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    Still have the First Nations groups in Alberta who will more than likely want to remain with Canada.
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    Welp, there are a bunch of crap candidates current and coming up. There is one I really want to hand the keys to the Whitehouse and that would be Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii. She is a well thought out speaker and can answer very difficult questions. I can't see any other candidate that has as much substance as her. I do not want another round of Trump, and we really don't need Creepy Uncle Joe Biden hair sniffing things going on there. Sanders is my next choice, but I am sure the DNC will work against him again. Gabbard seems to be the best hope the USA has had in decades.
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    If there was ever a better reason to provide universal early childhood education free of charge to children, this would be it. Including a hot breakfast and lunch for children in schools across Canada would also help to reduce the academic achievement gap between poor and more-affluent children. "Neuroscientists who studied the brain scans of nearly 1,100 children and young adults across the U.S. from ages 3 to 20 found that the surface area of the cerebral cortex was linked to family income. They discovered that the brains of children in families that earned less than $25,000 a year had surface areas six per cent smaller than those whose families earned $150,000 or more. The poor children also scored lower on average on a battery of cognitive tests." All is not lost with these children as the article points out: "In releasing their study, Noble and Sowell emphasized that the brain can grow and change. “That is a very critical point,” Noble said. “The brain is incredibly able to be molded by experience, especially in childhood.”academic achievement gap between poor and more-affluent children is growing."
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    Iran's Green Movement was one of the first times the world was able to receive unfiltered information coming out of a country being oppressed and brutalized by the government. This was all due to internet. We saw something similar during the Arab Spring . - The West should start with providing internet through satellite to bypass the Iranian government's control over internet. - There are thousands of family members of the Iranian government living in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia. They need to increase and pinpoint sanctions against the corrupt Iranian officials and their families and the hundreds of companies they own outside of Iran
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    Because it's caused so much damage so far, right? We will never get rid of section 33 as long as we have activist judges who believe their own personal ideological beliefs and values are more important than law.
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    Which is why we shouldn't sell it to them. We're no better if we do.
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    Hear, hear. God, Queen, Country.
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    They survive on what they do while we survive on a different amount because of price dumping. They do not sell internally what they export. No one in the country could afford to buy what they export. They have an artificially low yen which makes comparing currency with Canada meaningless and inaccurate,. I do agree Hong Kong money from people hedging their bet before the takeback of Hong Kong by China fueled real estate prices all over the world an in Vancouver and Toronto and our federal governments welcomed the money. China also bought out all our coal and has been active in buying out other natural resource companies. It badly needs copper, aluminum, steel, hard metals including platinum. silver, gold, zinc and even mercury. It needs as well fresh water, rice, wheat, canola oil(rapeseed), natural gas, oil because of its industrial and basic needs. That in turn means it needs Canada as a source for such things including oil and natural has from Alberta. In the long term turning China over to alternative fuel sources as is the case with India, are the two largest obstacles people planning to "save the planet" face. I
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    Israel would be nothing without the billions it receives each year and the political support it receives from a few countries.
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    A little Logic Experiment. Known Facts: 1) Trump asked Zelensky for investigations into Burisma (Proxy for the Bidens) and Crowdstrike. Both would help him politically. 2) Military Aid that Ukraine needed was being withheld even though the funds were approved by congress. The Trump Defence is that the two are unrelated, but that asks the question as to why the money was withheld if not for leverage/extortion purposes. Sondland testified today that he never got an answer as to why the money was being withheld. After the WB complaint became public Trump gave two explanations. a) European countries weren't pulling there wait. This is False, it's also a stupid reason. Withholding the money doesn't encourage other NATO countries from helping, it just hurts Ukraine. b) Trump is concerned with corruption in Ukraine. Sondland testified that Trump only really cared about the investigations. He also speaks of a first hand phone conversation where it was brought up. He stated that he'd actually have been surprised if it wasn't brought up. It's all Trump cared about. No one can think or cite of any other instances of Ukrainian Corruption that Trump showed interest in. One could argue that he believe Ukraine was out to get him. That speaks to the Crowdstrike conspiracy theory he demanded Zelensky look into. Based on all the evidence and the Trump administrations attempts to obstruct the investigation, only a logical person would conclude the money was withheld as a leverage tactic AKA Extortion. The only defence is that, because there's no transcript that has Trump say "Go commit crimes!" It's not enough evidence. Again, this doesn't get Trump removed from Office, The GOP are scared shitless of him. But I predict the limp-wristed response to an obvious abuse of power will bring the Senate back to the Democrats. Even if Trump does, somehow, win re-election, because he only really needs to fight in 6 States, he'll have both Houses of Congress against him. He'll get absolutely nothing accomplished.
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    I aspire to be a man of honor, thus I hold to my oath, unless and until the British Crown in North America falls. While residing in Wellington Country Upper Canada, I shall resist Her Majesty's enemies and defend the Queen's Peace, as I undertook to do, of my own free will, so help me God.
