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    Trump rocking it in India...no stupid costumes like you know who.
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    Yes, but you’re a liberal. Excusing lawlessness comes naturally to you. Unless of course it’s lawlessness directed toward one of your pet issues or protected peoples. Regardless, lawlessness is lawlessness. There is no difference. When you give people permission to break the law, you get more of it. It’s a terrible precedent in a civil society. Perhaps you should be less concerned over the precedent of lawlessness set by leaders of other countries and be more concerned over the precedent of lawlessness you’re setting in you’re own country. But once a hypocrite always a hypocrite.
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    Or perhaps they could do both. Focus on the present and the future! What a concept. Alas, I know I know, only China has the alarmists permission to pollute significantly over the next decade or two. Only China is allowed to pursue such mines. Only China is allowed to pursue rare earth materials etc. This from the sane mouth that pretends selling oil to China is a threat. God the hypocrisy!
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    Yeah but then everyone is getting painted with the same brush. I think the consensus, hopefully, is that these blockades were a mistake, law enforcement has to remove them and it will, and anyone who tries to turn this into some kind of "colonial" attack on the oppressed is being utterly ridiculous. I think the majority of Indigenous know this too, so hopefully this is the end of the blockades. If, however, the minority unelected hereditary chiefs and their supporters ignore the approvals, laws, and will of the people, much more serious measures will have to take place, up to and including new legislation relating shutting of key infrastructure to terrorist crimes against the state, with very high penalties.
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    Meanwhile, out comes the 'traditional garb' just to add credence to the 'I'm special' claim... Meanwhile, anybody who knows these tribes also knows they had no borders...didn't live in certain regions as they were cursed...all feared the Haida as they were the coastal tribe's bitches. Oh...and you should see their houses. Did you think they live in 'traditional' native settlements? Think again...
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    I want to clear something up, not all men are the same, the examples I gave come from most western societies, things change as you move across the continents, take the middle east for instance , there are some nations that have seen nothing but war for ever, here you'll see a whole different outlook on life and what it is worth, here you'll see killing is more common, entire generations have grown up with conflict, they have experienced more ways of death than we can imagine cutting a mans throat is no different than a goats. So people can be conditioned for killing...proof of that is NAZI Germany, but in the back of my mind that was only 80 years ago...not very long in terms of history...or read books on torture in England in the 1500's one would have to be one twisted individual to be able to perform all that, then sit down a drink a beer and eat a ham sandwich... I also want to mention hate as an emotion, it is a great motivator to over come the side effects of killing, Nations have used this for centuries, they developed Phys Ops campaigns like posters, broadcasts, print media, that make the enemy less human, they call them , dehumanizing names like Japs, krauts, many others, then set the propaganda machine of lies showing their crimes until you developed a deep dislike for them, Then once in combat you see what evil little bastards they are.... well lets say it's an easy jump from dislike to hate... and it does not take long... from then on killing bad guys is easier than shooting a mad dog... no compassion , no empathy, just pull the trigger. It consumes you totally....you become a different person altogether, unrecognizable to family and friends, and the only ones that understand are your comrades in arms that were there.........In Afghanistan it was not so much a propaganda campaign , but rather constantly watching it on the news, seeing it on patrols, or engagements with terrorists , the killing and maiming of women and children , what they did with captured soldiers.. it took hate longer to developed, but the end result was the same... And Then we ask our self's or better yet our government officials should ask themselves , how can we go from that level of readiness to kill ...to coming back home, cutting the grass, picking up the kids at school , normal Canadian day to day stuff...for me it took more than 6 months to be able to relax in my back yard, with out automatically doing my 10 and 20 meter checks for IED's or scanning a room for all exits, finding cover from gunfire etc... … The hate is still there, the ghosts are still there ,..I hope the hate will fad over time.
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    So you're saying yes. The natives are too backward for democracy. I hadn't realized you were a white supremacist.
