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    In Genius Move, Trump Supports Impeachment, Forcing Democrats To Oppose https://babylonbee.com/news/in-genius-move-trump-supports-impeachment-forcing-democrats-to-oppose-it
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    I take satisfaction that you resort to the "What did Trump do to you" argument. You're not actually debating the merits of Impeachment. I actually was amused when Trump was elected. Good on those complacent lefties. Until it became clear that Trump is a wannabe dictator. And I agree that JT is also an awful person. Didn't vote for him, even though the CPC candidate did all he could to lose.
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    but the entire administration was in on the emails and correspondence. and no one ever said "hey, what you talkin about"! Trump plays the old organized crime boss thing... insulate myself with people who I will force not to talk. but whats happening is that as people start to get thrown under the bus then they don't go without peeling away at that onion. Sondland just threw Perry, Pence and Pompeo (the three Ps) under the bus. irrespective, there is no way that a rational person can say that this was a good day for Trump. it sucked bad.
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    Dude threw everyone under the bus. Mike Pompeo has huge exposure now. Will he ride or die with Trump?
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    The main reason for Premier Kenny's confrontational posture towards Ottawa is the continuing threat to the legitimacy of his election to the leadership of his party. It is all theatre to distract attention. As Jacee said, "Alberta could be getting on the renewable energy gravy train instead of wasting time and money on temper tantrums." There are lots of ways to make money other than oil.
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    People who are low income trying to find housing care. People who are trying to find jobs care. You and Trump have the same problem in that your brains are deteriorating rapidly as you wobble into your final years. And neither of you was ever all that smart to begin with.
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    BOOM!!!!! Sonland just threw Rudy and Trump under the Bus. Confirming what everyone knows. The Military Aide was being withheld in exchange for political investigations and it was at the direction of Rudy, Trump's personal lawyer. First hand account.
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    Impeachment hearings day 3 another nothing-burger.
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    CANADA ELECTION RESULTS: 1945-PRESENT http://electionresources.org/ca/ 2019 2015 2011 2008 2006 2004 2000 1997 1993 1988 1984 1980 1979 1974 1972 1968 1965 1963 1962 1958 1957 1953 1949 1945
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    It's not all about economics, it's about power and western security interests. You need to remember that there's some very bad and dangerous regimes out there desperate to screw us over at the drop of a hat if they could. Russia, China, Iran etc. I used to think the US/West should pull out of the middle east to stop making Muslims there so PO'd. I thought it was all about greed and oil profits. But what would happen is it would create a huge power vacuum which would be filled by Russia and China. Then we'd have Russia & China controlling most of the world's oil, and able to decimate our economies if they chose. Remember the 1970's oil crisis? If Russia/China convinced the Saudis/Iran/Iraq etc. to block access to oil to us then oil/gas prices in the West would skyrocket as it did in 1972, and our economies would be devastated as they were that year. Point being, the west may not always do the right things in the ME politically, but there's a reason why we're there and a reason why we kiss the ass of the Saudis despite how evil they are. Doesn't mean we have to sell them arms but we do need to remain allies. Hell even if we didn't sell them arms they'd just buy them from another country, like Russia or another western country. We'd have our virtue but nothing would change minus our economy being out hundreds of millions in contracts. The world is a complex place
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    Why kill refugees when you can divert them to other countries? IMO the vast majority of refugees should settle in nearby countries of the same region with similar economies and cultures as their own. Persecuted in Somalia? Go resettle in Kenya. War in Syria? Go resettle in other middle eastern countries. Many do this now, but many millions in Syria fled the middle east and made their way into western countries like Europe not because it was the nearest place to find safety but because we'd give them a free lunch. I don't want any refugees or immigrants in Canada who can't support themselves properly financially. We can accept refugees but they need to be at least moderately educated/skilled and know English or French. Go drive through any neighbourhood in Canada with a high % of refugees. These neighbourhoods are sh!tholes of poverty and crime. I'm tired of us turning our neighbourhoods into American-style slums in the name of humanitarianism. Let them settle elsewhere, we can help in other ways by sending food, medicine, money etc. and can help them resettle.
