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    Good news for the planet even if Tech moves to Saudi Arabia, Canada is one more step closer to going in the right direction of history. Yes I realize there would have been jobs jobs jobs but the mine they were planning would also have emitted CO2 for the next 40 years. It's patently that clear the fossil fuel industry in Canada along with Canada's governments are simply incapable and or unwilling to meet any kind of emission targets in the near mid-term or distant future. The only solution is constant environmental pressure to oppose every single development that flies in the face of the world's emission targets. Of course everyone is pointing fingers in every direction casting blame but as Tech made it clear their reason for withdrawing is the nature of the debate around climate change in Canada generally. Perhaps Tech Resources could be convinced to stick around and invest their in developing emission free power generating technology instead.
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    I'm not sure that full transparency to the public is always good. There's a certain amount of honest conversation that can't happen when everyone is around the table, especially in politically correct cancel culture. People are so scared of saying something wrong that few are being honest. This is happening because of the latest iteration of Temperance: Me Too. It's not that there aren't many legitimate beefs behind Me Too, it's that, like the radical green movement or Reconciliation, these movements have become catchalls for everyone's grievances, no matter how petty or outlandish. I'm tired of seeing people race to throw other people under the bus so they can be canceled by the new Salem Puritans. I'm tired of this culture of oversensitivity and squeamishness over nothing. Not sure I want to turn government over to the masses through outlawing in-camera discussion. Not everyone's opinion is of equal value. We elect politicians to represent us. Let them represent. I do think we can move to direct democracy for many issues, using referenda, especially given the ease of digital polling/voting and our tremendous access to data resulting from technology, which makes many policy decisions quite clear.
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    Interesting is right. Not one of his damned 6 lawyers thought to plead him not guilty and only raised their legal arguments not as to the accuracy of what he said but to admissibility only once he was not allowed back in Canada. Interesting indeed.
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    What made you think Trudeau was anything more that a professional politician? He’s very good at marketing himself and does have a brand, love him or hate him. He does what’s expedient. His dad was a visionary for what Canada could be and was ruthless in his means to hammer it through. Junior is more style than substance, though he’s a pretty good orator. He’s not afraid of town halls. He tried to be too many things to too many people.
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    You mean a government that forcefully bulldozes a clear path for industry - like the third world hell-holes that investors apparently view as being safe havens of political stability.
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    You'd rather have First Nations people on welfare than have them have the dignity of a good paying job. As you people continue to ignore the biggest CO2 emitter in the world, and give them a pass to pollute for another 10 years. But with the other sides of your mouth, proclaim climate change an urgent issue.
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    It's your precious environment too, which you'll perhaps realize when it's gone.
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    I want to see the broken apartheid system end and the Indigenous flourish. You want to maintain it and take away their job opportunities in the name of saving the planet, the very definition of a colonial attitude.
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    Your thinking is so direct and forthright by all means please encourage the government's lawyers to talk exactly like you do when this ends up in court. Especially the part about desert animals.
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    And if most other countries don't do the same, Canada's just shooting itself in the foot and climate change will continue unabated. Climate change isn't significantly influenced by Canada's emissions from new oil sands development. It's a blip in the machine. Canada in total produces 1.6% of global GHG emissions. The USA is 15%. Canada shouldn't lead the way on emissions reductions, it should follow. There's no benefit to the world or to Canada in being a leader, only economic stagnation. The US, China, EU, India, Russia etc need to be leaders because they produce the most emissions.
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    They live in their own unceded territory and govern it according to their own traditions and our's. In some cases the system we imposed on them takes precedence in others it doesn't. Wet'suwet'en is not in Canada as much as it's surrounded by it. They have the right to tell the RCMP to get out of their territory until such time as the government has a treaty that says they can be there. What's ridiculous is how many Canadians think they can just bully thru this notion that the colonially imposed government is the end all and be all of everything there is to do with it. As if repeating colonial politicians saying it a million times is enough to make it so.
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    I own the land I live on, but it doesn't give me the right to ban federal police from coming on my land. Unceded native land is their land but it's still within Canada, they don't live in their own sovereign country with their own laws, so why should they have any right to tell RCMP where to go? It's ridiculous. Aboriginals use the victim card to ignore the government actions they dislike, and also use the victim card to demand government action they like. Some of them want to kick RCMP off their land but also want free healthcare etc and blame the government when they don't have clean drinking water. This is Canada, you're either in or you're out. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Their elected councils have all agreed to the gasline, so clearly these protestors don't even speak for all the natives. Who speaks for these natives? Have the elected band councils ordered the RCMP off the land?
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    Hilarious. Now watch them leave in droves when he starts speaking. Try to spin that!
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    Blockaders fighting climate change by burning tires.
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    Into the toilet? .For a lot of natives. It would have provided 2500 long term, well paid jobs. But yes, it would have emitted CO2 - 25% more CO2 than a pair of cement factories which were recently built in Ontario and Quebec, which faced no environmental hearings, which the Quebec government exempted from environmental regulations, and which will produce perhaps 250 jobs. But... they were jobs in Quebec and Ontario. So everyone rushed them through without questioning anything. But only in Canada. Nowhere else. Hundreds of coal fired power plants going up, new coal fields opening up, places around the world spewing away happily and making money out of it. But no, only Canada must do this, beggar ourselves, while others play. Because... well, we're so gosh darn noble! Or perhaps build rocket ships, or make office chairs or something? It doesn't work that way. They're a resource company, and they said that Canada is too politically unstable for resource development at this time. That's the sort of language they usually use for third world companies who have guerrila war problems. No, they'll find a third world country with more stability and invest money and create jobs there.
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    The only ones that need defending and need real help are the democrats who really do appear to have TDS mental issues. They still cannot get over the fact that Trump won the presidency. Three years of wasting time and taxpayer's tax dollars and frivolous impeachment go nowhere trials bull chit, and Trump is still the president. And now they are back again. They are again trying to get something going against Trump by their now crying of Russia-Russia-Russia. These democrats are insane. There can be no doubt about it. The White House is starting to gain it's sanity back again. But if those dumbocrats ever take back the White House, the insane will drive America and all Americans into the crazy house. They will be coming for you and you and you. The dumbocrats must never be allowed to control the White House ever again. Hopefully in the next upcoming election in Canada, the lieberals will be wiped out in Canada also. Works for me.
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    This is a silly topic Socialism is defined as; a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. As I can presently purchase things produced, distributed, and exchanged through private companies, Canada is demonstrably not a socialist country. Social programs in a capitalist economy don't make it socialist, even the states(closest thing the world has seen to true free market economy) has a strong history of socialized programs. So again the question posed with this thread in itself is ridiculous.


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