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    At one time most of the big oil and mining companies were pretty much contributing heavily to this so called global warming but those days are now long gone. Hello! Try opening up a mine or to try and produce oil in this country. There are so many rules and regulations and taxes in effect that there should be very little worry about more greenhouse gases going into the air and causing more of a rise in CO2 levels. After a mine is closed trees are planted on that now shut down mine. No doubt the same thing is done in the closure of some oil fields also. Canada comes nowhere near to what the developing countries are doing to global warming. Countries such as China and India alone must be creating enough CO2 to make up for dozens of countries like Canada and what Canada puts into the atmosphere. Sure there will always be some pollution happening, but come on, eh, it's not all that bad. It's not like hundreds of millions of acres in Canada that are being exploited all at one time.To anyone who would like to see thousands of jobs go down the tube is only thinking about themselves, and that is what you are doing here, as far as I am concerned. You appear to not give a dam about jobs for Canadians but you probably have no problem with bringing in hundreds of thousands of more new immigrants into Canada who will be contributing even more CO2 into the air. When these hundreds of thousands of new immigrants come to Canada there will be more CO2 added to the air. But that is probably okay with you, eh? Ya-ya I know, I am a racist for saying this. Your favorite word to throw at me, right?
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    Teck Resources Limited (TECK) NYSE - Nasdaq Real Time Price. Currency in USD Real Time: 10.43-0.49 (-4.49%) 52 Week Range 10.04 - 25.75 https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/TECK/
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    Every dollar that these illegal protests cost taxpayers needs to be subtracted from any funds First Nations groups receive from the federal and provincial governments. These costs need to be downloaded on to them, so that they realize there’s a price to pay.
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    The big majority want it, only a minority don't want it but that has been coopted by radical eco protestors along with the Mohawks. Time to hurt these guys where it hurts, close their illegal pot shops and gummy bear dispemsaries, then start cutting off the money we give them.
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    Lol. Yeah. Things change - so, don't be outraged when Canadians start taking matters into their own hands, and do the job for Trudeau! Because that's the inevitable outcome if Trudeau doesn't overcome his paralysis! You think people won't do anything if there is nothing to buy? If shelves are empty? What commodities available become over-priced? If people keep losing jobs? Businesses closing? Whatever positive outcome the new NAFTA brings, means squat! Yooooo-hooooo? VENEZUELA here we come!
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    Indeed...they all got together and besieged Victoria one one occasion if you check your BC history.
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    You live on the coast and know full well that the coastal tribes like the Haida and Nootka had ocean-going capabilities. That allowed them to develop culture like the Potlatch which allowed them to coordinate annual raiding into the interior....up those darn rivers and sounds....just like the Europeans.
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    The Haida wouldn't let them. They had to constantly move in order to survive. Plus, we're not talking tens of thousands here. This was a subsistence existence...hundreds at best during GOOD times. Today they are centered around Prince George, but during the old times, that area was cursed as it flooded disastrously on a yearly basis. Tradition says don't pitch your tent there. Why, Grandfather?? Wait for it........
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    I'm not Jewish. Nor do I have an opinion on the validity on certain Jewish claims to certain regions of the Middle East. But The Zionists BOUGHT their land from the Ottomans. Since most of you are no-doubt native challenged, these folks are called Carrier Indians (Dakelh in today-speak) as they were not allowed to bury their bones nor settle anywhere specific. Only the arrival of the Hudson Bay Company with the building of forts and trap lines did these people start to flourish as they were suddenly free to settle down without fear of constant Haida slave raids. Traditional lands? Try trackless rain-forest so thick at time that animals refuse to venture. Nobody lives IN the forest.
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    Thread bumping. In any case given how even US Democrats have been transformed into pyjama clad AK47 packing extreme radicals these days - worrying about whether Canada is a socialist country seems quaint.
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    You pretty much call anybody who disagrees a fascist.
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    You are free to choose to quit and get a job in a non union shop.
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    So Democracy is elections...but if you don't like the results...reject them and protest until the results are changed?