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    Trump is an awful person, a Bully and not a Conservative. It will be great to watch him fall from Grace. That being said, with this news that he made an unscheduled trip to the Hospital, perhaps the God that he pays lip service to to garner support from Christians who only want to make Abortion illegal may finally take him out. You're right, I'm Canadian, he doesn't effect my life all that much. Granted the Steel Tariffs were stupid and unproductive. But this Political theatre is great. And I enjoy debating people who really can't base the merits of the issue and just switch the goalposts.
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    Trump was not extorting anyone. Read the transcript, it's all there. No one except maybe shiffty Schiff and you believe that there was some kind of extortion against the Ukraine going on here. This is not about the Ukraine. This is just another blunder that has been created to try and get something on Trump once again. The democrats have nothing on Trump, and they never will. Why? Because Trump comes nowhere close to what the democrats have become over the past ten years. Nothing but big time crooks and liars. Everything that is going on at these impeachment fiasco hearings is mostly all made up from hearsay. So, after this is all over, will we have to all wait for a couple of months until schiffty Schiff comes out with his long awaited overdue Mueller type report? Lol.
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    Hillary and Obama were awful people also. But with the MSM in America and Canada, both those liars and crooks got a pass. Look up all the crimes that Hillary had committed. Trump would look like an angel compared to what she did to people who fell out of grace with her. Some say that she may have been involved in some people's deaths. Never know, eh? Well, you sure are trying to make it appear as though Trump is hurting you in some way. After all, why do you keep attacking Trump all the time? Don't you ever get tired of attacking someone who has not hurt you in anyway? Do you by chance suffer from TDS(Trump Derangement Syndrome)? It sure looks like it to me. Just wondering. That is all shiffty Schiff is doing. Moving the goal posts around to his favor so he can maybe try to get a goal scored on Trump. But Trump is wise to shiffty's goal changing of the posts, and because of that, Trump is now in the winning column and is winning by a score of 2 for Trump, and zero for the democrats like Schiff, and soon trump will be scoring another goal on old shiffty the goal post changing Schiff. LOL. I have been watching this silly ass impeachment attempt going on against Trump for over three years now where the democrats have failed twice already and lost, and who are now going for a third loss. But yet there are still fools out there who enjoy watching the goalposts being changed around every day in the hopes that it will try and give Schiff the advantage, and get a goal on Trump. Not going to happen. But do keep enjoying this fake soap opera impeachment nonsense that is going on because that is all it is? A soap opera with terrible actors and activist losers starring in the show. PS: Your dear leader of Canada is an awful leftist lieberal person, and a big leftist bully. It will truly be great when the day comes that this fool falls from grace. Lol.
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    Jennifer Williams is just another deep state supporter. Trump is just cleaning house, and trying to get rid of these deep state traitors to America. the US government appears to be full of deep state traitors. the great thing is that Trump is not afraid to take the deep sate on. I believe that he rather enjoys and gets great pleasure doing it, like attacking Williams. What has this guy, Lt. Col have to do or be able to offer with these hearings? Is he going to say and be like the rest that he heard from a friend, of their friend, from another friend of my mothers brother's wife? Sondland will be biting the dust like everybody else will be doing that shiffty Schiff tries to use to try and get some little wee wee bit of dirt on Trump. Trump is clean as a whistle, and old shiffty Schiff is the one that is getting dust all over his dumb bad ass lying body. Everyone who does testify is a "never Trumper". Shiffty Schiff refuses to bring anyone in to testify for Trump. Sure looks like the game is rigged in favor for Schiff, and this is just another useless waste of time, effort and tax dollars to try and get Trump for the third time now. Go, Trump, go, kick their democrat dumb asses.


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