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    Éducation à la sexualité: plus de 200 élèves exemptés Quelque 80% des étudiants libérés d’éducation à la sexualité viennent de la même commission scolaire https://www.journaldemontreal.com/2019/11/04/education-a-la-sexualite-plus-de-200eleves-exemptes
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    My children both went to French Immersion, despite us not living in a "French" province. My son has used his French fairly extensively and my daughter works for a government agency that pays her extra $$/hr because she speaks French - which she uses every day. Both have also learned enough Spanish to converse because the languages are so similar. Neither of them has expressed any regrets or feel abused for having to learn another language. It's only been a benefit to them as they grew up and began working.
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    Neither, I'm waiting for a real candidate to come along one with charisma, intelligence, loyalty to the nation and to the people, Integrity , honesty ,a good dose of common sense, has very good leadership abilities....anyone....
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    Did they force you to take 9 years of French in public school? They waste 20% of a students time learning a language they should never have to use, just to appease the French people, who hate our guts anyways. I consider making 7 year olds learn French, child abuse.
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    Canada is will battered by floods and ice storms, better to be warm and dry than to freeze and drown.
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    Sure it would be a joke if we were at work on the factory floor, or in the line up a the local food store... but Justin is the elected leader of Canada, the highest office we have, and with it comes certain responsibilities, making jokes about other world leaders is not one of them , especially one that is our largest trading partner, with one of the largest economies in the world, not to mention the sole protector of our nation.... who can change stock markets with a few tweets, oh did I mention he has an ego the size of Canada, that is easily bruised... So why would he take a chance in a crowded room full of other world leaders but also the worlds media....He did it, to try and fit in in front of leaders he thought he could trust, or would atleast share the same sentiment right, again why risk everything for a conversation starter.....Why would he risk alienating the most powerful man in the world ? And right after he gave us a pass on not spending 2 % of our GDP on Defense in front of the media and world to see... An agreement that we signed on to, an agreement that during the last NATO meeting Justin wore his big boy pants and told the worlds media he and our nation have no intention to meet those standards, not now or tommorrow....Now these is a message we want to send the world....Canada signs every compact or program that comes out of any organization, but only keeps their word for the ones that are popular, or they like. your right it is about nothing , because we really don't hold any of our leaders to any standards, it was made very clear in the last election, after scandal after scandal, lie after lie, and still Canadians elected him, we don't expect a whole lot from our leaders. I do hope that Trump puts on his world leader pants and smacks Canada around a bit and firmly says pay up or git the f***k out....That would be the wake up call our Country would need. wonder how popular making jokes about world leaders would be then....would we make Justin a home town hero for standing up to the Trump, or would we electing someone else ?...
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    I dont' know how you and MH couldn't find anything. I found the articles in French - in an easy, no-brainer search, but felt QOC could supply the links for his own thread and wanted to see how far you and MH would go in screeching "Fake News!!!!".
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    Un record provincial d’exemptions au cours d’éducation à la sexualité à la CSPO https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1375936/retraits-cours-sexualite-enfants-ecole-cspo-outaouais-ministre-education
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    Perhaps one of the reasons Canada is broken is because it was never really whole. The Laurentian Elites have ruled the place pretty much from the inception, and their view doesn't go much beyond southern Ontario and the Montreal suburbs - with everything else just 'the provincials'. They are as divorced from the realities - and values - of the ordinary Canadian as the CEO is from the guy on the factory floor. Meet the Laurentian Elite, the mediocre masters of Canada Our self-declared social and political elite is like the air we breathe or the proverbial water around fish; it seems so natural as to be unnoticeable Beginning in 1968, coincident with the election of Pierre Trudeau, our elites adopted contemporary left-leaning economic and social policies. Federal government spending mushroomed from 16 per cent of the economy in 1967 to 25 per cent (of a much larger pie) in 1984 when Trudeau Sr. departed — a vast increase in dollar terms. Simultaneously, the Canadian public sector became almost 50 per cent of the economy, with the programs implemented and institutions created almost too numerous to mention. This is the point: a robust civil society and private-sector economy were being supplanted by an expanding state. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/1206-ed-weissenberger
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    No, it does not seem that way as Quebec only made it mandatory in 2017, prior to that there were exemptions. As I said, someone needs to google the French papers. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/quebec-becomes-latest-province-to-make-sex-education-compulsory/article37335042/
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    The correct option is not there: NONE. For a lot of reasons, some as has been mentioned that it cuts out some people from being able to work, and most of all there is no such thing as one price/wage that fits all situations, all locations, etc. What I CAN support is the elimination of social assistance, unemployment enjoyment and pretty much every other government programme for ABLE BODIED people. Hard to believe that a right winger such as myself can say this: but I believe there should be a GAI paid by the state to EVERY citizen, and it then gets taxed back at a flat rate on every penny of EARNINGS (NOTE: NOT speculative gains of any kind - that need to be taxed at a much, much higher rate). We already have universal sick care, but that should be reduced to just insurance, leaving service delivery open to anyone who can provide (including government as a competitor, not a monopoly). Do these things and all of the squabbling over who gets what is gone: EVERYONE gets it, and EVERYONE pays into with the same rate of taxation. Now, add to that elimination of deficit spending and we will be on a new and much better path. On edit: people with decent incomes could forgo the GAI by simply taking the equivalent as a tax credit, reducing their tax payable dollar for dollar.