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    Torture of political prisoners in Iran while the first vice president expressed unawareness. https://en.radiofarda.com/a/iran-first-vice-president-says-unaware-of-environmentalist-s-torture-allegations/30444079.html The environmentalist scientist was sentenced to 10 years in jail on bogus accusations and now subjected to torture and threatened with rape in islamic republic.
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    Why did they elect them? Are you actually in favour of hereditary rulers for people who have elected leaders to speak for them?
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    He's not my friend. I just know him. I think he knows more than you though. If I have to choose, you know how it is.
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    I have no idea. They seem to want their sovereignty from hereditary rule. I certainly agree with that. They seem to have had the sovereignty to make agreements with the builders of the pipeline. I actually know someone who is quite involved in FN issues, and he says that at one point, all the FN bands along the route had agreements. Then the feds stepped in and sent it all to hell. Apparently they don't want the FN to have that kind of sovereignty. Heaven forbid!
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    Basic disagreement here. The FN in BC want the pipeline. You don't want them to have the pipeline. We both have ulterior motives for wanting or not wanting the pipeline, along with our views of the FN side of the issue, but elected natives representing their bands want the pipeline, and they have reached many agreements in order to reap the benefits. You obviously can get your head around that. I wonder why you disagree with them. Unless you think birthright trumps democracy? If you do, then we'll never agree on the issue. The Chinese probably didn't bother to do anything to justify their actions. Like I said, they are barbaric bastards. At least we can agree on that, eh? (not all of them, of course)
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    Anyone who participates in acts of civil disobedience must be prepared to face the consequences. Some are braver than others. Some causes are less stupid than others. The Chinese are barbaric bastards. We all know that. If you think that the arrest of someone trying to deny FN bands some economic independence is equivalent feel free to call the Canadians barbaric bastards too.
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    It seems that way with some lefties. Civil disobedence is a damn fine thing, and must be tolerated until those on the wrong side of the law get their own way, as long as the issue is one I agree with. I wonder how long they would want the RCMP to wait for dialogue to take effect if those doing the disobeying were Catholics blockading an abortion clinic, or even ordinary concerned citizens blocking traffic in support of their idea of a good immigration policy. I say some lefties, because I would treat them all the same way. Give them fifteen minutes to make their point then arrest them. Unfortunately that means people one agrees with, too.
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    Riiight. More like dozens, or at most hundreds. I'm not worried. We saw just what kind of courage progressives had in Longueuil when the police showed up, or in Alberta when challenged by two rednecks in a truck. And calling for the police to arrest lawbreakers is not violent. It wasn't violent when the RCMP arrested lawbreakers in BC to clear the way for the pipeline, and it need not be violent in Ontario. I think you're simply assuming the natives there are violent savages and that the instant the police try to move them they'll grab their guns and go on the warpath. The planet is fine. It'll still be fine in a century. Stop crying. As for poor quarterly reports and the stock market, it's going to be the coronavirus which hits them, not the native blockade.
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    I suspect it entered the world thru the same process as hydrogen, helium, lithium, etc etc. You'll find its the same 14 billion light years in any direction you choose to point. There's probably some cephalopod there wondering the same thing. The right-wing ones probably ask something similar about virtue.
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    Democracy is a fine idea, as long as everyone agrees with the environmentalists, when they don't then f**k democracy, lets all go totally fascist. Jacee ladies and gentlemen.
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    We need a new form of Clarity Act to define those parameters. Those bands are NOT independent. If you can’t pay for your own services, you’re not independent. What’s more, there are tremendous demands for more representation, money, and services, yet there’s no taxation of reservation land or income to pay for any of it. Title, where warranted, is fine, but that’s not the same thing as independence. The term “nation to nation” when we talk about negotiations is misleading. These bands are not of equal stature to the country of Canada for many important reasons. It’s disingenuous to pretend otherwise. It should not be otherwise. No representation without taxation. No political independence without financial independence. However, I don’t propose stripping funding of Indigenous Affaires. It would have to be scaled back over time. Same goes for implementation of taxation. That should happen incrementally until eventually the taxation roughly pays for the services, as in the rest of the country. That’s ownership and responsibility. That’s the end of two-tier citizenship. I also think Canada should restore clean water on the desperate reserves. Children deserve clean water and safe housing. Health care and education are already covered by the Canadian federal government.
