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    Trudeau is a loser, he is all about power and himself. He has been slow and his love affair with china is a problem.
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    Ford seems to be doing a decent job in the COVID era, keeping the partisan rhetoric down and bringing people together. Praise where it is due.
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    Hey, please relax ! Most of us have been forum members for a very long time and like a bar full of old patrons, we are going to continue as before, taking sides and busting each others' balls, even if we don't have any. In a strange way, that is the normalcy that no steenkin' virus can change around here. This forum is an opportunity to spout off as before with very safe "social distancing" ! So thanks to MLW too. I wish all people here and throughout Canada only the very best during this COVID-19 adventure...stay safe...and hopefully we can get back to the usual bickering about climate change, Middle East, and elections very soon. Those of us who are old enough will remember this Warner Brothers cartoon about Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog, blue collar workers who fight each other all day at work until lunch break or quitting time.
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    It's probably not true.
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    I give Doug Ford credit for choosing leadership over partisanship. He's doing "the people" a solid, at expense of businesses. And ... takeout delivery lcbo are solid. Thx Doug! https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/covid-19-coronavirus-ontario-monday-1.5506445
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    The US is demonstrating efficient report testing and virus containment because of it. Their death rates are much lower than other nations. Also Trump is the only one who has said it and that is-the notion we keep people under house arrest indefinitely is not feasible. Gawd damn it I agree with him. He is refreshing in a world of tongue tied panic stricken bureaucrats damn it to tell you the truth Shady. Gawd this is something. The virus has me in agreement with Trump. Damn you contaminated bats is it.
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    Well the US is keeping its actual death rates low compared to others. As well Trump has said in not so subtle words-keeping the US locked down indefinitely ain't gonna fly. I am glad he said it. Someone had to. He is being realistic. You can not house arrest the world indefinitely. They have to move to a new approach.
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    I'm the same, except I think the virus is more of a threat than removing our basic democratic freedoms. Given death is permanent, and the democratic freedoms might come back. What did you want to do, go to an Ice Hockey match?
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    Look at the number of infected. It's surging and these measures have to be taken. The governments, both at the federal and provincial levels seem to be learning as time goes forward. They should have closed the borders ages ago. If something like this happens again and the governments don't learn from the mistakes made this time, then we should be asking for their heads. I really don't understand why anyone, except for the conspiracy theorists, would complain about the measures being taken by the feds/provinces in order to stop the transmission and movement of the people.
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    I think the threat to removing our our basic democratic freedoms in the name of a virus is far more of a threat than the virus.
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    No thanks. I would rather be exposed to the minor inconveniences of too much liberty than those attending too small a degree. Thomas Jefferson I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery. Thomas Jefferson my mind is mine alone, not the governments my body is mine alone, not the governments there are many, many places in the world where people can live 'freely' as mere cogs in their machine, can we who revel in freedom (not anarchy mind you) have a couple of countries?
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    I hear you, but it’s human nature for people and governments to focus on what is pressing in front of them. Need and desire create demand. Until the demand is there, the market generally doesn’t supply future demand unless it knows it’s coming. It’s upsetting that countries facing the crisis a month ago didn’t work harder to keep the infection from spreading to other countries, but any border official will tell you it’s up to each country to protect its own citizens. I think at minimum what we are doing will slow and substantially reduce the spread. Even if we don’t get to zero new cases, a careful return to work and school with reduced numbers and social distancing will keep hospitals from becoming overwhelmed, especially since within a few weeks medical supplies, including ventilators, will become more available. At that point, we see a re-animation of the economy where we’re better positioned to deal with new cases and the flow of them is reduced. Some countries are instituting a card-system for confirmed negatives (green), infected and contagious (red), and a card for the vulnerable (yellow). The greens could participate fully in the public sphere. Reds are under quarantine. Yellows maintain careful social distancing. Some kind of system like this might help. Everyone will be more careful though as we return to normalcy. Hopeful data seems to indicate that recovered cases are not contagious after a minimal period and they remain immune for some time. Combine these findings with better treatments and eventually a vaccine and we do see an exit, a return to public life with acceptable risk in a reasonable timeframe. I know there will be many arguments about the timeframe, and keep in mind that in the near term this pandemic will get worse before it gets better. We need patience and fortitude. “This may not be the beginning of the end, but it may be the end of the beginning.” Sir Winston Churchill https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/03/coronavirus-recovery-what-happens-after-covid19/
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    Hey, I have some great news for you. That village idiot we call the prime mistake of Canada has just decided in all of his make no sense silly azz wisdom to give Greece millions of our tax dollars to help Greece fight this so called pandemic especially in some refugee camps. This fool and his love for refugees. WTH is wrong and with this fool? This fool is also going to give 50 million of our tax dollars to WHO(World Health Organization)for now as part of a a billion dollar virus aid package to other organizations to help them fight this virus. The EU has a trillion dollar budget to help out Greece if they need it but yet this village idiot of ours is going to take our tax dollars and blow it on Greece. This guy must go. He is beyond hopeless. this guy seems to enjoy blowing our tax dollars on the rest of the world but f Canada and Canadians. How do you like them for apples, eh? Source: The Rebel and Ezra Levant.
