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    That sounds like a slap across the face, Or in Canadian terms a boarding call, 5 min major....all well deserved for Justins under handed tricks to secure a seat on what really the UN....we are selling out integrity for a seat....It does not surprise me any more what the liberal government is will to do ... Who does that, backs a resolution put forth by North Korea, Zimbabwe, and the state of Palestine.....because those guys are the moral compass we all look up to, they set the standard for how nations are to conduct themselves...Man you guys that voted liberal must be just shaking your heads right now...How did we become so desperate for a seat on the UN council, one has to wonder what is going to happen when we get it, if we support this shit now , what else could we expect from your man Justin.... https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/canada-made-deal-with-the-devil-by-supporting-anti-israel-resolution-former-us-ambassador-to-un/ar-BBXSzG8
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    Ford has never been against sex education. He criticized the type of curriculum being used. It did not discuss anatomy and dental hygiene, it was a script on teaching children about gender identity and gender identity lifestyles when they are 4,5,6. Rainbow flags in elementary school do not belong anymore than heterosexual flags do or any other flags do other than the municipal, provincial or federal flags. The curriculum used in elementary schools was written by a pedophile. It is completely distorted by that pedophiles projections as to sexuality and how children should perceive sexuality when they are pre-pubic. He used homosexual lifestyle as a cover. Gay parents as much as straight parents who I both support I spoke with and agree, sex education is about hygiene, health issues and learning what is private. Teaching about gender identity choices belongs later on in human relations classes. The two are not and should not be assumed to be the same. Gay parents have just as much rights as straight parents to assure their children can remain innocent and unencumbered by issues they should not have to deal with until they are better equipped. We will not allow children to be neutral and innocent. Children already accept us as we are. They don't need our crap projected on them. When they reach puberty, then and only then we have to be honest, open and non judgmental about why people make choices and what it means to make a choice based on free will and consent. Ford was not and is not the issue. Neither are fundamentalists who have been told its ok for them to expect their rights be imposed on us in public systems. The issue is with us-parents of children. We need to speak up and get involved and teach our children and not off ramp everything onto the school system which has become anything and everything society no longer wants to deal with-so its dumped in the schools. Schools are one size fits all hospitals, social service agencies, criminal enforcement agencies, day cares, chauffeurs. They are anything but teaching institutions these days.
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    It's hard to find better example of just how craven and self-serving the Trudeau government is, and how desperately focused on style over substance it has always been than the recent vote in the United Nations. There Canada turned its back on its allies, and on Israel, to support a motion by North Korea, Zimbabwe, and the PLO in condemning Israel. This was, of course, all part of their extraordinary and expensive effort at getting a temporary seat on the security council. Why are they so desperate for that seat? Because Trudeau made much of Canada not getting it the last time around, blaming Harper. Now he's terrified that Canada will fail to get it when the vote comes up again, and is throwing hundreds of millions of dollars at every dictator whose vote can be bought and changing Canada's traditional voting pattern to appeal to the likes of North Korea and Zimbabwe. Nikki Haley, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, accused Canada of striking a deal with the devil over its recent support of an anti-Israel resolution. Haley said Canada’s decision to change diplomatic course and support the resolution at the United Nations in a bid to secure a seat on the Security Council was an example of “cultural corruption.” In a surprising move two weeks ago, Canada reversed course and supported a resolution put forward by North Korea, Zimbabwe and the “State of Palestine” that called for a “just, lasting and comprehensive peace settlement” to the Israel-Palestine conflict. The resolution explicitly referred to contested lands between the two countries as “Occupied Palestinian Territories.” https://ottawacitizen.com/news/canada-made-deal-with-the-devil-by-supporting-anti-israel-resolution-former-u-s-ambassador-to-un/wcm/2b37b4c3-3f43-4faf-82ab-2296aeef1041
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    One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. Whiteface, Brownface, blackface, twoface. by Dr. Trudeau
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    Why ? If it's just for U.S. foreign policy, why would Canada be part of such an arrangement ? NATO's war against Libya in 2011 was a French/British joint, not started by the U.S.