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    This is what the protests are really about which no one wants to speak about.. it's the elephant in the room. It's not about 'reconciliation' it's about giving the land 'back' to the Natives and living under their laws... is this what Trudeau wants or expects, and who will speak up and whop will fight for Canada and ALL Canadians. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/02/22/movement-end-canada/ The Wet’suwet’en chiefs contest the authority of Canadian law. Their supporters have behaved in kind, illegally blockading train tracks and bridges across the country, causing widespread economic disruption. snip This only makes sense. A movement that believes it is desirable to severely weaken, or even dissolve, the state in order to achieve some larger goal, whether it’s a socialist utopia or green one, will naturally latch onto any movement with shared objectives. This is why it is unpersuasive when conservatives complain, with performative empathy, that “non-indigenous activists” have hijacked the cause of the Wet’suwet’en, or whoever. The more important question is why this cause is so easily hijacked in the first place, and whether it was wise for Canada to have accepted the existence of an independent indigenous political authority without establishing clear parameters around it.
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    Homo Sapiens have a primal drive to gratuitously kill unlike any other life form on the planet (except certain Chimpanzees). As well when we are in groups, neurological studies have shown being in a group has the same effect on our frontal lobe as drinking alcohol, it triggers chemicals that numb that part of the brain and make it easier to kill or become violent. This is a throwback to our past primal imperative to survive by hunting in packs which increased the likelihood of killing what was needed to eat to survive. So that group interaction developed into a way to better kill an object of the hunt. Now we still have a killer drive but most of us through evolution have rechanneled its expression and/or repress it However our psyche has two components. The one that nourishes life and strives to create (positive) (eros)(yin) (light) and the one that strives to kill (negative)(thanitos) (yang) (dark). These two are equal propensities or drives within our psyche and supposedly in a healthy mind they balance each other out. Some of us are born missing an X chromosome and so would have no feelings so can kill in unlimited manner and feel nothing. We also know from anthropological and psychological studies that as a general ruke when you can see another man's eyes, it becomes much harder to kill him then when you do not have to see his face or eyes unless of course you are a person missing that x chromosome (sociopath) . Also those same studies showed that the more different someone looks from you, the easier it will be to kill them. Both these phenomena have been well documented. In fact so much so the American Armed Forces engaged in studies giving unsuspecting soldiers LSD, others LSD after telling them, and other sugar pills, to see if the LSD could make them braver or more capable of killing. The studies were a failure in that all they got was conflicted patterns of behaviour. Police or social workers or emergency doctors/nurses can tell you from their experiences, certain drugs like stp, crystal, cocaine, amphetamines, metaamphetamines, etc., can hype people into hyper drive where they have extra-ordinary energy that can turn into unfocused rage that kills. We also know people in manic phases of bi-polar disorder or in about 5% of certain kinds of schizophrenia (usually paranoid schizophrenia) can kill but these are cases where capacity to know right from wrong is diminished or completely prevented. Interestingly with sociopaths, they kill without remorse or feeling and know exactly what they do. So some people kill because of drugs or missing a chromosome or mental illness but really eople kill the same reasons others do not. Its a part of our inherited primal tendencies and whether we become civilized and repress the tendency to kill or not depends on our dna, inherited genetic characteristics, how the environment may influence us and ultimately our own individual choices we make. All the above goes out the toilet when it comes to war and terrorism. In a state of war or when dealing with terrorism, in the heat of the moment adrenaline causes the body to do unpredictable things to survive and ordinary people can become super-extraordinary (super string and without fear) in concentrated periods of time, or become catatonic (go into a trance) or become paralyzed (entire body, certain limbs, eyes). We also know people with Tourette's Syndrome (specific tics and twitches or repeat mannerisms) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or stutterers, might find in the heat of conflict there symptoms not there as the intensity of the situation triggers adrenaline and other chemicals that deaden or shut down those symptoms. The same does not happen with bi-polar or schizophrenia. I have