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    That just demonstrated how utterly short-sighted the federal government was, never imagining we would need it over here soon. They're like drivers with their eyes fixed on the rear of the car in front of them instead of looking up the road for trouble. No preparation, no anticipation, no planning, nothing. South Korea had a lot less warning than us. But they handled this because they had planned for it, and had stocks on hand. That's what good government does. Anyone seen any of that around here in the last little while?
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    Sooooooooo, if someone is not social distancing, they can get infected and not know it. And because they're living their lives as normal they can infect scores of other people before they even get sick, if they do at all.
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    You do know that people are infectious days before they become sick AND some of the infected don't show symptoms.
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    So how are you going to test everyone if you really can only test the sick right now?
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    No, I think that's just my failing confidence in the governed coming thru.
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    So no force or singing Kumbaya at the end just partisan whimpering over woulda shoulda coulda? I think an invasion by aliens from another star or a Zombie Apocalypse would have been a lot more fun.
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    there are plenty of pictures on the web that would support people are not conforming to what they are being told....hanging out at beaches, parks, even kids play dates ,CBC been reporting about it for days.... not just younger people , people of all agers out enjoying their new time off. kind of like sending your kid for a time out in their room, and they jump out the window to be with their friends... the figure came from CBC , that over 300,000 Canadians left the country for march break, after they were told to stay home , and while that is a drop in the bucket for 36 million in population it is enough to kick start the virous in this country...the governments orders are to protect the entire country, and they don't work unless everyone complies....even the stupid ones... This crises does not need the military in our streets, besides our military it does not have the numbers nor equipment to do any of that.. not even enough to cover the major city centers.....besides most of our nations military is at home hunkering down like everyone else....nor does the RCMP, any policing dept or any other government dept...
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    You accused someone of this... ...asking you what the alternative options are may be pointless in terms of getting an answer but it is not a question without a point. All you seem to have come up with so far is ''look at South Korea'' which has been debunked due to both insufficient resources to test and testing being closing the stable door after the horse has bolted now for most countries. If you don't have any alternative options to social distancing and the temporary harm it will do to the economy just say that rather than losing your cool and spouting out cliches and sound bites without substance. If you are really sick of my ''games'' then stop quoting me with your surrender posts without solutions.
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    It's actually because of how other nations governments and the Canadian government overreacted to it and mandated the economy shut down.
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    No time. I will trust the NY Times and you will trust Fox... Whoever's public is still alive to vote in November will consolidate power and eliminate the opposition...
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    The irony is, that if people continue to refuse to social distance, this problem will only get worse. . . and damage the economy more.
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    One can't have a stimulus package for the US economy during an election campaign....It might actually stimulate the US economy!...and that would be undesirable for those seeking power.
