and willing to change coming into our country, even if they fall into the 'more conservative' range by Western standards.
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    I already started blocking him mainly because he has no wisdom or maturity to understand the term - Blowback! A lot of people need to learn this in an era where waging war has become easy and lucrative for the aggressors. And it's easier for other conservatives in Europe and over here, to blame the refugees who have been forced to flee for their lives from countries layed waste by US & Allied use of military force for political and economic objectives! Every conservative about to do a rant about immigrants should be obliged to sit down and listen to war refugees and even economic refugees, who despite the childish chest-thumping beliefs about Canada and the US, Don Cherry and likeminded have, did not abandon family and everything they had to travel half way around the world because they decided on a whim they wanted to try something different!
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    Clearly you dont spend much time with Italians
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    Where were you guys when people were warning about how globalization, conflict and climate change would cause refugees? Posting LMAO's and opinions about Chicken Little's and commies as I recall. What about the cost of idiots who refuse to heed warnings, what do we do about them?
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    Most of the so called conservatives here are not as conservative as I am, Canadian conservatism is well to the left of my ideology, I don't seek any response from you, feel free not to respond, I find your posts to be priggish blather of no particular interest nor insight.
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    Which is why I also shrugged at the Dixie Chicks. Many of these 'artists' are actually cultural furniture. And nobody wants a sass-talking couch moralizing you... they prefer a nice quiet LaZy boy...
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    Furthermore... the lax attitude many people are having to racism is causing those who are concerned to become even more militant. Lisa Raitt was just on a podcast where she talked about how people on the campaign trail told her the Conservative party was unconcerned with racism. Not exactly the brand you want to have in a city that is growing thanks to a global economy. I didn't care either way about Cherry but on the other hand, those concerned with the feelings of a very wealthy 85 year old dude maybe should prioritize a bit.
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    Argus: I know you mean well, but you fail to understand what role government wants to play. By taking in massive chunks of the money in the country, they get to pick winners and losers in re-distributing said money. For example: billions to CBC to propogate the agenda of the left. Notice the 300 billion to Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick - wanna guess how they vote? Now, letting government pick winners and losers is, as you might imagine, a really, really stupid idea. I have yet to see a government on this planet that could organize a piss up at a brewery, but we entrust them with the future of our planet??? Get serious. Then, there is the REAL agenda: funding agencies that can not only pick winners and losers, but also benefit directly to the back door money to the party, and to "retired" political figures. SNC pretty much the poster child for that kind of stuff. The business of government should be to govern - i.e. regulate and enforce fair and level playing field in which the economy can work to respond to market forces. Instead, we allow them to dispense privilege - which is IMHO the absolute key point of what defines good vs. bad in government and administration.
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    He can't sue. After all he said on Québécois, Europeans, Russians, women... he has no chance to win anything. Even if they fired him for the wrong reasons. If the neo-canadian wearing a puppy is an important subject for him. He can use its popularity to promote it. I am sure many followers would support him. Unless he does not really care it was just another topic where he could say something bad to pass his own frustration of failing to win the cup. In 5 seasons, his team got kicked out of the playoff 3 times out of 5 by the Habs (those damned frenchies).
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    Yah I said never wear a poppy. That does not make me conservative to notice that, but it does annoy me. You people who do not wear poppies annoy the snot out of me. Don Cherry is a racist.
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    Don Cherry actually will be the first to tell you he was a lousy coach and be the first to tell you an idiot could coach a team with Bobby Orr and still win because of Orr. He never claimed to be anything but a lousy coach. Next its not conservative propaganda to say wear a poppy. Honouring the sacrifice people made so we can live in freedom is not a conservative or liberal exercise. So the words "you people" offends you... Got it. Your opinion of those 2 words and what they mean now gives you the right to censor him and vilify him and demonstrate the very behavior soldiers died to try prevent from being imposed on Canadians. Got it.
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    1. Well... evidentially you can. 2. I'm not stupid enough to come on here at post things that put my employer at risk. They have made it very clear that to do so is grounds for dismissed.
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    He was one of the few Canadians that supported the troops during the Afghanistan conflict, He's always had our backs...through thick and thin....he made trips there on several occasions I traveled 6 hours in the Back of LAV III in plus 50 weather just to meet the man, in Afghanistan....He did not disappoint, so I guess it is all in the eye of the beholder...
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    For this, I will never forgive Harper. As with most Conservatives (and few conservatives) he was gutless and mindless in not resolving the problem of state funded propaganda. Canada has no business funding the "free press". From there, consider that the Libs paid out something like $2.2 Bn of taxpayers' dollars to sell the publik on political correctness, LPC style. Sadly, if Dimples Milquetoast had been elected, CBC would stay right where it is. Best hope for Canada is for the Turdeau situation to end in early election and for the CPC to finally grow a pair and put a real leader in place.
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    I have ignored Don Cherry for decades, since I have no respect for stick and ball nonsense. BUT: when he spoke his mind - and carefully at that - and gets fired over not being politically correct, he rose into my circle of those who I can respect. At 85, he doesn't have anything to prove, and after that many years, you know yourself well enough, but not everyone has the stones to stand up and be counted when it matters. He does/did.