met and spoke with sociopaths. You would not know they are. You would have not a clue. What I do know as well working as a volunteer in a conflict zone with terrorists and the mothers of terrorists and brothers and sisters of terrorists is that these terrorists are not victims-they are quite aware of the choices they made and how it impacts on their families and others. They do not care. The part of their soul that cared is no longer there. In that sense the closest analogy is a vampire. They are alive but without a soul. They make that choice while the majority in their communities DO NOT and REFUSE TO and in fact shun them. They are not the glorious heroes they are depicted of. Many were already alienated from their communities. The profile they usually have in common is they feel powerless, unimportant, not in control of their destiny, and want to be respected and admired and thought of as the top of their communities. They do NOT like themselves. They hate who they are. They have as much hatred and contempt for their own people as they do their "enemy". Their "enemy" is a reminder to them of the parts of themselves they hate. The "enemy" is the thing they want to be but feel they can not be so they try extinguish this "enemy" which is the part of themselves they feel they can never be, They kill to block out any reminder of what they can not be. They are not in fact victims. They engage in victimization. Their victims are their own people as well as the innocent civilians they kill who they call the "enemy". Soldiers are not victimized by them. Soldiers are there to negate their power. Victims are people they have power over. They have no power over soldiers. Soldiers do not fear them. Soldiers are more likely to fear an "enemy" soldier than a terrorist. Terrorists are actually not brave. You get them one on one and many of them cry, plea, whine, urinate their pants, shake with fear, regress to an infantile state. They often need drugs or alcohol or getting into a religious frenzied state from chanting to be able to fight. Many panic and run. The ones that "die", the supposed martyrs are a minority of these terrorists and are dead eyed. You look at them there is nothing in the eyes. Something in them was snapped by their own fellow terrorists who trained them. Such terrorists are made to believe their life has no value and the only value they can have is after they are dead. They are not victims. I have seen people from the same environment and some walk away from this, others embrace it. You have the vast majority of people from conflict zones reject it. If it was as simple as saying terrorists were victims, everyone in the world would be a terrorist because all of us face situations where we loath ourselves or our lack of control over what we think is our destiny.
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    Killing is part of nature, it within all of us, men and women, we have been killing each other for objects, or resources since we climbed down for the trees. In todays world or say within the last 2 to 300 years we have had to train people to kill, not just training to kill but training the mind to except it as normal.... because the act is not socially accepted, we have laws that prevent it...we are taught it is bad...Our brains are not conditioned to see bodies ripped open or torn apart. The militaries around the world spend bils trying to find better ways to condition their soldiers minds, to little avail, hence the massive amount PTSD cases. And yet the Soviets have come the closest through constant exposure to combat, training with live munitions such as real chemical agents, or next to real combat exercises... but pay for that in real life deaths of many soldiers.... Todays Modern warfare there are millions of ways to die, or to kill without getting close to ones enemies...the closer you get the greater the chance of not being able to mentally comprehend what is being done, it overwhelms your brain...it's your brains way of dealing with trauma from seeing the carnage or war. Back in the day there was no trauma it was a normal practice one becomes adjusted, the behavior becomes normal, ........and yet it was second nature to say Vikings, Romans, etc....were killing was more common and the distance the killing was done was close range, so it is bloody....as that distance increases it becomes easier to kill , ask any pilot if he sees the effects of his actions... One can not exist in both worlds, at the same time , one that does not except killing or were it is normal....a person can not travel back and forth very easily....or without conditioning once again, I learned that the hard way , coming home for my HLTA (holidays) in Afghanistan, our unit was in the middle of a major op, so one day I'm on the battle field, the next I'm in Montreal airport, very very excited to see my family, , lets just say it was not how I had dreamed it would go, lots of emotions, by the time I started to relax and decompress it was time to go back spent the last couple of days trying to get back in combat mode, as my unit was still on that operation...all I could think of was getting back...