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    The list of essential workers is a bit of a joke. https://news.ontario.ca/opo/en/2020/3/list-of-essential-workplaces.html It's hard to pinpoint a job/career that can't be lumped into this list that already hasn't been decimated and forced out of work. People will smirk at the LCBO being allowed to stay open, but if they're forced to close you'll see a run on stores. Being able to have a drink in the face of all this bad news is actually a good thing. Not sure why lawyers are still on this list. They could probably work from home anyway. Cheque Cashing Places ERRR Money Marts is offensively on that list. But I guess the marginalized in society need them.
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    Like staying drunk to avoid a hangover, the longer you put it off, the worse it gets when it happens.
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    It really isn't, and hoping that all the economic damage can be reversed within weeks or a few months is clearly yet another example of wishful thinking being a helluva drug.
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    Not so fast, as Canada's entire economy is not represented by the TSX any more than the U.S. economy is reflected by the Dow Jones 30. Wiping out stock market growth and insanely high stock P/E multiples just last month is not the same as destroying fundamentals of the economy. Canada had a strong economy that did better than most in 2008-2009, and was threatened by commodity price wars (e.g. oil) before the virus hit. More than half of Canada's economy is based on domestic consumption, which will continue at some (reduced) level, depending on benefits and those who can remain employed. Debt will go up no doubt, and some sectors will be hit harder than others. But oil and softwood lumber have seen this before...so has the airline industry. The economic history that you reference before and associated bounce back should give some reason for optimism in the long term. It's just that most people are going to get a "haircut".
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    Trudeau scolds Canadians, "Enough is Enough ! " Scary.
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    1. Unity. It means we should adjust for the times. 2. Maybe. Let's start a long discussion about trade policy in Europe right now, why not. 3. Easy for you to say. You should have seen the dolts in my Facebook feed overjoyed by Sophie Trudeau getting the virus. Just an anecdote but ... wow. I don't see anybody gunning for Ford, or nitpicking his choices. I do see people wishing death on Trump, Rand Paul, and Mitch McConnell. Trump himself seemed pretty pleased that Romney got it. That's a different kind of sickness.
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    I notice most left of centre folks are ok with Doug in this time of crisis, and parking the discussion of less important issues. On myFacebook feed, rightistas are taking the time to criticize Trudeau's refugee policy. Just an observation.
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    When being proud and loyal to your country is racist, maybe you should start considering that the lens through which you see the world is tainted with sh!t.
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    If you work hard through your twenties and thirties, then you will have $$$ to party for the rest of your life. But if you party through your twenties and thirties, you will work hard for the rest of your life.
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    Can't make this stuff up. Trudeau tells all Canadians to come home...all 3,000,000 of them ? So the U.S. snowbirds pile into their RVs and SUVs and make a run for the border. Their Canadian dollars are worth less in the USA, so better to cross the border and hit a Wal-Mart to load up on supplies, putting more pressure on stock in Canada. Someday this is going to make another great Zombie movie.
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    Premier Ford seems to have grown into the job rather well. I am pleasantly shocked.
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    Mutations happen spontaneously. Successful mutations are the ones that thrive unabated. It’s a bad strategy to try to get to weaker strains of the virus through greater spread, as there may also be stronger mutations that emerge that are more resistant to treatment, spread faster, and kill more people. The basic science is to stop the spread. No spread means existing strains of the virus run their course. Of course if we had a situation where once you have it you are always able to spread it, that would be horrific. My understanding is that it doesn’t seem to be the case that current strains remain contagious after the recovery from symptoms. Now, we still don’t know whether someone who gets the virus and recovers can be reinfected. Nor do we know if someone who has had the virus is more susceptible to getting it again or might have periodic flare-ups, like Herpes coldsores. That would be terrible if someone who has had symptoms and recovered could become symptomatic again, especially if it becomes contagious again. That would be unusual of such viruses. We are still learning about the virus.
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    I have no need to ban you, the virus or Chinese. I like the boogy man right in my face so I can kiss him on his lips and watch him gimme the death gurgle. COME CLOSER. There I think that about reflects the level of where you seem focused.
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    Look at our communist government acting like a bunch of despotic dictators. "Liberal bill on coronavirus would give feds power to spend, tax without parliamentary approval" https://globalnews.ca/news/6720551/justin-trudeau-coronavirus-support-bill


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