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    Update on "the age of oil is almost over": 'Norway’s oil output will grow by 43 percent from 2019 to 2024 as new fields come on stream and older production facilities are upgraded, forecasts from the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) showed.'
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    Having caused almost all the recent fighting in Turkey, the Turkish Islamist sultan Erdogan is now threatening to send millions of refugees into Europe. Apparently he wants bigger bribes to keep them where they are. The Greeks have responded by closing their border with Turkey as mobs of Muslims gather on the other side demanding to be let in, throwing rocks and iron bars. Others are getting around the barricades one way or another, or crossing the sea again, eager for the good life they believe awaits them in the land of milk, honey, and welfare. Notice how the CBC shows pictures of poor children, but no pictures of angry men throwing things? As always, the media are the best allies dictators like Erdogan have in the West. https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/syria-migrants-1.5473994 Here's a video I guarantee you won't find on the CBC. It demonstrates that the migrants are well aware of how to sway the brainless progressives in Europe. That includes burning babies so they cry for the reporters' cameras so they will look sad and pathetic and inspire the progressives to demand they be let in. They learned very well from the outcry from the Canadian left when there was video of a dead child after all.
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    Or so says a new poll. Apparently 69% of Canadians feel we're 'broken' and not heading in the right direction. The poll was mainly about indigenous issues, but I would argue we're broken in many other ways, too. Certainly the poll mentioned that we have far too much partisanship (82%), but if it had asked I think there would have been strong support for the view identity politics are responsible. Now we've always had identity politics to an extent. I think what we have different now is this 'hierarchy' of victimhood which seems to convey whether one has rights to complain or demand accommodation or not. This victimhood hierarchy is accepted wholesale by the mainstream Left who occupy almost all positions in academia, media and art, and has been relentlessly pushed and used in an opportunistic fashion by Justin Trudeau and other leftist politicians for their own political advantage. When I was young Canada was a homogeneous community outside Quebec, a mixture of British and American culture and values - though leaning British in our traditions and national symbols, as well as our major institutions. The huge influx of immigrants, primarily from third world countries with vastly different cultures and values has fractured that homogeneity but replaced it with nothing of substance. In a desperate effort at inclusiveness, the Left (outside Quebec) has rejected wholesale all elements of Canada's culture and traditions which they see as not appealing to newcomers from different backgrounds, and relentlessly attacked and excoriated Canada's history and historical figures for not living up to today's sense of political correctness and tolerance. Into this vacuum, they have and are continuing to instill a Marxist sense of social equality, but at the same time include a clear delineation between the 'oppressed' who are guilty of the 'crimes' of their ancestors and the 'victims' who are usually victims of nothing, having but lately arrived in Canada. This pits one identity group against the other, with all of them other than the despised 'settler/old-stock' Canadians deemed to be in need of endless apologies and policy accommodation to make up for the oppression meted out to their ancestors. Even if their ancestors arrived here last year. This is a recipe for a broken country, for tribalism, mutual suspicion and distrust, if not outright loathing. Without a single unitary theme to bring us all together other than a putative culture of 'tolerance' and 'diversity' which do not include the majority. https://nationalpost.com/news/one-thing-canadians-arent-divided-on-blaming-the-government-for-the-blockades
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    I doubt this strike has made national news, but obviously, as the Co-op refinery in Regina provides most of the fuel for SK and the MT/ND areas to the South, the severe interference with access to the site for fuel haulers has become a serious disruption to the economy. First, that has been a LOT of intimidation, harassment and even assault on people trying to enter either to operate the plant or to ship product: https://globalnews.ca/news/6441876/14-co-op-picketers-charged-with-mischief-unifor-escalates-boycott/ The courts felt that the insolence of Unifor was intolerable, so a hundred grand fine yesterday: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-union-fined-for-violating-court-order-in-regina-refinery-labour-2/ I won't debate the merits of the union's demand, but I will offer both sides to those who might be interested: https://www.fcl.crs/our-business/refinery-facts/?utm_source=loknow&utm_medium=search&utm_campaign=crc&gclid=Cj0KCQiApaXxBRDNARIsAGFdaB-8SqVIw5SFQtH2GGTpgjERu7ugmPsdQ47RNQCwMDsy4gw8yGNOonwaAvliEALw_wcB http://www.unifor594.com/bargaining-2019/ It is ironic that here in the wellspring of socialism it is of all companies the Co-op (Federated Co-operatives Limited) that has been forced to stand up against unreasonable demands of trade unions. They had to endure a totally ridiculous job action over the last couple years where the union insisted that new hires be given full wage of established employees (in their retail gas station/C stores). The Co-op stood their ground, but it was clear that the unions were looking to draw a line in the sand and had mistakenly targeted the Co-op thinking very wrongly that they would find some sympathy from either the organization or its members. Hitting the refinery (that is famous for paying far too much money for not very much work of its employees) was a bold move that once again, it seems they thought would be so critical to the economy that someone along the line would give in once more putting the CLC back into the driver's seat. Awkward for the NDP (which, if you don't remember was formed as a formal amalgamation of the CCF - the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation and the CLC - Canadian Labour Congress) that has removed the Regina Manifesto from its website to try to appear distant from their Marxist roots. The solution is simple, and it needs to be implemented in MB, SK and AB before the opportunity is lost: we need right to work legislation. The idea that Pallister, Moe and Kenny are somehow "conservatives" is now on the line. If you guys want to keep claiming that ground, time to grow a pair and step up to the plate. Recognize individual rights and freedoms for what they should be and place collectivism back on the shelf where it belongs.
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    ....and behind him, his chanting also bonged tree-huggers and anti cow-farts.......with a giant poster of that Thunder girlie? .....and, of course.................... dramatically sprawled by his feet - his "equally-represented" females! Harem-like? He must have the coolest bong!
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    Stop saying, “What me worry?” Your house is on fire: high taxes, mega land claim payouts, blocked legislature, impossible resource development conditions, spendthrift premier who can’t satisfy the insatiable forces he unleashed. It’s an unmitigated mess with no winners. No thanks. Count your lucky stars for BC’s temperate climate and Asian wealth. BC is a good place to spend money, not so much to earn it.
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    Turns out the person in question IS in favour of decapitation - if Allah says so and we all know....Allah says so.
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    Absolutely, there is an over consumption problem not an over population one.
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    One thing is clear: Andrew Scheer would have screwed this up completely. Trying to appeal to his idiot base would have messed things up for a generation. Fortunately, cool heads prevailed.
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    Environmental protestors are dumb as a rock. What happens to environmental protection when you destroy the economy? If the pipeline doesn't privide jobs and stability to Northern BC, people will just find other ways to work. They will start clear cutting the coastal rainforest, just to try and reduce unemployment in their towns. So what would you rather, and oil pipeline or clear cutting of the temperate rainforest? What when people are too poor to buy food, they will just hunt and clear the animals out. We need a strong economy so we can invest in environmental technology, but when the economy crashes, environmental regulations will be cut. This is why third world country are so polluted, but these idiot natives don't have a problem with it.
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    I just turned on the news to try and get a Covid-19 update.... What do I see, hundreds of Native protestors trying to stop a mining convention in downtown Toronto. We're in a pandemic. We need to pass the War Measures Act, and get these clowns off the streets, instead of hanging around in large groups spreading the virus. It looks like Justin Trudeau is aiding and abetting these protestors. If this nonstop protesting doesn't stop, we could be headed for a civil war. The people won't put up with it, especially during a national emergency.


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