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    Polling stations deserted on the sham parliamentary election day https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/feb/21/nothing-will-change-apathy-and-a-lack-of-queues-on-election-day-in-iran http://english.alarabiya.net/en/News/middle-east/2020/02/22/Videos-images-of-Iran-polling-stations-show-low-voter-turnout.html as the regime of mullahs kept spread of Coronavirus hidden for long time endangering the nation of Iran and the whole world. https://irannewsupdate.com/news/socially/6880-iran-covered-up-coronavirus-to-boost-election-turnout.html enthusiasm for the parliamentary elections is likely to be the exception. By mid-afternoon there was just a smattering of people queuing to vote by the same mosque, while the nearby Tajrish bazaar was, in contrast, teeming. The mosque itself, too, seemed more attractive to mid-afternoon visitors than the chance to vote.Some people recalled the queue at the same polling booth in the equivalent election five years ago snaking back half a kilometre. At 3pm, the head of National Election Headquarters, Jamal Orfi, said around 11m votes had been cast up until then. This constitutes slightly less than 20% of all eligible voters.At 3pm, the head of National Election Headquarters, Jamal Orfi, said around 11m votes had been cast up until then. This constitutes slightly less than 20% of all eligible voters. Walking in the park with her husband and mother, a woman who gave her name as Mina said: “There is no ‘we’ in Iran There is just ‘they’, the government, the 95%. We don’t exist as a voice. Why should we participate in an election for which nothing will change?” Bijan, a 54-year-old restauranter from Neyshabur, says he comes to the park to soothe his anger about politics. “But every step I make I get more disappointed because our fathers made a huge mistake by starting the revolution of 1979. Why should we vote? I voted during the period of [former president] Khatami, but it seemed for no purpose. The mullahs may wear soft sandals, but they use them to suppress and kick us.” Mariam, 35, a fitness instructor, said: “We have lost our freedom of expression, thought and voice. Five years ago with the money I earned I could afford two holidays abroad and now it is none.” Asked about her view on the reformists, she answered: “Excuse me? What are they reforming? If you protest in this country you are shot, and they will not even tell you how many they have killed.”
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    It's a simple observation. The left are the one's flipping out and empowering the person they claim to hate, when the right flips out they are much less counter-productive than the TDS left. The media being non-stop TDS leftists is plain as day, and they are far more rabid than any Trump supporter I've ever met.
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    Yeah well go tell it to past human rights activists and others who are responsible for the sense that civil disobedience is the correct way to change the course of intransigent governments who refuse to change with the times. Let me guess you don't have the slightest clue what I meant by that do you? Anyways I'm pretty certain the lawmakers who sent troops storming thru Tiananmen Square felt exactly as you do. So whose side were you on when that happened anyway and more to the point why?
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    Ya, let's just go all totally fascist! Ya know ya wanna! Democracy is a fine idea ... as long as nobody ever speaks up! Lol
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    Men like to kill other men because of natural selection. If you have 20 men, where 10 men like killing other men and 10 men who don't like killing other men....the 10 men that like killing other men will kill the 10 men who don't like killing, That means the killer men will survive to procreate and pass along their genes to their male children that will also like to kill other men, while the 10 men that don't like to kill are dead and thus won't procreate and pass on their non-killer genes. Women don't have to like killing because their fathers, brothers, sons, and husbands do it for them in order to protect them from outside threats (including other men). If women didn't have fathers and/or husbands they'd have to start liking killing too and have the genes (strength & speed etc) to be good at it or their genes wouldn't survive and be passed on.


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