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    Utter nonsense...as NATO did not and could not do so until the source of the attack was confirmed in October 2001. https://www.rferl.org/a/1097584.html
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    So this week in Islam we have a Saudi air force officer shooting up a base in Florida. I didn't mention it at first, but it's now looking more and more like he was an Islamist. And more of his comrades might be the same. Now there's a hunt on for more of them who have gone missing. The suspect in the deadly shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida, a Saudi military service member in the US for training, held a dinner party before the attack to watch mass shooting videos, a US official told the Associated Press. During the attack, another Saudi student, one of three who attended the party, reportedly filmed the shooting at the US naval base while two others watched from a car. Ten Saudi students have reportedly been detained for questioning. Some of the Saudi nationals at the base are, however, currently unaccounted for. https://www.businessinsider.com/suspect-naval-base-attack-held-party-watch-mass-shooting-videos-2019-12
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    1. He had a constituency he defended no different than you do yours and Wynne did hers. He didn't use it. He openly made it clear what he was defending not defending unlike the Liberals who lied about the curriculum and played politics with it trying to cater to the same fundamentalists for votes they alienated. Ford played no politics. He was unlike Wynne from the get go transparent on his position. 2. No its not al alt-right slag. The guy who wrote the curriculum was a pedophile. He hid behind the gay community for righteous cover and there is no way this man should have been hired to dictate which he did the curriculum which perceives it to be acceptable to introduce sex identity issues to 4-6 year olds. Perceiving children as prepared to listen to and have to accept sexual identity issues is a projection by this man who had a lot of leftist sympathizers who have not taken ownership of who he was and what he stands for and what they stand for which is to project their political views as to sexual identity onto children in the name of leftist righteousness. 3.Why would I trust anyone let alone an educator with the best things for my children? I trust myself. No I do not blindly hand over or delegate that trust to authority. That's a liberal concept I disagree with. I believe such trust has to be earned and parenting begins and ends at home and if you want me trust you as an educator then show me apolitical neutrality for public institutions not deliberate bias agendas that cater to specific political views. Its intellectually lazy to be liberal and delegate to governments that which you need to define for yourself. Schools should not have to tell you what to think, only how to think. Who you choose to sleep with is no business of any school. How a body functions and how to keep it safe and clean is. 4.Experts my ass. You just want to delegate common sense. How much expertise do you need to be told how to explain bodily functions. Get real. 5. You first I do not understand. I am not first, second, third. I am an individual. I have children whose formative years I am responsible for. I can not and should not dump on teachers any job of explaining to my children what their body is and does or why some people have different choices than others and how we do NOT impose our views on others nor do we allow others to impose their views on us as we treat people as we want to be treated. I also could not be more crystal clear-if you have an agenda to teach that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice that is acceptable, do it at home. Do not expect the school to play that role. Its role is to be neutral. The only role it has is to make sure adults do not touch or molest their students. Health and wellness is not rocket science. The so called experts are idiots who I had the pleasure of attending school with at OISE. Experts my ass. They get ph.d's in self serving political biases and opinions. Expert. Right. I do not need a ph.d to teach me we treat people the way we wish to be treated and if there is no consent, something is wrong. This need to shove political opinions in peoples' faces is a liberal concept where you want to impose a state agenda on everyone. I do not need the state stuffed in my face like a large tit. I do not need to be breast fed thank you. I didn't like Fellini movies either for the same reasons. The man's liberal obsession overly focused him on breasts. I mean God bless Sophia Loren but not everything is about breast feeding the public.
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    Simply end Confederation and replace it with a customs union, free the provinces from rule of the Laurentian Elites and their absurdist boondoggle masquerading as a government.
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    He gave 10.5 million to an Al Qaeda murderer. That should say it all.
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    Trump: It's going to be a Merry Christmas in USA this year. $$$$$
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    Big mouth strikes again. He just can't zip it - even at a delicate time for NAFTA. Businesses must be sweating bullets...... ............anticipating any possible backlash from the guy with the big orange hair.
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    "The U.S. was among five countries that rejected the resolution, while Australia abstained. A total of 164 countries voted in favour, including the U.K., Germany and others." https://nationalpost.com/news/canadas-support-for-un-resolution-condemning-israel-occupation-blasted-as-faustian-bargain What's wrong with voting in favour of the resolution? We should support Israel, as our ally, but not give it carte blanche support.
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    Canada bashing is just good politics in America now, nobody likes Canada. Canada wasn't gonna get the seat on the Security Council anyways.
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    There's no point in criticizing Canada, Canada is a failed state, Canada couldn't fix itself even if it wanted to.
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    What people don't seem to be taking into consideration is that the US unemployment rate fell to 3.5% today to its lowest rate since 1969. The US economy is booming. Wages are rising. And this even in the midst of their trade war with China. And despite having a totally incompetent asshat as President with a completely screwed up administration whose members spend most of their time fighting each other. So what exactly is Canada's excuse again?
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    What is my favourite skin condition, pimples, boils, infected wounds oozing with pus, bloated corpse, impitago, psoriasis, acne, cysts, gangrene, skin cancer, ulcers, 3rd degree burns, leprosy, hemmeroids, hmmmmm...I pass.


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