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    Tbh it's a long dull piece you quoted and I didn't read it all. I also have hardly any interest toward the topic of niqab. I don't think it a requirement myself and anyone who goes to great lengths in talking about it is usually talking about politics, not religion.
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    It doesn't matter if you're competent, if you have to work for the state corptocracy you will be emasculated. You need capital to be autonomous from the state, the wealthy can be Alphas, the working stiffs are forced to kneel.
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    I have mentioned here many times as to where I stand on where and how our dear spend crazy political leaders stand when it comes to how they constantly keep blowing my tax dollars on people who should not be here at all. Those tax dollars that are being blown are mostly being blown on third world legal and criminal illegal refugees by the hundreds of billions of our tax dollars every year. In my personal opinion, I believe that Trudeau's win had to do with the amount of all those new non-western looking immigrants from those many non-western looking countries that voted for Trudeau and gave him another four more years to tax us even more. This must be exposed and that was what Maxine Bernier and myself were trying to point out here. Our immigration policy of today here in Canada is broken. I am not trying to use or blame "Asians" or any others for what our dumb politicians keep doing to this country as far as our broken immigration goes. I blame our politicians and what appears to be their very anti-British/European attitude of bringing in way too many non-western immigrants than western looking ones. Indeed, oil and pipelines should be on the important list, but sadly, it is not. Quebec doesn't want it, so Alberta will not get it. Our economy has and always will be ruined by french Quebec. All they think about is how to screw the rest of Canada out of their tax dollars to be blown in Quebec for their benefit. Tens of thousands of jobs in Alberta have been lost this year. But that is not important for Trudeau and his crummy band of liberal socialist globalist ilk. As far as I am concerned, the liberals job is to keep the french happy and employed while the rest of Canada can go to hell and on welfare or unemployment. It's all about immigration and Quebec and nothing more. Trudeau could careless about the economy. My opinion.
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    The Canadian economy is crippled by internal division and associated entrenched interest state intervention which displaces free enterprise.
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    And the cartoons. I see Jesus memes all the time - can you imagine if the world's Christians started killing and rioting every time they saw one? But yeah - Christianity and Islam are EXACTLY THE SAME.
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    It's also the Koranic verse used to justify murdering journalists who "insult" Islam. So yeah, not as benign as Dia pretends. "Corruption" is in the eye of the Islamic.
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    Yes, Dia - no one is arguing that misogyny doesn't exist anywhere except in Islam. Islam just takes it to a whole 'nother level. We're talking about headcoverings in Islam and you want to talk about rape culture. No surprise there.
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    The Arabs (your pet "Palestinians") started the Arab-Israeli War...not the Israelis. Losers do not dictate terms. Especially losers that started the conflict. Ask Germany if you don't believe me.
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    Yes, we know how you feel about this topic. If even ONE Christian does something, it's not an "Islamic" problem then. It becomes a "world problem." How convenient. I get it. I just have difficulty suspending the part of my brain that tells me the vast majority of non-Islamic women in the world are not at risk of being beaten or killed for not wearing headcoverings. I tend to not ignore information like that, while for apologists - it's super easy.
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    Democrats released their articles of impeachment today. Nothing involving Russian collusion. Nothing.
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    Not exactly. The trade war is kind of working. https://www.axios.com/trump-china-trade-war-working-363fbd52-eb4a-487b-85bc-b18b3199be78.html
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    Which is exactly what the Trump administration is pointing out. The first President of a world power with the balls to stand up to China. But, YES, in a big way Europe could put a hurt on China by joining with the US, but they are far too busy being Euroweenies demonizing carbon and trying to ignore their HUGE immigration screwups. The Brexit slap-in-the-face is the only tiny bit of reality in Looneyville EU.
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    You're too old to know what's going on. You're not around the schools are ya.
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    The UN Resolutions are one-sided for sure. That's just because most countries in the GA are from the 3rd world. The lands in the wars taken over by Israel i don't have a problem with, and they're "occupied" as means to control and defend Israel's security, which is fine. But building permanent settlements in occupied regions of the West Bank goes well beyond that, it's a way to gain land that's not theirs by international law, it's literally illegal. Even Obama derided Israel for doing it. There's blood on both sides, i don't take sides in the conflict overall.
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    So, here is a news story about a Kenyan official claiming that lions were learning to be gay because ... gay tourists. This claim, that a girl decided to become a boy because she saw some posters at school, sounds about the same level of cluelessness about sexuality.
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    That someone else is future generations. This is why I became a conservative, I got sick and tired of deficit-financing. The government is suppose to be the richest, most powerful bank in the world. Why does the richest and most powerful bank, need to borrow money? If we can't pay for things ourselves, then we should all agree to raise our taxes. I would rather 70% taxes than, borrowing another dime from future generation. That's theft. Anyways I don't get why so many people here support Trump. He's running Trillion dollar deficits. If republicans are no better than the democrats, at cutting government waste... Than I might as well support the liberals, at least the care about the environment. I think Trump is cringeworthy, but if he was paying down debt, I'd support his re-election, despite his obscenities. I'm a fiscal conservatie first, and a social conservative second. If liberals wanted my respect, I'd have to start hearing them say. We got to stop stealing money from future generations.