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    I don't wait for any messiah. I look after myself thanks. Seriously I know damn well the Republicans will never go back to him I am just saying in hindsight between a choice of Romney or Trump please don't tell me yer boy Donny is a better choice. In fact anyone would have been better at this point than Trump except Ted Cruz who is a manure stain of a politician.
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    It's all about abortion with you guys, isn't it? Let the country go to hell, let half of it burn to the ground, but if there's any hope of reversing Roe v Wade it's worth it! Btw, you're basically saying the supreme court does not actual rule on law but rules on the basis of its own personal ideological and religious beliefs. In that case, what good is the US constitution anyway?
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    It is also illegal to fire a person due to age alone is it not. So as long as he meets his conditions of employment then he should be fine. I think what all the snowflakes are missing here is Don Cherry has been a huge contributor to the NHL and the Game itself, and is one of the Icons of the sport, I can't think of anyone you has done more, he's had played, coached, produced instructional hockey camps for kids that was on TV for years, produced rock em sock em tapes that highlighted the best hits, goals saves, and plays that year had to offer, anyone who did not get atleast one of these tapes for Xmas is a lair, coaches corner has highlighted the good, bad and ugly in the games, for all to learn off of... He has done all this for most of his life...given to the game...and we are so quick to throw him to the dogs over something he has already said he did not articulate very well... but screw that, this is 2019 baby, get the rope some white boy is using them words again Martha….and the words "you people" means your directing it at brown people, because Toronto apparently has no other colors...when seconds ago in his conversation he was talking about the majority of people in Toronto and some other city in Ontario.... What the snowflakes also missed was NOV 11 was about remembering our nations soldiers, it's a day set aside for Canadian citizens to thank or pay tribute to it's military members, yes all of them white, brown, black the entire rainbow, even the purple ones with warts on their d*cks , just in case I forgot anyone ,or any color... ....it comes by only once a year...I get it we all lead busy lives, no time to spare....either can't find poppies or can't afford to buy a poppy or don't care....or the thousands of other reasons you have...You do what you do best .... Vets also know that Canada is not very concerned with anything military, or honoring it's citizens that picked up our nations call... But there is the other side of the coin.. there are still lots of people who do take this paying of tribute seriously, Don Cherry was one of them...he never missed a chance to shake a soldiers hand and say thanks, he visited Afghanistan on several occasions to once again pay tribute...perhaps he was over zealous in his attempt to get more people YES "you people " those that did not wear a poppy, whether your black, brown, white, pink with green strips, "everyone" (can I use that it's not racist is it) to feel the way he did....and this is the way we repay him...sometimes I think this nation is a little ungrateful.... This is what made the main news feed on NOV 11... To those Canadians that did wear a poppy , or attended a ceremony, or payed tribute in your own way.... I want to thank you, for your time and effort and for giving me the honor to serve this great nation. I spent the day with 8 of my good friends, talking , laughing, even crying , telling war stories about comrades no longer here.. drinking way to much...it's our way to keep our promise to never forget them or their sacrifice...
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    If you have not already .... Petition to bring back Don Cherry https://www.change.org/p/sportsnet-and-the-cbc-bring-back-don-cherry
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    The mainstream media are ALL bastions of the Left.
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    Don Cherry admits he should have used different w…: Don Cherry says he should have said "everybody" instead of "you people". That doesn't resolve the problem at all. Don Cherry continues to miss the point: "I live in Mississauga. Nobody wears a poppy there. Downtown Toronto, nobody wears a poppy. You people that come here ... you people ... you love our way of life, you love our milk and honey, at least you can pay a couple bucks for a poppy or something like that," Cherry said Saturday night. "These guys paid for your way of life that you enjoy in Canada, these guys paid the biggest price." "You people that come here ..." THAT is the problem. His rant was directed at immigrants/visible minorities. While he's dancing around it, he's still not retracting his RACIST rant.
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    Well, if you are looking and waiting for some Canadian politician who will tell you the truth, you will be waiting for a bloody long time for that to happen. Women will grow ba-ls first. Have you ever noticed that there are two words that politicians will try to avoid, and never use? Those two words are yes and no. When was the last time you ever heard a politician say yes or no to a question? They prefer to say words like, well maybe, could be, perhaps, I will look into it, but they cannot seem to be able to say yes or no. I have heard Bernier say yes or no though. Now that is an honest politician right there. Bernier is not shy at all to say or use those two words anytime. Maybe because Bernier is not a politically correct politician? Indeed, a very rare thing to see in a politician these days.
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    Turkish army has revealed to me that they will soon be employing a version of the Trojan Horse against the Kurds. Turks will be placed in teams of two and no one will be allowed to eat falafels for 48 hours before the mission, for obvious reasons. (Even the Turks don't like being hot-boxed.) Turkish army will "appear" as an unassuming and innocent caravan of camels just on their way to the oasis, only to unleash their secret weapon - the Turkiye 3000 Ultra Fighter, which is a lethal combination of buckshot and spitballs. The Kurds won't know what hit 'em. Remember, you heard it here first.


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