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    I found this when I googled "students exempted from sex ed Quebec". Various iterations of "Muslim students exempt from sex ed Quebec" got no hits at all. Clearly fake news and look how many people were happy to fall for it.
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    Somewhere between 9 and 15 dollars. A high minimum wage causes inflation. But i'm not an economist. As shady said, it should not be an arbitrary number
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    It's not fake, there are religious exemptions in Ontario too, can't post link on a tablet.
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    Trump has gotten into Trudeau's head....and Macron's too.
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    I doubt that Martin was as beholden to the dairy cartel as Scheer, so obviously Martin.
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    Canadians are not so willing to go along with US warmongering anymore. Since Iraq, it's become clear that the US military-industrial organized crime mob creates conflict in vulnerable countries with lots of natural resources, only for the benefit of predatory billionaires. Soldiers lives are sold cheaply to the highest corporate bidders. It's a classic case of privatizing profits while socializing costs. We've learned a lesson from Afghanistan, and we won't be likely to sacrifice our soldiers lives for US billionaires' profits again.
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    Well it gives me so sexual gratification, but I think that both the UK and Canada are powder kegs. The missing ingredient is fiscal and economic crisis. Fortuitously however, the Elites have wound up a monstrous global leverage bomb which will have to unwind itself at some point. I haven't crunched the numbers in the UK, but in Canada, 50% are on the brink of bankruptcy right now. That's with the lowest interest rates and longest bull market in history. Thus I foresee a reckoning, and I think it will be explosive.
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    Those harbouring wet dreams of civil war are the deluded. Whilst there is more to lose than gain from war it will never happen. The majority have comfortable bourgeois lives and they're not going to risk them for some short sighted ideology that benefits only the extremes. The wingnuts in America have been predicting civil war for years but a few anarchists kicking over trashcans or marching with tiki torches does not a revolution make. Same with the rabble rousers like Farage, his predictions of blood on the streets if ''the will of the people'' is ignored have not come to pass.
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    Piffle. Compromise is the best way to resolve impasse. Violence begets violence and resolves little. There's alway a middle ground you just have to have the will to search for it.
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    There I was in 2016 thinking how can America a country of 320 million people produce two such terrible candidates for the top job. Here I am now, looking at Corbyn and BoJo thinking damn, we're no better ourselves.
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    It’s a pity that Jo Swinson, the LibDem leader and supporter of Remain, wasn’t invited to the leaders’ debate with the pro-Brexit BoJo and Brexit-ambiguous Corbie.
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    Good for the Muslim parents. They don't want their kids exposed to the Transgender garbage. Sometimes I want to become allies with the Muslims.
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    In the forthcoming British election there's really only two alternstives: If you want Brexit there's the Brexit-party and if you don't want Brexit there's the LibDems who have campaigned for revoking the article 50 which means canceling the outcome of the referendum because it was advisory and therefore non-binding. You can trust that both of these parties will stick to their policies. Both the Tories and Labour are untrustworthy from either leave or remain point of view. Some people say that in parliamentary elections there are also other issues but in this election it is 99% Brexit. Actually, this should be an extra-election instead of electing parliament until perhaps late 2024. In five years time things may have changes a lot and it would be good if there was a normal election sooner.
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    Quebec is abusing their own citizens by using the notwithstanding clause to prevent those following their faith from holding government and public positions. Women choosing to follow their faith as they please are not participating in their own oppression. And women are beaten and killed for many reasons it isn’t specific to one faith or culture. I do not have to convince you but I will point out the flaws in your argument.
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    And uniform and dress codes allow turbans, hijabs and kippahs because we allow people to observe their faiths.
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    Religious rights are part of human rights. How does a man with a turban make someone feel unsafe, or an orthodox jew wearing his kippah, or a Muslim woman wearing her hijab? This bill has nothing to do with feeling safe or neutral it is about preventing people from following their faith.
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    Bill 21 is not about misogyny in religion but about getting rid of minority religious groups from government positions and jobs. That includes Sikhs, Jews, Muslims and so on.
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    Trudeau made a joke about Trump at a cocktail party... Seriously people... can we calm down a little bit.


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