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    What's wrong with this wording: The legitimacy of Israel is a really hot topic among people who do not and would never question the legitimacy of Pakistan, purely out of their extreme religious bigotry.
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    You haven't been here long enough to make that statement. You might have taken a hint given I see you on the 'who is your favorite politician' topic, when it was suggested the world would be a better place if Hitler had won.
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    Donald Trump is the most ignorant swine of a man in the history of the American presidency.
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    Tell that to the ones who keep voting for those who they appear to be quite "enthralled" with. When they stop being enthralled with politicians who appear to have nothing but total hatred and contempt for them, then there may be a chance for Canada. Fat chance that will ever happen in Canada though because by the looks of things these days the people still keep putting the same dirty rascals back in power. The clueless are running the country. What more can be said.
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    If I own a business, and I have ten employees working for me, who are paid the minimum wage, and I am now being told that I have to raise everyone's salaries, I would seriously have to think as to whether I should take a drop in my own income or lay two people off. I think that two people will be laid off. Now what? They now either go on unemployment, or they must try to look for another minimum wage paying salary with another business owner. What is killing all businesses in Canada today is just plain too much government, too much bureaucracy, too many rules and regulations, and too many taxes. It is the government that causes inflation and unemployment. The government is here to promote, not stifle, the growth of jobs, and not try to build up a bureaucracy, as they seem to be always trying to do all the time, which then creates more new taxes to run that bureaucracy for the taxpayer to have to pay for. There can be no doubt about it that the "government "IS" the problem". Downsize politicians and bureaucrats, now. Works for me.
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    They're projecting their power with money. They're buying up ports and airports, and roping developing world government's into loans they have no ability to pay back (with the help of hefty bribes) and then using the harsh rules of the contract to take control of those countries facilities. They're using their monetary power in western academic institutes to force them into silence and acquiescence with China''s government lest they lose all their Chinese foreign students. They're forcing western companies to obey them, to hand over their intellectual property, to lobby their home government's on China's behalf. They're exerting cultural influence akin to censorship on Western media companies, who now will not approve any TV show or movie, or anything said in any TV show or movie which might offend China lest China take revenge by banning all their movies and TV shows from their internet and airwaves. And they're bribing politicians throughout the west. China is exerting far, far more power around the world than any other country right now, and that influence is growing. They're also rapidly modernizing their military, and starting to launch large aircraft carriers to exert their military power abroad.
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    OH, the sweet irony! No wonder fake news flourish! People just rely on headlines! .........and, when they do read - looks like they just go through the motion of it!
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    You may call it "wordsmithing".......but in my book, that's called, "careful reading and analyzing what is actually being said." But that's the problem. The headline does not add up with Sandal's comment. Like I've said, your source indicate: https://globalnews.ca/news/2208213/ontario-will-allow-parents-opposed-to-sex-ed-curriculum-to-pull-kids-from-class/ If parents are allowed to withdraw their kids - what the heck does each board's policy got to do with it? If Ontario says parents are allowed to withdraw their kids - all Ontario boards should follow and have the same policy regarding withdrawal of kids! Read your whole article! On one hand, it says Ontario allows parents to withdraw their kids, and yet on the other Sandals say each board has its own policy! That looks like double talk to me......unless of course, you can explain it. What exactly does that mean? That must be the difference between Wynne's and Ford's regarding withdrawal of children. Wynne's wishy-washy, while Ford's is all-sweeping! I'm not deluded enough to expect politicians to deliver everything they promise....especially when a red hot-button like LGBTQ is involved. Lol, just seeing all the groups that went against him - it's understandable.
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    If you think that Scheer is a real conservative, then you are really are out of step. Scheer is a liberal in conservative clothing. Scheer never attacks any liberal globalist communist programs and agendas that have made Canada not so great anymore. A real and true conservative would be exposing all the lies and bs that the leftists liberals have been throwing around and been allowed to get away with in this country for years now without question. The only real and true conservative party in Canada is Maxine Bernier's the PPC. A vote for any other but the PPC is a vote for more of comrade Trudeau's globalist, communist agenda for destroying this once great British/European nation that they did discover, built up and created and made it a once great nation. Canada has become a huge leftist liberal joke and there are some here who appear to think that this is oh so great. Let them win in the next election and we can all kiss the old Canada goodbye. As old man comrade Trudeau once said when he won the election back in 1980 was "welcome to the new Canada". And we see today what he meant when he said "welcome to the new Canada". The old man destroyed Canada. My opinion.


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