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    In Genius Move, Trump Supports Impeachment, Forcing Democrats To Oppose https://babylonbee.com/news/in-genius-move-trump-supports-impeachment-forcing-democrats-to-oppose-it
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    What is needed is to knock off the a few billions of the worlds population, and start in the third world. I am told here many times that Canada needs more immigration because our population is too low. But all I can see is the Canadian population growing every year by the hundreds of thousands. The bigger our population gets the more carbon emissions will be created. These pro-immigration people want to make things worse in Canada rather than better. Does anybody in this country know as to what the hell they want or what they are talking about? Canadians? An exercise in futility.
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    I don't want to become an extremist to save the environment... I want the system to stop growing, so we have a fair chance at managing it. I think getting people to have 2 kids is far less serious than future generations living under eco-tyranny with high unemployment. Blocking resource development is eco-tyranny, it it's creating massive deficits, and huge unemployment in Alberta. If they had stopped population growth, a long time ago. We could all the resource development want, and not worry about tipping the scale, or runaway feedback loops causing ecological collapse. What we're seeing in Canada is the consequences of overpopulation, and we have allowed ourselves to become the scapegoat for the world's carbon emissions. The only side i'm picking is ethical downsizing, and the localization of supply chains.
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    Well I was told we would need 7 planets, if everyone live like a Canadian. This is basically the globalist saying... We think we should reduce your wages by 7 times.... But everyone's missing the big picture... If we reduced the worlds population by 7 times, wouldn't that end that argument? Gradual depopulation is the answer, than you don't have to pick winners and losers.
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    jbg, the mail I sent YOU was a response to an uncalled for mail you sent me. I simply asked you NOT to PM me again. I reiterate that here. Scathing? Far from it - time for you to get over my rejection of your Personal Message to me. Now, as far as you above answers go: You have NOT addressed the illegal nature of the settlements - established after the 67 war. You have not mentioned the thousands of villages which have been bulldozed to make way for many of these enclaves. Do you not think that watching one's home and livelihood be destroyed, the loss of everything to be somewhat influential as to how that person might feel? Does it justify suicide bombing? (IMO no - but it does explain why the hatred is there - and it's not anti-semitism it is hatred towards those who have destroyed one's life!). So: the destruction of villages and theft of lands (plus marginilisation) has resulted in some blowback - what a surprise! You also refuse to discuss the Wall - which has been deemed illegal by both the Israeli supreme court (who ruled that its course must be moved). This wall winds into Palestinian farms, lands and groves - making sure to keep valuable water resources on the Israeli side - fencing in Palestinians in such a way as to prevent freedom of movement even to their own fields, schools and families. And you wonder why any of these folks might be a tad upset? You also have not really answered what you think of the various members of the Knesset wanting Arabs out of Israel (you know those pesky Israeli Arabs or non-Jews). You only said that these folks are marginalised? Ever here of Avigdor? He isn't marginalised! (anyways I will assume you agree with the removal of all Arabs from Israel). I'm sure there is some hatred towards Jews - as there is just as much towards Arabs. Too bad, since all this hate and mistrust will result in a never ending cycle of violence from both sides - the Palestinians with their pathetic little rocket launchers and the IDF with their ultra modern killing machines. I think what has always astounded me, is that the Jews - perscuted for 'milenia' and kicked out of every darn country they've ever been in over time - could turn around and do the SAME to others. Of course - not all Israelis feel the hate towards the indigenous folks in the area, many rally and protest alongside their Arab brothers and sisters - for a more just, caring and truly democratic Israel - one which treats her neighbours with respect, one which includes all - regardless of religious affiliations. There are many of these voices - sadly drowed out often times by the thugs on BOTH sides of the 'fence'. It's too bad that you can't see both sides of this issue. And only lay the blame on the Arabs - sorry but it takes two to tango. Anyways, I don't expect you to say much wrt the illegality of land confiscation and destruction of Palestinian property - the underlying cause of so much resentment - and sadly so much retalitory violence against otherwise innocent Jews (suicide bombing) or the retalitaions of the IDF against otherwise innocent Palestinians. Keep in mind the ratio is about 5:1 (five dead Palestinians to every dead Israeli) In the last year that ratio has approached ten to one. And you wonder why they are ticked off? You may want to take a gander at some of these brave groups: http://www.jewishvoiceforpeace.org/ http://www.ifamericansknew.org/ http://www.icahd.org/eng/about.asp?menu=2 http://www.btselem.org/English/ http://gush-shalom.org/ http://www.cactus48.com/ All of these groups are peaceful, all working towards an understanding, all brave and filled with people of with big hearts! Or, are they all just Jew haters too?? (I guess to you they are! Why don't you write Jeff Halper and tell him he is a Jew hater? How about Uri, he must be one too, accoring to you!) That's it - though let me add one more thing: DO NOT ever PM me again!! (Scathing eh? oooooooo)


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